What tourism will look like in 2021: travel experts' opinions

Greece is one of the most popular countries for a beach holiday. Here tourists can not only comfortably spend time on the coast, but also taste the delights of local cuisine, visit a lot of interesting institutions, events and attractions. And thanks to the weather conditions, Greece becomes the perfect vacation spot in May.

Weather in Greece in May

Many travelers prefer to visit Greece at the end of spring. In May, the sultry heat has not yet arrived in the country, and the rainy season has already ended, so it becomes moderately sunny, warm and cloudless. The average air temperature throughout the country is +23 ° C during the day, but at night the temperature depends on the geographical location of the area. Accordingly, in mountainous areas it is 5-6 ° C colder than everywhere else.

Rains are not frequent this month. Usually, precipitation is observed in the northern part of the state, in particular in the resort areas of Kalambaka, Kastoria, as well as in southern Sparta. The rest of the regions are subject to light rains only 2-3 times a month, which absolutely does not affect the plans of tourists and the quality of their rest.

Sea waters in Greece only get really warm by the end of May. However, the temperature of + 18-20 ° C seems to travelers quite comfortable, so people open the bathing season in the first days of the month.

Greece in May: fun and celebrations

In this time period, tourists have a wide range of entertainment and pastime options. Nevertheless, the beginning of May attracts more active fans of sports and educational tourism.

Active tourism

May nature in Greece is especially bright and rich in colors, therefore, when visiting the country this month, it is recommended to definitely go on a hike, picnic or outdoor excursion. Popular here are the routes along the gorges of the island of Crete, along the legendary caves of the islands of Paros, Zakynthos or Patmos, to the waterfalls on the island of Samothrace and Crete, and numerous lakes: Melassini, Kourna, Apolakkia, Voulismeni, etc.

Almost every beach offers opportunities for diving, windsurfing, yachting and other extreme hobbies. In addition, the Pindus mountain system and other hills allow the development of such sports recreation options as canyoning, rafting, trekking and mountaineering.

Cognitive tours

Greece in May: weather and holiday features

The outgoing year made it clear: it is better not to make plans beyond tomorrow, or even tonight. But we will try anyway. We have compiled for you a selection of expert comments on travel trends in a pandemic and forecasts for the future of tourism.

Alina Krasnova

Ivan Vasin

I think next year will, alas, be a continuation of this. A lot of people continue to get sick, and much is not clear about vaccination; incomes have decreased, borders are closed, many plans are paused if not on a stop.

What, in my opinion, will happen to tourism:

  • again massive travel in Russia and, in particular, auto tourism;
  • more wealthy tourists will continue to receive Dubai, Maldives, Turkey.

Next year, more Russian regions will pull themselves up to promote themselves at the federal level: Ossetia, Voronezh, Smolensk region, Yamal, Tyumen, the Far East. Sheregesh has already fired, and now it is waiting for Kirovsk, and Arkhyz, and Abzakovo. Personally, in the past year I liked Ossetia and Bashkiria (there, by the way, the cheapest), the Russian and Sredny peninsulas, Smolensk with Poozerie.

Alexander Gladilin

The main trend today is uncertainty. Everything has become less predictable, because of this, the depth of travel planning and ticket booking decreases - we can no longer make plans and plan far ahead. This year, something happened that no one could have predicted. Who would have expected that in order to leave their home in Moscow, they would need to obtain a pass? Or that you simply cannot get from one region of Russia to another, because there will be a checkpoint on the road? If a year ago someone started talking about this, we would just twirl our finger at our temples. And now we understand that anything can happen.

Another trend that will affect the tourism industry is a decline in mobility along with a decline in income. People have always tended to look for the best deals, and the price of the trip is a key factor. People are willing to sacrifice comfort if it gives them a price benefit.

Greece in May: weather and holiday specifics. The average air temperature throughout the country is +23 ° C during the day, but at night the temperature depends on ...

May holidays for Russians is a real mini-vacation. Only in May, residents of Russia can officially afford not to take days off from work, but to take advantage of the opportunity to relax due to public holidays. Warm, but not yet hot weather, flowering trees, young grass and suggest going on a trip. Thanks to the hot offers of travel agencies, you can always choose a suitable country. It remains to decide on the type of rest.

Which countries are leading among Russians in the list of the most popular destinations for the May holidays?

  • Turkey
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Indonesia
  • Top countries for sightseeing holidays
  • Italy
  • France

Top Beach Destinations

Most residents of Russia want to relax comfortably and on a budget. Turkey is in the lead in the list of inexpensive countries to travel for the May holidays.


This country is suitable for a beach holiday on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and for exploring ancient Turkish cities, such as Cappadocia. You do not need a visa to travel, a valid passport is enough. May in Turkey is very good - there is no exhausting heat, the air warms up to +25, +28 degrees, and sea water up to +20, +22. It is better to choose resorts where the average temperature is usually above average - Alanya, Antalya, Belek. Turkey is famous for its all-inclusive service and a variety of hotels. For lovers of lazy relaxation, it is ideal, because there is no need to puzzle over what to eat for breakfast or dinner. In addition, the hotels offer spa treatments, massages, water activities and evening discos.

Those who prefer active tourism can go to Cappadocia. It is an ancient city known for its unique landscape. The main attraction is rocky caves carved into the mountain range. The area of ​​Cappadocia is rich in volcanic tuff. It is easy to process. During the first persecutions, Christians made dwellings in it in the form of caves, which have survived to this day. These cave dwellings are convoluted and convoluted, and tourists enjoy exploring them. A visit to Cappadocia can be combined with a beach holiday - thanks to the developed transport links, you can get here from Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris and other resort cities.


Tunisia is another hot country on the beach vacation list. It has recently become popular among Russian tourists. A trip to Tunisia will cost a budget - a ticket costs an average of $ 1,000. In May it is not too hot here - the air temperature is +25 +27 degrees, and the water in the sea is +18 +21. A visa, as well as to Turkey, is not needed, entry is carried out with a valid passport. In spring, the beach season opens in Tunisia, there are not so many tourists, the beaches are not crowded with people. Resort discos and clubs are starting to work, so May vacationers will not be bored. Very unusual excursions in Tunisia - a trip to the Sahara and ancient Carthage. Fans of "Star Wars" will be interested in visiting the filming locations of their favorite films.


Recommends ...

Rest with children in Russia has always been a hot topic. So I decided to compile a list of the most popular places. Below we will figure out where it is better to relax in 2021. We will also consider when, where and how to go. I hope my selection will help you plan your trip.

Ferris wheel near Sochi Park

I recommend buying family tours on trusted online resources that are trusted by the consumer. Where to buy cheap tours, read this article.

Rest with a child on the Black Sea (Krasnodar Territory)

Planning a vacation on the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory with children is naturally better in the summer. Although there are some nuances here. Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse are rightfully considered the best resorts. At the same time, experienced tourists are well aware of the popularity of these places and that prices are high here.

Embankment in Gelendzhik

The resorts are undeniably chic, with developed infrastructure, but high prices. If you want to save money, stay in the vicinity. Or go in the fall. In September and early October there is still excellent dry weather. Sea is warm. There are fewer tourists, and prices are lower.

When to go to the resort. The season starts in May. June is low season. The peak tourist season is July and August. The prices are the highest. Daytime temperature reaches + 32 °, water + 26 °. The velvet season begins in September. It's not hot anymore. The sea temperature is comfortable for swimming, about + 25 °.

How to get there. There are several options. You can fly to Sochi or Krasnodar. From there by train or bus to the selected resort of the Black Sea coast. Please note: cheap air tickets are bought up first.

Walk along the most picturesque streets of the city, see all the iconic places and hear their history.

The beauty and comfort of #Sochi will captivate you to the very heart from the first minutes of your stay. Show in full.

I will show you the main and secret sights of your beloved city, tell their story, help you feel the magical southern flavor and share the little secrets of a local.

Have a nice rest and great travels. All tours . c/bW2tKw Fascinating excursions . c/ahBlthCheap flights . c/auOcj5 Amazing travel . c/aCP4uy

Share your travel experiences.

Fabulous waterfalls, thermal pool, Dirhoulaei lighthouse and the famous Black Beach

Show in full. Traveling along the southern coast in one day will reveal all the colors of Iceland's cosmic nature!

You will hear the sound of powerful waterfalls surrounded by clouds of water dust, walk along the slopes of the Sulheimazhkull glacier covered with volcanic ash.

Swim in the oldest thermal pool surrounded by mountains, observe dead ends at the romantic Dirhoulaei lighthouse, and walk along the black sand listening to the song of the ocean.

Have a nice rest and great travels. All tours . c/bW2tKw Fascinating excursions . c/ahBlthCheap flights . c/auOcj5 Amazing travel . c/aCP4uy

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Welcome to #Baikal! #Baikal Taltsy Museum, Shaman-Kamen, Listvyanka, boat trip and Chersky's stone.

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