Travel to Morocco: from the Sahara to the Atlantic

The best places and sights of the Kingdom of Morocco

Our trip to the country of "golden sunsets", as the kingdom of Morocco is also called, for those who want to see this amazing land from different sides. We will get acquainted with the picturesque Marrakech, climb Mount Toubkal (4167 m.), Spend the night in the dunes, explore the fortresses of Taurirt and Ait Benhaddou and, of course, swim in the Atlantic Ocean! And this is not a complete list of our plans for the May holidays in Morocco.

Come with us to an ideal country for active travel!

What will we do on the tour

- drive 2050 km. in Morocco;

- visit the famous bazaar in Marrakesh;

- conquer the highest point of the Atlas Mountains - Mount Toubkal;

- breathe in the hot air of the Sahara Desert;

- explore fortresses and other attractions;

- swim in the Atlantic Ocean.


Detailed program

Travel to Morocco: from the Sahara to the Atlantic

Morocco reopens its air borders for professionals and foreign nationals not subject to visa requirements as of September 6, 2020, under certain conditions. Although the state of health emergency is extended until further notice, a simplified procedure was announced on September 5 to allow a gradual opening of Morocco's borders.

Following the Moroccan government's decision to allow Travelers to enter Morocco by air, a number of conditions must be met.

Professionals coming from abroad must have a printed invitation on the letterhead of the inviting Moroccan company. his letter must be sealed by the company and signed by a manager with all the relevant information concerning the traveler included (passport number, dates of entry, purpose of visit, accommodation details).

For foreign nationals not subject to Visa, formalities to enter Morocco a confirmed hotel reservation in a classified hotel and tourist establishment (including Riad) must be presented at the airport.

For the Covid-19 (PCR) test, it must be less than 72 hours prior to shipment from the date of collection. Children under 11 years of age are exempt.

All passengers must complete a passenger health form online at . nda. a/form. hp, then print and sign the form, to be presented on arrival in Morocco.

From which countries can we come to Morocco and with which airlines?

Many countries are concerned by the decision to open up airspace, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Switzerland.

Since the appearance of the Covid-19 variant, Morocco has decided to restore entry restrictions to the territory as of January 19, 2021 by temporarily suspending flights from Australia, Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand until further notice.

However, we advise you to consult the official websites of the airline companies for more information on flights.

The mysterious flavor of Morocco beckons to look into this amazing and incredibly hospitable country. And there really is a lot to see and do! Beach lovers, fans of surfing or diving, gambling skiers, and everyone who wants to admire the historical and architectural sights will have a great time in Morocco. The variety of the Moroccan natural landscape and cultural monuments allows us to offer tourists a great variety of different types of recreation!

Historic Sites

History buffs should definitely go to Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, Essueira, Meknes or Rabat. From these ancient cities, interesting excursions to the most important sights of the country are organized. It is from here that you can break away to see the Bahia Palace or the Golden Apples Mosque!

The snow-white colonial buildings of Casablanca and Rabat, luxurious medieval mosques, exotic Berber Kasbahs located in the south of the country, monumental ancient Roman ruins waiting for tourists in Volubilis, majestic sea fortresses on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and made in a very peculiar Spanish-Moorish style madrasahs and palaces of ancient imperial cities - this is not a complete list of what history lovers can see in Morocco!

Colorful cities

No one will be left indifferent by the stunning colors of Moroccan cities - a sightseeing tour of several cities at once will give a lot of unforgettable impressions! Snow-white Casablanca, which has concentrated in itself all shades of blue Chefchaouen, friendly beige Fez, blue-white tiny towns located on the coast, as well as delightful Marrakech, replete with red and pink tones, will give a lot of vivid impressions and allow you to take away a truly incredible number of wonderful photos! p>

Diving & Beach Vacation

Morocco will not do without diving or surfing in combination with an excellent beach holiday. The most suitable Moroccan resort for lovers of such pleasures will undoubtedly be Agadir. The length of the beaches here is more than ten kilometers - stunningly beautiful landscapes, clean and calm sea, as well as soft and delicate white sand will create a feeling of paradise every day. And hotels in Agadir are focused mainly on the European level, that is, the service here can boast of a very high quality. But it is unlikely that someone will want to sit at the hotel when there are so many beauty!


Yes, in Morocco, this kind of rest is possible! And the popular ski resorts here are as many as two: one is located in close proximity to Marrakesh, and the second - Meknes Tafilala - is not far from Fez. To enjoy here skiing in full, it is better to come to Morocco in the period from January to March - it is during these months Moroccan ski resorts that boast the best snow cover! [IMG2]

Features of rest in Morocco

For many years, Morocco has been in great demand among tourists from different countries. Relatively recently, this direction has become popular among Russian tourists, thanks to carriers that have launched direct charter flights. Morocco, really deserves that it is fleeing to relax - here the highest level of service, comfortable hotels, ready to satisfy any whiff of the most capricious and demanding guests. Many hotels provide spa services, thalassotherapy, which is particularly successful with beautiful half.

Also, it is worth noting the national cuisine: Couscus, grilled meat of a young lamb, grained marinated beef in sauce and much more. Not one dish will not leave you indifferent.

National dish Couscous.

Pluses of relaxing in Morocco.

1. A visa-free entrance to the country. In order to fly here on vacation, there is no need to receive a visa, the country does not have any restrictions for entering its territory of tourists.

2. A favorable and comfortable climate for year-round rest. However, for beach tourism in Morocco, it is better to come from May to October.

3. Rich excursion program. The country is rich in historical values, many of which are protected by UNESCO.

4. Great place for beach holidays. The choice of tourists Morocco has two coasts: Atlantic and Mediterranean.

5. The opportunity to plunge into Eastern flavor, visit a large number of markets. Read fully <

when better to rest?

Morocco is not only a beach holiday, but also ski and excursion. Therefore, based on the fact that you are primarily interested and necessary to navigate. In any case, the majority of tourists go here behind the Sun and the Sea.

The beach season lasts here from the end of May to the beginning of October. Summer here is dry and roast. However, it is worth understanding that this is the Atlantic Ocean, which warms up very slowly. For the most comfortable bathing, you should choose the months of July, August and September. This time is considered the velvet season when the air temperature is maximum +30. +32, and the water temperature in the ocean is about +25. This applies to the resorts: Agadir, Casablanca, Essaouira.

Morocco is one of the few countries that most of our compatriots know little about. Unlike popular resort regions, where there is a crowd of Russian-speaking tourists, Russian is often not spoken in this part of the world. But you just have to visit this corner of the planet once and it will forever conquer the heart of even the most sophisticated traveler. There is everything here to spend a comfortable stay, get a lot of new impressions and recharge with positive energy for the whole year.

However, such mysterious and distant resorts as Morocco still fail to attract our tourists, and many of us have long been looking for that unique flavor that can breathe new emotions into such a long-awaited summer vacation. That is why, today we decided to tell about all the secrets and peculiarities of rest in Morocco, as well as help to choose the best destination for traveling in this country.

Great and mysterious

The Moroccan territory attracts, first of all, due to the uniqueness of its location, the unique combination of the best traditions of the East and modern European culture. This country will conquer every lover of a varied vacation, as it can provide the traveler with all kinds of tourist destinations. Here you can easily find clean and comfortable beaches, fascinating excursions to the most ancient monuments of mankind and a real extreme.

Did you know? On the territory of Morocco, in the city of Fez, there is the most ancient university. The educational and religious institution Al-Karaouin was opened in 859 AD. ...

Where is

Many even experienced travelers ask themselves the question: "Where exactly is Morocco?" This independent state is located in the northern part of the African continent. It is washed by two seas. In the northern part, the coast is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the west are the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the east and southeast, the country borders on Algeria, in the south - on the territory of Western Sahara. The southeastern borders lie in the Sahara Desert, but the exact limits have not yet been determined.

Morocco has a rather advantageous geographical location, since in fact the country is located in Africa, but thanks to the Strait of Gibraltar it has a direct connection with some of the most developed countries of the European Union. True, after the state got out of the French protectorate in 1956, today the country is developing in relation to its own priorities in domestic and foreign policy, therefore, the connection with Europe has been established exclusively in the trade sphere. Today Morocco is a young, actively developing state, one of the most developed African countries with a constitutional monarchy as the main form of government.

How to get from Moscow

Not so long ago, getting to Morocco was not so easy. But today, in order to visit this resort region, you only need to spend a few hours on board a comfortable liner. There are many options for air travel. There is a direct flight from Moscow to Casablanca, and from there you can get by bus to any part of the country. There are also many connecting flights that allow you to travel almost every day. To do this, you need to get from Moscow to one of the European capitals (Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Rome, etc.), and from there take a direct plane to the resorts of Morocco.

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