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All participants of our hikes lasting more than 5 days, as well as participants of 5 weekend hikes, receive the Club Card.

The Club Card provides: a discount of up to 10% on further participation in the hikes and events of the Adventure Club! - at a cost of participation up to 15 thousand rubles. 10% discount - if the cost of participation is more than 15 thousand rubles. the amount of the discount is RUB 1,500. - the discount does not apply to the first trip. - the discount is provided only to the owner of the Club Card. - the discount on the club card is not cumulative with the child discount (children under 12 years old are provided with a 20% discount, regardless of the availability of the club card, the maximum amount of the child discount is 3000 rubles)

Also on the "KP" club card you are given the following discounts from our partners:

1. 20% discount on the purchase of camping equipment in the AVACHA store You can choose equipment in the catalog on the avacha website. pb. u, retail price is also indicated there. And you can buy equipment with a 20% discount upon presentation of your club card in the showroom at the address: St. Dostoevsky, 23, metro station Vladimirskaya, 7 minutes walk. The store is open on weekdays, opening hours and availability of goods must be specified by phone. (812) 322-92-29, (812) 764-88-85.

2. 10% discount on the purchase of goods in the network of outfit centers "IRBIS" . pb. u/store addresses: - nab. Fontanka River, 38 (Gostiny Dvor metro station)

3. 10% discount on the purchase of goods in the network of tourist shops "Equipment" . quip. u/store addresses: - Liteiny pr., 30 (metro Chernyshevskaya, Mayakovskaya) - Prosveshcheniya pr., 87 (metro Grazhdansky Prospekt) - st. Stremyannaya, house 2 (Mayakovskaya metro station) - st. Pargolovskaya, house 7 (metro Lesnaya) - 5th line V., house 40 (metro Vasileostrovskaya) - ngelsa ave., House 70/1 (metro Udelnaya)

4. Discount from 5 to 20% in KANT stores using the promo code . ant. u store addresses: - Grazhdansky pr., 23 - st. Ivanovskaya, house 7. The throwaway may not apply to goods of old collections, as well as to discounted goods and cannot be combined with other promotions and specials. suggestions. To get a discount, you need a promotional code.

5. 15% discount on the purchase of goods in the shops of tourist equipment "ALPINA" . u/store addresses: - st. Ryleeva, house 18 (metro Chernyshevskaya) - st. Avushkina, house 141, shopping center "Mercury", section 1-28.

6. 10% discount on the purchase of goods in the tourist equipment store "TRAMONTANA" . u/store addresses: - st. Bronnitskaya, house 24 (metro Technological Institute).

Club card


Popular questions

Did you know that your child is great at climbing trees? And what loves corn porridge? Does your child know that you can carry a 12 kg backpack all day? Become a superhero for him!

It's time to devote time to each other!


Meals during the hike have certain specifics. Foods should be light and high in calories. You cannot take ordinary vegetables and meat on a hike, as they contain a lot of water, which is why they are very heavy in weight. As a result, it turns out that you eat almost exclusively on cereals and pasta. And I really want a soup with meat or vegetables ..

This problem is not a problem! Especially for our hikes, we dry meat and vegetables in a special way. There are many nuances of how to make sure that after drying the food is well boiled and the dish is pleasant and tasty to eat. Through trial and error, we arrived at the ideal process. Now in all trips we feed you meat dishes.

So in the menu: - Breakfast: sweet porridge, meat porridge or pasta with meat and cheese. - Lunch: depending on the daily routine, either a snack with tea, or a hot meal. It can be mashed potatoes or soup. - In the evening for dinner: soup or side dish with meat. * If you are a vegetarian, then you can set aside your serving before the meat is added to the pot

Well, where can you go without sweets for tea? For lunch and dinner, we have always prepared something tasty and high-calorie to recharge the body for new achievements. But unfortunately, and maybe for the best, the amount of food is limited by our physical capabilities - the food is heavy and we have to carry it around.

There are certain product standards that we always adhere to. This is already the optimal amount of food for hiking, a certain balance between calorie content and weight. Instead of bread for every meal, we have rusks (no salt, natural, dried by me from fresh bread) And the last. On an active hike, you expend a lot of calories. You can spend more than 5000 kcal per day. This loss of calories cannot be replenished in any way, given the weight restrictions. This, unfortunately, cannot be changed in any way. Therefore, mentally you need to be prepared for the fact that food will still be in short supply. But as a rule, no one experiences "wild" hunger. Apparently, this is all overflowing with new vivid impressions and discoveries of the unknown. So don't be afraid.

And see you in the mountains! Your Taiga)

Did you know that your child is great at climbing trees? And what loves corn porridge? Does your child know that you can carry a 12 kg backpack all day? Become a super hero for him!

The results of the mass physical culture competitions "Guy, Be Guy!" within the framework of the regional competition "Orenburg parallel - movement for health."

Competition "Guy, Be Guy!" were held from January 1 to January 31, 2021 with the participation of three teams: "Activity", "The Expendables", "Horizon 56".

The captains (Dmitry Timofeev, Elena Kukaeva, Larisa Gaeva) had a goal - to attract as many athletes and athletes as possible to participate in the competition. Show in full.

Participants of the competition conducted independent trainings with fixation of results, personal results went into the team's “piggy bank”.

Each team was required to gain a total maximum number of training kilometers (conventionally called health kilometers).

The competition was attended by 96 people who ran a total of 10,618.71 kilometers, which is the length of Russia from east to west.

The awarding ceremony of the winners and prize-winners took place on February 7 at the Gornyak sports complex, held by the chairman of the sports committee Alexander Zavyalov and the director of the sports organization Larisa Smirnova.

The winner was the Horizon 56 team, which had 30 participants. On their account - 3643.18 kilometers of health (personal contribution of captain Dmitry Timofeev 265.7 km).

The second place is taken by the team "The Expendables", consisting of 49 people. The result of the team is 3565.27 kilometers of health (personal contribution of captain Larisa Gayeva 278.42 km).

The 3rd place was taken by the "Activity" team. 17 participants covered a total of 3410, 26 kilometers of health (personal contribution of captain Elena Kukayeva 400.46 km).

The best results in each team showed:

First: To attract young people to love nature and their beloved homeland where they were born and live. To get interested in outdoor activities, and not to sit at home within four walls behind computers around the clock, because in our time computers have become the most addicted for both children and adults.

Secondly: From the very birth, a person begins to study nature. Nature surrounds us, follows us, helps to live and develop in this world. It is interesting and beautiful, hides in itself many mysteries, the answers to which a person cannot give to this day. We love outdoor activities and want to share it and instill this habit in everyone.

Most people choose more passive recreation, such as going to a cafe, restaurant, bathhouse, theater, etc. That is, many people believe that rest is a quiet pastime and prefer not to strain too much during leisure time.

We have nothing against going to the theater, restaurant or bathhouse, but we are ardent supporters of more active types of recreation.

Greetings, dear friends! On the eve of the holiday on the occasion of the day of Russian paintball, November 7, we decided to hold a competition. All that is required fromDisplay in full. You and repost. we will sum up the competition on November 5 at 18.00 - 3 winners. (Free game) (Equipment, marker, 200 balls)

For your friends, acquaintances, colleagues Game for only 500 rubles.

Since 3 winners, in the future 3 groups, the games will be held at different times, at the request of the winners And also, you are waiting for: -Small photo session; -A flurry of adrenaline; -Lots of emotions. much more Sincerely, REBELS Team.

From the vastness of the Internet. Important information, required reading.

Written by a former researcher, now a biotechnological engineer, for the last 7 years I have been dealing with tick-borne infections, in particular, the development, testing and production of test systems for their diagnosis. Probably by virtue of prof. Ephomation, I believed that the danger of ticks is obvious to everyone. render completely. Well there, no details, but obvious. Well, I understand that pouring coffee on a laptop is most likely the end of the laptop, although in terms of technology I am a complete moron. And those who are far from ticks and infections probably know that a tick bite is extremely bad for a bitten one. Especially if he was bitten in Siberia. It turned out, however, that idiots treating encephalitis with paracetamol live among us and seem to be quite sane. A heartbreaking story about idiocy, details about tick bites - what will you get for this and where to live further, read below.

Actually, I was prompted to write the post by the case of my friend, who has a lot of troubles behind him. In general, he is a very respected person and, in my opinion, much more sane and practical than me. This wonderful citizen refused to go to the keelbark because he was ill. In the course of questioning, it turned out that somewhere on the way from Vladik to St. Petersburg, somewhere he was bitten by a tick. Three weeks passed, the temperature jumped to 40, the fever began - all this was "successfully" treated with paracetamol and hot tea with lemon. During a half-hour (!) Conversation with a bunch of medical terms and a three-story mat, we managed to convince him to donate blood for tick-borne infections. Test results: borreliosis - exactly, encephalitis is questionable. The result of a conversation with a very high-quality infectious disease specialist: in appearance, it looks more like encephalitis. The result of a conversation with a sick person: “Something tells me that this is not borreliosis”, “I cannot go to the hospital now, I have a job. If I go to the hospital, I will lose this job ", and (pam-pa-ram!)" Well, yes, I understand that I can go blind/deaf/become paralyzed, but I AM AN ADULT AND I WILL MAKE A DECISION BY MYSELF. " For all the fabulous idiots who make their own decisions, as well as just for those who are not in the subject information for thought:

There are tons of tick-borne infections. In addition to encephalitis and borreliosis, which are more or less heard, it is also babesiosis, rickettsiosis, granucytic anaplasmosis, monocytic ehrlichiosis and other tongue — you can break — infections can be. You get all this happiness as soon as the tick bites you - the pathogens of all this nasty live in its saliva. But not every tick, and not a complete set. It's like having casual sex without a condom - it's not a fact that after it you will be diagnosed with AIDS, hepatitis C, syphilis and gonorrhea. But not the fact that all this will pass you by. Returning to ticks, it is most likely (and worst of all) to earn encephalitis and borreliosis.

Encephalitis. With an excellent scenario, you will get off with a slight fright, with a good one, you will die. But most likely it will paralyze you. Most likely hands, or one of them. This is forever and is not repaired. In addition, you may become blind and/or deaf. Basically, if you have talent and eggs, you can make a career in science. There is an example - Mikhail Chumakov. At the age of 28 he went to Siberia to study a fierce and unknown disease at that time. The disease turned out to be tick-borne encephalitis, and Mikhail had to implement his own ideas on how it is treated. As a result, he not only survived, but also, deaf and partially paralyzed, spent decades studying the disease from which he suffered so severely. Pts. He achieved a lot in this field and, to top it off, bequeathed his corpse to the institute. So that colleagues can study from the inside a person who has been ill with encephalitis for 56 years. Anyone who is not attracted by such a heroic prospect to spit in the face of illness and death, keep in mind the following: if you are bitten by a tick in European regions, most likely it will cost. In our country, ticks are not particularly infected - according to various sources, from a few percent to several tenths of a percent, and 2 people out of 1000 die from tick-borne encephalitis. THIS DOESN'T MEAN WHAT IT WILL BE LUCKY YOU. If you have been bitten by a tick in Siberia or the Far East, everything is much sadder. You may get Far Eastern encephalitis, and 80 out of 100 patients die from it. Perhaps this figure would have been somewhat lower, if not for the level of funding for medicine and the "ease" of getting to hospitals in these parts, but even taking these factors into account, it is scary.

Borreliosis. Everything will start with a high temperature, but not necessarily with it and such beautiful rings at the site of the bite (scientifically - erythema): Then our favorite paralysis, only this time problems are not with the hands, but with the face. Then problems with the joints (for example, wild pain in them, to such an extent that it is impossible to move), with the heart, vision, hearing. Then the skin becomes thinner, becomes dry as parchment paper and turns into bluish spots. In general, there are many problems, and everyone is so different. Some citizens suffering from chronic borreliosis claim that it is worse than encephalitis. True, they assure me, not those who have chronic encephalitis.

Doors open day at the climbing wall of TvSTU

An open day was held last Sunday at the climbing wall of the Azimut club of TvSTU. The event began with the awarding of the club's assets.

We were presented with diplomas for the All-Russian competitions, gratitude and certificates of honor from the university, branded buffs with the Azimut and TvSTU logos. render completely. Also at the event, the volunteers of the Center for Active Tourism were awarded - a resource center has been operating on the territory of the university for half a year, created with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

Before climbing a safety briefing and, of course, a warm-up to the music. The instructors provided insurance and monitored safety, prompting beginners where to put their feet and where it is more convenient to take their hands. It is worth noting that the event was attended not only by beginners, but also by experienced tourists who were able to climb the most difficult routes.

Separately, for this holiday, I would like to thank the administration of the university - for the renovation of the gym and the comprehensive support of the students of the university tourists! Over the past year, the gym has turned into a full-fledged sports tourism training area. There is a climbing wall, the ability to work with ropes, an area for storing equipment.

Many of those who came to the open day have already joined the Azimut club and discovered a new world of sports tourism!

A group of tourists from the Azimut club has returned from a trip to the Republic of Karelia. Over the last weekend of January, the guys visited the Ruskeala Mountain Park, climbed to the top of Mount Paasonvuori and saw the city of Sortavala. On the way back, I managed to get a glimpse of the city of Vyborg with one eye, but it deserves a separate trip!

Enrollment in the club "Azimut" TvSTU

In connection with the opening of the climbing wall and the onset of a new tourist season, the Azimut club of TvSTU announces an additional set for classes. bast "Azimut" is a team of tourists, volunteers, activists. There are three directions on the basis of the club: - tourist club Show in full. - climbing section - student rescue team

Classes are held at a modern equipped climbing wall three times a week. On weekends, hikes and competitions are additionally organized.

For all questions, write to: . om/orlovtver - club leader


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