Vacation idea: 8 wineries in southern Russia

Where to rest on the Black Sea

Over the past few years, wine tourism has gained immense popularity around the world. Travelers are happy to visit well-known (and not so) farms in order to taste different varieties of wine, take part in a gourmet dinner or study the production process. In 2020, we will hardly be able to get to Champagne or Rioja, but we have the opportunity to get to know the wineries of the south of Russia. See what a beautiful selection our author Lena Titok has prepared.

UPPA Winery

Pavel Shvets is perhaps the most fashionable Russian winemaker: he owns the only biodynamic farm in Russia, UPPA Winery. The winemaker's philosophy is terroir and uniqueness in every bottle, so it is not surprising that Shvets wine can be tasted in many trendy restaurants in Moscow and other Russian cities.

UPPA Winery is located in Crimea, in the village of Rodnoe, 18 kilometers from Sevastopol. Two-hour group tours with a visit to the production, a cellar with wine barrels and a fascinating story about biodynamic wines are held daily, except Monday, from 13:00 by appointment. Participation fee is 3000 rubles per person. On the territory of the winery there is also a restaurant for new Crimean cuisine, where you can taste dishes made from local products, prepared with minimal heat treatment.


Krasnodar Territory, Novorossiysk Website

Abrau-Dyurso is not only a popular brand of sparkling wines in Russia, but also a resort located on a picturesque lake near Novorossiysk. Tourists can stay at the Imperial Boutique Hotel, Krugloye Ozero Manor or Ecology Yoga Camping. The resort also has several restaurants serving different cuisines of the world.

A one-day excursion with breakfast, lunch, evening performance and a visit to the Abrau-Dyurso wine house will cost 10 400 rubles for two. Weekend tour for two with accommodation in the estate "Round Lake" and excursion to the winery - 13 500 ₽. You can visit the wine house for 750 rubles per person without tasting and for 1000 rubles with tasting.

Chateau de Gai-Codzor

Perhaps the most stylish winery in Russia. The building was designed by talented guys from the Kleinewelt Architekten studio: it turned out to be fashionable, modern, expensive high-tech. The winery was inspired by French gurus Alain Duga and Noel Rabot. They still control the production process.

The emphasis in "Gai-Kodzor" is made at the same time on high-tech and closeness to nature: for example, solar panels are actively used here. As for the tastings, they are held individually: to take part, you need to fill out a form. The ticket price starts from 700 rubles for an hour and a half excursion.

Vacation idea: 8 wineries in southern Russia

The Russian Geographical Society is engaged in the development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia. To this end, the Russian Geographical Society develops its own tourist routes and supports interesting tours of Russian tour operators, holds a competition "The Best Guide of Russia", organizes various tourist events. The ten-year results of the work of the Russian Geographical Society in the field of tourism development are in our material.

In 2020, many residents of Russia - even those who previously preferred to vacation abroad - went on trips to their home country. Tourists studied the ancient monuments of the south of Russia, conquered the mountains of the North Caucasus, admired the pristine nature of Altai.

And yet a considerable number of Russian travelers still have questions about what to see in Russia, how best to get to hard-to-reach places, where to stay on a trip. The rich tourism potential of our country has not been fully disclosed. In this regard, in the early 2010s, the Russian Geographical Society made the development of domestic and inbound tourism one of the priority areas of its activities.

Tourism Development Commission

Back in 2013, in order to develop educational tourism in Russia, a Commission for the Development of Tourism of the Russian Geographical Society was formed. Its chairman was the Honorary President of the Society, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kotlyakov.


Specialists of the commission cooperate with tourist information centers, regional tour operators and executive authorities, conduct an expert assessment of tourist projects and routes, improve the qualifications of tourist personnel. So, in 2015, for the development and implementation of a training system for the tourism industry in Russia, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission, Viktor Kruzhalin, and the Scientific Secretary of the Commission, Natalia Shabalina, received the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.

"It's not enough just to say: let's organize domestic tourism in the country! Words by themselves do not create anything. The development of domestic tourism should be primarily interested in regional authorities and local business. In this situation, the Russian Geographical Society provides a variety of support - with expert advice, recommendations based on existing experience, promotion in the media, and so on. And the authority of the Society is, perhaps, even the most important, "notes Vladimir Kotlyakov.

Travel Recommended by the Society

In 2019, in order to promote the best, from the point of view of geographers and tourism practitioners, tourist destinations, the Russian Geographical Society developed a system of voluntary certification of tourist routes "Recommended by the Russian Geographical Society". Thanks to this system, the Society has the opportunity to highlight the most interesting and informative travels in Russia - those that can be marked with the "quality mark" of the Russian Geographical Society.

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How do you think of combining a trip to the south with wine tourism? Some wineries have their own hotels, so you can spend a vacation without interrupting tastings

In order to have a good summer vacation, Russians do not have to go abroad. The shores of the country are washed by several warm seas at once, excellent tourist clusters have been created here. The closest resorts to both capitals are the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region. Holidays in the south of Russia are a sea of ​​positive emotions, and sometimes very inexpensive, especially if you choose the private sector without intermediaries.

What are the interesting resorts of the Azov Sea?

In the eastern part of the Azov region, there are wonderful Russian resorts on the Sea of ​​Azov, which are part of the Rostov region and the Kuban. The proximity of warm water significantly softens the continental climate, creating comfortable conditions for recreation in the south. The nature here is amazingly diverse. Salt lakes coexist with fresh ones, dry steppe areas alternate with fertile lands in the delta of the Don, Kuban and other rivers. The best resort towns here are the ones listed below.

Taganrog. Located in the steppe zone, it has several comfortable beaches with sandy, rocky and even grassy cover. The most favorable season for swimming here is the first two months of summer: in August, the shallow water begins to bloom. Tourists are offered the usual set of beach activities and an excursion program. There are not too many entertainment nightlife in Taganrog, so it can be considered suitable for families with children. Among the attractions are parks - Primorsky and Gorky, museums - Aviation Technology and Art, Chekhov's House, Stone Stairs, Alferaki Palace and Lazurny Water Park.

Yeisk. Located at the beginning of the Long Spit, separating the Taganrog Bay and the Yeisk Estuary, it is attractive for its picturesque nature and developed infrastructure for travelers. There are several sanatoriums offering treatment using mud, for example from the Khan Lake, and mineral waters, many hotels and guest houses. The shores here are shallow, suitable for families with children. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, you can go sailing, windsurfing and diving. Excursions to local sights and unique salt lakes are organized. So, in Yeysk you will find the Dolphinarium, the Nemo water park and the Poddubny amusement park.

Primorsko-Akhtarsk. A small seaside town immersed in greenery will be ideal for a budget holiday in the south of Russia. His boarding houses and hotels do not "raise" prices, and in the private sector you can rent housing for very modest money. The sandy shores are spacious here, all the amenities are created on them. It is easy to rent a jet ski or catamaran, go water skiing, pamper yourself with surfing. For fishermen, there is generally expanse here, because in the coastal areas fish is found in abundance. In the evenings, vacationers are welcome at discos and a nightclub. You will be offered excursions to the Achuevskaya spit and to the Miotsky settlement.

Temryuk. The largest city on the Taman Peninsula is also a climatic resort in Russia on the Azov Sea. It is almost 5 km away from the latter, so fans of beach relaxation will need to travel to the village of Golubitskaya every day. A wide strip of sand stretches from here up to the mouth of the Kuban River. Sunbathers will be offered sun loungers and umbrellas. Pensions and sanatoriums have their own beaches with the necessary infrastructure. There are enough entertainment venues for adults and children - the Crocodile Farm, the Lukomorye Zoo, and the Amazon Water Park. Be sure to take an excursion to the famous mud volcanoes. By the way, according to experienced fishermen, the best fishing in the Krasnodar Territory is guaranteed in the Temryuk area.

Russia attracts many tourists in summer. The resorts of the Azov Sea will give you a lot of positive energy and a boost of vivacity for the whole year ahead. Choosing the option of vacation with treatment, you can also improve your health!

Anapa is the key health resort in Russia for families with children

Occupying a cozy bay at the confluence of the Anapka River into the Black Sea, it is one of the most popular Black Sea resorts in Russia. Here the Taman steppe borders on the spurs of the Greater Caucasus, which creates excellent conditions for both beach and extreme tourism. On the territory of the surroundings there are springs of mineral waters and healing mud, and the climate here is mild, almost Mediterranean. Consequently, Anapa is also considered a first-class health resort.

Where is it better to go to rest on the Black Sea? Let's find out! Over the years of travel, I have visited all the famous resorts of our south and can share my experience. I will tell you where it is cheaper, more civilized, more interesting and more beautiful. Choose the resort that's right for you.

Where to have an inexpensive vacation

My main complaint about the Russian resorts on the Black Sea is the cost of the rest. They are turning the prices down! Fold over rigidly and unreasonably. Against the background of an obscure service, these prices are amazing. I know from personal experience that vacationing in Turkey and even in the Maldives is cheaper than on our sea. It is only less expensive to get to the Black Sea resorts, and hotels, food and entertainment are often more expensive than abroad.

But it's not all bad! In our south, you can also relax on a budget, you just need to know two main rules: when to go and where to go. For an inexpensive vacation, you should choose June and September - at this time the prices are much lower, and there are fewer tourists, and this makes the rest more calm and enjoyable. As for the choice of resorts, you just need to avoid expensive ones with a claim to a certain status, which in fact is not supported by anything. The main example of such an expensive dummy is Yalta. If you want to save money, I advise you to choose resorts without show-off.

Expensive resorts: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Alushta. However, you can still find quite budget hotels there, especially in the off-season.

Inexpensive resorts: Anapa, Adler, Lazarevskoe, Sudak, Feodosia, Evpatoria and Koktebel. And the lowest prices are offered by small resorts of Crimea: Rybachye, Mezhvodnoye, Ordzhonikidze, Mirny, Shtormovoye, Kurortnoye and others. But keep in mind that small villages do not always have inexpensive and good cafes or canteens.

Another way to save money is to go on vacation to the Black Sea in your car. Highly recommend! I have already traveled this way three times and will go again. The car makes the trip not only cheaper, but also more interesting.

Where is more civilized

If you are looking for a resort with the best conditions for a comfortable stay, then I definitely advise you to go to Sochi. Thanks to the Olympic Games, the city's infrastructure has been updated: many new hotels and entertainment centers have been built, there are more good apartments in the private sector, and there are good restaurants. You can stay in Sochi itself or go to other resort areas of Greater Sochi. This includes the quieter and more inexpensive resorts of Lazarevskoye, Adler and Khosta. You can get to the center of Sochi from these villages by transport.

The second most popular resort in Russia on the Black Sea is Gelendzhik. There are many modern hotels and guest houses, a large selection of housing in the private sector. However, prices are overpriced and there are many tourists. There is not enough space on the public beach during the season - tourists swim even under prohibitory signs. It is more comfortable to relax in the suburbs of Gelendzhik - Kabardinka and Arkhipo-Osipovka. Go there if you want to breathe more freely, although there is overpopulation there in the summer.

The third resort on the Black Sea where you can relax comfortably is Anapa. Vacationers with children especially love this city - for them there are ideal conditions. Many tourists choose the neighboring villages: Vityazevo and Dzhemete.

Tuapse has a well-developed infrastructure, but many people dislike the resort because of the port and the railway passing through the city.

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