Types of tourism in Germany

Types and directions of tourism in Germany

Mainly, Germany is for tourism and is interesting in terms of its wealth of historical and architectural monuments. They are indeed collected on German soil in great numbers and variety. But this is not the only thing that makes this wonderful country attractive for tourism. Tours to Germany are able to amaze you with amazing discoveries, here you can find various and interesting types of tourist leisure.

If you are interested in architectural landmarks, then the best cities for tourism are, without a doubt, Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Here, majestic cathedrals coexist with carefully restored castles, palaces, as well as fortified cities.

German Resorts

German resorts are extremely diverse, many of them have been functioning for more than a century. They are mainly concentrated around mineral water springs, which allows you to combine relaxation with health improvement. The resort towns are very easy to distinguish among others, in their name there is the word "Bad", which is translated in a similar way. The world famous Baden-Baden, Bad Ems, Bad Kissigen, Bad Wildungen can be cited as an example of such place names. In total, the number of resorts in Germany is more than 300.

German resorts are mostly wellness. This is facilitated by the large accumulation of thermal and mineral springs, as well as the wonderful clean forest air, which is rich in oxygen and directly affects the recovery processes of the body. In Germany, there are a number of zones around which most resorts are concentrated: these are the Baltic Sea coast, the Rhine river valley, Bavaria and the Black Forest. The history of German spas is very rich. Some of the healing and health-improving springs were known by the Roman legionnaires, who were conquering the expansion of these lands.

German resorts are a combination of amazing service, modern technology, high-class specialists and the health benefits of local nature. The combination of these essential components makes them extremely attractive for health tourism, which is why they receive many millions of tourists every year.


When it comes to tourism in Germany, the first thing that comes to mind is this resort town. First of all, it is famous for its thermal springs, which were loved by the ancient Romans. The remains of Roman baths can still be found here, which is extremely interesting in itself. The modern spa history begins in the 18th century. It was visited by royals, nobles and famous artists. Russian writers fell in love with her, Ivan Turgenev, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov rested here.

The climate here is very favorable, the city is beautiful and covered with green gardens and parks, with an abundance of fountains and flower beds. Just walking along it is already a great pleasure that will allow you to get rid of the inconveniences of large metropolitan areas. Baden-Baden is a center for health tourism, so the tourist infrastructure is at the highest level here.

The thermal waters of Baden-Baden help in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart and blood vessels, respiratory diseases (rhinitis, bronchial asthma, laryngitis, etc.), stress disorders, nervous tension and overwork.

There is everything you need for health tourism: thermal springs, baths and baths, modern clinics, massage rooms and physical treatment rooms. Here, special water massage, mud baths, bathing, drinking procedures and other types of health and prophylactic procedures are used for treatment.

In addition to health tourism, Baden-Baden has music and drama theaters, museums and casinos. In the local casino, bets on entire fortunes are held, since the resort is truly royal and many rich and famous people come here.

Bad Kissigen

Types of tourism in Germany

Tourism in Germany is diverse, because this European country can boast of enchanting nature, incomparable architecture, and an abundance of entertainment. As well as gastronomic delights that will definitely please your taste.

Tourism in Germany is a national priority. To introduce guests to the culture of European enlightenment is the main direction of tourism. For almost a thousand years, the German principalities split up, and the new land created its own capital - with castles and court poets. This is how a necklace of hundreds of unique cities arose.

The best cities in Germany for tourism, Berlin and Munich, attract thousands of tourists every year - not only Europeans, but also residents of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine come here.

Resorts and routes annually attract up to 40 million tourists to Germany. And although museum rides or trips to palace parks are popular, half of the visitors prefer recreational or romantic trips. Do you need a visa to Germany, you should check with the embassy. So, for Ukrainians, since 2017, there is a visa-free regime of 90 days in six months, but residents of Belarus and Russia need a Schengen or national visa.

How to get to Germany?

Due to its location in the center of Europe, there is a developed network of roads and air connections: 9 international airports, exemplary trains and autobahns. If a tourist visa to Germany is required, it must be ready before purchasing a travel card:

  • Airplane: every day the choice of flight, flies almost 3 hours, 130 €;
  • Train: a day on the road, from 220 €;
  • Bus: 3 times a week, on the road 2 days, 115 €.

Flights Moscow - Berlin on the Tutu website. y

  • Airplane: flights to 3 ports, 1.5 hours for 200 €;
  • Train: three times a week, runs 13 hours, 100 €;
  • Bus: on the move for a day, from 60 €.

  • Airplane: 1.5 hours in the sky, low-cost airlines have seats for 100 €;
  • Train: with a transfer 30-32 hours, 120 €;
  • Bus: on the way 18-26 hours, from 50 €.

Regardless of the purpose of your trip - be it Teutonic fortresses or shopping in Germany - even in a town with 1,500 inhabitants there is a place to stay:

Germany is a country in the center of Europe with a very developed economy and infrastructure. This wonderful country boasts a wonderful climate, friendly people and simply amazing cuisine. Every year Germany attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world. She is one of the three leaders of the most visited countries in the world. Germany is rich in numerous architectural and historical monuments, various sights and resorts. Here tourists can contemplate wide forests, parks of extraordinary beauty and mountains. The state budget of the country is also replenished by tourism.

Berlin is the capital of Germany

Many tourists call Berlin the most non-German city. It is rather a European capital that makes an ambiguous impression of itself. A large number of quirky architecture is concentrated here, which can be compared only with Tokyo. But, at the same time, the capital of Germany has preserved its entire history and cultural heritage of the country.

Rest of tourists in Germany begins with a visit to the Brandenburg Gate. This is a real symbol of the city and country. Initially, it was just the main gate of the city. But at the end of the 18th century they were rebuilt, and now their appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe. This structure is divided into five separate passages by massive columns. Initially, this building was called the "Gate of the World". It divided the western and eastern parts of Germany, like the Berlin Wall. According to numerous tips from tourists, it is worth going to this attraction early at dawn or after sunset. It was then that the smallest congestion of people, and an amazing view of the rising and setting sun opens up.

An integral part of Berlin and Germany is the Reichstag building, which will always remind you of the difficult and bloody times during the war. Now this building is considered a symbol of a new, independent state. After the end of World War II, the Reichstag was rebuilt and now operates as a parliamentary seat. Meetings of the lower house of parliament are regularly held here. The building is absolutely open to the public and admission is free.

Holidays in Berlin also involve tourists visiting the Museum Island. It is located on the island of Spreeinsel, in the northern part of it. Five large museums in Germany are located on its territory. Viewing all expositions will take a curious tourist several days:

  • The Old Museum - presents monuments of ancient culture;
  • The New Museum - an exhibition of ancient Egyptian culture;
  • The Pergamon Museum - presents the gates of Babel to a tourist Ishtarm, Pergamon Altar and much more;
  • Old National Gallery - exhibits of European architecture and painting;
  • Bode Museum - presents sculptures of Byzantium, Italy and Germany in the early Middle Ages.

If your vacation in Germany involves the constant presence of children nearby, it will be very interesting for them to walk around the famous Berlin Zoo. Right at the entrance you will be greeted by two huge stone elephants guarded by the zoo. Some connoisseurs of culture and history trace a certain symbolism in this. After all, the first animal killed in this zoo during the British bombing during the Second World War was an elephant. Today the park has expanded greatly and occupies an area of ​​35 hectares, which is home to about 16,000 different animals, which will captivate any tourist for a long time.

Arriving in Germany, any traveler, tourist or just an inquisitive person wants to see the popular Berlin Wall. Due to the multiple destructions, this eerie reminder of German history has come down to us only in a small part of it. Previously, it was a real fortification 106 kilometers long, and its height was about 4 meters, and everything was wrapped in barbed wire. When trying to escape, a huge number of soldiers died on it. This wall, located along the perimeter of the city during the war, gave the impression of a real prison in the open air. Now it is just a restored memorial complex of the same name in Germany.

Don't miss out on such sights of Berlin and all of Germany:

  • Friedrichstadtpalast ;
  • Potsdamer Platz;
  • Maxim Gorky Theater;
  • Palace Square on the Island;
  • Paris Square;
  • Red City Hall;
  • Spandau Suburb.

Munich is the center of tourism in Germany

Munich is considered the capital of one of the largest regions in Germany - Bavaria. An obligatory part of the program for tourists is visiting museums, of which there are about a hundred in this city. Tourism in Munich is developed thanks to its historical buildings, which have gone through all the hardships and hardships of the war period. When a tourist gets acquainted with this city, you should definitely pay attention to its such architecture:

Germany is considered the economic center of Europe, it is not surprising that this country annually receives millions of tourists from all over the world. The Germans attract travelers with delicious cuisine, the Baltic Sea coast, Bavarian lakes, excellent hotels, clean and cozy cities, ski resorts, museums and many attractions.

Country overview

Germany with its capital in Berlin is located in Central Europe. The German state is considered one of the most economically developed countries in the world, which manifests itself in the social infrastructure, with the best clinics, transport links and technology. Constant development in all spheres of activity makes this state an object not only for tourist trips, but also for migration.

Experts of the tourism industry note that one should go to Germany for only a few days, while the program should be full of major cities and attractions. If you go on a visit for a long time, then you may get bored. The cost of the holiday is high due to property prices, otherwise everything is within the normal range. Gastronomic tours should fall on holidays and festivals, otherwise they will hardly surprise you.

German weather is shaped by a temperate climate. Due to the North Atlantic current, the maritime climate zone is widespread in the coastal territories, and the temperate continental zone in the southern ones. Winters are mild, with occasional frosts, and there is no sultry heat in summer. The ski season lasts from January to March.

How to get to Germany from different CIS countries

There are daily direct flights from Moscow to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hanover. The average flight duration is about three hours. Residents of St. Petersburg can directly get to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich on any day, citizens of Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar once a week - to Munich, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara - to Frankfurt.

There are direct flights from Kiev and Minsk every day to the largest German cities. Twice a week, a train runs from Russia to Germany via Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Austria. You can still get from Moscow to Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich by bus through Belarus.

Health resorts and ski resorts in Germany

The small settlement of Baden-Baden is famous for its mineral springs. As early as the third century, the ancient Romans were restoring health. This place also attracts guests with ancient buildings, well-tended parks, luxury hotels and restaurants, the Palace of Festivals, a spa house and a casino.

With the help of thermal baths, drinking mineral water, inhalation, massages in Baden-Baden, they successfully eliminate general weakness, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, heart, and improve metabolism.

Wiesbaden is an old thermal spa in Europe, located near Mainz. Guests improve their health, tidy up their appearance in four saunas, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi. Wiesbaden is also interesting for the historical bath of the Emperor Frederick, Palace Square, decorated with two Town Halls, a Ducal Palace, an old casino, a city museum and Mount Neroberg with the Church of St. Elizabeth.

Activities in Germany

Germans love and know how to have an active rest. There is always something to do in Germany. In winter, you can go for a ride at one of the best ski resorts in Europe, in the spring you can take a walk in national parks and biosphere reserves, in summer you can relax on the shores of one of the lakes, and in autumn you can go mountaineering or ride a bike along the scenic route.

Numerous shops and rental offices for outdoor activities are open throughout Germany. Local experts will gladly guide tourists in choosing the most suitable option for them.


Germans are true fans of walking. They even came up with a special word "Wanderlust", which means "thirst for travel." It is not uncommon for the inhabitants of Germany to gather with the whole family and go for the weekend to the nearest national park to walk along one of the hiking trails, to recharge with positive emotions and strength before the start of a new work or school week. Regardless of the season, you can always meet a cheerful company of Germans in the national parks of the country.

The total length of the country's hiking routes is about 190 thousand km. All trails are marked with special signs and signs. In addition, information points are open along all routes for the convenience of tourists.

Most interesting hiking options:

  • A walk through the emerald vineyards of the German wine region - Rheinland.
  • Hike through the fabulously beautiful valleys and wooded hills of the Schwarzwald.

Landscapes of the Black Forest (Photo © Brough Turner/www. lickr. om/CC BY-NC 2. License)

  • Travel along the high mountain hiking trails of the Bavarian Alps.
  • Walk along the old Roman road (alte Römerstraße).
  • A trip around Lake Constance (Bodensee)
  • Cycling

    Cycling in Germany is developed at a high level. This is a great way not only to admire the beautiful natural resources of this amazing land, but also to strengthen your health and improve your well-being. You can rent a bike almost anywhere in the country.

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