Where is the best place to book a cheap tour with a search across all tour operators? Personal experience of buying a tour online

Where is the best place to book a cheap tour with a search across all tour operators? Personal experience of buying a tour online

What awaits us next year in terms of new products from the tourism industry? Where is the general travel trend heading and what is relevant on the market now? What travel novelties do I already want to buy for myself? All this is in this article. And we will probably start with the trends: the general trend of all new products is ultra-compactness and the combination of great functionality in one device. Travel novelties are getting lighter and even smaller. And more and more devices appear that combine the principle of a multitool - all in one. And I like this trend! It is high time to give up huge baggage in travel, in favor of "nano" -technologies, which have long been used in other areas of life and are just reaching tourism. Which cannot but rejoice. Okay, enough of the introduction.

Jacket for Pobeda Airlines

Do you often fly with Pobeda Airlines and it pisses you off that you cannot take your hand luggage with you to the cabin? Now your carry-on luggage will be right on top of you, not hanging behind your back, but elegantly hiding under your jacket:

I'm even sure that with such a jacket you can travel without carry-on luggage at all, buying only bagless tickets. Give me a trip around the world in one jacket! ? As for flights on Pobeda, if they still argue with you when checking in for a flight or before boarding a plane, you can easily throw a sleeve at your opponent as a gesture of resentment (or a challenge to a duel), because the sleeves of this jacket are easy unfastened. Such a thing is called officially - Global Travel Jacket. In it you will look much better than Wasserman or Krotov:

Ultra Compact Wallet

But I won't laugh at this new product, because it is very cool! I do not use a cover for a passport because when crossing borders I constantly have to get this very passport out of the cover. Then put it back in. Continuous fuss. And I don't carry a lot of cash with me, mostly everything is on cards. And apparently, especially for people like me, I came up with such a compact wallet, which is thinner than modern phones and at the same time very multifunctional:

Would you like to buy such a thing? I am! Type Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet into Google and order yourself such a convenient wallet.

Takeaway coffee machine

Do you like drinking coffee? Do you love to travel? Now you have a portable coffee machine with you that works without electricity. All you need is your favorite coffee and a little boiling water:

Portable Partymaker - Portable Coffee Maker on Indiegogo. Now your favorite coffee is even on Lake Baikal.

Bluetooth lock

A hell of a cool thing with a funny name for a Russian ear: AirBolt. It is a small multifunctional lock with built-in Bluetooth 4.. It is pointless to hang such a thing on a country shed, but it is very possible to hang it on your luggage/backpack. This thing looks very stylish, beeps quite loudly and syncs with your phone. It will help you not only from stealing your suitcase, but also help you not to forget it in the cafe. By the way, if you forgot your phone in a cafe, and left with a suitcase, which squeaked, informing that it was too far from the phone, it will remind you of a forgotten phone))

Travel news

Many people face the question: How to travel cheaply? I want to go somewhere, but I have no money. And they sit and envy those travelers who continue to discover new places and countries. So what is really stopping us from traveling? Is it really all about cheap travel?


The question of the lack of money is broader than it seems at first glance. The problem of not being able to travel can be broken down into three components: money, time, and comfort. Accordingly, by correctly combining these parameters, one can decrease or increase one or the other.

If you have money, then we buy comfort and go on vacation. There is a lot of time, which means there is an opportunity to go on a last minute tour, or buy cheaper tickets (you can search on Aviasales.u and Skyscanner.u) or last minute. We are ready to sacrifice comfort, then use the listings, hitchhiker and tent.

If you still have a lot of excuses for yourself, then try reading this - How to change your life for the better or what prevents you from traveling.

Budget Travel Options

Last Minute Tours

For example, if a person has a lot of time, or at least can go on vacation at any time, then he can save a lot on the trip by buying a last minute ticket. To do this, you just need to monitor several sites (for example, www. Heaptrip. U) for the appearance thereof, and as soon as, immediately, go on vacation.

Here are some examples of what I personally bought. A week in Egypt (4 stars) - 15,000 rubles for two. 4 days in Turkey - 9000 rubles for two.

Hiking trips

Another example. A person is ready to sacrifice comfort. Then the most expensive for him is on a hike to the mountains, or to the sea with a tent. A great budget vacation, with a bunch of pluses and costs only for travel and food. Or with low living costs, if you use the services of camping.

The general trend of all gadgets is ultra-compactness and combination of functionality in one device. Travel novelties are lighter and ...

I haven't traveled for a long time. If this thought caught you in the middle of active everyday life, whether in the office or during a manicure session, you DO NOT need:

  • nervously waiting for the weekend;
  • rush to the subway to get to my mother’s friend’s father’s niece, a seventh generation travel agent.

Is the Internet at your fingertips? Obviously yes, if you are reading this article. Then open your browser, go to the travelata website. u and watch-study-buy. Then you will send us greetings from the beach near the Andaman Sea, because you can buy a hot tour to Thailand, and even cheap, right now, without leaving your workplace! And here are 10 ways to save money when buying a tour.

Well, and if you dissuade yourself "yes, we are somehow in the old fashioned way, more reliable ..", pay attention to the following weighty arguments in favor of buying a tour on the Internet.

Why choose and book tours online?

Comparing the cost of a ticket from an online service and a travel agency, we will see a tangible difference in rubles. This is explained by the fact that offices include in the price of renting premises, salaries of employees, etc. Of course, sites also work for their own benefit, but with an order of magnitude less mark-up. Do you want to buy a cheap tour for example to Spain? All roads lead exclusively to the Internet!

  • Quiet environment

What better way to plan your upcoming holiday in Greece with a cup of coffee in your favorite armchair? You are free to consider any dates, ask the price of hotels of all categories, annoying managers do not bother you. And if you add a little patience and ingenuity, then you will discover the last minute all-inclusive packages for two at tempting prices.

Our trip to Israel (Dead Sea, December 2016)

Nobody will impose options that are "just a godsend!" or "there is nowhere more profitable", which is what travel agents like to do, thereby promoting large sums. And the phone will not break from ten calls a day, if you take a break for reflection. Tour operators give different markups, so the travel agency will most likely recommend you to buy tours from specific companies!

  • Documents at hand

You don't have to go to the travel agency a couple of times to get the documents and get nervous if the employees hesitate to issue them. All confirmations, insurances, tickets will be sent to the post office. Well, printing them is a matter of five minutes.

  • Available consultation

At present, rural green tourism is actively developing. This has a positive effect on the formation of citizenship and patriotism of the citizens of the Russian Federation. What is rural tourism in Russia? This is a vacation option that allows travelers to live far from the metropolis, its constant "traffic jams", exhaust gases, dust. Tourists can enjoy the ecologically clean climate in the countryside.

Rural tourism in Russia is also interesting for those citizens who have never lived in a village, but want to get acquainted with the peculiarities of life.

Important points

Currently, green tourism in Russia is still developing, but its prerequisite is the accommodation of vacationers on farms, in villages where there are no modern benefits of civilization: multi-storey buildings, industry. Houses or rooms are rented to tourists with simple furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding. You can rent accommodation for any period of time, starting from 1-2 days.


Why is rural tourism becoming more and more popular in Russia? A vacationer who chooses this type of vacation dreams of tranquility, harmony, and silence. Residents of large cities want to taste delicious country food made from natural products. The infrastructure of this type of tourism must have all the necessary conditions:

convenient transport links;

A plus will be the presence in the village (village) of a tavern or cafe, where vacationers will be able to communicate with local residents in the evening.


What are the advantages of rural tourism in Russia? This is the weather in the forest for mushrooms and berries, swimming in a lake or river, fishing, hunting, boating. No tourist can resist the traditional village cuisine and a real Russian bath. Travelers will be able to taste rye bread, kvass, porridge, honey, and borscht. Tourists can take part in agricultural work, and in harvesting, and in folk festivals.

Anyone can learn how to milk a cow, weave baskets from a vine, ride a horse.

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