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The prospects of tourism in the cold light up your eyes. Yakutia together with the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug make up almost half of the entire Arctic zone of the Russian Federation - this is a huge territory with potential that must be used. How to develop Arctic tourism - in the topic of the week "NU_online" with experts from the Northern Forum.

Tourist Yakutia What are the prospects?

As noted by the Deputy Rector of NEFU for Analytical Issues Alexander Kugaevsky, today tourism in Yakutia is developing quite dynamically. This is proved by statistics: if in 2005 the total tourist flow was 128,378 people, then in 2017 the republic was visited by 190,812 tourists, and the volume of paid tourist services increased from 122 to 970 million rubles. “Budget efficiency is also confirmed by the fact that in recent years, for one ruble of investments in tourism, Yakutia has received an increase in tax revenues to the budget of 1 ruble 36 kopecks - this is a high efficiency indicator,” noted Alexander Kugaevsky.

Today tourism in Yakutia is divided into several directions - the first includes scientific, ecological, the second eventual, ethnological, and the third extreme

“Within the framework of the first one, one can discover the spheres of paleontology, ornithology, as well as evaluate the biodiversity of the fauna of Yakutia, within the framework of the second one, visit the national holiday Ysyakh and various winter festivals,” the expert adds. - The latter direction traditionally includes hunting, fishing, mountain tours, rafting on mountain rivers and hikes on dog and reindeer sleds.

“Our republic can boast of unique tourist sites that are not found anywhere else in the world - the Lena Pillars National Park, Mount Kisilyakh, the Permafrost Center, the Tukulany Desert, various ice,” stressed Alexander Kugaevsky. “The most promising projects include the World Mammoth Center, a ski slope on the permafrost and a cryostorage where seeds of various plants can be stored.”

Unique Arctic, unique challenges

What hinders the realization of the recreational potential of the Arctic tourism? Experts believe that the main problems lie in the training of personnel, tourist projects, tourist routes, as well as transport accessibility. “Personnel training is, on the whole, a unique product, because we are one of the only ones who are guided by work in very difficult conditions,” said the deputy rector of NEFU for analytical issues. “The same applies to tourist projects - Yakutia and other regions need to think about the relevance of packaging for tourist counters and route infrastructure: what, apart from hotels and food outlets, should accompany our guests to ensure their comfort?”.

According to the expert of the project office for the development of the Arctic in Moscow, associate professor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Vorotnikov, due to the above problems, the result was a minimal contribution of tourism to the GDP of the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation - at the level of 0.1-0.01%.

The development of tourism in the Russian Arctic is directly related to the development of folk art crafts, and this is very important for Yakutia and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug with their unique cultures

Also in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to develop such an important part of ecological tourism as eco-volunteering, adds an expert of the project office for the development of the Arctic in Moscow. “In the Arctic regions of Yakutia, it is practically absent. But this is not only a problem of Yakutia, but also of other regions, - says Alexander Vorotnikov. “The implementation of projects in this area will help attract hundreds of young people and students to the Arctic”.

Tourism within the framework of national projects

According to the expert, the experience of Russia here is unique, since the practice of students will take place in the Arctic. “We need only modern training programs, coordinated with a foreign customer, competent marketing. These programs will attract students from Asian countries (Korea, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) who are actively showing interest in the Arctic, ”he said.

Equestrian tourism in Russia - PROS and CONS

Tour operator of Yakutia for outdoor activities, expeditions, fishing and hunting!

In addition, and at the same time, we are always glad to offer our tourists services in the following directions: - Individual and group travel, expeditions in Yakutia; Show in full. - Individual and group trips around the world; - Event tours in Yakutia and beyond; - Excursions around the city of Yakutsk; - Reservation of accommodation facilities; - Business tourism, seminars, forums; - Exhibitions; - Organization of corporate and family recreation; - Sports fishing and hunting; - Transport services; - Visa support; - Air ticket sales

If you are tired of the bustle of the city and want to spend time with your family or friends, the health and joy park "Satal" has opened its doors for you. Horseback riding, downhill rides, an extreme all-terrain vehicle ride, a skating rink await you here. For recreation with a large company, you can rent a cozy house. There is also a restaurant for you with a varied menu and pleasant prices. After fun rides, you can go in, sit comfortably in the bright room overlooking the surroundings, warm up by the fireplace and drink delicious tea or aromatic coffee.

All this awaits you at the address: Magansky tract 6 km, 1.

The Lena Pillars are a treasure trove. These 200-meter stone idols, striking in their grandeur, were formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals that existed in Yakutia at the beginning of the Cambrian period. They keep the memory of the history of many centuries, once again proving the oldest origin of life on our planet. render completely. Only in the 17th century did travelers manage to get to this amazing place. Since then, the Yakut pillars have been a desirable object for many adventure seekers.

Winter is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the most famous place in Yakutia! On the contrary, who, no matter how much a real northern beauty, the Yakut winter will allow you to enjoy the beauty of a winter fairy tale and the charm of the local pristine nature.

Anyone who wants to unravel the secrets of these unique rocks can make a delightful winter trip!

Groups from 4 to 10 people cost of the tour: 5000 rubles/person.

The tour price includes: transport; entrance tickets to the Lena Pillars Natural Park; rent of a guest house; snowmobiling Batamay - Lena Pillars - Batamay; accident insurance; accompanying guide.

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Yakutia is a land of indescribable beauty

Yakutia is one of the most unique regions of the planet, annually attracting the attention of more than 100,000 tourists not only from other constituent entities of Russia, but also foreigners. Many are attracted by the famous Lena Pillars, the “eternal” Buluus glaciers, the picturesque Kuruluur waterfalls, the Turuk-Khaya rocks, the “Kingdom of Permafrost” complex, which amaze the imagination. It is impossible to enjoy such beauties anywhere in the world.

The national Yakut cuisine is also unique in its own way, analogs of which cannot be found in other parts of the world. Is it possible to make sure that no less promising gastronomic tourism begins to develop in one of the largest regions of the country, whose popularity has only been gaining momentum over the years?

Happiness is within you

France, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, Georgia, Abkhazia and other countries of the world attract hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists who are fascinated by many aspects of culture - from architecture and art to incredibly beautiful landscapes and various wonders. The latter include national dishes and recipes.

It's no longer a secret that people are rather curious creatures, eager for new discoveries and experiences. The Louvre, the Colosseum, St. Paul's Cathedral in the Vatican, Angkor Wat, the Egyptian pyramids and other monumental structures of human genius inspire awe and awe, which are transformed into an ocean of positive impressions. The same thing happens when tasting a delicious dish. This is facilitated by the hormone dopamine - one of the hormones of "happiness". Therefore, it is not surprising that there are people visiting countries and continents with a gastronomic purpose.

For more than a hundred years now, the world-famous Michelin Guide has been published, which is one of the most influential guides in the restaurant business. To be in this rating is the dream of any chef and restaurant owner. It was originally published as a "memo" for travelers - it listed hotels, eateries, workshops and other places that would make life easier in a completely unfamiliar city or country. But since 1920, restaurant ratings have been added to the guide.

World renowned chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay. The first who managed to get three Michelin stars. Now he has about 10 of them

Now the "Red Guide" is the "bible" of the true gourmet. The mere fact of mentioning the establishment means an influx of visitors, ensuring commercial success. Some travel agencies even organize separate tours of Michelin-starred establishments.

Therefore, gastronomic tourism is a very promising area that can attract an additional flow of foreign tourists in any region, including Yakutia. Michelin star or not, food that is different from regular cuisine always attracts attention.

“Wrap up! Me with me. " Is it possible to develop gastronomic tourism in Yakutia?

“On behalf of our community, I invite everyone to visit our beautiful land - South Yakutia. You will be able to plunge into an unknown world. Untouched, virgin places, striking in their primordiality and beauty, will be open to you through the prism of ethno-tourism. We will introduce you to our people, our way of life and craft. We will help lovers of fishing with fishing, hunters in obtaining licenses and vouchers, we will accompany them on hunting trips. We organize everyday life with knowledge of the matter. We have at our disposal huge spaces and prepared special equipment with professional pilots and drivers. we will, we will see you and we will wait for you again and again! ”

Best regards, Sergey Maskevich. Head of the nomadic tribal Evenk community "BULCHUT".

This is an opportunity to see the pristine beauty and grandeur of the nature of Yakutia. Escape from the bustle of the city and go for new experiences in the company of people close to you.

Breathtaking combined tours along the wild rivers of Yakutia. A combination of sport fishing for taimen, pike, grayling, lenok. As well as combined hunting for brown bear, reindeer, elk, hazel grouse, duck and wood grouse.

For those who are looking for a company for a great holiday in unknown, wild places and new acquaintances with like-minded people. We provide assistance in the selection of a group.

Looking for a fishing trip company?

Recruitment of prefabricated groups for 2021 is open! June, July, September ...

Taimen, lenok, grayling.

For more details, contact us!

Dear guests!

The Bulchut Evenk community (translated as a hunter), I am glad to welcome you to our website! We hope everyone will find answers to some of their questions here, and perhaps even become happier and a little wiser….

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