Tourism Instructor Training Courses

Tourism Instructor Training Courses

Training of instructors for the summer season 2021. Coming soon! Available to everyone!

A tourism instructor is a professional in several ways. This is an interesting and strong personality. Any member of the group can rely on him, he creates a safe environment and a comfortable mood in the group while traveling. render completely. We invite you to upgrade your technical training, first aid and communication skills. After training, you will cope with any unforeseen situation, and tourists will return from their vacation happy and grateful.

Who will be interested? For those who want to become a professional instructor. For those who like to go hiking on their own. For those who are interested in the direction of active tourism, and who want to improve their skills in organizing tours.

The training will take place ONLINE, so it doesn't matter what city you are from. If later you decide to become our instructor, you can come to Karelia for the summer or work for 1-2 summer months.

For training you will find: - meeting with famous travelers, - master classes from leading instructors and pumping all the necessary skills, - excursions from professional guides.

Working with us, you will get a cool party of instructors and work according to modern standards.

THE FIRST ONLINE LESSON will take place on Thursday 4th February. Follow the news, we will tell you soon how to get on IT. protect to bookmarks and send to friends interested in this topic.

Until next time, ask questions below.

TOURISM INSTRUCTOR, Republic of Adygea

The active recreation tour operator is recruiting a team to work in the mountains of Adygea on a permanent/seasonal basis

Tourism Instructor Training Courses

We invite everyone to our School of Travelers - "Landmark".

Our school is your Landmark: - in organizing exciting travel, - in the ability to navigate the terrain, read the map, Show in full. - in the skills of a comfortable stay in the natural environment, - in the ability to get along with people, to be a leader, - in the basics of first aid

Within the framework of the "Landmark" school: 1. Online and offline classes on tourism topics 2. Practical exercises in natural conditions, trainings 3. Conducting tourist trips - water, hiking, mountain, cycling 4. Opportunity to get a certificate of instructor-guide for tourism

The Landmark School is held by the Federation of Sports Tourism, together with the Sampo tourist club.

Vacancy - organizer of the best tours of active recreation! ⠀ Friends, we are looking for a tour manager for Stella's team. (If you are from Petrozavodsk and love hiking, keep reading).

Show in full. What you will do: develop (invent), count and organize tours in Karelia, the Kola Peninsula, and later in other regions of Russia and the World. maintain high standards of conducting tours and interact with instructors, participate in instructor training and instructor training schools. keep records in your department.

How we see a tour manager: you have experience in tourism and hiking, you want to further develop in this direction, organizing cool trips for others, you have experience in organizing events/tours or any or processes, and you like everything to work like clockwork, you are very attentive to details, you have a high stress tolerance threshold, multitasking - your strong point is confident using your PC, working with new programs does not cause you an attack of panic

What we offer: salary from 30,000 transparent motivation system: salary +% of the income of organized programs the opportunity to realize your desire to open new places, routes, organizing tours in different parts of the world.

We are not saying it will be easy, but if you are ready to work and difficulties do not scare you, welcome to the team!

We will be grateful for the repost!

Hello experienced and novice tourists. it is already walking along our streets

And we remind you that the dates of our trip along the Keret River have not changed yet (from 1 to 8 July). You can already apply for participation in the hike on the website at the link: . u/hike/view/241

The course

Come to Karelia in winter! On skis - along Valaam, on snowmobiles - on Kizhi, on dog sleds - where the dogs will carry. Snow is free! We present 5 winter hits for active winter recreation in Karelia.

Karelia in winter is good for families. You can rent a cottage with a fireplace on the shore of a snow-covered lake and watch old movies on your laptop in the evenings. And in the daytime, building snow fortresses with children, catching okushki in ice holes and walking under the pine trees on snowshoes - this Finnish idea has reached the Karelian tourist centers.

But if you want vivid impressions, we present you with the five best ideas for active winter recreation in Karelia.

Valaam Skiing

The winter island of Valaam looks very different. There is no seasonal tourist bustle, forest paths are cleared, squirrels are jumping along the branches. You will live in the monastery hotel, dine in the refectory, steam in the village bath. And in the afternoon - to go skiing to different ends of Valaam (cross-country skis with poles and insulated boots will be given out).

If you've never been to Valaam, pack up. It is possible that in the near future tourism on the island will be limited: the Russian Orthodox Church intends to give the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Valaam Monastery (and at the same time the island) the status of a "specially protected area" with certain bans on visiting the archipelago. According to Patriarch Kirill, tourism on the island is not only an environmental hazard, but "it also destroys the spiritual and cultural environment."

But you won't destroy the environment, will you? Five days on Valaam, and each has a ski trip: All Saints Temple; Konevsky, Voskresensky, Nikolsky sketes ... You have to walk no more than 12 kilometers per day (children will also be able to master this route). Don't skis? Shoot. Take a walk.

The best time for a winter tour to Valaam is from mid-February to mid-March. From Petrozavodsk they will take a bus to Sortavala (230 km), and from there a hovercraft goes along winter Ladoga (half an hour to the archipelago). Groups of 6-12 people. Warm waterproof clothing is required.

Kizhi Snowmobiling

Another non-standard look at Karelian beauties. Kizhi Safari is one of the most popular snowmobile tours in Karelia. The route is worked out and safe. You will see not only the Transfiguration and Pokrovskaya churches on Kizhi, but also old Karelian villages, chapels that are usually not included in the standard excursion programs for the Kizhi necklace. And everywhere you can slow down.

Frosts do not surrender Only old batteries are for rent in Karel-Impex with a profit of up to 2500 rubles and a maximum discount on any product!

Or Shopping centers Karel-Impex: Petrozavodsk, st. Borovaya, 10V Petrozavodsk, st. Ski (near the railway bridge) 8 (8142) 44 44 44

February 23 is just around the corner. Do you know what gift any man will be delighted with?

The answer is simple - Karel-Impex Gift Card!

An affordable card face value from 500 to 10,000 rubles and a huge assortment of goods in the shopping center Karel-Impex will help you choose a gift for every taste and budget!

Already today MAXIMUM DISCOUNTS for the entire range of goods in Karel-Impex!


Check out the full range on our website: . ro/Show completely.

st. Borovaya, 10B st. Ski (near the railway bridge)

Details at (8142) 444-444

The 21st is just around the corner, which means it's time to make a shopping list in Karel-Impex!


We are waiting for you in the shopping centers of Karel-Impex at the address: st. Borovaya, 10B st. Ski (near the railway bridge)

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