Weekend hikes in Meshchera

Weekend hikes in Meshchera

The Vpokhod33 company organizes trips around the Vladimir region. These include kayaking, cycling, hiking in autumn and skiing in winter. The combination of beautiful nature, not spoiled by man, and close proximity to Moscow make our hikes a good choice for residents of the capital. It is convenient and easy to come on a weekend hike from Moscow, and at the same time it is doubly pleasant to get impressions and pleasure from a long vacation.

Kayaking trip

Our water trips are represented by rivers: Sudogda, Lukh, Ushna, Kolp, Gus. A kayaking trip on a flat river does not involve much physical activity, and old and young people will enjoy such a trip. Water tourism is the easiest, most affordable and popular option for outdoor activities. You don't need to drag a backpack on your back, you can row every other time, the current will help, rest and nothing more.

Weekend bike trip

The bike tour is very full of impressions, here is the pleasure of the bike ride itself, a chance to test yourself in rock climbing, impressions of the Khrapovitsky castle, and a luxurious bathhouse on the lake. In general, the route gives a good fitness load, but its even distribution, alternating with an excursion, with rest, swimming, makes the route passable for everyone.

Ski trips

Correctly sung in the song: "It's warm and damp in the city, but outside the city it's winter-winter-winter!" We invite you to escape from the crowded gray metropolis and plunge into a white fairy tale for the weekend, put on skis right at the porch and go into the winter forest! And in the evening mulled wine and a bathhouse!

May Holidays Hike

May holidays traditionally open the summer season of outdoor activities. For most of the townspeople who love outdoor recreation, this is the first opportunity after winter to get out into the forest and spend the night in a tent. And the May holidays are the longest summer weekend, so lovers of an active lifestyle cannot deny themselves the pleasure of going on a hike.

Our programs are united by:

Routes to finance

Water tourism is a sports discipline and active recreation, which consists in passing a variety of routes on the water. Traveling reservoirs can be rivers, seas, lakes, and reservoirs, and the flotation devices used for the application vary widely. Water trips are gaining popularity as a type of family vacation. There is also a competitive component - tournaments are held in some types of rafting. They develop teamwork skills, strength, endurance, discipline and self-control.

Unsportsmanlike walks on rivers or seas can be carried out on motor ships or liners. Water tourism is diverse in terms of routes and their duration. You can make one-day rafting along the nearest rivulet in your area or go to the mountains, where you struggle with the current and rapids for several days or even weeks.

The first group is intended for amateurs and is less difficult and more secure. Category hikes are intended for sports competitions and for obtaining qualifying categories. There are 6 categories of difficulty in total, of which 4-6 are intended only for well-trained athletes.

The level of difficulty is set by the commission. She travels to the areas of the reservoir where the competition is planned to be held and assesses the number of obstacles and the difficulty of overcoming them. If the water obstacles are natural, the category of the route may change as natural factors change.

Before drawing up a route for rafting on the reservoir, it is necessary to collect data on the terrain, landscape, climate in the area, as well as on the reservoir itself - its especially difficult areas, places that can be used for a halt. The information received is systematized and presented in the form of a document in the established form to the Tourism Federation along with the planned trip schedule. The schedule is mandatory: the group must be at the specified point exactly at the time that is set by the schedule.

In addition, the rules of water tourism establish that the group must report its location to the organizers of the trip and the qualification commission within the agreed time frame. This is done for safety reasons - failure to provide a report is regarded as a signal of trouble on the way. The date and place of the team's contact are marked on the route map.

Another document drawn up when organizing a trip is an income and expense estimate. It reflects all expenses for transport, food, purchase (rent) of group equipment. The purchase of personal equipment of the participants is not included in the estimate.

Routes for families and amateurs are made by the participants themselves, taking into account their imagination and level of preparedness. As far as sports waterways are concerned, they must meet the established technical requirements and be qualified in terms of difficulty.

In our country, water tourism is considered national. It began its development in the era of the USSR, after the Second World War. The peak of popularity came in the 1960s - tourists were exploring the Soviet reservoirs, in which there is no shortage on the territory of the country. For a long time, the frame kayak "Taimen" was used as a floating craft. The development of tourism was associated with the emergence of the bard movement - the songs of many talented bards are still known.

In the 1970s. Sergey Papush designed a catamaran. With its help, from now on it was possible to overcome the most difficult routes inaccessible to kayaks. Over time, the original design of the catamaran has been improved, and today it is the most popular means of travel by water.

Where the most common types and factors of accidents in the mining industry are considered, including explosions and related accidents.

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