What are sightseeing tours

What are sightseeing tours

Excursions are becoming an increasingly popular pastime. During the excursion, you can escape from the hustle and bustle, learn something new and get acquainted with the culture and sights of other cities. Tourists should know what types of excursions exist: this will allow them to make their choice and find excursions that best suit your needs!

Classification of excursions

Depending on the age of the participants, the following types of excursions are distinguished:

  • excursions for children. Schoolchildren and preschoolers take part in them. The main distinguishing feature of children's excursions is the form of material presentation: the guide must take into account the age of the participants, present information in the most accessible form and not let the excursionists get bored or tired;
  • excursions for adults. Such excursions are designed for people who have certain knowledge and can assimilate large amounts of information. Of course, if we are not talking about entertaining excursions. Do not think that excursions for adults resemble boring university lectures: in any case, the information is presented in an interesting form and is perfectly remembered by the participants of the event.

Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours are a very popular type of excursion. In such excursions, information is given in a general plan. Participants get a general idea of ​​the city or region, sights and events that took place in a particular place.

Sightseeing tours should cover several topics at once: history, culture, ecology, etc. A sightseeing tour is the best choice for people who first came to a particular city and want to get a general idea about it, make first impression.

Thematic excursions

Another widespread type of excursion is thematic. As the name implies, such an excursion is dedicated to a specific topic, for example, a specific historical event (battle, signing of an agreement) or an architectural monument (Kremlin, temple, monastery).

There are thematic excursions dedicated to the work and life of the great writer, poet or politician. Such excursions can be historical, military-patriotic, natural history and even literary.

Forms of excursions

Depending on the form of conducting, the following types of excursions are distinguished:

  • bulk. Participants move on several buses, each of which has a guide;
  • walking. Participants walk along with a guide through places of interest, forests, city streets or parks. Such excursions combine rest and obtaining new interesting information;
  • lecture excursions. The guide devotes more time to telling about events or sights than directly demonstrating them;
  • theatrical excursion. Usually such excursions are devoted to the work of a writer or a certain literary work. The tour is attended by professional actors who recreate fictional or historical events in front of the participants.

Types of excursions

The most popular and oldest type of tourism is sightseeing tours, which have developed especially actively in the last century. This sector of the tourism industry includes the study of culture, traditions, customs and history of a particular region or era and is closely related to the hotel and restaurant service. Having understood what excursion tours are, you can correctly plan your vacation at affordable prices.

Sightseeing tours can be divided into several categories, which are entirely focused on the needs and capabilities of the group members.

Tour duration

In terms of duration, excursions are traditionally divided into one-day, multi-day and weekend tours.

The simplest are one-day excursions. Their advantage is that sightseeing is done during the day. Neither organizers nor sightseers need to think about hotel accommodation, which positively affects the cost. They are very popular among travelers who purchase a tour to relax in resorts in other countries. Excursions allow you to make your vacation more eventful, broaden your horizons, learn a lot about traditions and customs, and get maximum pleasure.

Multi-day tours involve a trip for several days, traditionally more than three days. They are the ones that travelers buy when traveling to the coast of Thailand, India, the UAE or other countries. For their part, tour operators are trying to make the program as interesting as possible, including the most popular or exotic routes. Bus tours usually take 7-15 days. The optimal duration of trips abroad with flight and permanent hotel accommodation is 10-20 days.

Weekend tours are a very popular type of excursion. The maximum duration is 2-3 days, the departure is usually planned for Friday evening or Saturday morning. Due to what this type of tourism got its name.

Most often the trip is related to sightseeing in your own or neighboring region. In Russia, the most striking examples are bathing in thermal springs, visiting caves, and hiking. The key advantage is the minimum time for training and the opportunity to spend an interesting and rich weekend. The organizers decide the issue of accommodation, meals, route program.


By geography, sightseeing tours can be divided into suburban, local, long-distance and international.

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