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Top 3 Popular Tourist Routes in Germany

There are many interesting events taking place in Germany. Holidays, festivals, exhibitions and competitions. You will find many interesting things in any major city in Germany. On this page information is only about some interesting events in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich. If you know about interesting events in Germany or if you are looking for information about an event in our Vkontakte or Facebook group.

Carnivals in Germany

Carnivals are held in many cities in Germany every year. This is a significant event for the locals (often referred to as "Season Five"). During the carnival season (Karneval or Fasching), colorful celebrations, street parades and costume balls are organized. Carnival season in Germany (also called "The Fifth Season") Officially preparations for the carnivals begin on November 11th. In fact, the celebration of the carnival is held 40 days before Easter, before the beginning of Lent. The celebration begins with the "Carnival of Women" on Thursday (Weiberfastnacht). On this day, the Lady can kiss any man. The culmination of the holiday is the Carnival Parade on Monday (Rosenmontag). Orchestras, dancers and townspeople will walk along the city streets in carnival costumes. The next day is mostly celebrated by children. The holiday ends on Wednesday (Aschermittwoch). The best and most colorful carnivals will be held in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich.

When will the carnival take place this year

  • 2020: Thursday February 20 (Weiberfastnacht), Sunday February 23 (Karnevalssonntag), Monday February 24 (Rosenmontag), Wednesday February 26 (Aschermittwoch).
  • 2021: Thursday February 11 (Weiberfastnacht), Sunday February 14 (Karnevalssonntag), Monday February 15 (Rosenmontag), Wednesday February 17 (Aschermittwoch).
  • 2022: Thursday February 24 (Weiberfastnacht), Sunday February 27 (Karnevalssonntag), Monday February 28 (Rosenmontag), Wednesday March 02 (Aschermittwoch).
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Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlinale International Film Festival is one of the most important events in the film industry. A large number of specialists, journalists and film lovers from many countries of the world come to the festival in Berlin every year. The screenings of the novelties of world cinema will be held in various cinemas in Berlin. More information about the festival program and cinemas can be found on the official website of the film festival . erlinale. e/en/HomePage. tml. Berlin International Film Festival is the most famous film festival in Germany. It has been held annually since 1951. The film festival is one of the most famous film festivals in the world. The main prize of the festival is the Golden Bear. The festival program includes films of different genres from different countries. Berlinale Film Festival Facts: Approximately 300,000 tickets sold, over 19,000 professionals from 115 countries (including 4,000 journalists), approximately 400 films screened. At the Berlin Film Festival, you can see films of different genres for audiences with different interests. Films are shown in many cinemas and halls in Berlin: CineStar in the Sony Center, Berlinale Palast, Arsenal (Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art), Berlinale Palast, CinemaxX, CineStar Cubix, Colosseum, International, Zeughauskino. The official website of the film festival: www. erlinale. e

Hamburg Motorcycle Days

Dates: February 21 - 23, 2020. ? Hamburg Motorcycle Days (HMT Hamburger Motorrad Tage) will be held in Hamburg (Germany) from 26 to 28 February 2016. A great exhibition and show for motorcycle lovers. Motorcycle Days is a traditional event held in Hamburg at the start of the new year. The exhibition area will be 45,000 square meters. ...

Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Germany and other countries will meet at the festival. Here you can see the newest models of motorcycles, new collections of clothing for bikers, and see shows on motorcycles. You will be able to see how difficult and dangerous stunts are performed on motorcycles. It will be an interesting event for those who consider motorcycles the most beautiful hobby in the world. Venue - exhibition center "Hamburg Messe" (halls B1 B5). Address: Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg, Germany. Check the information on the official website of the festival.

Berlin International Tourism Fair

Dates: 04 - 08 March 2020. ITB Berlin 2020 exhibition canceled due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The international tourism exchange ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus Börse - ITB) has been held since 1966. One of the largest tourism exhibitions in the world. Last year the exhibition was attended by 180 thousand people, of which more than one hundred thousand were specialists. The exhibition is attended by: tour operators, airlines, car rental, resorts, hotels, hotel and ticket booking systems, other companies offering goods and services for travel lovers. On some of the days, the exhibition is open only to professionals. Address: Messe ICC, Messedamm 22, Berlin. The official website of the tourism exhibition: www. tb-berlin. e

Interesting events in Germany

Tourist routes for Germans are not only relaxation, but also an attempt to gain strength, fill yourself with positive emotions

There are various routes for travel in Germany. Let's talk about three top routes that are so different in their content that they are suitable for a wide variety of people:

  • trail on the former Berlin Wall;
  • trail based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm;
  • wine trail in the Palatinate.

Berlin Wall: Berliner Mauerweg

The circle on the territory of the Berlin Wall is 160 kilometers of path along the territory of the wall, which in the past fenced off two worlds - East and West Berlin.

In 2020, more than 30 years ago, this wall, which became a real border with posts and a rigid access system, was erected right in the middle of Berlin. Now Berliners and guests of the capital can travel along this 160-kilometer trail, which has turned into an interesting tourist attraction. You can walk it, but usually travel is combined with a bike ride.

There are 14 sections of the route that are designed for cycling or walking. These micro-routes can be as long - up to 21 kilometers and for short - seven kilometers of travel.

You can drive to the starting point and leave the end of the micro-route by public transport, so this excursion will not require special preparation.

What to see on this route? There are many unique objects here. For example, on Bernauer Straße, there is a memorial "Berlin Wall" where there is a real fragment of the Berlin Wall in full height, as well as a partially preserved residential building, which was completely evicted in order to make it a barrier to the inhabitants of East Berlin. Instead of a large concrete barrier, green areas and walking paths are now located in place of the wall.

Checkpoint Charlie and other highlights

The famous Checkpoint Charlie can also be found along the route. It is a fully preserved and partially reconstructed checkpoint on Friedrichstrasse. It is a popular tourist attraction that includes souvenir shops and photo zones. At Checkpoint Charlie, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the Cold War and feel how the inhabitants of Berlin lived in two different worlds.

Interesting events in Germany 2020, information for tourists. These events are worth visiting. Events in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich.

We travel ourselves! traveltu. u

This article is for those who want to travel in Germany on their own or choose a vacation spot.

What you need to know to make your independent travel in Germany enjoyable, convenient, interesting and entertaining.

Germany is a big country. Its territory is 357,021 km². It is impossible to study it in one trip. Moreover, the country is not homogeneous. Each federal state is a “member state” in the Federal Republic of Germany. Some of the federal states have this historical meaning (Free State of Saxony or Saarland). Each land has its own coat of arms. In addition to national holidays, there are holidays and customs - traditional for this area, such as Oktoberfest. There are rules for travel by rail.

Without this article, the further story of an independent journey through Germany will turn into a simple story about where we have been and what we have seen. We would like to share with our readers the knowledge of how you can travel around Germany on your own, conveniently, comfortably and inexpensively. T. discover the next secrets of budget travel.

Therefore, today we will tell you about what you need to know to travel in Germany on your own.

The best way to travel in Germany

Roads of Germany. We have written several articles on this exciting topic:

The roads of Germany are convenient for traveling by car. The railway and bus networks are well developed. For an independent traveler, this means that you don't have to associate your route with a car rental. And the second, no less important moment for the traveler - you can get to know the life of the Germans not from the car window, but in person - by trying to live a little in the conditions of the country.

Agree that visiting the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square is one experience, while bumping into a commuter train or driving along a rural road on a regular bus is a completely different experience.

We like to get to know the country from the inside: to visit not only world capitals and popular resorts, but also in small towns, villages, use local transport and shops, have breakfast in local eateries, watch how people communicate with each other. And then, of course, make your own conclusions, change your point of view on those facts that seemed indisputable.

Conclusion: it is convenient to travel around Germany both by car and by public transport. The choice of moving around the country is a matter of your taste and time.

When traveling in winter, it is worth considering the short daylight hours. T. if you have planned to visit 2 old German towns in one day, then you will have less time for a walk and inspection than in summer. In this case, it is worth using a car.

Excursions in Germany in Russian

Germany is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, and perhaps the whole world, because in this country many different sights and even more options for a diverse vacation are concentrated. Germany is very rich in architectural monuments, there are a lot of beautiful old architectural sights, among which are palaces, cathedrals, temples, magnificent castles. Unfortunately, during the war, many sights were badly damaged or completely destroyed, but the Germans still managed to restore a considerable part of them. Therefore, excursions in Germany in Russian to iconic historical monuments are always popular with tourists from our country.

In addition to buildings and beautiful old buildings, in Germany you can enjoy a beach holiday on the Bavarian lakes or on the Baltic Sea coast, have fun in wonderful ski resorts, ride through picturesque villages, enjoy incredibly delicious German cuisine and refresh yourself with a sip of the legendary beer. Excursions in Germany in Russian will acquaint guests with the gastronomic peculiarities and tastes of the Germans, the richest cultural heritage, traditions and mentality of local residents. In Germany, all kinds of festivals and celebrations are often held, including the legendary Oktoberfest, the cheerful Love Parade, New Year's fairs and festivities. This wonderful country is the best suited for tourists, and offers great opportunities for a bright and memorable vacation for every taste!

Where to buy excursions in Germany in Russian

Almost all cities in Germany have many interesting and picturesque places, historical monuments and other "business cards" that tourists will be interested in getting to know. However, they do not always manage to quickly find good Russian-speaking guides and such precious vacation time is wasted. If you are looking for excursions in Germany for Russians already being in this country or are just planning to go there, you can find great deals on the Tripster service. This service is aimed specifically at Russian-speaking tourists, for whom there are excellent options for diverse excursions to various German cities popular among tourists, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne.

On Tripster, you can also find great excursions from Germany in Russian, if you want to visit other nearby countries during your vacation. Each excursion presented on the service has a detailed description, the guides indicate the route and places to visit, all the necessary organizational points and prices for all related services. Thanks to this, you have an excellent opportunity to plan your stay in this country even before your departure to Germany, and even in a short time to see the most interesting objects for you. After studying the description provided by the guide, you can clarify any questions of interest directly from the guide, and book one or more excursions for days suitable for you and your company. Excursions in Germany in Russian are an ideal way to get to know this amazing country!

Prices for excursions in Germany in Russian

Before going to Germany, as well as to any other country, every traveler tries to calculate how much money needs to be prepared for travel, accommodation, meals and entertainment. On Tripster, you can find out the cost of excursions in Germany, and, knowing this useful information, prepare the necessary budget in advance. Please note that the guides indicate what exactly is included in the set price of the walk, and for which you will have to pay extra separately already on the excursion itself. Such additional expenses include renting a vehicle, purchasing tickets to museums, castles and other attractions with a paid entrance, paying for dinners in restaurants, etc. After reading the information about the organizational details, you can find out in advance how much money needs to be prepared and thereby avoid any troubles already on a tour of Germany in Russian.

The price formation is significantly influenced by the duration of the trip or walk, the number of tourists in the excursion group, and other nuances. Traditionally, group tours have a lower cost compared to individual ones, but in the first case the price is indicated for one person, and in the second - for the entire excursion for one company. Therefore, if you want to go alone or in the company of a friend and at the same time save money, then the best option would be group tours in Germany, the cost of which ranges from € 20 to € 60. If you decide to relax in a small company, then it is more advisable to order an individual excursion at a price of € 80- € 200. All Russian-language excursions in Germany presented at the Tripster have their own characteristics, and here you will definitely choose exactly the program that, in terms of its convenience, route and price, fully meets your expectations.

City Tours in Germany

Every land and every locality in Germany is special and unique, so no matter where you plan to go, you will definitely find a lot of interesting things in your destination! Great excursions to the cities of Germany you can easily pick up on the Tripster using this link. Here programs are presented in all popular cities and regions of Germany, for all the main attractions and iconic places of the country. Let's dwell in more detail on the main tourist destinations in Germany.

In terms of tourism, Germany is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. It is annually visited by several million tourists from various countries and continents of the world. In order for the trip to go well without unpleasant surprises and surprises, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all the useful information about the country before the trip: customs regulations, ways of saving, local transport, opening hours of major institutions, location of consulates, cost of living in hotels, etc.

Baggage allowance through customs

It is allowed to import into Germany from non-EU countries without customs duty:

  • 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco.
  • 2 liters of alcohol with a strength not exceeding 22%, 2 liters of table wine, 1 liter of strong alcohol.
  • Up to 250 ml of eau de toilette, 60 ml of perfume.
  • Import of national and foreign currency - unlimited. The amount of more than 15,000 euros must be declared.
  • Import of gifts and things, the value of which does not exceed 300 euros.

One of the airports in Germany (Photo © pxhere. om/CC0 Public Domain License)

No entry into Germany:

  • Narcotic drugs and drugs.
  • Poisons.
  • Psychotropic substances.
  • Cold and firearms.
  • Codeine-based medicines (without a doctor's prescription).

Budget travel around the country and ways to save money

Most discount cards can be purchased at tourist centers in Germany. It is advisable to have a passport with you.

Panorama of Berlin, Germany (Photo © pxhere. om/CC0 Public Domain License)

Pharmacies and medicines

Pharmacies (Apotheke) can be found in any village and major city. However, most of the medicines here cannot be bought without a doctor's prescription. Over-the-counter (rezeptfrei) only drops for the common cold, antipyretic or stomach remedies are available at the pharmacy. For more serious medications, you must give your pharmacist a prescription (Rezept) from a qualified doctor.

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