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A journey of thousands of miles begins with the first step. What to choose: a tour operator or independent travel - everyone decides for himself.

In order to make this choice, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of independent tourism. It is not difficult to find such information on the Internet - it is enough to familiarize yourself with the experience of numerous "pioneers" from different parts of the globe and classify their reviews according to two articles: pros and cons.

Pros of independent travel


Financial problems, staffing inconsistencies, organizational overlaps and disrespectful attitude towards customers on the part of many tour operators are already well known. Relying only on yourself, you make an investment in the most reliable project.

Freedom of choice

Time. The date of departure, return and the duration of the trip is determined by yourself. Very rarely it is possible "day in day" to bring the vacation time to the schedule set by the travel agency. Do I need to remember that time is money, and every free day spent in vain is also a reason for psychological discomfort.

Places. One who is accustomed to going with the flow will never be able to see the source. You make the route of the trip taking into account your own preferences, not focusing on the tastes and preferences of the guide or other members of the group. You can also change the route at any time and visit any place of interest to you.

Having decided to go to Croatia to Plitvice Lakes on our own by car, we were able to visit Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Austria along the way.

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Active rest is a full-fledged type of rest in which you can get rid of the accumulated fatigue with the help of active movements (it doesn't matter whether you are doing physical exercises or just enjoying nature while walking in the park). Such rest restores the body twice as fast, physiological processes are activated and all internal organs work more efficiently.

Useful rest helps to restore not only physical condition, but also moral one. Light active movements help the body to produce serotonin, endorphin, and after rest there is energy, a feeling of joy, calmness, happiness.

Many people prefer to change the situation for a long time to restore the body, go to nature, be in silence or change the climatic zone and visit hot countries.

Sports, cycling, ice skating, swimming will also help to restore the body. Active recreation has become a full-fledged part of the life of many people, because it promotes the release of adrenaline and the fastest getting rid of excess weight. It effectively restores physical fitness and tones the muscles. One has only to make a choice.


Camping allows you to get the necessary dose of vitamin D, which improves mood, strengthens bone tissue, hair follicle, nails, and reduces the risk of developing cancer and heart disease. Vitamin D is an important element that improves blood circulation and restores blood pressure. Getting enough sunlight helps the body produce a hormone (melatonin) that controls circadian rhythms. Melatonin relaxes the body and provides quality rest at night.

Camping improves mental activity, sharpens concentration, eliminates the negative effects of the environment. Fresh air regulates the production of hormones responsible for social behavior, memory, mood, appetite, healthy sleep, and physical activity doubles its production.

Celebrating the New Year in nature is an interesting substitute for celebrating in a bustling city. Holidays are often spent on a sofa with a remote control or at a laptop, but New Year's holidays can be met with fun, dedicated to sledding, skiing, and playing snowballs.

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Useful vacations: How to keep your child busy in the summer in Sochi? The long and beautiful summer falls once a year, not just for the cats to twist their tails. You will not allow your offspring to be mediocre

Mountains, forests, rivers attract tourists in summer. Want to travel, chat and update your news feed? Let's try together # a phone for hiking.

Such a gadget is protected, has a large screen resolution, a good camera, a significant amount of memory, a good battery capacity, and a good connection quality.

Among the characteristics it is easy to get confused, confused. Let's look at three smartphones of different cost categories, deal with the pros, cons, properties.


An interesting budget option. It is worth paying attention.

  • The body of the smartphone does not allow the ingress of dirt, dust, water. Such a phone will become indispensable during a hike.
  • 8000 mAh battery. Even if you take pictures without stopping, constantly listen to music, surf the Internet, the device will not be discharged for 43 hours. Suitable for long journeys where there is no way to connect to the mains.
  • 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440x720 pixels.
  • The phone is running Android 9.. This means that many modern applications can be put here. Maps, navigators, services with lists of hotels and restaurants ... Choose and download!
  • Phone memory - 32 GB. Imagine how many photos, travel guides, music, maps, books, programs you can download here!
  • There are 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You will always be in touch with friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, connect to the Internet anywhere.
  • The price is a nice bonus. Cheaper than analogues.

  • The phone is heavy. The device will be difficult to carry in a backpack at all times.
  • Bluetooth sometimes does not turn on, it can fail at the wrong moment. It is inconvenient for those who plan to constantly exchange files, information, pictures.
  • The processor is weak, this is the main problem. You can't play games on such a phone. Only five applications can be used at a time.
  • A budget phone model with a weak processor, good connection quality, not suitable when using several functions at once, complex tasks

Samsung XCover S

Model for family vacations. Will help fill # social networks with bright pictures.

  • 5-inch screen, 720x1280 pixels resolution. Browse guidebooks, read a book, a magazine when the trip is too long, enter search queries, look for places on the map.
  • Protected from water, dirt, dust. Submerge such a phone to a depth of one and a half meters. Suitable for shooting in the pool. Will work after falling from a 1.2m tower. Don't want to buy this smartphone yet?
  • Great color rendering. You can adjust the brightness of the screen yourself.
  • Memory 32 GB, RAM 3. You can download the required applications.
  • 2800 mAh battery. Yes, not enough, but this gadget has a removable battery. Very comfortably. It is possible to use two different power saving modes. Suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Covers used for other models do not fit
  • The camera is average. Not suitable for indoor photography, flash photography, focusing, night photography. Such a smartphone is still difficult to find in Russia. Can be ordered from Europe.
  • A mediocre device with not a very good camera, but a normal processor. You can download applications, games. There are additional batteries. Suitable for hiking, relaxing on the lake, in the mountains.

Recently, such type of recreation as rural tourism has become widespread. Smog and poor environmental conditions are attracting more and more travelers to the countryside. And this is not surprising, because a vacation away from the metropolis has many advantages.

Types of rural tourism

Rural tourism is considered one of the offshoots of ecotourism. This area of ​​recreation involves life outside the noisy metropolis. Usually this is life in a small village or village. While there, the tourist leads the life of an ordinary villager.

There are the following main types:


This type is perfect for those who want not only to relax, but also to participate in the farming life. Here, the tourist will be required to participate in the manufacture of products and active work on the site.


This type mixes different types of recreation. For example, relaxing on the beaches and helping on the farm, harvesting grapes and the opportunity to taste the gastronomic delights of local cuisine.


In Italy, tourists will also be offered a mixed vacation. For example, work on the site will be interspersed with various sports activities. Tasting the delicacies of local cuisine will replace the production of natural products.


Considered the most expensive type listed. The vacationer will be provided with everything necessary, the contact with pristine nature will be complete. At the same time, he will be spared from unpleasant household worries.

Today people have the opportunity to travel both within their country and abroad. However, self-organization of trips for many citizens has some difficulties. Often, tourists turn to specialized agencies, where they can help organize a trip. In this regard, there is a great demand in the labor market for qualified employees in the tourism sector.

Profession specifics

Working in tourism is an interesting field of activity. Specialists in this field help citizens to solve all issues related to the organization of recreation. In this area, there is an opportunity to work in several areas, from social and cultural services and tourism to the management of organizations.

As a rule, working in tourism not only brings a decent income, but also provides other benefits - new knowledge, as well as moral satisfaction.

Employees in this area must have good communication skills and good memory, because close communication with clients is expected. Knowledge of English is a plus.

Working in the field of tourism, a person must love and understand his profession, only in this case he will become one of the best.

Pros and cons of working in tourism

Profession advantages:

  • a promising industry, there are opportunities for career growth;
  • you can earn a lot, especially during the tourist season;
  • an interesting profession;
  • the opportunity to visit different countries.

Cons of the profession:

  • in the tourist business, great responsibility is imposed on employees;
  • due to workload, it is rarely possible to fully see new countries;
  • "nervous" work, because the travel agent must be aware of the affairs of tourists;
  • income depends on the season;
  • staff turnover.

Tourism professionals note that the pros outweigh the cons of the profession.

Traveling abroad

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