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★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ - it couldn't be easier Without backpacks, small transitions

★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ - just Hiking without heavy backpacks/with unloading

★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ - average Full hike with backpacks, trekking 10-18 km

★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ - difficult Long hikes with a full load, long hikes of 20+ km are possible

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - very difficult Complete trash. Appropriate experience and skills required

Call your friends with you - more fun together!

A hike that definitely isn't for everyone. The mighty ascetic beauty of the North. This is a completely different type of beauty. Frightening. Alluring. Silent.

Blue mountains and endless tundra, endless winds and boundless spaces covered with mosses and polar flowers. Expansion for the soul of those who are in love with northern nature. The ringing silver of mountain streams and the gold of the setting sun. Storms sweeping rapidly behind the Stone. The kingdom of the winds.

Artyom Shishkin about the instructor: “What is the most important thing in the hike? Of course people! And more important than people? Instructor)) It was damn nice to share difficulties with such a positive person as Kostya Chuchaev. He courageously offered to share a shelter with him in the same tent throughout the entire trip, because I joined the project just three days before leaving for the Urals)) Knowledge of the route, the colossal experience of hiking allowed us, as participants, to get all the delights of the way. And evenings with a fire and a guitar, as they say, is a separate song) His attitude towards us, as full participants, towards the surrounding nature, a large amount of knowledge about the Urals in general, professionalism and reliability, humor, strongly distinguish Konstantin from a large list of other instructors "

Tourists with hiking experience and good physical shape are invited to participate. Hike of the 2nd category of difficulty.

The number of participants in each group is very limited by our love of small groups.

Polar Ural: hike climbing to g

Being the border between the two largest plains and parts of the world, the Ural Mountains grew thanks to the collision of tectonic plates. As a result, the mountains have a folded structure that can be found when visiting open rocky areas.

The Urals are very ancient and heavily destroyed, therefore they are mainly represented by medium-altitude ridges (1000-1500 meters). They have a number of advantages for tourists:

Despite their low altitude, the Ural Mountains are a barrier to precipitation from west to east. More precipitation falls in the Cis-Urals (on the western side) than in the Trans-Urals (on the eastern side).

Due to the long distance from north to south, natural contrasts are strongly manifested in the Ural Mountains, especially in summer. The north of the Ural Mountains is located in permafrost, and the south is in the steppe climate. Therefore, when choosing a route, you should pay attention to the geographical zones of the Urals: Polar, Subpolar, North, Middle and South.

We will introduce you to the most popular and affordable routes suitable for both independent climbing of the Ural Mountains and for organized groups and professionals.

Climbing routes to the Ural Mountains

Zyuratkul, Chelyabinsk region

The ridge, lake and national park of the same name in the South Urals. In the park "Zyuratkul" 8 ecotrails have been laid, within the framework of which one can climb Mount Lukash, the Bolshoi Uvan mound, the Nurgush ridge, the Zyuratkul ridge and others. All routes have signs and resting places, suitable for travel at any time of the year. The park's visit center is located in the city of Satka, there are no employees in the park itself, only those on duty at the checkpoint, where entrance is paid - 100 rubles.

Eco trail to the Zyuratkul ridge (height 1175 meters) is the most popular and accessible route for adults and children. The length in both directions is 10 kilometers, the duration is 4-6 hours, the climb is 460 meters. The route starts at the entrance to the village of Zyuratkul, near the main road. The start is marked with a carved wooden gate on one side, and on the other side there is a beautiful bridge over the mountain river Bolshaya Satka. The trekking part to the foot of the mountain (3 km) follows a safe platform and a marked trail along forests and subalpine meadows. During the walking part, you can feed the birds, there are many feeders installed here, it is best to have unroasted seeds or pieces of bacon.

The ascent begins (2 km) with the appearance of the kurumnik (large stones). At the top of the ridge, with good visibility, there are beautiful views of the mountains of the Southern Urals, Lake Zyuratkul and the city of Satka. The advantages of climbing the ridge (as opposed to the top of the mountain): more space for tourists, a variety of photo zones.

Hiking in the mountains of Russia for beginners and experienced. We conduct tours in the Urals, Altai, Putorana plateau, etc. You can join us from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other parts of the world.

All hikes have passed and there are no scheduled dates yet

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We can carry out this trip to order for organized groups.

Have you said goodbye to the mountains until summer? Do not do it this way! In winter, there is also where to go! Winter in the Urals is real, snowy, beautiful. And hiking in the Taganay National Park is a great opportunity to see all this, enjoy the romance of snow-covered mountains and forests with comfort, since all overnight stays will be in heated houses - no one will freeze! The Taganay National Park is located on the territory of a unique natural area of ​​the Southern Urals not far from the ancient city of Zlatoust (founded in 1754). And the geographical border of Europe and Asia passes through the park - have you ever stood so that on your right and you it is part of the world, and on the left is another? Don't put off things to go to in winter for the summer! A winter hike is, firstly, affordable (no special training is needed, but it would be nice to have hiking experience), and secondly, it's just cool!

Included in the price

Not included in the price

Discounts and booking conditions

How to book a place in a group?

1. Make an advance payment of 10,000 rubles. 2. Or buy a plane ticket on the dates of the trip as agreed with Masha Peak, then make a prepayment within 21 days after the purchase.

Full payment no later than 30 days before the start of the hike.

Camping video

Trekking plan


Hikes in the Urals stand out for their diversity. And not for nothing - the Ural Mountains are spread over a vast territory and include various natural landscapes.

There are a lot of unusual, bizarre and unique places in the Urals that are perfect for intense hiking in the Urals. Some of them are popular holiday destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, which is why weekend hikes are popular. And there are corners that are not open to everyone. Getting to them is not so easy - you need a close-knit team and the appropriate experience from the organizer.

Hiking in the Urals

All our hikes in the Urals start from Yekaterinburg, Ivdel, Chelyabinsk, Ufa and Perm (depending on the route). We always do the most convenient logistics so that it is easy for participants to reach and join the hike.

YT has been surfing them far and wide since 2012 and is ready to show the most unusual and fantastic places in the Urals. The wild forest of taiga corners and endless red tundra, ancient mountains and sacred places await you. We make hikes in all regions of the Urals:

History of the Ural Mountains

Did you know that the Old Ural is the most ancient mountain system in the world? It stretches from the cold shores of the Kara Sea to the yellow steppes of Kazakhstan. And here Europe and Asia converged. The age of the mountains is estimated by geologists at 350-200 million years. And according to the estimates of the same geologists, our mountains were once higher than the Himalayas. However, time takes its toll - the mountains are gradually collapsing. It took millennia. Wind, rain, frost and the sun created amazing shapes - our mountains are rich in unusual rock formations and stone outliers. While hiking in the Urals, you can even find ancient fossils.

Legends of the Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are a kaleidoscope of fairy tales and legends of different peoples. And it was not in vain, because in these places they found real jewelry: gold, gems, crystal, emeralds, jasper, ruby ​​and many other precious stones and metals, and where should they come from, if this is not someone's treasure or a destroyed crystal castle. By the way, some of our trips in the Urals are very much immersed in the special atmosphere of local legends and everyday life.

And how many secrets and mysteries are kept in the Ural Mountains: here are preserved sites of ancient people, rock paintings, ancient settlements and stone castles, places of worship of indigenous peoples. And even ancient coral reefs (Sterlitamak shikhans). Did you know that several hundred million years ago there was an ocean in the place of the Ural mountains? Therefore, here you can truly touch the secrets of antiquity.

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