Volcanoes of Kamchatka: how to get to the top

Volcanoes of Kamchatka: how to get to the top

Kamchatka ... it is different. For a very long time I wanted to visit here, to see this insular (you can only fly here by plane) part of big Russia. Just imagine, you get on a plane in Moscow, fly for 8 and a half hours ... And you land in Russia anyway. In what other country in the world is this possible ?? On July 5, I landed at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport to spend a little over one month in Kamchatka. Next, I will tell you about Kamchatka from A to Z, from food prices and photos of beautiful places, to how the locals live, what to do here and what time of year it is better to go here. And in general, why go so far and what can you see here that you can't see anywhere else? Let's start with the basics:

Cheap flights: Moscow - Kamchatka per year

There are cheap tickets to Kamchatka! Even if you did not have time to buy subsidized tickets to the Far East, or are already too old for them, then, in principle, it is still possible to fly inexpensively to Elizovo (a civil airport in Kamchatka). Here are the tickets we bought:

Let's compare a vacation in Kamchatka with a vacation in, say, the Canary Islands (in the example, the island of Grand Canaria). Round-trip tickets cost almost the same. Pathos in words ("I was in the Canaries!" And "I was in Kamchatka!") You will have, too, almost the same ?

And with the advent of low-cost airlines in Russia, it became possible to get to Moscow too inexpensively. The same victory, Azimuth or Utair with their ticket, with an open departure date. The latter I bought, for 2400 rubles from Tyumen to Moscow.

A few words about the airport in Yelizovo, which actually receives civilian planes. I saw something similar in Vladikavkaz - a small building, more like a large greenhouse (sheathed with polycarbonate)

There is only one baggage belt, so if two flights arrive one after the other (I’m silent, if there are three), then you will wait for your baggage for about an hour. It took us 53 minutes from the moment of boarding to the moment of receiving the baggage. A flight arrived from Vladivostok and ours from Moscow.

In general, by 2022 it is planned to open a new, full-fledged international airport in Yelizovo to increase passenger traffic. And in a year, it is planned to simply expand the existing one, so that the airport could receive not 10 flights a day, as it is now, but already 20. This, by the way, will have a positive effect on the price of air tickets. You can get from the airport to the cities of Elizovo and Petropavlovsk by regular bus for 25 and 95 rubles, respectively - a stop 20 meters from the terminal. Airport in the center of Yelizovo.

We have sorted out the tickets to Petropavlovsk. Now let's touch on one of the most important aspects, because of which the majority do not go to Kamchatka: housing.

Where to live in Kamchatka?

Kamchatka from A to Z


We are organizing travel in Kamchatka with an emphasis on comfort and safety. On our tours, participants do not have to cross impassable thickets, wade across rivers or cook their own food after a long trek. We work for you to enjoy nature and surrounding beauty.

When planning a trip, we read the physical capabilities of tourists who contact us. At the stage of contacting the company, advice is given on excursions for everyone, we do not have a goal to recruit as many people as possible to the group. There are tours for parents with children and unprepared participants, there are tours for active travelers, etc.


  • We have no hidden surcharge for agents, so the tour price is lower.
  • Local guides with experience who know the region inside and out.
  • We do not cancel tours. Even if you signed up for a group tour and were the only participants, we will organize an individual trip for you.
  • Loyal customer bonus program.
  • We make tours as rich as possible so that you don't have time to get bored :)


Guides, assistants and cooks live in Kamchatka permanently. We do not take seasonal guides from other regions because they may not be ready for emergencies due to lack of knowledge of the area.

Our team is growing from year to year. Each of our team members brings new knowledge to work and pushes the company towards development. We are constantly improving our routes and honing our service.

Greetings, dear friends, and invite you to visit one of the most beautiful corners of Russia - Kamchatka Territory!

My name is Alexander, I am an active rescuer of the PSO in the Kamchatka Territory, I have a mountaineering category (token-rescue in the mountains), a professional tour guide. There is an experience of climbing volcanoes in summer and winter (Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Koryaksky volcano, etc.)

I will show you the truly unique nature of Kamchatka, a place where nature has been preserved almost in its original, untouched form. I will provide a comfortable and safe stay in the land of volcanoes and bears!

In tourism since 1997. Certified guide to Kamchatka and Chukotka. Organizer of sea expeditions. Administrator of the Kamchadal dog sled race, which took place in the rank of the 2004 World Cup stage, musher. Initiator, coordinator and senior group of volunteers for clearing and marking trails in the territories of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, South Kamchatka Wildlife Refuge, Klyuchevsky Park, restoration of the All-Union Route No. 264 to the Valley of Geysers. Participant of the All-Russian competition Volunteers of Victory "Green Route".

If you consider yourself a "seasoned" tourist and think that in order to be surprised at something you will have to do the impossible, you just need to visit Kamchatka!

General information

The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the northeast of Eurasia and is part of Russia. Its shores are washed by two seas (Bering in the east and Okhotsk in the west) and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Territory: 270,000 km 2;
  • Time zone: MSK +9;
  • Subject of the Russian Federation: Kamchatka Territory.

Kamchatka is known among tourists all over the world, first of all, due to its unique territorial position. Throughout the entire peninsula, there are two ridges: Vostochny and Sredinny. Between them lies the Central Kamchatka lowland, in the center of which flows the main river of the peninsula - Kamchatka.

Peculiarities of tourism in Kamchatka

The first thing that a tourist who decides to visit Kamchatka should understand is that they will have to prepare for the trip in advance. Kamchatka is an unpredictable place and in just a few days something can happen here that you will never encounter on a three-week vacation, for example, in Thailand.

Kamchatka tourism is multifaceted. The following activities are popular among organized tourism:

  • Eco- and ethno-tourism;
  • Mountain (mountaineering, climbing, rock climbing);
  • Water (rafting, river walks );
  • Equestrian tourism;
  • Sports (diving, kayaking, yachting, powerboat, etc.);
  • Cycling tourism;
  • Scientific and educational;
  • Sports hunting.

Despite the seemingly standard types of recreation, Kamchatka tourism is radically different from the same measured European or permissive and imposing Thai vacation.

The most popular season for tourists is the summer months. It is in the summer that the peak of tourist activity is recorded here. Most travelers, of course, choose the summer period in view of more comfortable conditions for climbing, but there are many other "attractions" that can attract fans of fishing, cycling, eco-, ethno-tourists and lovers of unusual landscapes. You can read more about summer holidays in Kamchatka here.


The Kamchatka Peninsula, despite its remoteness from the central part of Russia, is known to many for its unique nature, hot springs and, of course, volcanoes. Holidays in Kamchatka in the summer of 2021 are an opportunity to touch miraculous sights, unusual entertainment and, perhaps, plunge into the Pacific Ocean. More on this in this article.

Historical and geographical reference

The peninsula, unique in shape, located in the north-east of Russia, is quite difficult to miss on the map. In its shape resembling a fish, it stretches from north to south for 1200 km. The total area of ​​the Kamchatka Peninsula is 270 thousand square meters. km.

From the east, its shores are washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Berengovo Sea, and from the west - by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The east coast is quite indented, which led to the formation of a large number of bays. In one of them, Avachinsky, is the administrative center of the region - the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Most of the territory of the peninsula has the status of specially protected lands. There are three reserves here: Komandorsky, Kronotsky, Koryaksky, natural parks and reserves.

It is quite possible to get into some of them as an excursionist, having gone to Kamchatka in the summer.

The history of the peninsula, as a part of Russia, goes back to 1697, when, during the expedition of Vladimir Atlasov, the peninsula was assigned to Russia, forts were built: Verkhne- and Nizhne-Kamchatsky.

The current administrative center appeared half a century later and thanks to a completely different navigator Vitus Berengu. The Dane by origin participated in two Kamchatka expeditions, the discovery of Petropavlovsk fell on the second.

The city received its name in honor of the ships that in the fall of 1740, having left Okhotsk, remained for wintering in the Avachinskaya Guba region. These were two packet boats "Saint Peter" and "Saint Paul".

Petropavlovka - this name was given to the bay, in which the settlement was later built.

Tours to Kamchatka from Moscow are like a trip to another planet, where you can make many discoveries! Traveling with STARTOUR will introduce you to the most striking tourist sites of this enchanting peninsula and give you a huge range of emotions!

A rich journey to the "land of volcanoes" will give you genuine live emotions. Rest here will be interesting for both adults and children. We organize exciting tours along popular tourist routes and outdoor activities for every taste.

Getting to know Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a sacred corner, a real dream for adventure seekers! Completely unlike Central Russia, it is literally far from civilization. Roaring waterfalls and mighty volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers, rivers and boiling geysers, clean air and powerful energy - the pristine nature here is practically untouched by man!

Tours to Kamchatka from STARTOUR per year

The enchanting peninsula is one of the most difficult and expensive destinations from a tourist point of view. STARTOUR has long been specializing in the most varied vacation throughout Russia, offering the best prices. Therefore, in such a different Kamchatka, we have compiled a number of relatively inexpensive and exciting programs.

This section contains detailed descriptions of each voucher:

transfer and accommodation conditions

excursion programs and entertainment.

We are always ready to help you find the right tickets, give advice on the place and time of travel and answer all your questions.

How to relax on the peninsula

This picturesque region offers all kinds of tourism. Trips here are very popular among fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports, connoisseurs of exciting excursions and hikes. Children will also love the journey! Swimming in thermal waters, boat trips, meeting with dolphins, excellent fishing and other entertainments await them.

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