Tourism active rest in Izhevsk

Tourism active rest in Izhevsk

Izhevsk is the capital of the Udmurt Republic, awarded with such epithets as: "city of labor glory", "arms capital" and "Ural Petersburg". It began in 1760 with the construction of an iron-making, and later an arms factory, which became a kind of symbol of the entire republic. Initially, Izhevsk was a factory settlement, and received the status of a city only in 1918 by the decision of the Council of Workers' Deputies. Today the capital of Udmurtia is one of the twenty largest cities in Russia, including in terms of population.

Even 100 years ago, the correct stress in the word "Izhevsk" was on the first syllable.

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How to get to Izhevsk

Since Izhevsk is a capital city, it boasts its own airport, railway and bus station. The latter, however, is more often used by those who travel from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. People travel from Central Russia to Izhevsk mainly by plane, train or private car.

Izhevsk is a large city located in the very heart of Udmurtia, being an important administrative, economic, transport and trade center of the republic. The historical region attracts with its rich culture, unique architectural, amazing history.

The name of the city is associated with the Izh River, on which it is located. Izhevsk is included in the rating of the largest megacities of the Russian Federation, occupies an honorable 16th place. It is here that the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) is produced. The city is home to about 800 thousand people. Most of them are employed by local concerns and factories.

The Udmurt capital is divided into 5 administrative regions. There are plenty of tourist sites in Izhevsk that attract guests from other cities and foreigners. The Kama River from the embankment, as in Nice, unusual monuments and monuments (crocodile Gena, dumplings, the symbol of Izhevsk - Izhik, etc.), museums and galleries, old churches and cathedrals - there is something to see here.

How to get there?

The Family Suitcase company organizes excursions to Izhevsk with visits to significant places in the city:

History of Izhevsk

At first, factories were built here. In 1760, a production for the manufacture of iron parts began to function, and in 1763 blast iron was obtained here. The production capacity was rapidly increasing, so the plant soon gained great fame not only in Russia, but also abroad. Together with the plant, the settlement itself grew, in parallel, residential buildings were built, many of which have survived to our time.

Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurtia, its industrial center. The city-plant has become one of the most beautiful and richest cities in the Russian Federation. Here is a factory for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons. An enterprise that assembles cars is located in Izhevsk. For ten years during the Second World War, everything that happened in this city was carefully hidden. In the local hospitals, wounded soldiers were treated, at factories they made equipment and military weapons.

Tours & Activities

Izhevsk is a cultural city with a rich history. Tourists are expected in galleries, museums, exhibition complexes. The most famous gallery is located in the city center, but there are no permanent exhibits here, it is intended for "traveling" collections. Each time new masterpieces of art are exhibited here.

Various events are regularly held in the city. One of the most beloved holidays of residents and guests of Izhevsk is Bubbles Day, which takes place in summer. Jars with soap bubbles are distributed to everyone. The whole city is just shrouded in bubbles. Guest stars perform on the big stage in the center of Izhevsk. The entrance is free.

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