Why walking outdoors is better than training

What travel gives

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries are closed to tourists, most people prefer to stay at home and not risk their health while traveling. Booking platform for accommodation. om conducted a survey among 20 thousand travelers from 28 countries to understand what travel trends await us next year.

In short, according to the results of the Booking survey. om believes that travelers will become selective in their travel companions and countries, leaning towards a higher level of safety on their travels. But the new post-image world will allow you to combine work with travel. This is what the tourism business will focus on - from hotels and resorts to transport and organizers of tourism products.

We keep dreaming about travel

The love of travel has not disappeared anywhere, but only strengthened the desire to conquer new countries. The time spent in isolation at home has awakened a thirst to see and learn about the world around him. 42% of surveyed respondents want to travel even more in the future to make up for lost time in quarantine. 65% of travelers in the future will value more the opportunity to be in the country of their dreams, not perceiving travel as an everyday pleasure. At the same time, 53% of respondents are afraid to travel until a vaccine or treatment for coronavirus is developed. They believe that it will take some time before we can experience the world as freely as before 2020.

Values ​​and Prices

Due to the financial crisis triggered by the coronavirus, people will demand more returns for their money. This means that 62% of travelers will be more careful about service prices when it comes to planning their trip. And 55% will look for promotional offers and discounts - this behavior of travelers is likely to continue after 2021.

The respondents value not only the great deals of hotels and carriers, but also the transparent travel cancellation policy. Three quarters (74%) of the respondents said: they want to understand what awaits them in the event of force majeure, what kind of refund they can expect and how to insure against losses. For 46% of respondents, a refund of payment for accommodation upon cancellation of a trip and flexible conditions for changing dates are a prerequisite when choosing a hotel or apartment.

This information is a serious call for the tourism industry, which will have to become flexible and transparent in the new environment. And in the future, offer more efficient solutions to clients who will carefully analyze their future travel expenses.

Holidays in your own country

Closed borders have contributed to the development of travel within the country - in a pandemic, they are much easier, cheaper and safer than overseas travel. This trend will not change next year: 47% of respondents are still planning domestic travel in the next 7-12 months. At the same time, 43% intend to explore the nearest regions in order to see natural locations. Half of the respondents will travel to places where they have already been to be sure that they will enjoy such a trip. However, many travelers will not give up traveling abroad if it becomes possible again without restrictions and tests.

Looking for inspiration

Dreams of travel during quarantine only fueled interest in travel content. People read blogs and travel stories, putting in a piggy bank their desires to visit interesting and unusual places. The vast majority (95%) of travelers during quarantine sought inspiration for future travel, and more than a third (38%) did so at least once a week, looking for countries and cities for future travel. And another third (32%) feel nostalgic when looking at photos from previous trips. They usually share their memories on social networks, and vivid photos cause an even stronger desire to go on a new journey.

Travel trends for 2021: what travel could be

Movement is life. I have memorized this phrase since childhood. Apparently because our physical education teacher tirelessly repeated it, trying to instill in us, five-graders, a love of sports.

But, I never fell in love with sports, and he didn't really like me either. Banal roller-skating ended for me with a broken arm.

So I started looking for more affordable and less stressful ways to keep my body and mind healthy. And I came to the conclusion that for such lazy people as me, elementary daily walks in the fresh air are what you need!

So why spend minutes a day walking:

Walking improves digestion

Instead of sitting on the couch and watching a movie or TV show right after eating, it's better to take a walk down the street.

Walking for 30 minutes has been shown to promote good digestion and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Calories Burned

Have you eaten too much or are on a diet, and then suddenly you allowed yourself a piece of cake, and even after 6 pm? Walk urgently! About 150 calories are burned in 30 minutes of walking.

On the way, it will not be superfluous to do a couple of breathing exercises, bends, stretches. It will be beneficial not only for the body, but also for your mood.

Beautiful legs

Yes, yes, and a hundred thousand more times yes! Walking is great for the thighs and calves. Even with small but constant loads, the result will be visible - 100%! And if you combine those 30 minutes with a few squats and lunges, you get beautiful slender legs.

The new post-view world will allow you to combine work with travel. This is what the tourism business will focus on.

A press tour was devoted to the strategies of tourism development in Altai and new forms of its organization, in which Novosibirsk journalists took part. The guide was the CYCOL GLAMPING company, which specializes in the provision of glamorous camping services or, as it is also called, glamping. This is an increasingly popular tourism destination in Gorny Altai for travelers who want maximum immersion in the wild while maintaining high standards of comfort with an imitation of a hiking trip.

The trip began with a press conference organized by CYCOL GLAMPING and the administration of the Museum. Anokhin.

About the culture of consumption

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Tourism of the Altai Republic Oleg Andronov

“Gorny Altai is a unique ecosystem that we need to preserve despite the large flow of tourists. What would the government want? How is tourism developing in our country? We have different tourism, for example, on the lands of settlements someone builds a base, someone takes a water body for recreation ... Someone makes trails, horse routes, someone develops extreme tourism, for example, snowmobile rides in winter. Sometimes it is expensive - by helicopters, sometimes it is more accessible - walking routes and so on ... The task of the authorities is to provide an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to develop the industry without breaking the law within the framework of environmental legislation. but nevertheless, taking into account the wallet of our guests, to provide maximum services.

The authorities would also like all enterprises, bases and tour operators to be registered in our region. Without this, if taxes go to St. Petersburg and Moscow, we will not develop a second Switzerland here and we will not be able to preserve the unique mountainous nature, no matter how much we want it.

The Alps and Gorny Altai are somewhat similar as ecosystems. The task of the authorities is to popularize, you need to find your own flavor. Zest we have in what - VIRGIN NATURE. We would not want to lose this zest with the increase and comfortable living of people, and we should stand out for this. And how to combine one with the other, of course, we need to think about this together: both the authorities and the business. "

The administration's desire to attract "imported" tourists and preserve the virgin nature is quite commendable. In fact, an advanced foreign tourist with a responsible attitude to nature has not yet gained a critical mass in the general flow of visitors to Gorny Altai. The standards for dealing with nature are set by bouncy, cheerful newcomers from the regions neighboring Gorny Altai. Therefore, spontaneous garbage dumps and other "pressure" on the ecosystem are not uncommon. Surprise is the desire of tourists to "eat and drink loudly" in nature. What prevents to do this in the city is not clear. After all, the uniqueness of Gorny Altai also lies in the fact that here you can hear the silence and sounds of nature. And this is definitely not to be found in the city. We still have to learn how to consume this product. The orientation of the authorities towards encouraging ecological, historical and cultural tours, which are based on unity with nature and local traditions, will attract a solvent and demanding tourist from Europe and America, as well as domestic tourists from large cities of the European part of Russia. And here it is important to understand that, for example, Switzerland differs from us not only in its economy, but also in its respect for nature. Therefore, the point here is not only and not so much in investments, but in the difference between the cultural and environmental consciousness of the same Swiss and, for example, the average tourist from Biysk. It would never occur to a Swiss to burn a fire anywhere or to arrange installations from beer bottles and plastic bags on the side of the road. Working on the development of a “culture of consumption” of the virgin nature of Gorny Altai is a key factor in increasing the efficiency of the industry. Both the authorities and business need to think about this - it is difficult to disagree with Oleg Vladimirovich.

Head of the Turochak District Administration Viktor Osipov

“The modern leadership of the Altai Republic pays great attention to the tourism industry. Despite the fact that the region that I represent, by and large, belongs to the region of wood processing, but we strategically plan to develop tourism. We plan to hold events that would create a tourist flow. I see our task in providing infrastructure for tourism activities. The first thing we are planning is the fight against solid household waste, because an increase in traffic flow is a load on the territory, first of all, in terms of garbage impact. From our side, we are working to ensure the convenience of parting for tourists with the garbage that is generated. This is the installation of waste bins, the fight against unauthorized dumps. Cleanliness inside the villages is an indicator of our work. In addition, we are doing a lot of information work, which is aimed at attracting tourists to our area. We are working on the branding of our attractions, we are working in the information space so that they come to the Turochak region and can enjoy not only the beauty of Lake Teletskoye - a UNESCO protected area.

The new formats, in particular the one presented by CYCOL GLAMPING and the CYCOL audio guide, is a very positive initiative. I am glad that Saikol is developing its field of activity and geography. The chosen direction is extremely relevant, it will be a more civilized way of providing tourist services and informing the population, because, as Richard Branson wrote in his testament to his grandson, “The world is changing every day, and we must follow new trends, we must develop” and this direction does not has disadvantages, I see it only from the positive side.

Travel has always attracted people. Thanks to them, life is filled with adventures, interesting events and pleasant memories. But travel has a positive effect not only on a person's emotions, but also on his health in general. Let's take a look at what happens when you change the environment.

The benefits of travel

1. Going somewhere on vacation, hiking or a long trip, there is a change in the scenario of life, according to which you have lived for several months, or even years.

2. A change of scenery contributes to a change in your pace of life. Remember the period when your life was in full swing. Agree that time did not fly at all like that.

3. You are charged with positive emotions and impressions. In addition, vitality rises. You, finally, manage to forget about the problems and affairs that have tormented you for a long time and have long bothered you. Travel is the best relaxation for the brain.

4. In a new city or a new country, everything is unknown for you. Non-standard situations happen to you, which require you to "strain" your brain in order to give out non-standard actions. Thanks to this, a very effective and beneficial brain training takes place. Finally, his latent powers are awakening. The body begins to use those resources that previously "slept", this in turn leads to recovery. During or after rest and "wandering around the world" you suddenly have new ideas, and most importantly, your outlook on life changes.

Why travel

We invite you to read an excerpt from Rami Blackt's book "The Magic Key to the 12 Houses of Destiny", which will help answer the question "Why travel."

“It has been noticed that people who travel more are more intelligent, they have a broader outlook. Short travels give us detachment.

You travel, you see how other people live, you see that the same problems are everywhere, so you can look at the world and life in general from above. If you live without going anywhere, when everything, as they say, is close by, and going to the market in a neighboring area is like going to the end of the world, then it is very difficult to develop.

New acquaintances, self-development, health improvement are not all that travel is useful for. Read more in this article.

It's no secret that most people at least once in their lives left their hometown and traveled. Someone with a backpack on their backs conquers Everest, someone makes a pilgrimage to Israel, and someone decides to explore caves or forests in the neighboring area. Everyone chooses what he likes.

But why is a person so drawn to travel? What does he lack at home, within his native walls? And with what does he return home, besides tired legs, sun-bleached hair and a blissful smile? We will talk about all this with you right now.

The benefits of travel

So what's the use of travel? The list is endless, but let's try to highlight the most important points:

1. Personal growth. One way or another, each journey reveals new facets of ourselves. Sometimes, being in our “comfort zone”, without leaving our usual living conditions, we ourselves are not even aware of our capabilities. It seems to us that the routine work-home circle is all we can do. But this is far from the case!

Living unexpected, unplanned travel situations, we learn quick response, adaptation, creativity, originality, acquire new communication skills. What can I say, travel is a kind of psychological training. Only all exercises do not take place in a playful way, but in real life!

2. New interesting acquaintances. You can't even imagine, sitting on the couch at home, what interesting people you can meet on your trip! For me personally, these are always discoveries, and definitely pleasant! Who knows, maybe you will meet potential employers, new funny friends, or even meet your soul mate! And just to have friends from many countries on different continents and sometimes receive postcards in foreign languages ​​by mail - this cannot but rejoice!

3. Broadening your horizons. While traveling, you simply cannot help but learn nothing new. Studying the history, traditions, customs of the country you have come to will enrich you and facilitate easier communication with the local population. Plus, it's just fun! And if you also master a couple of traditional dishes of local cuisine and cook them at home for your loved ones - you will be provided with a lot of warm emotions!

4. Wellness. While traveling, you will gain many new experiences that contribute to the release of endorphins - the so-called "hormones of happiness." These hormones do not allow the body to age prematurely, improve the general condition, tune in to positive, and prevent stress. In addition, long walks, sunbathing, swimming in ponds strengthen physical health, fill the body with strength and energy.

5. Spiritual enrichment. Regardless of what religious denomination you belong to and whether you belong at all, acquaintance with the spiritual culture of other nations always has a beneficial effect on your soul. No wonder, probably, the most diverse pilgrimages to holy places are so popular now. But for peace of mind, it is not at all necessary to go to Vrindavan or Mecca - it is quite possible that you will find it in a completely different place, chatting with an old man from a small village or meditating in a forest clearing. Or maybe you will find it in the middle of a bustling metropolis? Who knows ...

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