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What to take with you on a hike - a list of necessary things


When hiking in the mountains, romance and atmosphere are created by two factors - beautiful landscapes and good company. It is about the company for the hike that we want to talk about in this article. Indeed, sometimes, as practice shows, it is more important than good weather or warm nights. When you have someone to share your hiking chores and the joy of evenings by the fire, when in difficult times you can count on the shoulder and support of a friend, then you are not afraid even of a snowstorm or rain with hail.

Often on tourist forums you can find an announcement: "I am looking for a company for a hike." Alas, it is not so easy to find it. Let's say you, a beginner, come across a team of experienced hikers who will unkindly squint at your equipment and sigh when you surrender while climbing a mountain or are afraid to take a step on a steep descent. Or you will find yourself in a company where all the guys and girls understand each other perfectly and joke about each other, recalling the cases of ten years ago. These guys will listen to you with courtesy and no more, and you just don't know what to talk with them, so successful and liberated. And finally, you may come across people who, during the hike, will discuss their work, business or flatmates. Will any of these options suit you?

Hiking in the mountains is not going to the movies. You will need to live with these people for a whole week, and therefore an unpleasant company on a hike can easily ruin your vacation. Yes, of course, there is the principle "endure - fall in love." But when this is your only one-week vacation torn out by sweat and blood for the whole year, you want the hike to go well and give you maximum pleasure.

You can, of course, take your relatives, friends and relatives with you on a hike. Just guessing so that everyone can take a vacation for one date is very difficult. At the same time, not every person, from the environment of an ordinary man in the street, will agree to spend their vacation in the mountains. And to persuade and literally drag an obstinate relative into the mountains behind you is dangerous, because if he does not like the rest, he will blame you for all the troubles, as a result of which the relationship will be hopelessly spoiled. This statement may seem ridiculous, if not for the practice - how many friends and girlfriends quarreled on the hike. And all because if a person is going to devote his vacation to active recreation, then this should be his conscious decision.

In addition, I would like the campaign company to be not only interesting, but also beneficial for development. So, our Club gathers on hikes yogis, esotericists and people who have embarked on the spiritual path from all over the CIS. On hikes, people share their experiences, ask each other questions and find like-minded people. Often, after hiking, people continue to make friends on the Internet and go to visit each other. A couple of times, the trip led to the formation of resilient families.

As if by magic, good and positive people are selected for esoteric trips. In the numerous reviews published on our website, you can read that at the end of the trip it is difficult for people to part with those who have been their second family for a whole week. Do not forget about the work of instructors, who know many ways to unite the hiking team.

If you are afraid to go camping because you have no company, then your fears are in vain. As experience shows, it is the groups of three or four people who join the team most difficult, especially if they do not want to make contact, sitting on the sidelines or spending the evening in a tent. Those who came alone on a hike very quickly and easily find pleasant companions in the group.

Summing up, let's say: it is not difficult to find a company for a hike. It is more difficult to get into a group of people with whom you will feel comfortable and who will enrich you spiritually. It is for such a company that you should go on a hike with the "Unknown World" Club.

Company for a hike

One of the main tasks of the Soviet government was to create the ideal person of the future, so that an important place in state policy was given to the promotion of sports.

Of course, no international tourism existed, but domestic tourism was presented as a tremendous value. Not only traditional types of tourism, such as visiting sights and major cities, were promoted, but also traveling to the periphery.

A contradictory situation arises in culture. On the one hand, it was in the 1930s. restrictive and control measures are intensified: a passport system is introduced, the institution of registration appears, “flyers” (specialists who often change jobs) are persecuted. The whole complex bureaucratic machine that Vladimir Paperny in his classic work associates with the concept of "Culture 2" is being consolidated.

On the other hand, the government actively encourages tourism. But, of course, not any, but only ours, Soviet. "Our tourism, unlike bourgeois and bourgeois tourism, is a form of a cultural revolution," proudly proclaimed the magazine Na Sushe. At Sea "in 1930.

The catchy slogans of that era help to understand the essence and goals of proletarian tourism. It seems that the word "tourism" was not at all what we traditionally associate with this concept.

“Traveling is not a joke,” the Proletarian Tourism Society instructed, and urged to take a responsible attitude to the choice of the route.

Here are some of the most typical excerpts from the magazine “On Land. At sea ":

"The tourist centers of the North Caucasus have successfully launched work to attract tourists to the harvest."

“Rostov Region. In the state farm "Gigant" tourists poured 800 bags of grain and 10 wagons of hay, and many other works were done. A total of 6550 hours worked ”.

"The OPTE cell of the Samara flour elevator plant sent a team of tourists to collective farms for 10 days to repair agricultural implements."

“Proletarian tourism creates the facets of a new man,” another slogan stated.

Look for an interesting company for a hike, then come to us! Often on tourist forums you can find an ad:

How to travel light, but with everything you need.

Hello dear readers! The complexity of hiking is illustrated in the best way possible by the expression: “The art of hiking is the ability to use unnecessary things instead of forgotten necessary ones”. This is where the truth is: if it is wrong to assemble a backpack, you will have to try a lot to compensate for the lack of equipment. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare equipment for the hike in advance.

Preparation and planning

An experienced tourist is able to get ready for an expedition in a couple of hours. And no wonder, because the necessary equipment is already there and he knows exactly what to take on a hike, and what to really do without.

But a beginner can find it difficult to navigate. Therefore, start preparation at least a few days in advance. Here are some tips to help you plan your trip.

  • Make a list. In it, write down not just a list of objects, but also the weight of each of them. This way you can see how heavy the baggage will be and what needs to be removed/added. Option for advanced: make a table in Excel with automatic calculations.
  • Agree with your comrades. This applies to uniforms, which do not have to be taken by everyone. Plan your collection so that about ⅓ of the space in your backpack remains free - there you will put common items and groceries.
  • Consider the region and weather forecast. How strong the nighttime temperature drops are, whether precipitation is expected, what is the situation with drinking water - all this is important.
  • Examine the equipment. Understand how the tent is set up, how the gas burner works, what kind of rain the jacket protects from, whether the boots are leaky, etc.

Necessary things

Of course, you shouldn't add up all the things you read about. Each journey has its own nuances, which depend on the duration of the trip, the time of year, the method of travel (on foot, by bicycle, by kayak). Winter tours and mountain crossings require separate study and thorough preparation.

What you need to take in any case is documents and money. It is recommended that you make photocopies of important papers and put them separately from the originals so that in case of loss or theft, you have at least some kind of identification.

The Big Three

Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular. Expeditions, tourist trips, rafting, mountaineering trips, alone or in a group, are often associated with traumatic or extreme cases when medical attention is urgently needed.

The nearest settlement is far away, the mobile network does not catch - what to do in such a situation? It's good if the group includes a hiking doctor or someone with a medical degree, and if not? In this case, to provide the necessary assistance to the victim, and a field first aid kit will help to wait for qualified assistance. Therefore, going on a long (or not so) journey, you need to competently assemble a first-aid kit or purchase a ready-made complete version. In the article you will find answers to the questions: what should be in a first-aid kit for a tourist and how to determine the required amount of content?

First aid kit selection

It is an indispensable element for various out-of-town trips. However, it is difficult for a person who is far from medicine to understand the whole variety of existing medicines and dressing, fixing materials. In addition, the use of the wrong medication or in a higher dose than necessary can only worsen the condition of the victim.

A tourist's first-aid kit can be bought in a ready-made version, which contains all the necessary and non-harmful medicines and materials, with detailed instructions. However, you still have to deal with the content. It is possible that there will be a need to supplement the content depending on the number and composition of the tourist group. You may also find useful material on the order of registration of tourist groups.

If you decide to assemble a first aid kit with your own hands, then consider the following rules:

  • All medications should be urgently acting, that is, their action is aimed at eliminating acute conditions (poisoning, fever, heart attack)
  • The dressing should cover the entire group injuries: from a small cut to a severe fracture (you can see the rules of first aid for fractures in the video presented)
  • These drugs must be available, that is, they can be easily purchased at any pharmacy and without a prescription.
  • Give preference to those medicines that you have already encountered. This will save you from potential side effects.
  • Do not buy advertised drugs, their effect may be exaggerated. In most cases, their cheaper counterparts are no worse.

The specific contents of the first aid kit will also depend on the type and category of the trip (water, mountain, forest, extreme), duration, age of participants, season

In the case where the group includes a person who has a permit (certificate) to inject, it is possible to include ampoules for injections and syringes of various sizes in the contents.

Packaging requirements

In addition to the composition, the packaging itself plays an important role. Medicines need to be stored under specific conditions. They should not be exposed to sunlight, moisture, and they do not tolerate high temperatures well. Compliance with storage conditions is especially important for ampoules with solutions for injection. On a hike, an inadequate first aid kit may become unusable and the materials it contains will become ineffective.

A first aid kit must have packaging that meets all of the following requirements:

South Russian Alps, fifty hiking trails and extreme sports for those who wish


Caves and waterfalls

Nature Reserve


Sports and Cycling

The mountains and foothills of the Mostovsky region are the alpine belt of the Kuban, with its unique nature and climate. Here are the eastern part of the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve and the Tkhach mountain range, which are included in the list of World Heritage of Wildlife.

The highest point of the Krasnodar Territory - namely, Mount Tsakhvoa - 3345 m high is also nearby. The district borders on the Labinsky and Adler districts of the Krasnodar Territory, Karachay-Cherkessia, Abkhazia and Adygea. From here it is convenient for tourists to go to the many natural attractions and tourist sites of the south. It is no coincidence that about fifty registered tourist routes of the most varied difficulty run or begin on the territory of the region.

Despite a certain distance and even some tightness of the area (it takes about 3.5 hours to get from Krasnodar to Mostovsky by car), the tourist infrastructure is widely developed here.

In the villages of Mostovsky and Psebay you can find both a hotel and excursions along the main routes. You can also settle in a variety of thermal bases. Thermal resorts work here all year round, and this is a great opportunity for Russians not to tie their holidays only to the summer holiday season.

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