Why do tourists choose Turkey

Turkey Tourism: Project 2023

Turkey has announced new strategic tourism targets until 2023. In fact, we are talking about doubling the incoming flow. Experts doubt that Turkey will have enough investment, accommodation for tourists and service personnel to reach new record levels.


On Tourism Day, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Mehmet Ersoy presented Turkey's Tourism Strategy 2023, according to which the industry is focused on income growth and work on the principles of sustainable development.

In 2023, Turkey should receive more than 75 million tourists, earning $ 65 billion on this. By this year, the number of overnight stays per tourist should increase from 9.9 to 10, and the average level of spending should be at least $ 86 per night.

As stated by Mr. Ersoy, "Turkey is a global brand that offers an exceptional variety of travel options to meet the changing expectations of today's tourists."

It is planned to reveal the attractiveness of Turkey as a tourist destination through the work of the Tourism Development Agency, to the fund of which all participants in the tourism market are required to deduct from October 1, 2019. The advertising budget for promo will be significantly increased: if in 2019 it was $ 72 million, then in 2020 the joint marketing budget of the ministry and the Agency will amount to $ 180 million. According to plans, by 2023 this amount, as income from tourism grows, will also increase and will reach $ 220 million.

The channels of promotion will be television, radio, press, social networks and dital platforms. At the same time, along with marketing to foreign markets, promotions are also planned for domestic tourists. Opportunities will be sought to reduce the cost of package tours in the domestic market by 15-60%.


The main goal is to attract travelers with high spending potential to Turkey, for which new products will be developed. For example, gastronomic projects and routes will be promoted under a separate brand “Turkey Flavor Map”.

Turkey will work to inscribe its cultural and natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. More attention will be paid to medical and health tourism, as it a priori "brings" more tourists with a higher level of spending.

Also on the list of priority areas are educational, sports and pilgrim tourism, congress tourism, cruises and event tourism. One of the fundamentally new things that did not sound in previous years is the development of cycling tourism. For these purposes, bicycle paths and bicycle routes will be created in the country, and hotels for cyclists will be developed. By 2023, the number of such facilities will increase from 100 to 1500.

Not without environmental initiatives. Regions and resorts will receive support, which will introduce more "green" projects. An increase of one third in the number of Blue Flag beaches and Green Star certified hotels has been declared strategically important.

According to Mehmet Ersoy, by 2023, Turkey will introduce 300 thousand new beds in hotels that operate according to certificates of the Ministry of Tourism (now there are 1.2 million). Taking into account municipal certificates, this number could be 500 thousand. Thus, according to the minister, in 4 years Turkey will have 2.5 million beds.

Not all foreigners go to Turkey for "sun and sea" or for an all-inclusive vacation. In Turkey, they found out what type of vacation is interesting for foreign guests of the country, including tourists from Russia.


The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has published a study on the preferences of foreign tourists who choose Turkey as their holiday destination. Tourists from 25 countries were interviewed and their reasons for coming to Turkey differ.

According to the report, hospitality, quality of hotels and services, price and relative flight range are some of the most important reasons for Germans to travel to Turkey. Safety and hygiene are also important, but more and more German tourists are interested in outdoor activities and other alternatives to the classic beach holiday. Most often, tourists from Germany go to Antalya, Istanbul, Muulu (Muglu) and Cappadocia.

The Belgians in their choice are guided by the usual factors "sun, sea and beach", but at the same time active entertainment and the opportunity to get acquainted with local archaeological sites are important to them. That is why not only Antalya and Muula, but also Istanbul, Cappadocia, Izmir, Aydin and Denizli are on the "short list" of the Belgians.

"Yearning" for the sun and the desire to spend holidays in regions with a warm climate are the reasons for choosing Turkey for British tourists. Unlike other Europeans, the British book tours to Turkish resorts "at the last minute", trying to spend a minimum of money on holidays. In Turkey, British holidaymakers usually choose inexpensive hotels, but always with a swimming pool.


The possibility of recreation outside the eurozone attracts Greeks to Turkey. When traveling abroad, Greek citizens prefer different types of recreation in neighboring countries. And if Bulgaria is in the first place among the citizens of Greece, then Turkey confidently takes the second position. Greeks go to Turkey for cheap shopping and gastronomy.

Spaniards go to Turkey for cultural heritage, gastronomy and shopping. Italians pursue the same goals, but more and more they are looking for relaxation on the coast. Italian tourists are not interested in the "all-inclusive" format: they want to live the culture of the country, where they come, including for a beach vacation. Among the preferences of Italians in Turkey are Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya and Denizli.

Tourists arriving from the Gulf countries (UAE and other countries in the region) attach great importance to safety, tourist infrastructure, variety of shops, climate and simplified visa regime. Arab travelers do not need beaches: they visit Turkish cities for shopping, gastronomy and medical tourism.


The Turkish government has developed an ambitious project called "Turkey Tourism 2023", in which the main task is to ensure that Turkey is included in the top five countries in terms of attendance by tourists from all over the world. Given the high competition in the tourism industry, many would say that Turkey is trying to achieve the impossible, but the country has every chance of achieving its goal. To understand how they can achieve this, one must first address the question: why do they want to do this?

The World Trade Organization says 1.8 billion people will travel annually by 2030. Low prices, international connections and travel news at our fingertips on the Internet - travel will become not a luxury, but an integral part of our life.

Accordingly, this 1.8 billion tourists will spend approximately $ 7.2 trillion on lodging, food, entertainment, excursions and flights. Of course, Turkey wants to grab a piece of this tasty pie because it will boost its economy and employment - just to name a few of the benefits.

While other sectors of the economy such as imports, exports, energy and finance can generate money, the rapid pace of development of the tourism industry means an additional large influx of money, and more importantly, tourists, returning home, are the best word of mouth advertisers. The benefits are too great to ignore, but how are they going to achieve this?

The main development strategies of the Tourism of Turkey project

Regional Division and Diversification

Instead of just promoting the country in only one direction, offering the same tourism destinations, the Turkish government has abandoned this strategy and focused on promoting the individual characteristics of each region, which means tourism will be available for all categories of tourists.

The Aegean and Mediterranean Sea is ideal for a beach holiday, however every effort will be made to develop gulet sailing (sailing on special Turkish boats) throughout the Turkish Riviera. Ayder Plateau and Uzungol Plateau in the northeast are excellent examples of plate tourism, while Antalya is famous for its active sports. The tourist resorts of Antalya have an excellent reputation all over the world.

Izmir has also become one of the leaders in the tourism industry in Turkey, where resort tourism has been booming lately. Istanbul is renowned for its medical tourism, the main focus of which is hair transplant and plastic surgery. Cappadocia is synonymous with magnificent and unique landscapes, and the cave hotels make it the best honeymoon destination.

Gastronomic tourism is also thriving in Turkey, as each of the regions of Turkey is famous for its goods and delicacies. The Aegean coast is famous for its olives, Istanbul is famous for its street food, Kars for its cheeses and honey, and Gaziantep for its baklava. Turkey has a wide geographic landscape, regional traditions and rich history, so, as you can see, the country has all the niches for tourism development in order to completely dominate the market.

Diversification of nationalities

Although tourism in Turkey began to gain popularity back in the 1980s, for many years Turkey remained a favorite only among the British, Russians and Germans. Unfortunately, adherence to a particular national direction can cause serious damage to the industry and hinder the flow of tourists from a particular country, as it was as a result of a Russian bomber shot down by Turkey.

For this reason, in order to ensure the sustainability of its tourism industry, Turkey advertises itself all over the world. Turkey has recently begun to establish close ties with India and Qatar, and this is bearing fruit. In recent years, the number of tourists from the Middle East has increased dramatically, but they choose regions such as Bursa and Yalova for themselves, as these regions are the best match for their cultural and religious beliefs. Turkey is open to tourists from all over the world, regardless of their nationality or religion.

Dear readers of our channel! We continue to publish our materials under the general title "How to have a rest in Turkey and stay alive." Here are really valuable tips for all those who are planning their vacation in 2020. Do not miss, place a link to our channel on all your pages on social networks and let your friends, family, colleagues know. Our tips are based on real observations and prepared especially for you! This will be the most relevant information on safe tourism, we promise!

Everyone has their own expectations on vacation. Someone walks in the mountains. Someone lies on the beach and turns over to the other side strictly in time. Someone travels just for the sake of cool shopping. And there are those for whom active and dangerous entertainment is fundamentally important. It is for you that we learned about the coolest active entertainment in Turkey.

Ski Resorts

You can't talk about outdoor activities, and not remember the snowy ski slopes. In summer, you can't say that Turkey has gorgeous trails for snowboarding or skiing. But Uludag ski resort has everything for a snowy paradise. The pistes are located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above the sky, and you can ski on them from December to March. Uludag is located 150 km from Istanbul.

Parachute jump

Turkey is the most wonderful place to fulfill your old dream. When you fly with a parachute above the ground, you feel as if you are soaring like a bird. You can jump with a parachute in several places:


If everything is clear with a parachute, then here's an even brighter entertainment for you. Paralliding is a flying paraglider that does not require any complex structures to take off. You can observe the land from a height and observe the birds near Fethiye in Oludeniz.


We all know fishermen. But you will never forget such fishing. It is not like our Russian river fishing. No one will stand on the beach with a fishing rod to catch small fish. Fishing in the Mediterranean is primarily a motor boat that will take you far - far out to sea. There you can enjoy fishing to the fullest. In order not to feel alone, you can take a couple more friends with you, because the motor boat can accommodate 5 people. You can cook freshly caught fish right on the shore. Fishing is available in almost all resort cities in Turkey.


The most luxurious sport and entertainment. Turkey is surrounded by the sea everywhere, which is why yachting flourishes here. And in some cities it is popular as the most important holiday destination. The most popular destination for yachting tourism is the city of Marmaris. It is here that international yachting competitions are held. You can also try yourself in this sport in Alanya and Bodrum.


Cities, resorts and regions of Turkey on the map and alphabetically

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Rest in the resorts of Turkey is a great opportunity to get away from the bustle of urban everyday life, pamper yourself with sunbathing, swimming in the sea and gastronomic delights of the national cuisine. Tourism for Turkey is one of the most important sources of income. Therefore, at any resort in Turkey you will be welcomed and offered a lot of entertainment for every taste. In Turkey, you can fly on a parachute, ski, go rafting on mountain rivers, but the main attraction of Turkey was and remains the azure Mediterranean Sea. The coastal resorts of Turkey are constantly developing, new hotels, water parks are being built, the list of near-water attractions for tourists is expanding. It is almost impossible to choose the best resort in Turkey, each has its own advantages over the others.


One of the southernmost resorts in Turkey, located on a narrow strip of land between the mountains and the sea. Alanya is a real banana paradise! The plantations of this sunny fruit are spread not only at the foot of the mountains, but also along the very coast. Long sandy beaches, tall, spreading palms, an abundance of flowers and vegetation, orange and tangerine trees in the city center, strewn with bright orange fruits - you will find what to love this cozy resort for!


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