Where to go in Russia for 3 days to relax

Weekend tours - a short educational program

Weekend tours are a great type of recreation that allows you to shake off office dust in the shortest possible time and “on the job”, greedily breathe new impressions and gain a boost of vivacity in anticipation of a full-fledged vacation. For two and a half days of the weekend (which, if the vacationer wishes, expands to three), you can have time to fly to the sea, "have enough" a dose of painting, sculpture and architecture in European capitals, visit an exhibition in Shanghai or an opera performance at La Scala, finally, simply relax in the hot springs of Yalova or rejuvenate at the clinic in Lausanne. And with the modern development of the air transportation market, railways and road traffic, even the most remote corners of the planet are at arm's length! So, if you are thinking about the possibility of "giving up on the weekend", but do not know where they usually go and how much it costs, pay attention to our campaign educational program.

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Reboot on a weekend jeep tour with us!

Our tours are all inclusive.

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Excursions - from 800 rubles. Group tours - from 4 800 rubles.

Apartments in the Kaliningrad region.

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Events of 2014 that influenced the travel market in the Russian Federation and abroad

If there is no way to fully relax, you can arrange a vacation for yourself and your family for 3 days. Even in such a short period of time, it is really possible to gain strength, improve health and recharge with new impressions. Currently, the situation is such that it is not possible to go abroad for a weekend tour. Therefore, the easiest way is to find interesting options in Russia, especially since there are a lot of them.

Where can you go for a day to relax in the summer inexpensively in Russia in nature

The easiest way is to leave the city to breathe fresh air and spend at least three days without the hustle and bustle. There is no need to spend a lot of money and go to Baikal or Kamchatka, as tickets will be expensive. The best option would be to find a place to stay at a distance of no more than a couple of hundred kilometers. But you can find good places literally a dozen kilometers or a little further. Let's analyze the most budgetary options.

Camping with tents

If there are tents, then this is the cheapest option, since you do not have to pay for housing. At the same time, you can enjoy nature much more than when renting a house: sleep to the singing of birds and meet the dawn, just leaving the tent. In this case, remember the following:

  • It is ideal to pre-explore the area and find suitable camp sites. In some regions, sites are allocated for these purposes, there is a bathroom, running water, and often there is also a shower, which makes the rest much more comfortable. You can find out information on thematic forums or in communities in social networks, if there are any in your region.
  • If there are no special sites, study the maps and find suitable places. River or lake banks with good access roads are best. Often, hints are given by local tourists who go out with tents every year and know about the most beautiful and convenient places. When searching, you should not consider dense forests, as predators can be found there, and in any unforeseen situation it will take a long time to get to the nearest settlement.
  • Choose a period with good weather, as in the rain, camping in a tent will not bring pleasure. Remember that it is always cool at night, so you need to take warm clothes, as well as mattresses for sleeping.


Make a list in advance with everything you need so as not to forget anything. In addition to a stock of food, you will need dishes, folding furniture, insect repellents and much more.

Tents can be rented or borrowed from friends, then the costs will be minimal. But this option is suitable for those who are ready to give up their usual comfort for a few days and immerse themselves in outdoor recreation as much as possible. And if someone knows how to play the guitar, then evenings accompanied by songs by the fire will add a special romance to a small vacation.

Agriturismo and small recreation centers

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