What helped the Kaluga region to break out in the top tourist destinations of the country

Ministry of Culture of the Kaluga Region

Not for every person a dream vacation is azure beaches and swimming in ocean waters, travel to hot exotic countries.

Today, new types of tourism are emerging that have a completely different focus. Choose what is closer to you.

Rural tourism

Many people prefer to take a break from the bustle and dust of cities in the countryside. This type of tourism is currently gaining popularity.

You can feel like a real villager: milk a cow, eat fresh vegetables just picked from the garden, do beekeeping, and much more.

Agritourism is developing especially rapidly in Russia. And on the territory of the Kaluga region there are many tourist villages and guest houses.

Ecological tourism

Close to the concept of agritourism is such a kind of recreation as ecotourism. It is preferred by people who care about the environment and who want to be in harmony with nature. First of all, this is a journey through natural zones and regions in order to study and preserve various types of flora and fauna.

As a rule, ecotourists stay at the hotels of national parks. In Kaluga, you can stop, for example, Ethnomir, Nikolo-Lenivets, Sparrows Park.

Backpacker Tourism

Backpackers are tourists traveling on their own and aiming at maximum savings. Such tourists move by hitchhiking, or by various types of public transport (buses, trains).

5 non-standard types of tourism in the Kaluga region

Ecological, military-patriotic, cultural-historical tourism is well developed in the region. Telling where to go for a tourist this summer

Kaluga Region is located just two and a half hours from Moscow. The region harmoniously combines tradition and innovation, unique nature and developed infrastructure. All this makes it a promising territory for the development of tourism. Lovers of historical excursions, those who prefer routes through natural parks, and fans of unusual museums will find interesting rest here.

Eco Routes

Among the most popular places among tourists are various theme parks: ethnographic “Ethnomir”, landscape architecture park “Nikola-Lenivets”, national park “Ugra”, museum-reserve “Polotnyany Zavod”.

And of course, first of all, it is worth visiting the Sparrows Bird Park, which, according to the Otdykh v Rossii magazine, is one of the ten best zoos and aquariums in the country. On the paths of the park, a tourist can talk to a parrot, listen to a peacock "sing", withstand the heavy gaze of an eagle.

The park's collection contains more than 270 species of birds, and there are also animals and an exotarium: more than 2,500 creatures from all over the world.

Pilgrimage Routes

Interest in the Orthodox shrines located in the region continues unabated: these are, first of all, the Kozelskaya Optina Hermitage, the convent in Shamordino, the St. Pafnutiev Borovsky Monastery.

Cultural and educational routes

First of all, this is a visit to the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics. K.E. Tsiolkovsky. Authentic exhibits that have been in space are of particular value: descent vehicles of spacecraft, a glove from an emergency rescue spacesuit in which cosmonaut A.P. Aleksandrov worked in outer space, an automatic return capsule "Rainbow". An exact replica of the Vostok spacecraft, on board of which Yuri Gagarin made his first flight into space, is located in the center of the hall.

Among the exhibits of the museum, you can also see an exact copy of the world's first artificial Earth satellite, real lunar soil, spacesuits of the first cosmonauts with an ejection seat, space food.

The Mu Mu Art Museum of Garbage engages its visitors in an interesting dialogue about sustainable consumption.

The museum exhibits over 100 artworks - from miniatures to gigantic installations - all made from rubbish.

Today, new types of tourism are emerging with a narrow focus. Rural or agritourism, ecotourism, handicrafts, backpacker and industrial tourism

Kosmicheskaya Kaluga, picturesque Borovsk, spiritual Kozelsk and cozy Tarusa - this is not a complete list of cities in the Kaluga region, where you want to return again and again for new knowledge, emotions and memorable gifts. The region continues to replenish with new ecological and military-patriotic routes, and in 2021 Kaluga will become the New Year's capital of Russia. Festive events here will last for almost a month.

Kaluga region - rich history, outdoor recreation, agritourism

Kaluga Region harmoniously combines the traditions of the past and modern achievements, unique nature and developed infrastructure - this is a truly unique territory where every tourist will find something to their liking.

The centuries-old history of the Kaluga Region contains many names and events that are significant for Russia and the world. People of creative professions often visit Tarusa and Borovsk, and numerous Orthodox shrines regularly receive pilgrims.

The favorable ecological situation in the region, as well as the presence of the Ugra National Park and the Kaluzhskie Zaseki Nature Reserve attract lovers of outdoor recreation. Fishing and hunting lodges, equestrian centers, numerous agro-estates with saunas offering food from their own subsidiary farms will delight supporters of rural tourism and amaze with their diversity.

How to get here

Kaluga Region is located in the center of the European part of Russia, southwest of Moscow. From the capital to Kaluga can be reached in 2.5 hours - by car, bus or express.

Two federal highways pass through the Kaluga region - M3 "Ukraine" and A130 Moscow - Warsaw. The railway service connects Kaluga with Tula, Smolensk, St. Petersburg, Bryansk.

Kaluga International Airport (named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky), located within the city, accepts direct flights from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa, Rostov-on -Don, Mineralnye Vody and Simferopol.

Which cities in the region must be visited

Kaluga is the administrative center of the Kaluga region, located on the banks of the Oka. The official date of foundation is 1371. Having ceased to be a border city by the middle of the 17th century, Kaluga became a trading city. Museums and architecture tell a lot about the merchant past of Kaluga. Outstanding inventor Konstantin Tsiolkovsky made the city famous as the "cradle of cosmonautics".

Borovsk is one of the oldest cities in the region, located on the picturesque banks of the Protva River. Nowadays, the local artist Vladimir Ovchinnikov has brought wide fame to the city - on the wall frescoes he created, you can see the rich history of this place.

Agricultural tourism news

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaluga Region informs that in connection with the transfer of powers in the field of tourism to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaluga Region, the provision of subsidies to the subjects of agricultural tourism for the development of the material and technical base is canceled.

Attention! Acceptance of documents for the provision of subsidies to the subjects of agricultural tourism for the development of the material and technical base will be announced after the transfer of authority.

Attention! From October 15 to October 30, 2018, documents will be accepted for obtaining subsidies for the development of the material and technical base for the subjects of agricultural tourism.

The main objectives of the event were to popularize event tourism, introduce children and adults to nature, promote a healthy lifestyle, and stimulate the influx of tourists and excursionists to the Kaluga Region.

A rich concert program was prepared for the guests with the participation of creative teams from the Borovsky District. The culmination of the holiday was a horse show. In addition, a variety of master classes, quizzes, relay races and excursions to the horse farm were held.

The event was organized with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaluga Region together with the State Autonomous Institution of the Kaluga Region for Tourism “Tourist Information Center“ Kaluga Region ”.

Festival-holiday "Summer of the Lord" in the Meshchovsky district of the Kaluga region

On August 26, in the Meshchovsky district of the Kaluga region, on the territory of the guest house “U Makhara” (village Staroselye), the festival-holiday “Lord's Summer” took place.

The residents and guests of the Kaluga region gathered to immerse themselves in the life of the Russian village at the hospitable host Makhar on the last weekend of the summer. At the creative venues "Honey Spas", "Yablochny Spas", "Nut Spas" and "Assumption", the festival participants were introduced to folk rituals and customs and were treated to traditional Russian food.

The holiday was organized with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaluga Region together with the State Autonomous Institution of the Kaluga Region for Tourism "Tourist Information Center" Kaluga Region ". The event is part of a series of summer festivals at rural tourism facilities "Rural Summer 2018".

Family holiday "Day of Neptune" in Kirovsky district

Kaluga has become the New Year's capital of Russia for the winter 2020–2021. In winter, the city attracts tourists not only with picturesque merchant streets and "space" attractions, but also with the atmosphere of a New Year's fairy tale. What to see in Kaluga in winter? The main "snow" tourist sites are the residence of Kaluga Father Frost, Stary Torg square and the pedestrian part of Teatralnaya street. Fans of active recreation can go to suburban resorts and recreation centers who want to culturally enlighten themselves - to the museums and theaters of Kaluga. Detailed material about the rest in Kaluga in winter with photographs and reviews of tourists - further.

Residence of Kaluga Father Frost

What to see in one day in winter in Kaluga? Start the route with the city's most New Year attraction. Within the framework of the project "New Year's Capital of Russia", the residence of Father Frost was opened in Kaluga for the winter months. In Kaluga, Father Frost "lives" in a wooden tower located in the City Park of Culture and Leisure. The room, unlike Father Frost's tower in Veliky Ustyug, is small. Inside there are a Christmas tree, a large throne of Santa Claus and a post office for letters to the winter wizard. The porch is festively decorated with fir branches and New Year's toys - it becomes one of the most popular places for photos in Kaluga in winter.

You can visit the Kaluga residence of Santa Claus free of charge. Terem begins its work in the second half of December. You can go inside on weekends on a first come, first served basis, during the New Year holidays, the residence is open every day.

Panoramic view of the City Park of Culture and Leisure in winter

Winter activities in Kaluga

The weather in Kaluga in winter is close to Moscow. Winters in Kaluga are both snowless and warm, and frosty with an abundance of precipitation. The average winter temperature is below zero, usually at around -5-7 degrees. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -9 degrees. The relatively warm winter allows you to spend a lot of time outside. During this period, the city has many outdoor activities.

In winter, several interactive sites and city fairs are open in Kaluga. In addition to the City Park of Culture and Leisure, the main winter places of attraction for tourists and residents of Kaluga are Teatralnaya Square, Teatralnaya Street and Old Market Square. Concert and theatrical performances timed to the holidays are held on Teatralnaya Square. Teatralnaya Street is a popular place for walking in Kaluga in winter, both among locals and tourists. It is called "Kaluzhsky Arbat". On New Year's holidays, Teatralnaya Street hosts part of the festivities and celebrations.

The Old Market Square on New Year's Eve becomes the center of city festivities. A festive fireworks display and concert and entertainment program are organized here. In the second half of December and during the New Year holidays, the Christmas at Stary Torg fair is held on the square. At the fair, you can taste traditional New Year's sweets and drink mulled wine, purchase handmade gifts and participate in outdoor games.

Another residence of the Snow Queen is opening in Kaluga for the festive period. It is located on the territory of the Ambassador Hotel. On the territory adjacent to the hotel, themed entertainment is equipped - for example, Gerda's slide. During the holidays, theatrical performances, master classes, contests and sports games for the whole family are held on the territory. The entrance to the territory of the residence is free, but prior registration is required to visit. If you go to Kaluga for 1 day in winter by car, then you should also visit the Snow Queen. If you are exploring the city on foot, it is better not to waste time visiting this attraction.

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