What to see in Astrakhan in 3 days

What to see in Astrakhan in 3 days

The many-sided Astrakhan is a city where you want to spend more time. Someone is attracted by the centuries-old history and mixing of cultures, other tourists like to wander through the old quarters with an oriental flavor, the third - to visit noisy markets and enjoy fish gastronomy. For 3 days in Astrakhan, you can have time to fully explore the city, visit cultural events and take a river walk through the Volga expanses.

What to see in Astrakhan in 3 days? It is worth compiling a list of attractions that interest you in advance. By planning each day, you will have time to see the multicultural city from different angles. But do not forget about spontaneity: turn into atmospheric courtyards and alleys, have picnics in cozy parks and try unusual dishes - Astrakhan has something to surprise even sophisticated tourists.

First day

Start your acquaintance with Astrakhan from the White City. This is the historical heart of the cultural center of the Lower Volga region and the Caspian region. It is here that the iconic sights of the city are located, including the Astrakhan Kremlin. It is convenient to start the tourist route of the first day from the Annunciation Monastery and then move towards the Kremlin. To get acquainted with the ceremonial architecture of Astrakhan, choose one of the streets: Sovetskaya or Esplanadnaya. The appearance of both streets was formed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

On Sovetskaya Street, you will pass by the historic building of the drama theater, the Mariinsky gymnasium and the Agababovsky school, the merchant houses of Karyagin and Bagirov, as well as the Persian courtyard. On Esplanadnaya Street there are: the house of the merchant Dogadin, the estates of Timofeyeva and Frangulov, as well as a number of other interesting stone mansions. Approaching the Astrakhan Kremlin from the east, you will find yourself in the Bratsk Garden. In pre-revolutionary times, the local aristocracy spent time here. During the Soviet period, the garden was turned into a memorial complex with the burials of soldiers and the Eternal Flame.

Astrakhan Kremlin

The Kremlin in Astrakhan was erected in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. But, later, the fortress was being completed. The Kremlin of Astrakhan received its modern look in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Now it is a tourist complex with museums inside historical buildings. The architectural ensemble has been perfectly preserved. Solid fortress walls with a length of 1.5 km encircle it from all sides. The height of the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin is from 3 to 8 meters, defensive towers have been preserved almost on each side. The most interesting for tourist sightseeing are: Prechistenskaya bell tower - the main gate of the Kremlin; Red twelve-sided tower with loophole and arrowhead; Torture Tower with exhibitions "Architecture of Old Astrakhan" and "History of Legal Proceedings".

The main attraction of the Kremlin inside the walls is the Assumption Cathedral. The temple, built at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries in the Moscow Baroque style, is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of church architecture. Together with the Execution Ground it forms a single ensemble - a phenomenon unique for Russia. Other architectural masterpieces of the Astrakhan Kremlin: Bishops' house; Trinity Cathedral, similar to an old tower; Storeroom. An external inspection of the territory of the Kremlin will take from 1-1.5 hours, the visit is free. You can view exhibitions inside buildings with a single ticket: 300 rubles. per adult and 120 rubles. for the child.

Further, the route of the first day in Astrakhan will pass towards the Volga embankment (Gorodskaya branch). From Lenin Square, move towards Swan Lake - a small reservoir with swans and an openwork rotunda. Further - to the Arc de Triomphe and from it along Governor Anatoly Guzhvin Avenue to the monument to Peter I on Petrovskaya Embankment. Walking along Petrovskaya and further along the Red Embankments, you will see fountains and sculptural compositions, old stone mansions and bridges over the Kutum River. It is better to choose a place for lunch on Petrovskaya embankment - there are many eateries, snack stalls and restaurants, including floating ones. You can end your day at the Bolshiye Isady market, a historical bazaar founded several centuries ago. Here you can buy Astrakhan food souvenirs and taste local delicacies.

Second day

What to see in Astrakhan in 3 days

Factors of tourism development in the Astrakhan region

In the modern world, the tourism industry is one of the most profitable and dynamically developing sectors of the economy. Revenues from tourism account for up to 30% of the budgets of economically developed countries and up to 80% - of many small states that do not have other significant sources. In addition to the direct economic effect, expressed in an increase in the incomes of citizens and budgets of all levels, the creation of new jobs, the tourism industry has a general stimulating effect on other sectors of the economy - trade, construction, communications, transport, industry and agriculture, the entertainment industry, consumer services and Catering.

The Astrakhan region has a high potential for the development of various types of domestic and inbound tourism on its territory 1. Healing properties of water, brine and mud of lakes Baskunchak, Mramornoye, Lechebnoe, etc., prospected to date sources of mineral (resort "Tinaki") and radon waters, existing on the territory of the tradition of kumis therapy, along with conditions for climatotherapy with their total balneological resources create conditions for the development of a world-class health resort. The opportunities for fishing tourism in the Astrakhan region can be described as one of the best in the country. The region has good conditions for the development of hunting tourism. The fauna and flora of the Caspian lowland, characterized by a great variety and the presence of unique and many rare species, some of which belong to the relics of ancient geological eras, can interest many fans of ecological, educational and scientific tourism. The presence of numerous archaeological and historical monuments on the territory of the region also has a special interest in scientific and educational tourism. The population of the Astrakhan region is characterized by great national diversity with the preservation of a certain number of national settlements, which allows us to speak about the prerequisites for the development of ethnographic tourism.

Today, inbound tourism is represented by two unequal components. This is, first of all, mass independent tourism, which brings the region much less income than it could, and at the same time has a detrimental effect on the ecology of the region. According to various estimates, the region is annually visited by from fifty to one hundred thousand people who prefer this form of recreation.

The second largest volume of tourists is provided by the organization of fishing and hunting tours to the floodplain and the Volga delta. Of the 137 tourist centers existing in the region, 37 have a license for tour operator activities, of which 33 are located in the Volga delta. The total number of places in legally operating bases is 704. According to official data, due to the seasonal nature of the tourist business, the average annual occupancy of the bases is 57%, and in the tourist season - about 89%.

Currently, there are 17 hotels in the Astrakhan region, including departmental ones, with a total capacity of 1750 people. Average annual hotel occupancy is 51-58%. However, even in the current state, inbound tourism brings in considerable income. Thus, in 2001, the companies that received tourists at the regional tourist centers, according to their reporting data, provided paid tourist services for a total of 130.5 million rubles and paid taxes over 5.5 million. But the income of the region of the tourist flow is far from limited.

At the same time, the development of tourism is still holding back a number of problems. The region's travel agencies are focused on highly profitable foreign tourism, the authorities have not fully regulated the legal and economic basis for the development of domestic tourism, the proper image has not been formed, and the tourist resources are poorly studied or not identified at all; not adjusted statistics on the main parameters of the tourist market. The infrastructure of domestic tourism, the price of which is clearly overstated by 60-80%, needs to be adjusted. The professional level of workers in the tourism sector is insufficient. There are no modern highways connecting the region with other constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and the existing service facilities are extremely inadequate. Territories serving transit and cruise tourists receive minimal revenue from serving highly lucrative travel destinations.

The positive factors in the development of tourism in the region include the convenient location of the region in relation to transport communications, represented by all types - rail, air, road, water.

When solving these and a number of other tasks (improving the investment climate, activating social policy), it is especially important to study and identify the tourism resources of the region. The data of opinion polls are an important starting point for making forecasts and recommendations, promoting a tourist product, as well as the basis for making important political and economic decisions in the field of customs and migration relations and rules.

The proposed article is written on the basis of a sociological study "Assessment of consumer satisfaction with the level and quality of tourist services in the Astrakhan region", carried out by the Astrakhan State Technical University, commissioned by the Department for Support, Development of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Regional Administration. The research was carried out from the spring of 2002 to the winter of 2004. The sample was 1626 people. The purpose of the study is to assess the satisfaction of different categories of consumers with the level of services in various types and forms of tourist recreation.

Several categories of respondents were selected: vacationers of tourist sites in the Astrakhan region. The method of standardized interview was used; 56 vacationers at camp sites were interviewed; 112 - in campsites; 40 - unorganized tourists; guests of the city of Astrakhan - 968 people were interviewed entering the region by various types of transport; 450 residents of the city of Astrakhan based on a quota sample.

The behavior and motivation of people were studied in various aspects: by age, nationality, social status, education, place of residence, as well as the conditions that determine the mass nature of tourism, the allocation of people into groups; the formation of tourist flows based on social characteristics.

Types, types, forms of tourism and motivation for choosing them by tourists

What to see in Astrakhan in 3 days: attractions, museums, routes. Reviews of tourists with photos. Where to go from Astrakhan for 3 days: excursions, rest outside the city.

The best excursions in the city

A sightseeing tour is not an ordinary walk with a monotonous story, but an interesting quest

Excursion to Saray-Batu will acquaint tourists with the remains of the great Golden Horde capital

The tour will introduce tourists to the amazing culture of Buddhism in the capital of Kalmykia

An open-air museum where you can touch buildings built hundreds of years ago

A trip to the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky nature reserve is a salt lake and amazing plants

The main desert of Astrakhan is dunes, sandy beauties, salt lakes and poppy fields

A gastronomic journey where you can see a large fish grow from a fry

The tour will acquaint you with the history of the city and the main Orthodox churches and cathedrals

The chic lotus look and soothing scent complement many other attributes

9 best excursions in Astrakhan with experienced guides, prices for tours from 900 ₽

A Lifehacker's Guide to a colorful, noisy and very hot city worth visiting not only for watermelons and fishing.

Creator of dvor. edia, guide to Astrakhan.

Table of Contents

Where to stay

It all depends on the goal. If you want to go fishing, merge with nature, learn how to bake pike perch on charcoal, go to the recreation centers. Fishfactory is "luxury where you don't expect it" (from 16,000 rubles per night). There are several rooms to choose from in different continental styles. Base "Olga" (from 6,100 per night) is located on the seaside, and its main feature is its own lakes. "AZIMUT Hotel Volga Astrakhan" is a familiar hotel on the seaside (from 2,500 rubles per night). Another "fishing" accommodation option is tents on the banks of rivers. But because of the Astrakhan mosquitoes, this type of recreation can be called extreme.

What kind of fish do they go to Astrakhan for? In the spring - for roach and herring. In the summer they catch pike perch, pike, catfish, asp. Autumn is also the time for roach and pike.

If you did not come for scales and a tail, then here is a selection of places in the city where you can stay comfortably and at the same time have top sights within walking distance. Bonotel (from 2,295 rubles per night) is located in the very center of the city in a merchant's mansion. On the ground floor there is the Chorizo ​​restaurant with a summer patio. If you want a suite, book rooms at the Astrakhanskaya Hotel (from RUB 3,800 per night). A big plus is its own spa and location near the central waterfront. For those who want to stay outside the historic center, I recommend the Horizon Hotel - youthful, comfortable, modern. Price per night - from 3,000 rubles. The Victoria Palace Hotel is located on the embankment of the Kutum River, so in summer it is comfortable, cool and quiet. The number will cost from 3 400 rubles. And in "Pike" (from 2,000 per night) you can relax and have a tasty meal - this is a hotel and a restaurant in one person, and very close to the pier.

Before the pandemic, there were several decent hostels in our city. I visited a couple of them and saw the situation. I especially liked it at the U ‑ hostel. It is located in a wooden mansion on one of the main shopping streets of the city - Sverdlov. I don't know if the owners were able to survive the crisis and if they will reopen, but if so, I definitely recommend it. Price - from 450 per night.

Besides, Airbnb works well in Astrakhan. There are several decent apartments at low prices in the very center of the city. You can see cool apartments on the pedestrian Akhmatovskaya street. A merchant's mansion, two levels, its own entrance, garden and proximity to the local Arbat. If you want to both live in an apartment and receive hotel service, then the "8512" is perfect. And in this apartment you will find a view of the Kremlin, golden frames and luxurious sofas.

What sights of Astrakhan to see

In the city

This is the heart of the city. The first version of the Astrakhan Kremlin, which served as a defensive fortress, was built from wood during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, in the middle of the 16th century. In 1588, after several fires, the head of the city decided to rebuild the wooden Kremlin into a stone one.

Tour guide - it sounds proudly! And not only because they can lead crowds of people and will always answer the most tricky questions. There are at least 10 more skills that guides have - at least Astrakhan!

  • Love art, from Malevich to Kuindzhi
  • Be able to load a gun, even if you are a beautiful lady!
  • Find a common language with visitors , even if it is English!
  • Not only show the exhibit, but also find it beforehand - during excavations.
  • Immerse yourself in the history of the city, in every sense of the word!
  • To revive the Khlebnikov word with voice and energy.
  • Prove that you need to visit the museum not just a couple of times in your life, but a couple of times a month - at least!
  • To debunk myths so that people are not mistaken in history.
  • Answer the trickiest questions - and only in cultured words.
  • Use Stanislavsky's tricks and never know what a braid language is!

Valery Kharlamov and Maxim Taktashev, Art Gallery named after PM Dogadin

In Astrakhan Dogadinka there are two best Guide-translators at once - based on the results of different years. So, visitors to the art gallery are doubly lucky.

Valery Kharlamov confesses: I love every picture here, every brushstroke on the canvas. Maybe that's why his excursions are so inspiring and impressive.

Dogadinka's visitors are very different. Sometimes a group of tourists who have already visited all the museums of the city comes, and the art gallery becomes the final stage in sightseeing. It's summer outside, our relatives are +45 in the shade, and here there is a special task - so that a person does not feel tired, but plunges into this world of beauty, into the world of painting. And so, a group that arrived tired, does not want to leave here - a second wind opens up here, you want to enjoy life, listen to the guide. This becomes a wonderful major chord in their acquaintance with the city.

Maxim Taktashev does not quite look like a museum guide in the usual view of most people. To begin with, he has a large tattoo on his arm. This, in general, can be finished (but we will continue). As soon as Maxim begins to speak, it becomes clear: this guy is in his place. His speech is so delivered, he is so passionate about his work, educated and not indifferent to everything that is connected with the concept of culture and art.

Today the museum plays a completely new social role and gradually (this is especially noticeable in the capital's museums, although they are echoed by the provincial ones) is turning (or striving to turn) into a place that would be popular for absolutely all categories of the population. Now the museum is opening its doors to everyone and strives to please everyone. And it works! This is especially evident in the capital's museums. There, a huge part of the audience is made up of young people who come to the museum, finding in it a place of intellectual and cultural orientation, where they can get new knowledge, impressions, food for thought. We can say that coming to the museum and working there for young people in the capital is becoming in demand. And not only in the capital, but also in many cities of the province.

Ours too! Look at our museums: at the branches of the Astrakhan Art Gallery, at the Astrakhan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve and its branches. A large number of young people work there, who, along with their more experienced colleagues, achieve success, move in the profession. So the all-Russian tendency did not leave our city aside.

Elizaveta Kazakova, Museum of Local Lore

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