Unusual places of Ukraine

Unusual places of Ukraine

Ukraine has great prospects for tourism and the development of the galuzy. Help for the reason that for Ukrainians becoming more accessible to foreign destinations, they have asked for higher prices and low-cost flights have appeared, and a large number of people have taken away losses in Ukraine. And in our land, tourists should choose to have a good holiday.

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Tourism and vision in Ukraine

Natural potential of Ukraine for wide development of tourism. Beautiful landscapes, versatile landscapes, the possibility of recreation and health improvement at the resorts and a great range of tourist destinations allow the inhabitants of Ukraine to readily accept in any land.

It's time for the heat to actively vikoristovutsya sea resort directly. The beaches of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea have been redeveloped. At the same time, people vvazhayut for beautifully living yak in boarding houses and hotels for the sea, as well as savages, baggy at plans or cars.

Widely acclaimed і mіskiy tourism. Ukrainians choose excursion directly, or go to independent trips, learn about the main memorials of the city, rejoice in architecture and just take a walk. Vodnochas, in Ukraine, there is a good transport connection, as it allows you to travel practically to the point of the edge of the country, either on the Vlasnoye or on the huge transport.

Zakhidna Ukraine is becoming popular among tourists in any hour of rock. A fee is paid to the central resort, and in this month, tourists follow the beautiful architecture, the infested nature, the active cultivation and the natural culture of the ethnics. At the same time, tourism in Ukraine is popular not only among the middle citizens. More and more people of the earth are going to be our land and travel here.

See Sports Tourism

Є the thought has been expanded, so sports tourism originated in the USSR. Sports tourism can bring a lot of types of active recovery, however, sports tourism is promoted by great companies. Along the way, there is a nagaduє zmagannya, ale permeated with a special spirit of mandrels.

Sports tourism both for amateur and professional rivn. Є non-commercial organization, as they are engaged in tourist trips and directly. Smell to form a fancy idea of ​​a rise in price and to organize a program. And at the professional level in the countries of the world, we will be able to attract the attention of the category of sports tourism.

Before sports tourism see:

Yaki Basic Vidi Tourism in Ukraine at 2020 rotsi

The concept of wellness is becoming more closely intertwined with the life of each of us every day, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. The global movement for health and a healthy lifestyle is wellness.

The concept of wellness is to achieve physical and mental well-being through a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, physical activity, quitting bad habits, and health tourism.

Western Ukraine has become the center of wellness development in Ukraine. It is here that a large number of health institutions are concentrated. The predecessors of wellness tourism in the Carpathian zone are health resorts, balneological resorts, thermal springs of Transcarpathia, which have been functioning here for decades.

A little about wellness

Grace and beauty cannot be separated from health. Cicero

The era of technological progress has made its own adjustments in food products, people's lifestyle, their habits and preferences. But, as Newton's Third Law says: "Every action gives rise to opposition." Therefore, today, more than ever, the relevance of health care, physical activity and proper nutrition is emerging. Wellness can be considered the most effective method of dealing with the negative effects of industry, technology and genetic engineering.

As the ancient Greek healer, physician and philosopher Hippocrates said: “Gymnastics, physical exercise, walking should firmly enter the everyday life of everyone who wants to maintain efficiency, health, full and joyful life.” Who would have thought that these words, spoken two and a half thousand years ago, would be so relevant today. But wellness is not only taking care of the body and physical condition, but also spiritual and mental development, a combination of internal and external beauty.

In cities, it is easy to find fitness centers, gyms and outdoor activities that can be considered part of the wellness industry. But for the full restoration of vitality and inspiration for further development, this is not enough.

Wellness tourism

The future belongs to preventive medicine. This science, going hand in hand with healing, will bring undoubted benefits to humanity. Pirogov

The main goal of wellness is not to heal, but to prevent the appearance of diseases and the signs of aging. And here the greatest power of the planet comes to the aid of medicine - Nature itself. Of course, one cannot but agree with the outstanding English scientist of the 19th century, John Loebbock, who said that "health depends much more on our habits and nutrition than on the art of medicine."

Of course, Ukraine is rich in sights known far beyond the borders of the country. But apart from numerous cathedrals, castles and other architectural values, there are other unusual places worthy of no less attention. In this article we will tell you about the interesting corners of the country, which should become part of the tourist route of every tourist.


Migia is an old Cossack village located in the Pervomaisky district of the Nikolaev region on the banks of the Southern Bug. They say that it was here that the famous Cossack Mamai was born - a character of Ukrainian folklore, who became the personification of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Perhaps the highlight of this place is the famous rapids, because rafting on a stormy river is one of the most popular types of outdoor activities in Migiya. For a fee, qualified instructors will organize you rafting along the most interesting routes.

There are also two other unusual places worth mentioning. Firstly, this is the Aktovsky canyon. Of course, this is not the Grand Canyon, which you can read about in one of our previous publications, but still quite an impressive place. The height of the rocks of the canyon reaches 50 meters, and the length is approximately 5 km. There was a sea here many millions of years ago.

Secondly, this is a radon lake, which is also known as the "Black Sea" and is equipped with a convenient observation deck. The depth of the lake is more than 40 meters, and the water here has a turquoise hue.

Tunnel of Love

The next point on our route is the Tunnel of Love. It is located near the village of Klevan in the Rivne region. In fact, this is an ordinary railway, on the sides of which hedges are planted. The length of the tunnel is approximately 1 km.

The railway itself is still in use and a diesel locomotive runs along it, thanks to which a kind of tunnel was formed from the vegetation around. It is worth visiting it in the summer, because it is at this time that the entire tunnel is covered with green vegetation. But at other times of the year it is no less beautiful here. In autumn, the trees are covered with golden foliage, and in winter, with white fluff.

Mount Hoverla

This is the highest point in Ukraine. Its height is 2061 meters. It is located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. Hoverla is considered the real center of the Carpathians. Here, at the foot of the mountain, is the source of the Prut River.

The top of the mountain is flat and provides a convenient observation platform from which tourists can enjoy beautiful views. There is also a national flag, a trident, a cross and an obelisk, which once served as a mark of the border between Poland and Montenegro. Also on the top is an unusual marble slab, which contains 25 capsules with earth from each region of Ukraine.

Several years ago a new term appeared in Ukrainian tourism: "rural green tourism". The development of this interesting direction is progressing now every year. It would seem wonderful to be able to relax in a village, which already has more than enough trouble, but everything has its own explanation ...

The tradition of rural green tourism (hereinafter referred to as NWT) began to develop in Europe about half a century ago. For Ukraine, the aforementioned term is new, but it is worth remembering that the tradition of this type of vacation in Ukraine is older than it seems. After all, the hospitality of rural residents has been known for a long time. For example, at the beginning of the twentieth century, famous figures of culture, science, politicians came to the Carpathians for treatment or recreation in the mountains with the owners: I. Franko, L. Ukrainka, M. Hrushevsky, V. Hnatyuk, etc.

Now the development of green tourism in Ukraine is engaged in "Spilka spriyannya development of green tourism in Ukraine". This organization concentrates data on green tourism in different regions of the country. She is also engaged in its advertising and popularization, holding conferences, thematic exhibitions. One of the important activities of Spilka is trainings and seminars for those who are engaged in green tourism, that is, for the owners. Lead it on the latter depends on the quality of the reception of tourist guests, which is growing from year to year.

What makes rural green tourism attractive?

In general, the concept of "green tourism" in a nutshell is recreation in private farms in rural areas, which are interesting tourist sites.

The main thing that attracts in green tourism is a complex of factors that have a beneficial effect on a person: health-improving, aesthetic, cognitive.

Rest in the countryside is not a resort with many tourists. Here is a calming and relaxing environment that is especially necessary for city dwellers! Many people prefer to celebrate the New Year or Christmas holidays, to relax with friends in such conditions. This is great for families and small groups.

In most cases, a calm atmosphere is supported by a positive emotional impact on the tourist of the surrounding area, whether it be mountains or forests, rivers, lakes or the sea, etc. By the way, very often landscapes and ecology of the selected area.

The hosts, for the convenience of tourists, often, in addition to the provided living conditions of different categories (see below) and home, delicious and natural food services, offer a whole range of additional services: for example, picking berries and mushrooms, excursions or hikes in mountains and many other things that enrich the rest. Isn't the individual approach of the owners to each "their" tourist important, and especially to the children, who can taste both homemade milk, bee honey, and apple straight from the tree.

Well, how not to remember the prices! This type of vacation is very attractive at prices, because it offers a flexible system.

What does Ukraine offer?

Here is information on the regions that provide NWT services in Ukraine with a brief description:

Western Region. It occupies a predominant position in terms of supply and demand.

We want to tell you about an industry in the Ukrainian economy, from which in a short time of the coronavirus epidemic Ukraine has not received millions of dollars.

Medical tourism in Ukraine is developing every year. The reform in the provision of medical services has given a new impetus to the development of the structure of private clinics throughout the country and made the sector of public hospitals in demand. The opportunity to conclude a contract for the provision of medical services annually attracts thousands of foreign citizens to the country.

Here's what you will learn about medical tourism in the article

Medical tourism

Inbound medical tourism services in Ukraine became popular after 2012. At that time, there were about 30 clinics in the country that received foreign patients. The popularity of the service is growing, according to Pro-Consulting, the number of clinics that accept patients from abroad is increasing 3 times every year. Thousands of tourists come for planned examinations and specialized treatment.

According to the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism, every year we are visited by citizens from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, Great Britain and other European countries. Separately, it should be noted an increase in the flow of patients from Central Asia, China and the UAE due to the simplification of the visa regime.

An extensive market for medical services and a wide selection of clinics makes it possible to treat patients with various health problems:

  • 18% visit Ukraine to treat dental and ophthalmological problems;
  • 25% go to sanatoriums that specialize in the rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy;
  • 57% of foreign patients are attracted by the affordability of prices and the high development of medicine in the field of orthopedics, plastic surgery, reproductive medicine, cardiac surgery and cellular technologies.

The attractive ratio of the price of medical tourism and the quality of services makes this area promising for development.

Development of medical tourism in Ukraine

Today in Ukraine there are two promising regions for the development of medical tourism - Kiev and Lvov regions. Ukraine's potential in the provision of quality medical services is significant.

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