Tourism with children

Tourism with children

When you have children, your life changes, and this is a fact you cannot escape from. Your schedule changes completely, you go to bed earlier (because you are exhausted), your diet changes (there are sweets in the closet, of course), you may not always be able to watch your favorite films or programs. But there is one thing that doesn't have to and shouldn't change: your love of adventure!

Raising children involved in your outdoor and adventurous lifestyle is a wonderful gift you can give your kids and a great way to spend time together with the whole family. At this time, no one will slap the walls at home, and will not break your favorite cup (Isn't that wonderful?). Below are ten tips on how to prepare your kids for adventure and prepare you to be with you in their new environment.

Get to know the location

Knowing where you are going is very important, whether it's a beachfront camping site or a beach resort in an exotic location. You may have noticed that these places are not quite like your home. We usually plan the place we want to go to and know what it will take to get there. But kids need more than that, and so do parents! Take the time as a family to talk about what you will be doing from start to finish. The trip will be long, there will be no usual toilets and baths. There will be other people, and the weather will be different. All of this can make a difference for children.

A fun and rewarding way to spend a few weeks before your trip is to tell your kids where you are going. Look at the pictures of where you go and talk about it with your children. Are you going on a raft to the canyons along the Dniester? Show them the river, the forests, and plot the route. Your children will be delighted to see nature. Take the time to talk about local customs. If you are traveling outside the country, your kids will ask a lot of really dumb questions (loudly) and they will gaze at things they don't understand. If you are showing them photos and read stories about local cultures, you can save time on site (and, perhaps will save you from embarrassment).

Smart Package

Use packages for different things is always a good idea when you travel. Unfortunately, when you have children, you also need to pack things for each situation. There are some of the truly smart ways to make sure that you are ready for some obvious mini catastrophes that may (probably happen) on your trip.

Note what kind of child you have. Your little adventure seeker must change his clothes every time after shed water on itself? Does your child quickly frustrate? Does your baby ever been to the forest? Here are some wonderful packaging tips: <

  • Pack the water bottle for all. Pack them blank if you fly, and fill them in at the airport, or fill them in and take several additional water containers for re-fill, if you go hiking.
  • Depending on age, your child can carry his luggage. Pack their clothes in the backpack and some snacks to which they can easily access. Do not overload yourself because you think your child can not carry anything. The presence of own baggage can help them feel more necessary and responsible.
  • Have something not electronic for your children. Batteries end, and patience too. Coloring, road games, even puzzle can take your child. Just remember that not every child can "calmly sit for some time." If your children know how to take away from idleness, please email the book about the upbringing of children. And if you are not a wizard, then just take it with you.
  • Take basically napkins and not jars and tubes with liquids .. Now there are napkins antibacterial, wet, gentle and other. They are easy to use, they do not occupy a lot of space. By this you will save yourself from spilled products or ended products.
  • You can't travel around the world with fresh fruits and vegetables, but you can travel with packaged fruit crops, and they do not need to cool! Follow in advance!

    Run Practice!

    Do you know how long it takes to get to the airport? Okay! Now you know how much time you need to get there with children and all of your things, not forgetting anything and without losing weight?


    On the weekend, select time in the morning, get ready, and go to the airport. If you are going to go hiking, try packing your car on the eve. Do not think that you can fit everything you need before leaving. You still have to plant people, and those mini-people you created are not the most compact. Try all the options, do not leave things to their fate, know your possibilities.

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