Where to go for New Year's holidays in Bashkiria: a list of interesting places

Tourism in Bashkortostan at any time of the year

We are all waiting for New Year's Eve and New Year's holidays, and we all want to get away from this crazy year, work and fatigue that has accumulated. Residents of the republic will have a rest from 1 to 10 January. It's time to think about how fun, useful and safe it is to spend this time.

We think one of the best things to do is to go out into nature! Yes, even in winter! After interviewing travel experts and guides where you can go even with children, we have compiled a small but interesting list of places.

Tourist group organizer and tourism expert Andrey Gefest chose places in the South Urals. It's a long way to go, but worth it.

Snow-wrapped mountain peaks will not leave you indifferent. You can have a picnic on the shore: there are specially equipped areas for this. They are marked on the map that you will receive upon entering the National Park. The entrance to the park costs 100 rubles.

If you wish, you can climb to the top of the Zyuratkul ridge: 4 kilometers along wooden decks and 2 kilometers along a well-trodden path, with a slight climb.

Holidays for the whole family in the style of the Middle Ages and children's fairy tales. Here and Baba Yaga, and Koschey the Immortal, and knights with pirates. In winter, you can ride a sleigh with horses on the ice of the lake. The park is located in the city of Satka, entrance costs 600 rubles.

Ksenia Kuchuk, the organizer of outdoor activities and alpine skiing guide, shared her experience of winter travel.

  • Ecological route to the top of Small Yamantau

It is one of the simplest and most accessible for both adults and families with children - the route is small, about 4-5 kilometers one way. The trail is available at any time of the year, it is quite simple. At the foot of the summit there is a hut, which is heated on weekends by the reserve workers. There you can relax, warm up, change clothes and have a snack.

Excellent views of Big Yamantau open from the top in clear weather. The walk will take one day: by car you can get to the village of Revet and leave your car at the estate of the reserve, pay an entrance fee to the reserve (350 rubles), and then take a walk along the eco-trail.

To climb the mountain, you need light enough sportswear for the weather, you definitely need a down jacket with you in your backpack in winter. There is usually wind at the top. Also, be sure to take sandwiches with you, a thermos with tea, you can take a burner. In addition, you need an antiseptic and wet wipes: there are mice in the house, and in order to protect yourself, these things will come in handy.

Where to go for New Year's holidays in Bashkiria: a list of interesting places

At the beginning of December 2019, the authorities presented a new travel site designed to increase the attractiveness of the region and increase the flow of people wishing to relax in Bashkiria. However, this is far from the first attempt to create such a project. How the previous attempts to create a functioning and demanded product ended - in the review of "AiF-Ufa".

"Semi-finished Product"

Website visitrb. u was presented on December 3rd. Rimma Boytsova, Chairperson of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship of Bashkiria, wrote on her Facebook page:

"Now you can breathe out." We worked on this project for a long time and with trepidation. We tried to take into account every nuance, to make the portal useful and interesting. For this, the best specialists from various fields were attracted. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of this site! - she wrote. “I am sure that Bashkortostan has a great and bright future, and thanks to this site, many tourists will come to look at all the beauty of the republic”.

The main page contains such topics as “Places that will decorate Instagram”, “Bashkir souvenirs”, “Treasures of Bashkiria”, “Ski resorts”, “Tour operators of Bashkiria”, “Slow walks in Ufa”, “ Culture of Bashkiria "," Tourist routes "and" National cuisine ".

There are also lists of hotels, restaurants and sanatoriums, a calendar of events. However, in the "Souvenirs" section, only commercial projects without addresses are indicated. An unknown blogger tells about the Ufa sights on the site. And the calendar of events, which, as requested by the head of the region, was to become the top section of the site, has been pushed into the backyard: it can be seen at the end of the page or as a recommended continuation of the "What to do" section. In addition, the calendar incorrectly displays lists of upcoming and past events, pages for viewing the entire list are not displayed, in the mobile version the text of announcements is completely cut off.

Netizens, especially those close to the travel industry, have criticized the site. Many called the product raw and wondered why it was necessary to present a semi-finished product?

Users drew attention to the poor quality of the photos, as well as the fact that some of them do not correspond to the declared location. Errors were found in the texts as well. For example, in the description of Mount Iremel, it is reported that there is snow on its top even in summer, although this is not the case. Also, commentators noted that the site does not have any practical information - where a tourist can stay, how to book, where to eat, etc. The information is scattered and not systematized.

“Absolutely raw product, some kind of semi-finished product. Why exhibit in public? They would send it in a personal note to professionals and everyone who develops tourism, people would write their proposals, the responsible persons would polish it, and only then it was necessary to exhibit, ”said Katerina Dubrova from Ufa on social networks.

“If it's too early to“ exhale ”for a short time, you haven't even breathed life into it yet,” commented the Ufa blogger and famous tourist Oleg Chegodaev. And also made a detailed video analysis of the shortcomings.

Unborn site

Meanwhile, back in March 2019, Rimma Boytsova announced another travel site located at www. otorb. u. The Internet pages were to be filled with articles about ski resorts, sanatoriums, recreation centers and campings of the republic. They also promised offers for children's recreation, extreme and specialized tourism, coordinates of hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes. Moreover, all content could be read in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. However, the site never worked.

Residents of the republic will have a rest from 1 to 10 January. It's time to think about how fun, useful and safe it is to spend this time. Gorobzor. y, 22.2.020

Bashkortostan is not called the pearl of the South Urals for nothing; picturesque nature, local flavor and high level of service in sanatoriums are some of the reasons why tourism in Bashkortostan is becoming more and more popular. There are a variety of types of recreation available, among which anyone will find something to their liking.

Main components

Tourism in the Republic of Bashkortostan can be divided into three main components:

  • adventure ;
  • health ;
  • sports.

This happened due to the fact that Bashkortostan is an amazing land, distinguished by a centuries-old history, rich original culture and special climatic conditions. Both fans of outdoor activities and those who prefer to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural traditions of different nations, visit the monuments of history and art will find something interesting in this republic. In addition, Bashkortostan will delight nature lovers with a unique landscape and fresh mountain air.

Travel Resources

The fact that tourism in Bashkortostan is developing at such a fast pace is not least due to the huge number of various monuments of art, culture, archeology and history: there are about three thousand of them.

And that's not all: Bashkortostan is rich in mountain ranges, caves, national nature reserves, lakes and rivers - any traveler who has visited this region will confirm that the number of interesting places here is simply inexhaustible.

Guided tours of historical monuments and natural attractions are held throughout the year. Such excursions are an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about the history of the country and feel the unique atmosphere of Bashkiria.

To understand what a vacation in Bashkortostan is, it is also worth visiting one of the many sanatoriums offering to improve health with the help of mud of medicinal waters.

Relaxation with treatment

You can combine business with pleasure and improve your health in the sanatoriums of Bashkiria, operating on the basis of numerous mineral springs and reserves of healing mud. The health resorts are surrounded by magnificent unique nature:

  • taiga forests,
  • majestic mountains,
  • wide steppes,
  • lakes,
  • rivers and waterfalls.

Bashkiria, or officially the Republic of Bashkortostan, is located on the slopes of the Southern Urals: taiga forests here side by side with birch groves, steppes are replaced by mountain tundra, and a full range of entertainment is provided for tourists: from skiing and snowboarding to rafting along impetuous rivers, from exploring caves to relaxing on the beach on numerous lakes, from the romance of hikes and tents to prestigious sanatoriums with mineral waters and healing mud.

History of Bashkortostan

The rock carvings found in the Kapova Cave (Burzyansky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan) indicate that people lived in this territory back in the Paleolithic era. For those who have forgotten, this is the first historical period of the Stone Age. Well, that is, as long as you can imagine. And much, much later, local peoples began to unite into tribes. So the early states began to form.

And then it was time for the Golden Horde. The first battle of the Bashkirs with the Mongols took place in 1219-1220, and this confrontation lasted until 1234. For a very long time, the Bashkirs held back the onslaught of the Mongol invasion, but, in the end, entered into a treaty with them and united.

After the collapse of the Golden Horde, the land of the Bashkirs was part of the Nogai Horde, Kazan and Siberian Khanates, and also partly of the Astrakhan Khanate. But the incessant feuds and threats from external enemies forced the Bashkirs to join the Russian state. It happened during the reign of Ivan IV. The region began to replenish with Russian settlers. And all would be fine, but after a while the Russians began to oppress the Bashkirs: they seized the land, planted Christianity. Therefore, when in 1773 Pugachev launched his uprising, the Bashkirs did not hesitate to join him. It even has its own national hero - Pugachev's associate, Salavat Yulaev. How the whole thing ended, every seventh-grader knows (or in which class is the "Captain's Daughter" going?).

Modern Bashkiria

Bashkortostan is now an autonomous republic on the territory of modern Russia. It is part of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation, is part of the Ural economic region, and from a geographic point of view it is the South Ural.

There are 21 cities on the territory of the republic: Sterlitamak, Salavat, Neftekamsk, Oktyabrsky, Beloretsk, Tuymazy, Ishimbay, Kumertau, Sibay, Meleuz, Belebey, Birsk, Uchaly, Blagoveshchensk, Dyurtyuli, Yanaul, Davlekanovo, Baimak, Mezhgorye , Agidel and the capital of Bashkiria - Ufa.

National composition of the population: Russians - 36%, Bashkirs - 29%, Tatars - 25%, etc. In total, representatives of 160 peoples live on the territory of Bashkiria.

There are two state languages ​​- Bashkir and Russian. Signs are most often duplicated in both languages.

Rest in Bashkiria

Bashkortostan is sometimes called "Russian Switzerland", and those who have been there completely agree with this. The unique nature, mild continental climate make it possible to enjoy the seasons at dignity. Summers are hot with little rain, and winters are snowy but mild. The mountains of the South Urals, national parks, caves, rivers and ski slopes will conquer outdoor enthusiasts. For details, see the article by FederalPress.

"It's a sin not to use such potential"

On the territory of the republic there are about 300 karst caves, 600 rivers, 800 lakes, many mountain ranges, three state reserves and five natural parks, more than 3000 monuments of history, art, culture, archeology. All this makes it possible to develop almost all areas of tourism: sports, adventure, ecological, cultural and educational, health and wellness.

From merchant mansions to skyscrapers. Architectural Ufa yesterday and today

Great attention is paid to the development of the tourist cluster in Bashkortostan. Thanks to the sanatorium cluster and ski resorts, of which there are quite a few in the republic, the region has risen in the national tourism rating from 20th to 10th place in three years (from 2015 to 2018). Bashkiria also occupies leading positions in the country and the Volga Federal District in terms of the volume of tourist traffic, the size of paid services to the population in the field of tourism, as well as the number of hotels and sanatoriums.

The head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, has repeatedly stated that tourism is a serious sector of the economy and he intends to constantly engage in this area. “We have a unique tourism potential, but everything else, starting with infrastructure, information and so on, does not correspond to it. We do have anchor points, but they will take time to develop. At the same time, we need to saturate what is already there. It seems to me that this has not yet been fully done, it is a sin not to use such a high potential as ours, ”explained Radiy Khabirov at a meeting on tourism development.

After considering the concept of development of the tourism industry, which provides for the creation of unique tourism facilities, the organization of major event events, the establishment of systematic work on business tourism, the formation of a modern tourism infrastructure, the development of complex turnkey routes, the promotion of tourism products to the foreign market, systematic work was started.

The concept of tourism development indicates that until 2030 the main projects of the tourist cluster, which will be developed, will be the projects "Mountain resorts of Bashkiria" Legend of the Urals "," Nugush "," Burzyansky "," Asly-Kul ", "Kandrykul", "North-East", "Pavlovskoe reservoir".

The KPIs are indicators that need to be achieved by 2030: double the area of ​​the room stock, the number of beds should grow to 85 thousand units against 33 thousand (according to the optimistic scenario), investments in the fixed capital of hotels and so on should reach 18.2 billion rubles.

The volume of paid tourist services provided to the population should grow to 16,298.06 million rubles - three times compared to 2015 according to the baseline development scenario.

As good as Switzerland

Bashkiria is, first of all, active rest. From December to March, the ski season starts in the republic, in May - September you can go on a hiking trip, rafting down the rivers.

Alpine skiing in Bashkiria can be done by everyone - from beginners to extreme sportsmen. There are nine large ski centers in the republic, there are 14 of them in total, and some of the tracks are located near Ufa. But "Abzakovo" (Beloretsk) is considered a Mecca for skiers. On the slopes of the Kryk-Tau ridge, there are 13 tracks of various difficulty categories. All of them comply with international standards, are equipped with modern lifts, the tracks are illuminated even at night. The season runs from October to May, thanks to the artificial snow system. Major sporting events are held in "Abzakovo", there is a ski school. The sports and recreation complex is annually visited by more than 500 thousand sports lovers, which can be accommodated by about 200 hotels and cottages of different price categories.

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