What kind of event tourism in Russia interests foreigners

What kind of event tourism in Russia interests foreigners

At the end of the 20th century, a new direction appeared in the tourism industry, associated with trips to another region for major celebrations or unusual natural phenomena. Event tourism is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to the vivid impressions of participating in massive and spectacular shows.

Features of event tourism

The culture of every nation is rich in memorable dates, historical events that are celebrated on a colossal scale, for example, the Venetian carnival or music festivals. Such events can be used to create a significant tourist site. It is often created artificially, using local traditions, sports achievements or unique crafts. The classification of event tourism is based on the characteristics of the events that became the reason for visiting the region:

  • celebrations related to the culture of the country - various festivals or religious holidays;
  • major political events at the state level - official meetings, visits of officials;
  • educational or scientific events - symposia, conferences;
  • significant events in the art world - exhibitions, fairs, fashion shows, concerts;
  • sports competitions - Olympiads, football championships ...

The value of tourism

Event tourism plays an important role in the life of the region:

  • this increases its attractiveness and helps to attract external investment;
  • contributes to the revival and preservation of local traditions and crafts, the creation of new jobs;
  • revives the district's economy;
  • creates a positive image of the territory on an international scale;
  • promotes the active development of the infrastructure of the settlement;
  • fosters a sense of pride and patriotism for their land;
  • joint participation in social events contributes to the process of integration of different cultures.


Event tourism is one of the most effective tools to revitalize the territory, a prime example is the Brazilian carnival. It is the largest and most colorful holiday in which every resident of the country takes part. He combined the traditions of European colonialists, the laws of the Catholic Church, the customs of local Indian tribes and the dance rhythms of African peoples. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is not only an amazing riot of colors and thousands of tourists, but also a significant source of income for the country.

Venice is another popular destination for event tourism. The history of carnivals began in Italy, and the very first of them is considered Venetian, its origins go back to the traditions of paganism. The main attributes of the holiday are costumes and masks. They are designed to hide social inequality during the period of celebration.

The Venetian mask is a real work of art. It is made by hand, decorated with precious metals and expensive fabrics. For almost two weeks, processions and theatrical performances, masquerade balls and bright fireworks are held on the streets of Venice. The festival is attended by up to half a million tourists, who specially come to the carnival.


Festival event tourism is chosen mainly by music lovers. The Ultra electronic music festival is held annually in the United States. A small musical event, organized at the end of the last century, today attracts more than 300 thousand spectators.

Event tourism is a type of modern recreation

Annotation. the article is devoted to the study of the relationship between event tourism and event management. The essence of event tourism is considered, the main definitions are given. The approaches to the classification of events are presented. The influence of events on the development of tourism has been substantiated.

Keywords: event tourism, event management, tourism management, event.

Event (from English. event - event) - an entertainment or advertising performance carried out on a theatrical stage, film or television screen, on a sports or circus arena using all sorts of plot moves, visual techniques, lighting equipment, computer graphics, etc. The process during which a special event is planned, prepared and created. Like any other form of organization, it encompasses the assessment, definition, data collection, localization, management, control and analysis of time, finance, personnel, services and other resources and objects. The word "event" has not yet been recorded in Russian-language etymological dictionaries, since it appeared in the Russian language relatively recently. In Soviet times, the concept of "mass cultural event" was used more often.

Event tourism

The concept of an event includes an event, an event, a ceremony and a show. [1]

An event is the most important motivating factor in tourism. Events have a significant impact on the development and marketing plans of most tourism activities. The role and impact of pre-planned events in tourism is well documented, with an especially large impact on the competitiveness of a tourist destination. Event tourism as an industry established itself in the scientific community and the tourism industry two decades ago, which led to the subsequent impressive growth of the sector.

Consider event tourism. From the point of view of the consumer, it should be determined who travels and why to attend various kinds of events, which tourists attend events in their travels. You should also find out what the so-called "event-tourists" do during their trip and how much they spend. In this approach, on the demand side, the contribution of events to the formation of a positive image of a tourist destination should be separately distinguished.

On the supply side, destinations develop by promoting and advertising different types of events to fulfill the following functions:

- attraction of tourists (especially in low season); - accelerating the revival of cities; - increasing the tourist capacity of the destination and the development of tourism infrastructure; - creating a favorable image of the destination and contributing to the development of the territory as a favorable place for living, working and investing.

Events and event management

Event tourism is a journey that allows you to become a participant in grandiose public events. Rest can be timed to coincide with important national events.

This article discusses an interesting business idea: event tourism, which will be close to entrepreneurs with organizational skills and know how to drive a car.

What is Event Tourism

Event tourism is the trips of people to all kinds of events and festivals in another city or country.

Consider this business idea on the example of trips to all kinds of events in Russia.

Perspective types of event tourism

The greatest stream of tourists falls on weekends and holidays.

@@@@ P> Maslenitsa, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Easter, New Year's holidays - this is the time when the organizer of away tours is given the opportunity to earn considerable money.


First we are determined with the subject and travel venue. On example, consider the exit tour from Moscow to the Morozovo village under Sergiev Posadov (about 100 km of one end).

Every year there is a historic medieval festival Ritter Weg. A trip to this event, for example, will be interested in lovers of history, legends, knightly all-around.

To the first trip does not become the last, it is necessary to ensure comfort and an interesting program for tourists. A comfortable trip is already 50% of success, so you need to buy or rent a minibus. For a start, use the used bus (preferably foreign production) by 20-30 places.


Suppose, we will be transported independently (this will save money for the driver's services). The bus must be equipped with air conditioners, comfortable armchairs, ideally a TV.


What events are motivated by foreign tourists to go to Russia, it is stated in a joint study of the National Tourism Network for Visit Russia and the Federal Project Eventsinrussia. om.

The study was conducted in May 2017 in China, Europe, the Middle East and the countries of Southeast Asia with the support of the National Tourist Offices of Visit Russia. Part of the results of the study concerning the study of the portrait of a foreign tourist in Russia and its motives for visiting our country have already been published by the "Attor Bulletin".

foreigners are interested in event tourism

The results of the study demonstrate that the event itself (festival, holiday, concert, natural phenomena, sporting events, historical reconstructions, etc.) can be a reason for visiting Russia - 73% of respondents answered that they are interested in Event opportunities in Russia.


At the same time, the "popularity of the event" plays a crucial role in the choice of event events in Russia, i.e., the presence of positive associations or knowledge about the event itself, the place of its holding (63% of the respondents answered ). In second place is the content, the informative program of the event (54%), followed by the advertising of the event and the availability of a ready-made tour, including the event (37% each). But the venue and the presence of nearby attractions play a relatively small role.


The most popular topic that arouses the interest of foreign guests was the one associated with a unique natural phenomenon, such as the flowering of the maral in Altai Territory or the end of the polar night in Murmansk.

Blooming maral in Altai

Historical reconstructions and sports events ranked second, while traditional holidays and gastronomic festivals ranked third. Film and music festivals are of the least interest to foreigners in Russia.

One of the festivals of historical reconstruction in the Kaliningrad region

In general, the degree of interest of foreigners in various types of thematic events is reflected in the bar chart below.

Note that at present, China's travel packages include such Russian events as "Scarlet Sails" and White Nights (St. Petersburg), Northern Lights (Murmansk), Reindeer Breeder Day (YAMAL).

Travel agencies in Germany and Austria are also successfully selling their tour packages, including the famous "white nights" of St. Petersburg. It should be noted that the persistent interest in the White Nights is a "legacy" of a long advertising campaign launched back in Soviet times.

Without underestimating the importance of the Venice and Brazilian carnivals, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Davis Cup, as well as the Oktoberfest and the Oyster Festival, we can say with confidence: you can join all sorts of interesting events at home. There are more than enough festivals, exhibitions and sporting events in Russia for every taste, and many of them, such as the International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky or the International Tchaikovsky Music Competition, are widely known abroad. Event tours in Russia are still gaining popularity - as a rule, those interested in specific events do not resort to the help of travel agencies, but order tickets and hotels on their own. However, for large-scale events, you cannot do without the help of travel business professionals. Below are the most popular events in Russia and some of the secrets of success in visiting them.


Oh, sport, you are the world! Everyone can make sure of this by coming to a football match (no matter what league) and observing the fans, many of whom have come from afar to support their favorite team. It is not difficult to attend regional matches - as a rule, there are no problems with buying tickets or with accommodation. But if you decide to go to Moscow for the UEFA Champions League tournaments, you should take care of tickets for the matches in advance, this is an all-Russian event.

But the fan is not alone in football. The Kontinental Hockey League Games are the premier event for fans of hot battles on cold ice. They are regularly held in different cities of Russia - not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Novgorod. so you can choose not only a match to your liking, but also supplement it with an excursion program and even active recreation - for example, fishing or snowmobiling.

Also among the popular sporting events that gather thousands of fans is the Kremlin Cup tennis tournament, which is held annually in the fall at the arena of the Olimpiyskiy sports complex. More than 15 thousand spectators gather to cheer for the first rackets of the world, and free tickets on sale do not always remain.

Science and technology

The International Aviation and Space Salon, held every two years in Zhukovsky near Moscow, is an absolute favorite among scientific and technical events. It so happened that not only Russian and foreign aviation professionals visit it, but also those whose soul lives in flight, regardless of profession, age and gender. During the four days of the air show, more than three hundred thousand visitors come to look at the planes and admire the demonstration flights, and more than forty countries participate in the event.

The Moscow Motor Show is another landmark event in the world of science and technology, like an air show, gathering visitors who are far from the automotive industry. This is the largest event in this industry in Russia, where the world's largest car manufacturers present their new products. The car show is also held once every two years, in even years, at the Crocus Expo exhibition center.

Well, the most ambitious event "on the water" is held, of course, in the capital of the northern fleet of Russia - St. Petersburg. The city on the Neva is hosting the impressive International Maritime Show, where companies from more than thirty countries of the world present their products - from ships to naval weapons systems. The salon takes place in July, so in parallel with the inspection of the handsome ships, you can still capture a piece of white nights, go for a walk around Peterhof and, of course, enjoy the masterpieces of painting and sculpture in the State Hermitage.

History and National Holidays

Putting on medieval costumes, fighting in knightly tournaments and recreating the deeds of bygone days is not only fun for old Europe, nostalgic for her glorious past. The long and glorious Russian history was rich in various remarkable events - battles, coronations and significant dates, and there are those for whom the opportunity from time to time to dress in the costume of a twelve year hussar or a participant in the Battle on the Ice is the very essence of life.

The most convenient reconstruction for visiting is the military-historical festival “Borodin's Day”. As you know, the venue is the village of Borodino in the Moscow region, the date is September 7. It is easy to get here by train from the Belorussky railway station, so you don't have to worry about overnight stay at the hotel.

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