Weekend with RIA Voronezh. Where to go hiking

RIA "Voronezh" continues the weekly special project "Weekend", in which journalists and experts offer readers options for outdoor activities at the weekend. The first issue was devoted to excursions in Voronezh and nearby regions, the second - to travel by water. The topic of the third review is weekend hikes.

Big Voronezh Eco Trail

The hike is organized by the "Territory 36" travel club.

When: 10:00 am Saturday, July 29th. Gathering at the entrance to the territory of the Gorky sanatorium.

Why go: The Big Voronezh ecological trail is the first "trekking" route in the region that meets all modern requirements. It runs through the Kominternovsky, Central and Zheleznodorozhny districts of Voronezh, as well as through the lands of the Novousmansky and Ramonsky districts of the region. Along the route there are 24 natural monuments of regional importance, the natural reserve "Nagornaya Dubrava", objects of historical and archaeological heritage. The participants of the hike will see the Kuznetsovskoe settlement, a burial mound near Lysaya Gora, the Mikhailovsky Cordon settlement, a 275-year-old oak, White Mountain, the palace of the Princess of Oldenburg and other attractions.

The total length of the route is 60 km. On the first day, the townspeople will reach Chertovits, on the second - Ramon, on the third - Dubovki. According to the organizer of the hike, Aleksey Saniev, any person in average physical shape can pass the Big Voronezh eco-trail. The participants of the hike will have to cover 20 km a day. You must take a sleeping bag, foam, a tent, matches, a knife, a flashlight, a container for cooking food over a fire and a first aid kit, which should include two sterile bandages, a pack of sterile napkins, a medical plaster and surgical gloves. Food and drink supplies can be replenished at the Chertovits and Ramoni stores. According to the organizers, the participants of the hike can take their children with them - the kids have already overcome the eco-trail.

Sneakers, trainers or hiking boots with grooved soles are suitable for traveling. We must not forget a headdress - a cap or a panama hat. A backpack with a minimum volume of 55-60 liters is required for the hike.

Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Region

The journey is organized by the "Brave Navigator" club

When: the group will leave Voronezh on Friday evening, August 25. Participants will reach their destination on Saturday at 6 am. On Sunday at 4 pm, the bus is scheduled to depart back to Voronezh.

Weekend with RIA

Official group of the club of tourists and climbers of the city of Voronezh. ONCE PAY ATTENTION to the section OUR EVENTS. There are many interesting things!

PURPOSE OF THE CLUB: development of all types and directions of active tourism. Any way of movement, difficulty, and direction. , the main thing is that people are good!

Show in full. The task is to help tourists find each other, competently and safely do their favorite thing.

The group has something to see, read, download. Articles, photos, videos, books, maps, documents, music for the soul. Calendar of tourist and about tourist activities of the club, region, country. Travel suggestions, equipment flea market, discussion and discussion.

Due to the fact that the group has accumulated a lot of very diverse materials and it became difficult to find them, it was decided to distribute almost everything according to thematic sections. And on the main page only news will be published, the most important information will be duplicated, as well as links to new materials in the sections will be given.

HOME LAND - weekend hikes - A community of lovers of simple active weekend hikes for the purpose of rest, recovery, communication with each other, studying nature, history and culture of the native land, practicing basic hiking skills.

TOURIST TRAINING SCHOOL is a special working group for "schoolchildren".

SCHOOL AND FAMILY TOURISM - a section for those who like to travel with children (their own and others'))), as well as materials on sports and tourist all-around. In the near future, the section of Meetings and Competitions will be taken out as a separate group.

GEOGRAPHY, MAPS, NAVIGATION - everything that helps us navigate and navigate in space. The section is not for fiction, but for the publication of useful links to maps, maps themselves and other navigational materials in both paper and electronic form.

HISTORY, CULTURE, LOCAL STUDIES - the most interesting materials on the Voronezh region, as well as wooden architecture, architectural monuments of the pre-Mongol period. in general, something in this context on the scale of the CIS, which is the closest and most interesting to the administrator. Again, your materials expanding the topic of this section will be most welcome.

Special project for those who want to actively relax. Details on the RIA Voronezh website.

Spas and Glampings. How they plan to develop the Voronezh tourist cluster

The Moscow investor will create a large tourist eco-cluster in the Voronezh Region. The tourist and recreational complex will unite nine municipal districts and will be located along the Don River. The project is aimed at developing domestic tourism and creating new jobs. What kind of infrastructure the investor plans to create in the region - in the material of RIA "Voronezh".

What is known about the investor?

A company from Moscow has been engaged in outbound tourism for over 20 years. He works with unusual tourist destinations not related to mass attractions and organizes tours in Northern Europe and the USA.

In 2018, the investor's representatives held negotiations with Governor Alexander Gusev on the implementation of a project for the integrated development of recreational areas in the region along the Don River. Following the meeting, it was decided to develop a tourist cluster project together with the government of the Voronezh region and the Voronezh State University.

- Good tourism requires infrastructure and quality tourism products. We see the birth of a high-quality, interesting and unique tourist product, - said Alexander Kukin, Deputy Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Voronezh Region.

- We want our residents and guests in the Voronezh region to feel comfortable, interesting and safe. So far, the tourism industry of the region is at the very beginning of its development. Therefore, we pin great hopes on such investors, - noted the head of the department Sergey Korchevnikov.

What will the cluster look like?

The length of the future tourist cluster is 400 km. The territory will unite reserves, specially protected natural areas and cultural heritage sites of the middle Don into a single whole.

As part of the eco-cluster along the Don River from Khokholsky (Gremyachye village) to Bogucharsky district (Belaya Gorka village), a tourist infrastructure will be built - with hotels, glamping (a comfortable campground on a boardwalk), catering points, viewing platforms and even SPA and wellness resorts. Active guests can rent bicycles and hiking equipment. All tourist points of the eco-cluster will be connected by a network of roads and river transport. Cruises will go along the Don, and embankments, beach areas and marinas will be created on its coast.

- Our task is for the eco-cluster to be considered as a single, integral territory. This is not one resort or one hotel, but a complex project. All these sections should be connected along the Don, - said the head of the eco-cluster project Alexander Evforitsky.

FEDERATION OF TOURISM GROUP OF COMPANIES - 16 years of caring for your impressions!

We will organize for you: - Tours around the world (bus, air, sightseeing, active, event, etc.) from the most reliable tour operators; Show in full. - MICE tourism (business trips, business trips, conferences, events); - Group/individual/school excursions and sightseeing tours around the Central Black Earth Region and Russia - www. uide-vrn. u

✅ Free call within Russia:

OUR OFFICES: Head office of the Group of Companies "Tourism Federation": 23, Revolution Avenue

Corporate office of the travel agency "Anex tour": st. Dimitrova, 53A, office. 301

Branded office of the travel agency "PEGAS Touristik": st. Pushkinskaya, 11A, office 7

Wow! Today the first event of this year's Welcome-training project with the TIC took place.

A real tourist educational program for the employees of the author's hotel with the unusual name Bronze Boar took place.

We talked about the beautiful places of Voronezh, popular photo zones, current events, excursion routes and much more. render completely.

For the hotel staff, TIC has prepared electronic and printed memos - so that the necessary information is always at hand.

Representatives of travel companies also spoke at the event and talked about the possibilities of conducting excursions for guests of our city.

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