Tourism in St. Petersburg - views, guides, ratings

Tourism is active in St. Petersburg

Tourism in St. Petersburg is very popular. People come here from different parts of Russia and the world. The attractiveness of the city on the Neva for travelers is connected, first of all, with its rich historical and architectural heritage. Petersburg is full of interesting places, ancient monuments, luxurious imperial palaces and unique mansions.

The outskirts of the Northern capital, such as Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Strelna, Kronstadt, Lomonosov, in the 21st century are already intracity municipalities within St. Petersburg. These suburbs complement the city's treasury with a significant historical and cultural heritage and numerous attractions.

The historic center of St. Petersburg with all its famous architectural monuments is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The relatively high preservation of the historical core of the city and its palace and park ensembles and temples allows tourists to get acquainted with one of the largest historical centers in the world.

Also, tourists like the diverse cultural and social life of the modern metropolis. When visiting events that are massively held in St. Petersburg, one can trace the continuation of traditions, as well as the emergence of new and unique ones that you will not find anywhere else.

You can have a cultural rest in the city, visiting famous museums, theaters, concert halls, sports stadiums, parks, gardens, embankments, new creative spaces, etc. And now let's talk about the types of tourism that will help you in planning your visit to the beautiful and unique city on the Neva.

Event tourism

Tourists often come to St. Petersburg to visit the most famous, grandiose and unique events. The biggest events attracting many tourists are City Day - May 27 and the holiday of high school graduates "Scarlet Sails" in June.

Well-known, modern and comfortable football arenas of St. Petersburg, such as Petrovsky and Gazprom Arena, often become the venue for the home matches of the national team in the group stages of the World and European Championships, as well as home matches of FC Zenit in European competitions. Many domestic and foreign football fans come to the matches.

Tourists from all over the world come to celebrate the fountains of Peterhof. The spectacle of Opening and Closing fountains is impressive. Each time, a new interesting topic is selected. Amazing shows and festivities take place with concerts and performances, as well as fireworks.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is very popular in St. Petersburg - there are multidisciplinary hospitals, centers, scientific institutes for both adults and children in the city.As of 2019, St. Petersburg took the 2nd place in the popularity of medical tourism after Tel Aviv.

In the suburbs of St. Petersburg there are many places with clean ecology, where tourists go to rest and improve their health. Travelers are attracted by the coast of the Gulf of Finland, numerous lakes in picturesque places and eco-excursions, both walking and cycling routes in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

Tourism in St. Petersburg - views, guides, ratings

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