Vladivostok lures business tourists

Vladivostok lures business tourists

Recently, a clear trend has been observed in Russian companies: while optimizing costs, they are increasingly transferring the geography of business events to the Russian space, which is logical and justified by the significant weakening of the ruble in recent years. This becomes an additional incentive for the development of business tourism. Thanks to these trends and a wide range of congress and exhibition events, Vladivostok is entering the arena of MICE tourism.

Business travel represents a branch of the travel industry that organizes and manages business travel for employees of various companies. This area is very closely adjacent to the organization of corporate events and meetings (MICE), which includes a wide pool of various activities. Business, or corporate, tourism is divided into two areas: travel and incentive travel. Today, classic business trips prevail in the structure of international business tourism (70% of all business trips), the share of trips to congresses and conferences is more than 15%, to exhibitions and fairs - more than 11%. And only 3-4% of trips are for incentive tours.

In Russia, this direction of tourism was formed relatively recently and is now rapidly developing. Thus, the Primorsky Territory has been acting as a Far Eastern and international platform for the past few years, where a whole series of major congress and exhibition events are held. Thus, business tourism is gradually gaining more and more solid positions in the tourist activity of the region and is a promising direction.

“Over the past five years, the flow of business tourists to the Primorsky Territory has increased significantly,” said Daria GUSEVA, director of the ANO Tourist Information Center of Primorsky Territory. - If earlier, before 2012, they accounted for 5-10% of the main stream, and these were mainly individual businessmen, company representatives or a delegation of a group of investment companies. But every year the audience of businessmen became more and more serious. Now these are the heads of corporations and large delegations intending to invest and develop their production here. Today, business tourists occupy almost 30% of the total tourist flow. Among them, the bulk of the flow falls on the residents of Russia, but every year the number of foreigners is growing, and their professional status is changing qualitatively. "

Dossier of the "Golden Horn": Primorsky Krai in 2016 continues to lead in the tourism industry of the Far Eastern Federal District, accumulating more than 70% of the total volume of inbound and domestic tourist flows, and in the direction of receiving guests from the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea the region is firmly in the lead in the Russian Federation. The total tourist flow to the region in 2016 amounted to more than 3 million people, which is almost a million more than in 2015 (an increase of 45%). The entry flow of foreign citizens to the Primorsky Territory in 2016, according to the FSB Border Directorate, for all purposes of the visit amounted to 570 thousand people.

Welcome Business Tourists

The largest number of tourists is attracted by international events. Every season major business events are held in Vladivostok: TTF, Media Summit, Conference of Mayors of Cities, EEF, Fishermen's Congress (Russian). Less large-scale congress, exhibition and specialized events are also held in the region, which also attract their target audience. The expansion of the pool of business events is provided for by the measures of the state program "Tourism Development in the Primorsky Territory" for 2013-2020.

Business events are accompanied by other cultural events that act as an additional tourist magnet. “When a business event is accompanied by festivals and cultural events, it takes on a pleasant color. This allows business people to take their families with them if necessary. Every business event in our country includes an entertainment part, to some extent it affects the productivity of work at business sites and at the same time demonstrates the beauty that is worth working for, "said Daria Guseva.

The tourist flow attracted by business activity is a particularly sweet piece of the tourist pie. First, the average business traveler spends on average two to three times more than the average one. Secondly, MICE makes it possible to level out the seasonality: the period of decline in traditional tourist activity becomes a period of business activity. Thirdly, this is the development of business competencies of the territory and attraction of investments. So, within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum last year, 214 agreements were signed for a total of 1.85 trillion rubles, and in September 2015 in Vladivostok, 92 agreements were signed for 1.8 trillion rubles.

“Usually the travel of business delegations becomes costly and very intense,” said Sergey SPIRIN, General Director of the Lucky Tours travel company. “This makes them interesting not only for businessmen, but also for the host country. Not so long ago, we received employees of one of the largest banks in Russia and organized a program for them in all attractive places in Primorye: we visited Petrov Island, famous for its yew grove, went on a catamaran to the Marine Biosphere Reserve, went to the hotel complex "Warm Sea", "Shtykovskie ponds ”, Even climbed Mount Pidan. At the same time, the travel format did not prevent the bank employees from discussing any working moments, for example, over a cup of tea by the fire. We received very positive feedback on the results of this trip, therefore we are ready and intend to further develop this direction. "

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