Tourism in the North Caucasus: what to visit for a tourist

Tourism in the North Caucasus: what to visit for a tourist

The Caucasus Mountains can truly be called one of the most picturesque in the world, and therefore it is not at all strange that they attract many tourists who dream of plunging into this beauty and enjoying harmony with nature. The North Caucasus is especially popular with tourists, where everyone can find something suitable for themselves: natural masterpieces, architectural monuments, mineral waters ... Tourism in the North Caucasus is unusually developed.

Tourism is most clearly represented in sunny Georgia, where there are various variations of its manifestation. The most popular industries are:

  • historical (including the study of monuments, structures; visiting museums, etc.)
  • natural (amazing panoramas of the Caucasus, breathtaking and staying in the heart forever)
  • eco-tourism (a popular and quite fashionable destination, which means relaxing in ecologically clean regions where you can learn how to grow hair)
  • religious tourism.

So let's start in order. What to visit for lovers of each type of tourism?

Georgia is an ancient country with many sights, the main ones of which are:

  • Gegut Palace;
  • Cave city of Uplistsikhe;
  • Royal fortress Gremi.

Gegut Palace

This structure represents the early era of the country's culture. The history of the building goes back almost a millennium. It appeared during the reign of George III, and its appearance resembled an almost perfectly flat square. To this day, unfortunately, the palace has not survived in its original form, since it was destroyed in the 19th century, but the ruins of the Gegut Palace can be seen even today.

Cave city of Uplistsikhe

This is a unique structure, or rather a city, the oldest cave city in the Georgian region. The region, where the caves are located, was mastered several thousand years ago. The first people chose the mountainous area of ​​Uplistsikhe, because, as scientists testify, mountains were associated with power and strength. The complex has been rebuilt and modified several times, but the spirit of the history of several millennia has certainly remained here. To visit Uplistsikhe means to slightly open the historical veil and touch the mystery of millennia.

Equestrian tourism

Tougher than oil

First, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Medvedev was shown the mountain trails of Arkhyz in Karachay-Cherkessia and the resort park in Yessentuki. The Prime Minister visited one of the sanatoriums, talked with vacationers, examined the crumbling building of the Lower Baths. “It is obvious that it is difficult to develop tourism with such a complex infrastructure,” the prime minister said. “Therefore, today we will discuss how to make the work on the development of the tourism industry in the North Caucasus Federal District more effective and achieve tangible results.”

Dmitry Anatolyevich is convinced that a modern person pays special attention to organizing his vacation and is ready to invest serious money in this. “Suffice it to say that the share of the tourism industry in the global gross domestic product reaches almost 10%. Not oil or gas, but tourism. This is one of the most profitable sectors of the economy, accounting for almost every 11th job. Additional sources of economic growth, new jobs - this is what the regions of the North Caucasus really need. In order to get them, the Caucasus, in principle, has everything you need. Here, historical monuments coexist with unique nature, mountains, ancient cities provide an opportunity for interesting and varied rest. And mineral springs allow you to improve your health at any time of the year. "

Resorts Money

A key project in the development of tourism in the North Caucasus Federal District is a medical cluster in the Caucasus Mineral Resources. For the development of its design and estimate documentation (DED), 1 billion 600 million rubles were allocated. While representatives of the Minkavkaz are studying either German or Arab experience, traveling around the world, but completely forgetting about the Russian itself - balneological treatment at the Kavminvod resorts has more than 200 years of history and has no analogues in the world.

As the head of the Minkavkaz Lev Kuznetsov noted, two bills have now been prepared: on the special ecological resort region Caucasian Mineral Waters and on the resort fee. “We believe that they will provide an opportunity to preserve a unique, from the point of view of natural factors, territory and form sources, due to which local governments will be able to maintain the resort infrastructure in good condition. The implementation of these plans would allow us to develop tourism on the Kavminvody according to the inertial model. Therefore, it was decided to implement a medical cluster project, which should solve several complex problems. "


“The central question is: who, what category of citizens will provide the demand for tourist and recreational services in the North Caucasus Federal District? This perspective reveals a whole range of problems that need to be solved in order to make resorts in demand.

First, the transport problem: to get to the resorts of the North Caucasus from remote regions of the country, you need an amount comparable to paying for the rest. Secondly, security: the region is still not quite calm. Third, the ratio of price and quality of services. Fourth, the lack of interest of local business, national and socio-cultural communities in the intensification of tourism.

According to the "sociological profile", the main consumer of travel services is, rather, a native of the so-called middle class, which, on the one hand, seeks to reduce their spending on recreation at the expense of transport costs. And at the same time, it requires the provision of services at a high level. Is the North Caucasus ready to offer tourist vacations at a competitively attractive price while maintaining high quality? I am not sure".

Equestrian tourism Equestrian tourism is a type of active recreation and sports tourism using animals (horses, ponies, donkeys, camels, dogs, deer, elephants, etc.) on horseback or in harness in

Main impressions

North Caucasian road-trip (road-trip) - a trip on your own car, but in a group of the same curious auto-travelers. prepared and proven route, technical support and guide. Accommodation from tent to suite to choose from. try a different travel format! Personal space, personal freedom, personal impressions and general buzz!

What will we do on the tour

In a fun company in our own cars, accompanied by a tech-mobile and local guides, we will go through the "treasures" of the North Caucasus, get acquainted with the history of the Caucasian peoples, admire the unique views of the mountains, gorges, waterfalls, try the Ingush, Ossetian, Kabardian cuisine.



Welcome to the North Caucasus! We set a general gathering in one of their cafes in the center of Kislovodsk at 12:00 to combine lunch with an acquaintance, and at 14:00 we are ready to start the program.

So we start .. After lunch, before heading to the famous Kislovodsk National Park, we will take a look at a couple of interesting places. This is the house-museum "Chaliapin's Dacha", located in a mansion rented for his family by the great opera singer Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin. And the Museum of Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn, which was previously the home of his own aunt, and where he lived for 4 years in very early childhood, of course not yet a great writer.

And now we are in the Kislovodsk National Park. We will take a cable car up, admire the views from the observation platforms, walk along one of the "terrenkurs", the so-called walking routes of the park, admire the Flower Calendar, the Valley of Roses, the surrounding freshness and greenery.

Going down from the Park, we find ourselves in the "heart" of Kislovodsk - Narzan Gallery, where, after testing the taste of healing water, we go to the promenade on Kurortny Boulevard. After a walk, you can also dine here.

Adherents of a romantic holiday in tents go to the camping site in the Berezovskoye Gorge, which is only 15 minutes away, to camp for the night. By the way, this is a great place to meet the sunrise.

Those who prefer to stay at the hotel stay in the city. Overnight in Kislovodsk.

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