Varieties of footwear for tourism and outdoor activities, selection criteria

Winter sports and entertainment

The long January New Year's weekend is one of the most anticipated days of the year. I would like to take a break from working days, but not just lie on the couch watching the TV, but spend an active weekend - relax and have fun. Outdoor activities will delight both children and adults. We'll tell you what to do in winter and how to spend your holiday weekend so that you have enough energy for the next year.

Outdoor activities and games in winter

We inherited many winter types of entertainment from our ancestors. Since it is cold outside in winter, all outdoor games involve movement. In the fluffy snowdrifts of soft snow, there is definitely a place for our imagination to roam. We will offer you a small list of traditional and extreme entertainment, the choice is yours:


A well-known game from childhood will become even more interesting for all of us if we modernize it a little. You need to prepare a certain number of snowballs in advance. At a short (but not close) distance, set several targets (for this, for example, plastic bottles are suitable), and throw snowballs at them in turn. Whoever hits the most times won.

Minus: there is a risk of injury if a large snowball hits the eye or head.

Ice Skating

Both adults and children love skating. This winter sport is always associated with fun and joy thanks to the atmosphere that reigns on the rinks (bright garlands and loud cheerful music). The main thing is to wear warm woolen socks to keep your feet warm. In case it is severe frost outside, you can go skating on an indoor skating rink (there are such rinks in big cities). The skating rink can be ridden with a "locomotive" hooked on to each other or even backwards.

  • if there is no skating rink near the house, then you will have to use transport;
  • injury risk (possible bruises and sprains when falling).

Making a snowman

Winter sports and entertainment


Author Julia Kozlova

Kamchatka territory, used by amateurs of virgin slopes for skiing, is practically limitless. From Paramushir in the south to Shiveluch in the north, slopes of ancient volcanoes and long mountain ranges stretch for 800 km. However, most of those who come to the peninsula for extreme pleasures prefer the skiing area within a radius of 150 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This is very convenient, since you can choose a specific volcano or mountain slopes in the fjords for skiing, focusing on the weather conditions. The heliski season starts in December, but the best time is considered to be the period from February to May.

In the northern part of the 150-kilometer zone around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, they ride from the "home" volcanoes: Avachinsky, Koryaksky, Kozelsky, Arik and Aag, which a helicopter reaches in 15 minutes. A little further, in half an hour of flight, there is the Zhupanovsky volcano, which is popular among freeriders. This is a magnificent virgin land, attractive for a variety of snow-covered slopes and elevation changes of more than 2000 m. Besides it, the Bakening volcano and the slopes of the Ganalskie Vostryaki mountain range are in demand. Here you can try everything: skiing on the slope of a volcano, excellent virgin fields, descents on the sidelines and skiing in the forest.

From the south of the capital of Kamchatka, just a 7-minute flight, there is an ideal-shaped Vilyuchinsky volcano, on which there are descents from the slopes of any exposure. The largest difference in altitude possible on this volcano is 2100 m. A little further, in a 15-minute flight, there is the Mutnovsky volcano. This is the only place in the world where you can descend directly into the crater of an active volcano. At an even greater distance, half an hour away, there are volcanoes Khodutka, Goreny and Asacha - places for a real snow safari!

The Mountain Moroznaya ski center is 7 km away from Elizovo, and 37 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. For skiing, there are four slopes, two successive VL-1000 lifts and one drag lift. The height difference exceeds 500 m, and the highest point for descent is at an altitude of 600 m.

Edelweiss, the oldest ski base on the peninsula, is located on Petrovskaya Sopka, within the city limits of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On its five equipped tracks, with the highest point at 450 m, schoolchildren of the local sports school, city residents and tourists ride. Elevation differences at Edelweiss reach 360 m. In addition, the city has ski resorts Tsentralnaya, Alpina and Kirpichiki.

Dog sledding tours have become an integral part of winter recreation in Kamchatka. They are organized for one or several days in many places on the peninsula, and the participants are accompanied by experienced mushers and, if necessary, even snowmobiles.

Nowadays dog sledding is popular in many parts of Russia. What can surprise Kamchatka with? Of course, the unique March Beringia race, which is held on the peninsula every year. This extreme journey has several stages, and the cabins with their pets cover a huge distance - about 1000 km. In 2015, the winner of the race covered 914 km of the track and reached the finish line in 62 hours 39 minutes.

The longest "Beringia" took place in Kamchatka in 1992 and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest dog trip - 2044 km. If you cannot get to the main race of the peninsula for some reason, you can plan a trip to Kamchatka in February, when the spectacular dog sledding competition “Elizovsky Sprint” is held.

Kamchatka is not spoiled by an abundance of roads, in winter it is most convenient to get around here by snowmobiles. It is this type of transport that gives the desired freedom and speed. In the winter months, the deep snow cover hides all summer natural obstacles: streams, ravines, rocky ledges, impassable thickets and swamps - the most inaccessible places of Kamchatka become subject to travelers.

From Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, one-day tours to the Pacific Ocean are popular: to Khalaktyrsky beach, Avachinsky volcano, Gorely volcano and Vilyuchinsky waterfall. More experienced tourists go on two-three-day trips with a tour of the unique beauty of the Nalychevskaya Valley, Bannykh, Pushchinsky, Karymshinsky, Opalsky, Khodutkinsky, Zhirovsky, Timanovsky and Vilyuchinsky thermal springs, as well as for climbing "home" volcanoes located near the capital of the peninsula. If you wish, you can make a multi-day snowmobile trip - a real winter safari. In terms of time, this can be done from December to the end of June. It is only necessary to take into account that if the route is laid through protected areas or within the boundaries of national parks, you must issue a permit in advance and purchase the necessary voucher.

Any fisherman will love the catchy ice fishing season on the peninsula from December to April. Fish on Kamchatka rivers and lakes actively bite on a variety of natural and artificial baits. Most often, the hook comes across mobile species of Kamchatka fish: kundzha, lake and river char, and mykizha. You can also catch trout, smelt, grayling, navaga, flounder and herring.

What kind of entertainment and recreation to choose in the winter? We will tell you in detail about hobbies and recreation in winter, where it is best to go in for sports and entertainment in the winter cold.

As the well-known proverb says, in winter the sun shines, but does not warm, and before the first snow falls, the chilled inhabitants of the middle lane plunge into romantic dreams of the sea. The calendar winter in Russia lasts three months, but you and I know that you have to wait for warmth almost twice as long. For those who fall into depression from the endless winter months, there is nothing better than going to warm countries. Fortunately, gone are the days when a beach holiday in winter was something of a fantasy. Traveling to hot countries has become more affordable, and you can look for destinations for a beach holiday all over the world.

Most Popular Resorts

Holidays in Egypt are loved by our compatriots so much that many go there as if they were home. The optimal price-quality ratio, a comfortable all-inclusive system, the long-awaited hot sun and warm sea - nothing else is needed for an unpretentious beach holiday, and if the serene beach life suddenly gets bored, you can go diving or go on an excursion: the cultural heritage of Egypt is very rich.

Due to the lack of piercing winds, the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh are perfect for a winter trip, but it is better to postpone a visit to Hurghada for another time.

To add some color to the colorless winter landscapes, many go on vacation to Thailand. In November, the rainy season ends in Southeast Asia, and until April, Thailand's resorts delight tourists with pleasant sunny weather. The famous Thai massage, acquaintance with numerous Buddhist shrines and visits to ancient temples, elephant trekking and exotic cuisine will be a pleasant addition to a luxurious vacation on pearl beaches.

No longer included in the ranks of the exotic Indian state of Goa, beach holidays at local resorts have long become incredibly popular, which is not surprising. Goa is a unique combination of marvelous beaches, dense jungle, colorful bazaars, stunning sunsets and gastronomic discoveries.

In winter, the resorts of Goa have wonderful weather: the air temperature is not lower than +30 ° C, the water in the ocean is warmed up to +25 ° C.

"The subtleties" tell: beach destinations that will easily replace Egypt in winter

Other beach holiday destinations in winter

As a place for a beach holiday in winter, the Dominican Republic is perfect, which, in addition to wonderful weather, excellent beaches and a warm sea, will delight tourists with picturesque rainforests, majestic mountains and mirrored waterfalls. A trip to the tropical island of Hainan will be fascinating, the resorts of which receive tourists almost all year round. Winter holidays in Malaysia, Vietnamese Phan Thiet and Chilean Vigne del Mar will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. Are you already packing your bags?

Best Beach Destinations

  • Balkans: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Croatia
  • Exotic: India (Goa), Cambodia, China (Hong Kong), Maldives
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Cuba
  • Morocco
  • Mexico
  • UAE
  • Portugal
  • Russia: Moscow
  • USA: Wild beaches of South Florida
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey: Istanbul
  • France

Equipment is the most important component of the upcoming campaign. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account various factors: landscape, weather conditions, possible extreme circumstances that may arise during the trip. The central place in the equipment is taken by footwear for tourism and outdoor activities, since in the case of their poor quality, corns or injury can become an annoying obstacle on the way to the goal. Before purchasing such an important product, it is recommended to figure out which nuances to pay attention to in the first place.

Product classification

The specifics of the route dictate the required set of certain properties and characteristics of the model. Therefore, manufacturers offer their own version of footwear for each type of outdoor activity. Hiking is about maximum comfort and resistance to various types of stress. The conquest of mountain peaks requires special attention to the protective properties. Shoes for tourism are classified according to two criteria - seasonality and purpose.


Depending on the season, travel footwear is divided into summer, demi-season, and winter. Each segment has its own set of properties and parameters. Summer hiking shoes are designed to provide comfort in the heat. Models in this segment are open sandals, perforated boots or ventilated lightweight sneakers with mesh elements. They are more suitable for urban tourism or a simplified route without serious obstacles and hazards.

Outdoor footwear must have protective properties: shock-resistant toes, durable upper made of tear-resistant material, ankle fixation to avoid injury.

Summer hiking shoes should be sturdy, made of materials with an order of magnitude greater wear resistance. Difficult routes, overcoming difficult terrain, involve the use of models with a rigid fixation of the ankle, which prevents sprains and dislocations.

Demi-season trekking shoes, in addition to being comfortable and protecting from injury, must be waterproof, since wet feet in hiking conditions are guaranteed complications in the form of colds. At the same time, normal ventilation is required. Closed, moisture resistant, but at the same time breathable - these are the main signs of demi-season shoes for tourism and outdoor activities. The latest upper materials, such as a membrane, ensure that these conditions are met.

A number of requirements are also imposed on the sole of shoes for hiking in the mountains: stability, moisture resistance, durability. The tread deserves close attention, providing reliable grip on uneven surfaces, reducing the load on the spine during long transitions.

Winter trekking footwear is challenged by the slipperiness of icy surfaces. Therefore, special attention is paid to the sole of the boots - anti-slip frost-resistant materials, a deep protector of a multidirectional pattern, spikes and slats with teeth will protect you from falls.

Winter boots for outdoor activities should keep the feet warm and dry, therefore materials with heat-insulating, water-repellent properties are used in their manufacture. At the same time, the weight of the shoe is of great importance: the lighter it is, the less fatigue and load on the musculoskeletal system.

Shoes for hiking in the winter forest usually have a soft sole, rubberized galoshes that protect from snow, additional insulation. It is good to have one more pair of comfortable boots in reserve for the opportunity to relax your feet during stops.

By appointment

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration for the upcoming cold and snowy season, check out our top photo ideas you will definitely want to try this winter!

Working with winter light

The light of winter is so fleeting and extraordinarily beautiful. The glow in the early morning or late evening can be especially bright when combined with a frosty or snowy scene. Pay attention to the golden hour in winter and you can use the winter light to your advantage and capture some beautiful winter scenes.

PHOTO: s3. otokto. u

Tip: Plan ahead! Daylight in winter is short-lived, so explore the area and find out where and where the golden hour will allow you to create successful shots.

Take pictures of the city lights

The city lights are beautiful - especially in winter. The snow-covered cityscape takes on a spectacular, mysterious look when it snows.

PHOTO: i05. otocdn. et

Tip: When shooting a city at night, it can be difficult for the autofocus to determine where to focus. Consider switching to manual focus, especially if you have different subjects.

Take a street photo

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