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Another potential

The Chelyabinsk region has already managed to declare itself not only as an industrial region, but also as an agricultural one. A new trend is next in line - the development of tourism.

Recently, the regional government and the Federal Tourism Agency signed an agreement in Zlatoust. The document was signed by the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris DUBROVSKY and the head of Rostourism Oleg SAFONOV.

Signal to Investors

“The region pursued several goals by signing an agreement with Rosturizm,” the governor explained. - The first is to give a clear signal to investors who are thinking whether to enter this business in the South Urals or not. Show them that we will support all projects aimed at developing tourism. There is potential in the Chelyabinsk region - I emphasize that it is nothing more than potential. We must soberly assess the tasks that need to be solved in order to become a region, interesting for the inhabitants of the country and capable of receiving tourists. Obviously, the signing of the agreement gives prospects, because, in addition to the investments of entrepreneurs and the support of the region, we expect to receive federal funding. Our capabilities need to be commercialized in order to meet the objectives and strategies that have been built by the federal center. "

The agreement was signed at the interregional forum "Domestic tourism: instructions for use", which was held for two days in Miass and Zlatoust. It brought together leading experts of the travel industry - both regional and Russian, as well as tour operators, representatives of municipalities of the region, the business community.

“The name of the forum has been chosen very precisely. But it is necessary to consider not only the development of domestic tourism, but also inbound tourism, - Oleg Safonov is sure. - Currently, 25 regions are participating in the implementation of the program for the development of domestic and inbound tourism - I hope that the Chelyabinsk region will join with its tourism cluster project. Tourism in Russia is developing extremely successfully, the growth rate over the past year was 30%. Few sectors of the economy can boast of such dynamics. Statistics show that more than 41 million people travel in our country. Tourists from abroad actively come to us, so we want to create convenient and comfortable conditions for them. "

Preparing an application

The main topic of the forum was the creation of a tourist cluster in the South Urals. As you know, it will unite objects on the territory of Miassky, Zlatoustovsky, Trekhgorny, Kyshtymsky urban districts, Satkinsky, Katav-Ivanovsky, Kusinsky municipal districts. Weak infrastructure, imperfect service, and insufficient number of places to accommodate tourists can hinder the success of the project.

“Another issue is the lack of interaction between different institutions interested in the development of tourism,” says Yana KOMISSAROVA, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Chelyabinsk Region. "For example, the same educational institutions that train specialists in this area are not involved in the process in any way."

To address these and many other issues, the Ministry of Culture will prepare an application for the inclusion of a tourism cluster in the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation for 2011-2018." If the application is approved, the region can receive up to 1 billion rubles.

Another potential

November - the beginning of the season at the ski resorts of the South Urals. "AiF-Chelyabinsk" and the Center for Tourism Development of the Chelyabinsk Region tell you how to get to the GLC of the region and how much skiing costs.

Sun Valley

From December 1, it will be possible to get from Chelyabinsk to the Solnechnaya Dolina GLK near Miass in less than two hours thanks to the launch of the Snegir multimodal route. The luxury train will take passengers from the regional center to Miass, where buses to the ski resort will already be waiting for them. A single package of tickets also includes a ski pass - an unlimited pass to the GLK for six hours. All round-trip tickets will cost 1,500 rubles for an adult and 1,300 rubles for a schoolchild or a student with the appropriate documents. For Snegir's passengers there is also a special price for parking a car near the Chelyabinsk suburban railway station - 50 rubles per day. You can buy tickets already ten days before the desired date.

The train will depart from Chelyabinsk on weekends and holidays at 8:35 am and arrive at the Miass station at 9:50 am, from there at 10:10 am the buses will start at Solnechnaya Dolina, and already at 10:35 am tourists will be there. The bus back to the station leaves at 16:20, the train starts from Miass at 17:12 and arrives at the regional center at 18:28.

One of the closest to Chelyabinsk GLK offers 12 ski slopes, one tubing trail 200 meters long and one cross-country ski trail for outdoor enthusiasts. The difference in height is up to 230 meters. The tracks are divided into "green" - for beginners, "blue" - with low difficulty and "red" - with medium difficulty. Visitors to the resort can ride along the same tracks where international competitions are held and the strongest athletes from different countries perform.

In addition, there is a Children's Club in the "Solnechnaya Dolina", you can use the help of instructors, rent equipment and even stay for a few days in a hotel near the slopes.

Location: 120 km from Chelyabinsk

Prices: from 1000 rubles. for a ski pass and cable car and from 850 rubles. for an hour of renting a set for alpine skis or snowboard.

Ural Dawns

Another center for active winter recreation is located on Lake Elovoe in the vicinity of Chebarkul. On the territory of the hotel complex "Uralskie Zori" in the season you can find a ski slope with a length of 315 meters and a vertical drop of 43 meters - it is suitable for those who have started skiing not so long ago. There is also a tubing track, ice rink and snowmobile rental. There are lifts and artificial lighting on the slopes, so skiing can be continued even in the evening.

Location: 80 km from Chelyabinsk

Prices: 200-300 rubles. per hour of using the lift and 300-400 rubles. for an hour of renting alpine skis or snowboards.

Up to 1 billion rubles. can get the region for the development of tourism.

An electric train was recently launched, which connected Chelyabinsk with Miass and one of the largest ski centers in the South Urals. Someone considers this as proof that the tourism industry is actively developing, others are more critical.

Alexey Meshin has his own vision of the situation, who worked in tourism for 30 years, of which he headed the tourism association of the Chelyabinsk region for five years. He has visited 57 countries and has authored two regional tourism development programs.

Gypsy grip

Correspondent of the site chel. if. u Eldar Gizatullin: You have worked in tourism for 30 years. Do you agree that this area is currently developing in the South Urals? Not so long ago, a regular train to the famous ski center was launched ...

Alexey Meshin: This train called the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, the weekend route, was well known back in Soviet times. So everything new is really well forgotten old. I remember that there were two electric trains on weekends, and for the inhabitants of the Southern Urals during the USSR it was not a problem to go skiing outside the city!

Tourism in our region has already experienced several crises. When this business was just starting, there were 100 travel agencies in Chelyabinsk alone, then there were already 600! When I retired, only a third of this amount remained, but now, of course, the situation is different. The tourism market is heavily influenced by the Internet.

- What hinders the development of this area in the region?

- This is a small business, and all the obstacles that prevent small business from developing here also apply to tourism. First of all, expensive loans. The profitability of an average travel agency is 6-8%. How can you pay a loan rate of 15-19%?

Another problem is the level of personnel. When I started working with abroad, I realized: if my people are not there, then I will not be able to earn anything - as they say, I will run after a chicken to keep warm. Therefore, I began to collect students, and I did not stake on excellent students, but on thinking and independent children. Tasks were given, for example, such: "Prepare me a business plan for your company in two days" or "Make a charter agreement with airlines." The answer most often was: "But we did not go through this ..."

I had to teach them a lot. Let's say that their education should be like that of a leader, and a grip like that of a gypsy. It was amazed that some, when going to work in tourism, did not know English! They say: "And I will hire a translator." So a translator, for example, in Turkey costs $ 100 per hour! How can you make money here with such expenses?

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