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Active tourism in Montenegro

Most people associate this country with a seaside vacation. All-inclusive tours to Montenegro can be bought at almost any agency that deals with the selection of tours. But a boring holiday by the hotel's pool with occasional forays to the beach is not for us. We prefer new discoveries and interesting travels. Adventure Club is not a tour operator in the usual sense of the word, but a hobby club that unites fans of active tourism.

reasons to visit Montenegro

Types of tours

Members of our Adventure Club are people with different preferences and views on outdoor activities. Someone cannot imagine themselves without hiking in the mountains, someone prefers to explore the sea coast, someone likes to go on excursions in big cities more. Therefore, in our piggy bank of tours to Montenegro, different formats are available:

  • on foot (with backpacks or light);
  • combined (tourists pass part of the route on foot, part of the route is covered by cars or buses);
  • excursions (the main part of the program is excursions to historical and cultural sights);
  • bike tours (the entire route from start to finish is covered by tourists on bicycles).

In terms of complexity, our tours range from the simplest, designed for a wide range of tourists, to extreme, where only participants with hiking experience and in good physical shape are allowed. On some trips, you can take children from 10 years old, provided that there are no restrictions on health conditions.

Features of tours to Montenegro

Each tour presented in the catalog has a coordinator - you can ask him any questions regarding the trip. The coordinator's contacts are on the hike page.

Tours to Montenegro

From time to time, unfortunately, I come across negative reviews like this: “We chose Montenegro for vacation and were completely disappointed. No more foot there! " Once again, wondering why it turns out this way, and why Montenegro is not suitable for everyone, I decided to write this article. In it I will try to give a detailed answer to the question “is it worth going to Montenegro?”, Highlight the pros and cons of rest in Montenegro and give a couple of tips on how not to be disappointed in Montenegro.

Pros of vacation in Montenegro

Benefits of rest in Montenegro:

  • No visa required. Montenegro is not in the European Union and not in the Schengen area. For Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians, a visa to Montenegro is not required. For citizens of Kazakhstan and Armenia, a visa-free regime is made every summer. Read more about the visa rules of Montenegro →
  • Clean beaches. Montenegrins are very sensitive about the cleanliness of their beaches, so many beaches have a "blue flag" - a sign that the water on the beach is clean and safe for swimming. The Blue Flag is an international beach quality standard adopted throughout Europe. Blue flags can also be seen on the beaches of Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and other countries.
  • Very beautiful nature. Without exaggeration, the nature in Montenegro is delightfully beautiful. Boka Kotorska Bay is one of the ten most beautiful fjords in Europe, pink flamines can be seen on Lake Skadar, and the country's difficult landscape has many wow species. List of must-see places in Montenegro →

This view of the Bay of Kotor opens from the Vrmac ridge, where you can climb on foot or drive up by car

Peace seems to be in the air. Many tourists in their reviews note that it is safe in Montenegro.

Even in winter, Montenegro has a lot to go and see by car. For example, this photo was taken during a trip around Lake Skadar on a panoramic road

During the trip to the Grlo Sokolovo gorge, my husband and I stopped at a horse-drawn carriage to ask if we were going along that road. Word for word, but we came to our senses only two hours later, when the owner treated her husband with brandy in full and offered to stay with an overnight stay: D. T. I was driving, they gave me delicious berry tea and a local dessert. The owner flatly refused to take the money.

Red tiled roofs, labyrinths of streets - I have not met a single person who would not fall in love with the old town of Kotor

For those who are going to Montenegro for the first time, I have written a separate detailed instruction about what you should know before traveling.

Active tours in Montenegro: selection of a tour for any tourist. Go on exciting hikes with the Adventure Club along a variety of routes!

Lightweight tour with accommodation in cottages, walks in the mountains without backpacks. The route is suitable for lovers of comfortable rest and low loads, while the tour is very bright and dynamic.

We will visit two national parks, ride on one of the highest mountain railways with amazing views, see mirror mountain lakes, raft down the emerald Tara River in the deepest canyon in Europe, visit medieval fortress cities and, of course, we will swim in the Adriatic Sea!

In just a week we will discover the beauty of amazing Montenegro. The tour is suitable for everyone - you don't need to wear backpacks. Participation with children from 7 years old is possible.

How to get there

A visa is not required - for a trip to Montenegro and neighboring countries that we propose to visit (Bosnia, Albania, Serbia), you only need a valid passport.

For direct charter flights to Montenegro, see this link, or we recommend using skyscanner. u to search for regular flights.

Pobeda company also flies to Montenegro (tickets are inexpensive, luggage is not included in the price, but it can be purchased for additional LVL): tickets here

You can plan a trip to Montenegro without the participation of travel agencies. But for this you need to do the preparatory work - choose transport, resort, time of stay in the country. Only after that independent travel to Montenegro will be comfortable.

Resort Overview

You need to start at the resort. Traditionally, they stop at one of the coastal cities of the country. The Adriatic Sea in this region is clean, but the bottom is monotonous. Therefore, fans of diving and snorkeling can choose any resort.

There are criteria for planning a trip to Montenegro for recreation. Reviews are one of them. Tourists' judgments may be subjective and not true. To choose a resort, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive analysis.

TOP-4 vacation spots in Montenegro:

  • Budva. A good place to relax and travel on your own. It is characterized by a developed infrastructure, on its territory more than 100 villas will provide their services, there are excursion agencies. The disadvantages include relatively high prices for room and board during the peak season.
  • Bar. Has modern architecture, many shops and supermarkets. When planning an independent holiday in it, you can not only have a good time on the beach or excursion programs, but also make useful and profitable purchases. Advantages - a large selection of apartments and villas, prices are lower than in Budva.
  • Herceg Novi. For lovers of peace and quiet. The resort is literally surrounded by greenery. The architectural style is as close as possible to the traditional European one - narrow streets, small shops and shops. There are several attractions - the central square, the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, beautiful views open from the fortress wall.
  • Becici. The village is in the suburbs of Budva, vacationers can walk to the center. Plus - the presence of a sandy beach, which is rare for Montenegro.

In addition, you should consider the proximity to the airport. There are two operating in the country - Tivat and Podgorica. But most of the tourist flights go to Tivat. When budgeting travel to Montenegro, take into account the cost of taxi and airport transfers.

The transfer time from this airport to Budva is about 40-50 minutes. The taxi fare is usually 50 Euros and there is no bus service.


A characteristic feature of Montenegro is a small number of hotels. They are located on the coast, have their own beach, quality service. But for relaxation it is recommended to stay in an apartment or a villa. These accommodation options have special characteristics, tourists should know what to expect from each one if they are planning an independent trip to Montenegro.

Here's what to expect from a villa holiday:

  • this is one, much less often two furnished rooms;
  • you need to find out about household appliances in advance, you need air conditioning;
  • apartments with a kitchen are more expensive common, but many villas allocate a small space in a room with an electric stove;
  • Internet via Wi-Fi, but its speed and stability of work leaves much to be desired;
  • cleaning frequency - 1 time in 2-3 days.

Of course, you can buy tickets, check schedules, book hotels, etc. without any registration.

But after registration, all this will become more convenient and faster.

At any time you can

  • print an order form or itinerary receipt,
  • order an operator call, etc.,
  • view the order history.

We made a personal account quite recently. Soon its capabilities will significantly expand.


About Montenegro

Resorts of Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro is chosen by tourists who want not only to get acquainted with the culture of the country and look at the historical sights, but also to enjoy the magnificent nature. The plane flies from Moscow to Montenegro for 3 hours. Time in Montenegro is two hours behind Moscow time.

Entry into Montenegro in a pandemic

Montenegro has opened its borders for Russian tourists from 4 August. At the same time, official flights from Russia have not been restored. You will have to get to Podgorica with transfers. You will need to buy tickets for two separate flights: from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Podgorica. No coronavirus test is required.

There is a curfew in Montenegro. You cannot go outside after 22:00 and before 5:00. During this time, only passengers departing or arriving after 22:00 can reach the airport or return to the hotel. Shops and restaurants are open until 20:00 and you can only wear a mask.

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