Tourism is the best holiday, but rest is better than tourism

Tourism is the best holiday, but rest is better than tourism

Only the lazy did not try at least once to strive for the eternal theme - "Work-Holidays". Chastushki and sayings, proverbs and aphorisms, scientific quotes and winged expressions. What only did not accumulate in the arsenal of mankind, constantly either working or a resting after work (or before work). Moreover, there is still no uniform opinion about the importance of these two processes. From here and the expressions "Tourism is the best holiday ...", "It's how you need to work so that it is to relax" or "rest is a change of classes", which contain elements of paradox. By the way, the last, in my opinion the most obvious, was born not by popular wisdom, but is the author. It belongs to Academician I. P. Pavlov, although there are references and confusion, and in the English writer and the poet of China Gingburg.

Word, work and rest is one of the normal states of a person. But the "stupid thing", born no less absurd state of "self-insulation" - unnatural. From such protracted "non-working days" days and months saves hope for an ambulance victory of common sense. But what's next?

in Russia many places where I have not yet been

Among the most affected by the pandemic of the economy, tourism turned out to be. And in many countries. Russia is no exception. But hope that the tourist season can still be, at least partially, reanimed. At the same time, the emphasis shifts towards internal tourism. It is necessary, hoping for understanding from the author, in the song the word change.

Unfortunately, many, interesting for tourism and recreation, the place "promoted", the language does not turn. At best, they are known in their, yes in some neighboring areas. I'm not talking about Kamchatka, Baikal, or Mountain Altai. Unusual, far and expensive. unlikely Will anyone be interested in my assessments of the rest in Crimea and Sochi.

I suggest some more accessible places. I've never been to them, but I've heard a lot about them.

Chelyabinsk region. Lake Turgoyak. It is called “Ural Baikal”. The same clear water, beautiful shores, legends and tales born in these places, and even, like Angara - the daughter of Lake Baikal, the Istok river is the only one flowing out of the lake. Turgoyak is included in the list of the most valuable water bodies in the world. A large number of high-level hotels and boarding houses have been built on the shores. 34-meter depth and clear water - expanse for lovers of diving and spearfishing.

Tver and Novgorod regions. Lake Seliger. Local residents also call it Ostashkovsky. The name is associated with the ancient city of Ostashkov located on the southern shore of the lake. Seliger is a complex consisting of several lakes of glacial origin, connected by short and narrow channels. The complex water system, which is called the "blue necklace" of Central Russia, is surrounded by picturesque shores, where a well-organized tourist infrastructure operates.

Valdai National Park. Novgorod region. Valdai is a pure lake with many islands, it is flood meadows surrounded by birch groves and pine forests, this is the territory of a national park with 70 lakes and 20 rivers, rich in many species of fish and a habitat for a large number of animals and birds. Valdai is a small quiet town and ancient Orthodox monasteries, recreation centers and guest houses located in the most picturesque places.

Kungur Ice Cave. Perm Territory. The cave, as one of the most popular tourist sites in the Urals, is a whole complex of natural wonders. In addition to the actual cave, which is 5,700 meters long, it includes 58 grottoes and 70 lakes and the above-cave section of Ice Mountain. All this splendor is united under the general name "Historical and Natural Complex", which provides tourists with the opportunity to walk along two dozen routes.

Better to see once ...

You can't argue with folk wisdom. Therefore, I would like to accompany the next few resort places and tourist sites, which will be discussed, with photographs from my archive.

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