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10 popular travel bloggers on Instagram and YouTube

Hello everyone. Do you use any sources when planning your trip, or do you prefer to thunder into a whirlpool headlong, without disassembling the road? For example, I like to find out in advance about the country to which I am going to go. This minimizes the failures that, hypothetically, I can lie in wait on the way to. Or to, because all the paths for us have long been trodden and ran into a rake. In order not to drown in the abyss of the information flow, you need to be able to find valuable bruliantikas. I take off this dreary burden from you and tell you about five awesome blogs that will reveal the secrets of travel to you and will be extremely useful in general.

Ilya Varlamov

I'll start right away with perhaps the most famous and outstanding person - Ilya Varlamov. His blog on LiveJournal has been at the top of the popular list for a long time. In March 17, he was on the list of the most cited sources according to Medialogia, in 2010 he was included in the pool of journalists covering the president's activities, in 2012 he co-founded the non-state fund City Projects. What does this mean? If you want to tell the world a blatant muck about a city or, at least, give praise, keep in mind that Varlamov has already written about this in a capacious, apt and witty manner before you. We must pay tribute to his work - a critical view of the organization of the urban infrastructure of Russian cities received a response from many public politicians, including Ramzan Kadyrov, and in 2012 led to the launch of the non-state fund City Projects, created with the aim of improving the urban environment (Ilya Varlamov is a co-founder of the foundation). Therefore, when you need to get information about the state of affairs in any city, less often in the country, feel free to refer to the search in Yandex and assign the name of Ilya. The first thing that will give you a request is its many articles. If in the time of Gogol Chichikov was considered an auditor, then in ours it was definitely Varlamov.

Artemy Lebedev

Many people know Artemy as a businessman and owner of the Artemy Lebedev Studio design company, which has developed a bunch of cool projects, including the design of Yandex websites and logos, the Gazprom website, the project of the Moscow metro and Moscow road signs, etc. But we he is, first of all, interesting as a person who has visited all the countries of the world. In the rating of The best traveled, "where world travelers are measured by * yami" (c) Artemy Lebedev, he is ranked 13th, and among Russians - the first. Notes, sharp thoughts and essays about the countries visited by Artemy can be read in his LiveJournal blog and on the topic website. at.

Sergey Dolya's virtual travelers page

Sergey is a visual aid for all desperate aerophobes. Yesterday, half-dead, he was carried on the plane, and today he is on the list of the most inveterate travelers. It is noteworthy that Sergey is not a professional journalist or photographer, but at the same time, his blog can be confidently called high-quality, both in terms of presentation style and design. In 2011, after visiting the open spaces of the Volga River in the Astrakhan region, he organized a large-scale subbotnik "Blogger against garbage" throughout Russia, in which 120 cities and 16 thousand activists took part. In 2014, Sergey headed an interesting project "Exprussia", the goal of which was to draw a giant inscription "Russia" on the map of our country using a GPS track (the result can be seen in the image above). During the two-month expedition, the participants traveled 22 thousand km. In 2015, he tried to conquer the Dyatlov Pass, but was evacuated from the places of conquest due to aggravated heart disease, not reaching only 3 km. Well, I became a reader of Sergey's blog six years ago, when I came across a series of his amazing articles about North Korea. Since then, I regularly admire his photo reports and draw a bunch of useful things from his articles. Today Sergey practically abandoned LiveJournal and took up the conquest of television. His program "Incredibly interesting stories" is already broadcasted on weekdays on Ren-TV.

Well, you and I have quietly approached two video blogs, which I simply could not fail to mention. Sometimes you want not only to read about a place of interest, but also to pick up on something.

Anton Ptushkin (YouTube)

The former participant of the world famous travel project "Heads and Tails", in my opinion, successfully retrained from the host to a video blogger. Just take a look at his coolest issue about Dubai, which gained 4 million views in 2 months. If you still haven't watched this masterpiece video, march now.

If you don't have enough travel blogs and you have Hitler's globes instead of eyes from Eagle and Tails, do not switch and scroll further.

The world inside out with Dmitry Komarov

This TV project cannot be called a blog in the conventional sense, but it would be bad form not to mention it. After all, the TV show is really high quality.

Is it necessary to go to India for the sake of beaches? I have already been pointed out more than once - in the Philippines, Bali, Cuba, etc. - there are beaches there. Trip to

A huge number of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and shops replace each other on the western side of the island. In the opinion of the owners, however, there are still not enough tourists, so they go everywhere

A thin European-looking man in a white robe stood out among the small group. This group consisted of 4 women without makeup and 3 barefoot men, approximately

After reading the praise of the local guides who will show, tell and take care of the accommodation, I contacted one of them. The proposed route of the trip was somewhat puzzling. All

We decided to have a rest in Crimea, which is again part of Russia, not as “savages”, but in a civilized manner. This sanatorium in Soviet times was the most beautiful and largest in

In 2014, the Italian embassy began to issue annual Schengen visas to everyone who had previously had at least one, no matter which embassy they received, a six-month visa.

To love India, you have to believe in it. In a literal sense: to believe in the teachings of the gurus who founded the ashrams, in the magical properties of yoga and Ayurveda, in the many gods. Visit

The flight Moscow-Marseille-Moscow by AirFrance could take 4 hours, but it was cheaper with a transfer in Paris (13625 rubles/person). Some concern was caused by the transfer from Charles airport

All pros/cons are relative. Tour operators and travel agencies, despite their own problems, declare difficulties and difficulties, about the loss of time for self-booking. Their main reasons are:

It is difficult to appreciate the trendy resorts if there are many other, less trendy ones in the past. Imagine a fantastic teleportation to the Maldives. Open your eyes and ask: where are you? Reply

We decided to have a rest in Crimea, which is again a part of Russia, not as “savages”, but in a civilized manner. This sanatorium in Soviet times was the most beautiful and largest in

We have collected 10 cool travel bloggers with a large number of followers, high-quality content and interesting features. Watch and get inspired!

Anton Ptushkin

His name was first mentioned in the travel show “Heads and Tails. Reboot ". Anton hosted the program for two seasons, after which he opened a personal YouTube channel. Now Anton's channel already has more than 2.5 million subscribers and more than 160 million views.

Anton shows the beauty of nature and architecture, asks local residents about the peculiarities of a country or city. The quality of shooting, staging and selection of music delights and inspires to visit new countries. By the way, Anton himself shoots and edits the video.

The most popular (as of January 2020) was the story about Dubai, which gained almost 13 million views. During his trip there, Anton visited a floating villa, and also found out that the oil industry accounts for only 5% of all income in Dubai, while tourism brings all 20%.

In addition to the YouTube channel, Anton maintains pages on Instagram, VKontakte, Twitter and Facebook. So you can follow his travels on any social network you like.

Elnar Mansurov - Mishkatravel

Mishka's blog. ravel is an independent traveler's guide, in which inexperienced conquerors of the world will find a lot of useful information, for example, how to apply for a visa or how to properly look for housing. But the main thing is that Elnar's website contains a lot of information about travel safety rules, especially when you go on a trip alone. No wonder the slogan Mishka. ravel - "Travel with your head!"

There is also an Instagram page: there is less text and a lot of beautiful photos that beckon to go on a trip.

Leonid Pashkovsky - "I want to go home"

"Want to go home" is a YouTube channel about travels that you will never go on. Leonid goes to the most dangerous, uncomfortable and completely non-tourist places on Earth and takes pictures of the life of people without embellishment. His adventures are followed by 556 thousand channel subscribers.

Particularly popular is the video "Russian in Shaolin", which gained more than 5 million views in six months. Leonid immersed himself in the life of a famous Buddhist monastery, talked with the master and students, began to master kung fu and interviewed a Russian guy Lesha, who has been studying kung fu in Shaolin for three years.

In 2018, Leonid Pashkovsky became the best travel blogger according to the results of voting in the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018, and in 2019 he received the same title from the Best Blogger Awards.

In this article, I would like to share my experience of creating a website or blog about travel and tourism for making money. "Why immediately to earn money?" - you ask. It's simple, because my site is v-thailand. om is designed just for those people who are going to live and earn money while traveling. And although my site is not that visited at the moment, 500 (already a secret☺) visitors per day, I know which direction to move in order to improve my position and get ahead of some competitors.

I would like to briefly describe the process of site building, since to create the most complete picture, a separate site will be required due to its non-theme. So let's get started with what we will find out (if you are not already in the know) how a blog differs from a website.

What is more suitable for making money: a blog or a website?

Output. Since regular readers get used to advertising information over time, they stop paying attention to it, and someone turns it off altogether through AdBlock. Visitors who have switched to your resource from search engines, most often do not return back, and so, it is they who provide the main income for the site or blog. It is a good idea to have both a blog and a website on the same resource at the same time. You can in one article, for example, about adventures in the fish market in Phuket, give recommendations to readers about "which fish markets are cheaper" and "how to choose quality fish in Thailand." Naturally, if you want more conversions from search engines to this article, it will have to be SEO-optimized.

How to create a personal website or blog?

Let's look at the question of creating a personal website or travel blog and what you need to do this:

  • Motivation. The key aspect, without which the creation and promotion of the site, and, consequently, earnings are IMPOSSIBLE! There can be any motivation, from the desire to please readers with a new article to the desire to please yourself with new earnings, something like this =) During site promotion, you may have periodic breakdowns, because of which the most important thing is not to abandon the site promotion! I already had two of them))) The site was thrown for 3 months, because of which Yandex began to treat it noticeably worse.
  • Host selection. If everything is in order with your motivation, we proceed to choosing a hosting on which your site will work. The main thing here is not to get caught up on shit hosting. I am using SpaceWeb. u: satisfied with prices, stability, and quick help from the support service.
  • Select site engine. The engine is the basis of the site, its choice is a purely individual matter. I used DataLifeEngine (DLE) on one site, and at the moment my site is v-thailand. om is powered by the WordPress engine. Other equally popular engines are Drupal, Joomba and Ucoz. If you chose the latter, then point 2 can be skipped, since their engine and hosting are one whole. The only thing, when working with any engine, you need to have at least primary web programming skills, if you do not have enough of them, you can turn to the Workzilla freelance exchange for help, but it would be cheaper to purchase a video course on creating custom websites, by the author is the famous blogger Alexander Belyashov.
  • Filling the site. It is recommended to write only unique articles of 2000 characters or more. If you have nothing to write from yourself, you can order them from copywriters on article exchanges such as ContentMonster or Advego. Each article must be optimized for search engines, while it must be pleasant to read.

How to properly promote a website or blog?

Let's say you've already created a website, filled it with a sufficient number of articles, now let's move on to the question: how and where to promote a website or a travel blog? Website promotion is also a misfortune that can destroy any motivation, here the most important thing is patience, because website promotion is not a quick process. And so, in order to promote a travel site, it is advisable every month (no more than 10-15 per month) to buy eternal links to your site on such exchanges as:

These are not the only methods of website promotion, I just use these. There are also free ones, but their efficiency is not as high as that of paid ones, and it will take longer to sweat.

The behavioral factor (PF) of the site - in my personal concept, is a combination of the quality of the site (code optimization, loading web pages, no duplicates, etc.) and site traffic (depth of page views and time spent on the site , the number of returned users, the correctness of filling in the meta tags, writing SEO-optimized content, etc.). In fact, there are a lot of points, to be honest, until recently I thought that I knew enough about SEO, but every day more and more new things are opening up for me. Sometimes you have to edit the same material several times to break into the TOP-10.

How to make money on site traffic?

Let's see if it's realistic to make money on travel sites or blogs. Really! And you can earn a lot. Moreover, you can earn, for example, $ 100 per month from 300 people per day, and the same money from 1500 people per day. In general, on a resource dedicated to travel, you can earn up to 150 thousand rubles a month. The only thing is, it is better to start making money on the site from the 6th month after its creation. And the first normal earnings will come only in a year or two. And now, let's move on to the question - how do the sites earn:

Travel blog on YouTube is one of the extraordinary ways to make money in the travel niche, not only with Travelpayouts, but also with other methods of monetization. Vitaly and Liza from the Svoy Khod channel shared their experience of creating, promoting, monetizing and maintaining the channel. Over the past 7 years, they have visited 42 countries and have grown their channel into a popular Russian travel video blog. Now the channel has almost 200 thousand subscribers and 33 million views.

Tell us who you are, what results have you achieved so far?

We are Vitalik and Lisa - travelers and bloggers. We have been traveling for 7 years, during this time we have managed to visit 42 countries and gain a reputation as a popular travel blog in Russia. Now on our YT channel "Svoyodom" there are almost 200 thousand subscribers (only 20 thousand is not enough) and 33 million views.

In addition to our video blog, we are actively developing other social networks: a group in VK (63 thousand subscribers) and instagram (255 thousand subscribers).

Our blog is about the fact that independent travel is possible and necessary for everyone, and we only suggest how to make it easier, more budgetary and more interesting.

Experience in the development of VK publics, Instagram channels network

Now we are fully engaged in our project, and few people remember that a little over a year ago we had one of the largest networks on Instagram with 18 pages for 2.5 million subscribers and a group in VK per 1 million subscribers (by the way, this is perhaps the only thing that we still pay attention and time to).

We launched the VK group a long time ago, when publics had just begun to emerge (2011) and it was our mistake not to create a few more groups. Then investments in the public were minimal - only 30 thousand rubles and we have a group of 100 thousand subscribers. Then we promoted it to 1 million absolutely free with the help of exchanges and free advertising between publics.

Then Instagram appeared and began to gain popularity in Russia (2014), and we, remembering past experience, immediately created a network of entertainment pages: about books, horoscopes, movies, English, gifts and life hacks. More was invested in the first two pages - 200 thousand, but the rest of the network was promoted in just six months, which brought good results.

We can say that we "caught the wave", and for about three years it slowly rolled towards the coast, bringing good income.

Why did you end up with travel blogging on YouTube?

In short, this is our dream. Travel, but not just like that, but share something useful with people, inspire and motivate them. That is why all the projects that we were engaged in (the same publics), they were just an auxiliary element, a business that brings money for the most important thing - our travels.

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