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Camping equipment: how to choose and properly prepare for a hike

Women's clothing for fishing and outdoor activities is very often bought as an additional set by going to our website, since there is no specialized store of such equipment yet. Women's clothing for outdoor activities and fishing, as well as children's clothing for outdoor activities, is less popular than men's clothing. But we constantly support in our assortment all the best models especially for you. Many products are completely copy of the men's ones. Only the cut and size change.

Women's fishing suits have an anatomical cut. Narrower at the shoulders and always fitted.

What they got from the standard male models:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathability
  • Functionality
  • Reflective inserts
  • Fitted adjustments
  • Wind protection

If we talk about the inner layer of clothing, you can also buy women's thermal underwear, fleece sets and sweaters from us.

Women's clothing for winter and summer fishing is a rare occurrence in many specialized stores. But in our online store there is a large selection of clothing for active leisure for women. Manufacturers are increasing and expanding their lines, as from season to season, women's clothing for outdoor activities is becoming more and more popular.

We sell a complete outfit from the bottom layer of clothing, such as thermal underwear, socks, to finishing accessories - hats, gloves.

Women's clothing for outdoor activities, based on our experience, is usually purchased not by the woman herself, but by her husband when he comes for his equipment.

“We are used to spending our holidays together, in all our hikes, trips to nature, we love to go to the lake together. Before that, they took a small winter suit for my wife - I helped out. But he did not sit properly, baggy, so he did not fulfill all his functions. Therefore, we decided to buy a women's suit for outdoor activities. In the end, we were satisfied. The suit turned out to be versatile and useful for downhill skiing and snowmobiling. "

Women's trekking shoes are sold in our store starting from size 35. Neat models that meet all the requirements of bad weather, rocky terrain and high humidity are always available.

Women's trekking shoes are very similar to regular sneakers, but this is only at first glance. They have a number of advantages.

  • Water-repellent impregnation will prevent excess moisture from getting inside the boot
  • Comfortable comfortable insole
  • The outsole protector provides reliable grip on any surface
  • Overlays on the toe
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Membrane breathable fabric combined with natural suede and leather
  • Lightweight

This whole set of characteristics fits into fairly small and cute models that are also lightweight.

MICE Business Tourism Manager - job description, salary, pros and cons

Tourism is not a test of strength, but a way to escape from everyday routine, to have an interesting and productive rest. The main thing is to competently organize the trip, collect the right tourist equipment.

In autonomous conditions, experience is invaluable, but without the right equipment you won't get far. You are unlikely to get enough sleep, cook food, or keep warm if you do not have the necessary minimum at hand.

No, if we talk about a critical situation when the backpack is lost, ingenuity decides a lot. But now we are not talking about survival in extreme conditions, but about what tourist equipment should consist of.

Personal trekking equipment

The set of personal equipment depends on the purpose, type, duration of the trip, as well as climatic conditions.

But there is a mandatory minimum required in any case:

  • The required ammunition fits into a shoulder bag with a suitable volume (from 40 to 100 liters). When choosing the volume of the backpack, take into account the type of hike, gender and physique of the tourist.
  • Sleeping bag (choose according to weather).
  • Camping mat (insulating layer between the sleeping bag and the ground).
  • Change of clothes and shoes, a set of things for sleeping.
  • Raincoat.
  • Matches, lighter.
  • Plate, spoon, mug (lungs).
  • Headlamp.
  • Personal first aid kit with an individual set of medicines.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Passport, medical policy (you never know what).
  • NAZ (wearable emergency stock of everything necessary to survive in an emergency).

Add the weight of the food you carry to the weight of your personal camping equipment. It is calculated at the rate of 0.75 kg per day. Approach the choice of personal equipment thoughtfully, because under the weight of an extra burden, you will get tired at the very beginning of the journey.

Mountain trekking equipment

Mountaineering and rock climbing are the most dangerous types of outdoor activities that require serious preparation.

Add the appropriate equipment to the standard personal set:

  • special knives (slings);
  • slings, ropes;
  • carabiners, hooks;
  • special shoes ;
  • snowshoes;
  • ice axes;
  • powdered magnesium salt for degreasing fingers (in a special bag that clings to the belt).

Every detail must be of high quality, because reliable mountain/rock equipment is the key to your safety. It is unlikely that it will be possible to save on tourist equipment, because decent quality is not cheap.

MICE (from English Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events) - the area of ​​the business travel industry, communication

How to open a shop for camping equipment, tents and goods

Free niche

A significant share of the modern clothing market now suffers from one peculiarity. There are a lot of clothing stores now, and with them there are many markets. And the share of sportswear for various types of sports activities is large. However, the range of sports equipment in such stores is mainly limited to clothing.

On the other hand, there are specialized sports market chains, like Sportmaster or Decathlon, but due to the fact that they have to serve too many consumers, the range of such stores is wide, but not deep.

So it turns out that there are practically no real shops exclusively for tourists. Which is a prerequisite for trying yourself in this business area, targeting a very specific buyer. In addition, modern society is increasingly promoting a healthy lifestyle and tourism in all its forms.

Another factor influencing the fact that you can easily enter the niche of tourist equipment is the standard high prices for professional equipment in stores. And in the markets such goods, although they can be found at low prices, but that they are still of good quality is unlikely.

Travel Store Assortment

Interesting statistics, which were compiled with the help of surveys conducted among potential buyers a couple of years ago. In the opinion of ordinary people, in an interesting sports equipment store, several product positions are required:

  • tourist and sportswear in unisex format at an affordable price (there was also a great desire to see a wide range of sizes, which shows that demand will come not only from people who are initially accustomed to sports, or only adults).
  • Camping equipment of good quality (primarily things characterized by strength and durability)
  • Travel goods (Wide range). As is typical for this category, the buyer will give preference to a domestic manufacturer, since he is sure that Russian enterprises are capable of producing good sports equipment, and the prices will be several times lower than their foreign counterparts.

Based on the preferences shown above, we can conclude that the potential audience is quite wide, that is, there is demand. But in the expectations of buyers, first of all, an affordable price with acceptable quality. This will be the main focus of a travel goods store that has a future and every chance of developing into a successful venture.

As for the seasonality of the assortment, you should pay attention to other statistics. First of all, the buyer is interested in the winter tourism product. This section accounts for half of the total demand for sports goods.

Camping equipment - a set of equipment required for a hike. These products are in demand both by those who are professionally engaged in tourist sports and by those for whom tourism is a type of active recreation. This category contains varieties of equipment that make up the minimum set of necessary equipment for a hiker.

There are many categories in the camping equipment list. The most important and essential are sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, camping mats, knives and other tools. Also, many tourists prefer to use binoculars, inflatable furniture, lanterns, insect repellent. Shoes and clothing are extremely important for the backpacker, but these products do not belong to this category, as they are used in everyday life.

Types of camping equipment

There are many types of equipment that you need on a hike. And each species has its own characteristics and varieties. However, there are categories that are common to the whole variety of hiking equipment. Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and other goods are divided according to the scope of use:

  • climbing ;
  • polar ;
  • camping ;
  • hunting, fishing, etc.
  • <

Each variety has its own characteristics. For example, for mountaineering camping equipment, lightness is extremely important, because when climbing mountains, every gram counts. For polar people - the ability to withstand extremely low temperatures, and camping equipment for tourism should provide maximum comfort to the user.

Hiking equipment tips

It is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of each product that is supposed to be taken on a hike. First of all, the tent or sleeping bag must correspond to the conditions in which it will be used. It is especially important to correctly determine the temperature range, you cannot take summer accessories for hiking in winter and it is foolish to take polar products for recreation in the subtropics.

Also, camping equipment must comply with the user's data - height, weight, physical strength. There should be enough space in the tent for a person to rest comfortably, the sleeping bag should not be cramped, and the backpack should not be too large. It is important to choose the right manufacturer, especially if you intend to actively use the equipment. When choosing colors, it is wiser to prefer bright colors that will make a person more noticeable. This is especially important for children, who can easily get lost.

Browse Popular Camping Equipment Brands

To form the required list of equipment, select the type of hike, region or route

Where to find cheaper?

In our opinion, most of the equipment from the list can be bought in Decathlon stores, they are available in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Have our Club Card? In the stores of our partners, you can buy equipment at a discount.


If you are planning to take a guitar and also know how to play it, be sure to inform your coordinator BEFORE the trip. So that there are no two (three, five) guitars on the hike. For the guitar, you need to think about protection from the rain (not necessary for tours with accommodation in a hotel or a camp site).


For women at least 60 liters, for men at least 90 liters. Necessarily with a firm back, a wide belt with a fastener, adjustable shoulder straps, comfortable! Check that all fastexes (fasteners) are working, the zippers are closed, there are whole seams. At home, at your leisure, stuff your backpack with things and customize all the settings. Old kolobok backpacks don't fit!

2. Backpack rain cover

Sometimes attached to a backpack, look in the top pocket or in the zippered pocket on the bottom. Option: insert a large plastic bag into the backpack + all things in bags).

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