Where to go in Russia in winter

Winter tourism and everything you need to know about it

Winter is a great time to relax. And during this period of the year you can get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The most common leisure activity is winter tourism. Thanks to the long winter holidays, you can have a great time with the whole family. It should be noted that there are many holidays in January. Many entertainment programs and performances with songs and dances can be visited during this time. Travel agencies are actively selling vouchers to the famous ski resorts in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. The number of lovers of this type of tourism is growing every year, although such a vacation is not cheap. This article will tell about winter rest and tourism.


Winter tourism is visiting a tourist area during the winter. Most often these are ski resorts. The success of the rest during this period of the year depends on the presence of snow. This is a fairly active form of pastime, and sometimes it requires quite serious sports training. The most popular equipment for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboards, skates, sledges, etc. In winter, entertainment is available for both adults and children.

What does winter tourism offer?

As for the location, the cost of a winter vacation in the Carpathians is quite affordable. If you have more money and want to get quality service, then go to the Carpathians or European resorts. France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other famous countries offer excellent tracks. It is interesting to note that Germany has the cheapest European resort, but here the tracks are not the longest either. This place is best suited for beginners.

What else to do in winter?

If you have children then you should visit Lapland. Finland has a harsh climate and winters are one of the most fabulous here. According to legend, Santa Claus lives in Lapland and every year thousands of families from all over the world come here to celebrate the New Year. A large number of draws, fairs, concerts and other events will not leave you indifferent.

Tourism in Europe, of course, offers more entertainment than the post-Soviet space, however, the cost of recreation is much higher. With a well-designed entertainment program, you can have a good time in your home country. The main thing is to decide what you want to get from the New Year or winter holidays and then you will definitely find a place to your liking.

Popular places for tourism in Russia

The climatic conditions of many parts of the country are favorable for the development of winter tourism. Going to any winter resort, everyone gets the opportunity not only to cheer up, but also to breathe in the wonderful fresh air. If you do not have the skills to ride equipment, at any resort you can use the instructions of the trainer who will quickly teach the basic skills. You can go ice skating, sledging and any other equipment that does not require any special skills, even for children.

Fast horseback riding, raising whirlwinds of snow, magnificent landscapes and the cleanest air - all this is the Urals, which can be visited from December to March for winter holidays. Also, the Caucasus Mountains attract fans of adventure and extreme recreation. Tours in Karelia are also wonderful: snowmobile and dog sled races on endless snow cover, skiing.

Winter tourism and everything you need to know about it

With the arrival of snow, I don’t want to miss a very short, but such a pleasant period, when you can do winter outdoor activities and gain pleasant warm memories of winter. We offer not to waste time and in the new season to master one of the winter shells. Snowboard, skis, skates or tubing. choose the same?


Snowboarding has long since moved from a fashionable hobby to one of the most popular winter sports, which is firmly entrenched in the hearts of downhill enthusiasts.

From the first minutes it will become clear who you are: regular or goofy. The former roll with their left foot forward, and the latter with their right. At first, you need to get used to standing on the board, fall correctly, slide on it in the snow, learn to turn and brake.

Real snowboarding starts next. Even amateurs do not have enough adrenaline from a calm descent, and they are drawn to certain types of this sport:

Freeride - free skiing off the equipped tracks on untouched terrain; Freestyle - skating with various tricks and elements: jumps, somersaults, spins, etc. .; Carving - skating at speed along a prepared track; Jibbing - riding not on the snow, but on surfaces such as railings and edges; Snowboard cross - skiing on a track equipped with various obstacles.

Snowboarding is an expensive sport, so the instructors advise you to practice a couple of lessons in rented equipment before buying to make sure that the snowboard is yours.

Before buying snowboarding equipment, it is better to touch, try on and evaluate it live. Forget about "for the first time I'll buy something simpler, and only then ..." - no, buy good equipment right away. You will learn to ride in the first season, but next year cheap equipment will slow down your progress.

When shopping, first select your boots, and then match the board and bindings to them. Beginners are advised to take a soft freeride board, as it suits different conditions.

There are cross-country and downhill skis, and they differ significantly from each other.

Winter tourism and everything you need to know about it. Winter is a great time to relax. And during this period of the year you can get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The most

Where to go in Russia in winter for great impressions and emotions? An interesting trip can be arranged not only in the summer! So if your vacation fell on the winter, or you are looking for where to go on vacation, study this material and go on a trip! Skiing or snowboarding, majestic mountains and rugged northern beauty, volcanoes, dog sledding trips… there are a lot of ideas.

So, keep the best places to stay in Russia in winter - chose 22 options!

Where to go in Russia in winter: ski resorts


One of the best ski resorts in the country and certainly the most famous in Siberia. A variety of tracks for different levels of training, soft and fluffy snow, opportunities for both freeriding and beginners. Add to that the annual festivals like the Grelka Fest, which set the record for descending in swimwear, and you can see why so many return here every winter.

How to get there? The main point for access to the resort is Novokuznetsk. Flights here have recently been inexpensive, as an option you can fly to Kemerovo and Novosibirsk, and then by train. And already from Novokuznetsk a branded train runs to the Chugunash station, docked with a bus further to Gesh, plus buses and transfers. During the season, there are many buses from different cities of Siberia, including travel agencies.

Where to stay? The choice is large - chalets, hotels, hostels from 400 rubles per person per day.

Prices. A single skipass for the whole day costs 1,700 rubles, for children under 7 years old - free of charge. You can take a one-time rise or for 2/4 hours, and even for several days - the tariff system is quite flexible.

Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor)

The main and most famous ski resort in our country: 30 km of slopes of varying difficulty, 13 ski lifts, a high level of service, well-developed infrastructure and all this in a picturesque area and not far from the Black Sea. The tracks can accommodate up to 2400 people per hour. There are ready-made package tours from some cities of Russia to Krasnaya Polyana. I recommend booking in advance, hotels can run out quickly during the season.

How to get there? By any transport to Sochi (Adler), and further from the railway station of Adler or the airport to the resort several times a day "Lastochka" runs, the journey takes 45 minutes. In addition to the train, you can go by buses # 105, 105c, 105e from the center or from the Sochi railway station, and by buses 135 and 135e from the Olympic Park.

Where to stay? Accommodation is represented by good chain 4 * and 5 * hotels, as well as apartments and chalets. There are hostels too, so there is room for every budget.

Prices. Daily ski pass costs 2790/3390 rubles on regular days/New Year's holidays. Children's (from 7 to 14 years old) ski passes cost 1395/1695 rubles on regular days/on New Year's holidays. Seasonal pass - 45,000 rubles for adults and 17,000 rubles for children - all zones and all days in the season.

Each season is good in its own way and each weather can choose the type of rest. Camping in the winter should only be active. The main conditions for active winter recreation are frost, snow and sun. They create unique landscapes that add to the pleasant impressions of physical activity, their zest, which is not there in summer.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not limited to just one season. In winter, a healthy lifestyle, in addition to keeping oneself in shape, improves the psycho-emotional state, due to positive emotions.

Benefits of winter recreation:

  • Improves the performance of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs;
  • Develops endurance, strength, dedication;
  • Helps to make the necessary acquaintances; <
  • An ideal pastime with family, friends and loved ones.

In addition to a pleasant pastime, resting in the winter carries a high risk of injury. To avoid them, you need to prepare well so as not to spoil the whole experience. First of all, you need to decide what kind of sport the vacationer will be engaged in. The subsequent preparation and equipment that you have to take with you depends on this.

Preparing for winter vacation

In order to have a good rest, to get only positive impressions, it is not at all necessary to be constantly in the gym, loading all the muscles, physically overloading your body. It is enough to strengthen the muscles of the legs, which receive the greatest stress during skiing or skating.

Even without strengthening the muscles, you can and should go for a vacation in nature, to the snow, joy, fun, observing safety rules and not giving your body a lot of physical exertion.

If physical training can take several months before winter, then other aspects that need to be completed will take much less time. The importance of other factors can have a much stronger effect on the pleasant experience of the rest than the weak muscles of the legs.

So, before leaving you need to choose:

  • The place to go - this should be a familiar area if you are planning a trip to the forest or just a crowded place. With this, the vacationer will protect himself from wandering in unfamiliar terrain if he gets lost.
  • The kind of sport that you plan to do - the set of items and things necessary for a comfortable pastime in winter depends on it.
  • Friends, acquaintances and relatives with whom they will relax - the mood created in the company initially affects the entire vacation. And it is better to cheer up with friends, and not unfamiliar people.
  • The amount of time allotted for rest - just like a sport, this parameter affects the amount of equipment.

Active recreation is gaining popularity every year. More and more people are willing to spend time in nature, in the fresh air, doing their favorite hobby: hunting, fishing or tourism. But, so that the rest is not spoiled by seasonal changes or weather conditions, it is necessary, first of all, to choose the right wardrobe, since ordinary clothes do not meet the necessary requirements. The editorial staff of the YANashla website offers you an overview of the best tourist clothing and footwear for 2021.

What is the main thing in tourist clothing?

The weather during the hike can surprise with its instability and variability. The landscape, as well as the seasonal manifestations, force you to choose carefully what to wear. But it is not wise to take the entire wardrobe with you, especially when manufacturers have long learned to sew comfortable clothes that meet modern requirements. What is the main thing in a travel kit?

  • First, comfort and convenience. Clothes should correspond to the size of the tourist, fit well on the figure, do not constrain movements, and weigh little. A special cut helps to choose a wardrobe for any type of activity: fishing, mountaineering, skiing, river rafting, etc.
  • Secondly, ergonomics and functionality. On a hike, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen situations, and therefore, have everything you need at hand. This opportunity is provided by a large number of pockets, a zipper with two locks, magnetic buttons, a hood, drawstring drawers, ventilation pockets.
  • Third, security. Travel clothing should keep warm well, while not allowing the body to overheat. That is, to be breathable, removing excess moisture. The top layer, depending on the season, should be durable, water-repellent, frost-free, UV-resistant and heat-resistant.

What types of travel clothing do manufacturers offer?

Experts recommend dressing for a hike to a minimum, picking up a three-layer set that will prevent you from freezing in the cold, but also not overheating in the heat, by removing one or two layers. The complexity of the tourist route affects the price range of equipment. For the first easy outdoor recreation, it is advised to choose something simpler, at an affordable price. But if a person has fallen in love with tourism and is engaged in it professionally, then the choice of products should be taken more seriously, carefully check the quality of the offered products in order to avoid possible problems.

A tourist's wardrobe can consist of the following elements:

  • Walkways, in which the tourist passes the entire route. Their main qualities: to be light, easy to wash, dry quickly. For sewing such a product, synthetic fabric is mainly used. Cotton pants are also available, but the user must remember that they are more difficult to wash. Denim dries even longer, and when wet it becomes heavy, so wearing jeans on a trip is not recommended. Ideal: convertible trousers, which come unfastened to make them easy to wash and dry in the field. The density of the trousers is selected taking into account the time of year or the weather. Also, men's and women's styles differ.
  • Protective that the wind cannot blow or wet the rain. In water or mountain tourism, you cannot do without such trousers. The most popular model with full-length zippers sewn into the side seams. This makes it easier to remove them on a hike.
  • Pants with fleece are the best option so as not to freeze at night, relevant even in summer.
  • Insulated are used by skiers or lovers of winter outdoor activities. They have several necessary qualities at once: they retain heat, do not let the wind through, and repel water.
  • Athletic shortcuts used for cycling. Cycling pants fit your legs tightly, like leggings, do not get dirty from transport details. Experts recommend choosing such pants or shorts, paying attention first of all to the convenience, so as not to rub between the legs. The fabric is preferably synthetic or knitted.

  • The windbreaker should be made of membrane fabric, be light, do not get wet, do not let the wind through. Ideal to mid-thigh length to protect your back. The cut should be chosen free, not restricting movements. A hood is required, a high collar or throat is desirable. The most popular model is the raincoat windbreaker.
  • A raincoat or cape will help out if the outerwear does not have a moisture-repellent layer. This product is especially in demand during the off-season. When choosing a raincoat, focus on the fabric from which it is sewn. Polyethylene of any density is not suitable for a hike. He does not breathe, and therefore the person will still be wet, but already from sweat. Tourist "waterproof jackets" are made of a special membrane fabric, which, protecting from rain or fog, provides effective air exchange and removal of excess moisture from under the clothes. Poncho-shaped raincoats are in fashion, under which a tourist can hide along with equipment or a backpack.
  • The down jacket is distinguished by its lightness, compactness, effective ability to keep warm. Required by climbers and winter tourism enthusiasts. Natural down padding makes the jacket very warm. But the down jacket requires delicate care, as it easily absorbs moisture. And also, in order to avoid burning, it should not be dried close to the fire. To preserve the main purpose, it is advised to store the jacket in a tight bag.
  • An insulated jacket is selected taking into account the season: autumn or winter. The season is reflected in the thickness and quality of the insulation. For tourist travel, a jacket with synthetic insulation is recommended. It weighs little, but retains heat well. The absence of a jacket during a sharp cold snap can briefly replace two layers of fleece thermal underwear and a windbreaker.

  • A jacket is an obligatory part of a tourist's wardrobe, regardless of the season. For a summer trip, one is enough, and in winter it is advised to have two different thicknesses. Usually the choice is between a woolen warm thing and a product with fleece. A wool sweater is suitable for a short hike for 1-2 days. But on a long trip it is better to take a jacket with fleece. The material is synthetic, but warms up no worse than wool. At the same time lightweight, quick-drying. The fleece polka is especially indispensable for hiking on the water, as it does not absorb moisture. The female model differs from the male in variety and brightness of color.
  • T-shirts need to take two: cotton and synthetic. It is pleasant and comfortable to sleep in a natural T-shirt. During the day, when moving, it is better to wear a thermal T-shirt. It dries quickly and will not allow you to freeze at rest. Synthetics also do not require much effort when washing, and also dries much faster. T-shirts are made with short or long sleeves, which allows you to select them according to the season and weather conditions.
  • A shirt can replace a long sleeve shirt. Lightweight cotton fabric will provide good protection from hot sunlight.

  • A hat with a scarf when hiking in low temperatures is just as important as a warm jacket. Fleece products won't add a lot of weight to the backpack.
  • Gloves may differ in their purpose. In any campaign, workers will not be superfluous, in which you can take a break, chop knots, carry firewood. In the mountains, gloves with an upper windproof layer are required.
  • A balaclava hat is the main headdress of climbers in winter, which covers the face from gusts of wind.
  • Klondike, or bandana, are needed by tourists in the summer to protect their heads from the sun.
  • Socks on a hike take several pairs, among which must be warm, ideally thermal socks. Unlike ordinary cotton products, trekking models do not slip off the feet when walking, protect the skin from abrasions and calluses, retain heat, but remove excess moisture. Legs by the evening remain warm, dry, healthy, ready for new transitions in the morning.

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