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Why does Barnaul need a tourism development program

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Prices of the travel company TourAltai

TourAltai travel company

In October, the city administration unexpectedly and quickly adopted a tourism development program in Barnaul for 2012-2016, for which 10 million rubles are going to be allocated from the city budget in five years.

The program developers want more tourists to come to Barnaul. The money is planned to be spent both on quite tangible goals (reconstruction of display objects) and on intangible ones (promotion of the city at industry exhibitions). The concerned public, judging by the observations of the newspaper "Vashe Delo", is worried about the question: why does Barnaul need this program at all? Whom and how can the city impress?

These are the first steps

The committee for the development of entrepreneurship, the consumer market and labor issues is both the customer and the developer of the document designed to bring tourism in Barnaul to a new level. Its chairman, Alexander Sarychev, believes that our city has lagged behind its Siberian neighbors in this matter. And to start the development of tourism, in his opinion, it is necessary to develop a brand.

- For those who have just heard about the program, tell us what it is about?

- Today the Altai Territory is actively developing as a tourist region. Many Siberian cities have established brands. And Barnaul, being not only the capital, but also a large business, cultural, transport center in the south of Siberia, with a unique history, cannot stand aside. In this direction, the city needs to develop, to form its own tourist image. Moreover, the beginning of the new route "The Big Golden Ring of Altai" is Barnaul.

In order to create conditions for the development of tourism in Barnaul, a long-term target program has been approved, which we are talking about. It provides for the implementation of 20 events, eight of them will be financed from the city budget. The program defines several directions for the development of tourism - business, event, scientific and educational and children's. The city has a rich history, a large number of architectural monuments, it was one of the two cities of tsarist Russia, where the mining business developed, was a large trade center, now it is the capital of the agrarian region.

Events are held in the city, the participants of which are residents of the Altai Territory, near and distant regions of the country. And all guests, residents, transit tourists should be provided with quality services. Therefore, the program provides for the development of excursions and tourist products, a tourist cluster and bringing into proper form interesting historical objects of display.

- Who contributed to the creation of the document?

- The working group included representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, travel agencies and tour operators, hotel managers, university professors, museum workers, representatives of the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, professionals and practitioners who complemented each other. Of course, there were discussions, some proposals were questioned. They discussed the tools for attracting transit tourists, the development of domestic children's tourism and the accessibility of travel and accommodation for young residents of the region's districts. The main directions are determined taking into account the relevance and reality of implementation. All participants are not indifferent people who shared their experience and knowledge free of charge. We continue to work together to implement the program.

- In what ways is the government ready to help the business developing tourism in Barnaul?

- The administration acts as a coordinator. The creation of tourism products leads to an increase in demand and the number of consumers around whom business develops. These are objects of tourist display, hotel business, excursion services, catering, production and sale of souvenirs, etc. From the point of view of financial support, there is a program "Development of entrepreneurship in the city of Barnaul for 2011-2014", under which part of the banking sector is subsidized. interest rate on loans attracted by entrepreneurs for development. Beginning small and medium-sized businesses are provided with targeted grants for starting a business. And entrepreneurs operating in the tourism market can also apply for support.

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Four people left the board, including journalist Ivan Oleksyuk and board member of the regional tourism association Elena Krasulina

The Council for Tourism Development in Barnaul has updated its composition. It was left by four people, who were replaced by five famous people of Barnaul. In total, the composition included 17 people. Among them are restaurateurs, owners of travel agencies, the owner of the public "Barnaul 22", cultural workers, hospitality workers, politicians and officials.

What does the council do?

The Tourism Council has existed in Barnaul since 2012. Its chairman - a deputy of the AKZS and director of the zoo Sergey Pisarev - told Tolku that the main task is to coordinate all actions aimed at developing tourism in Barnaul. The meeting discusses "important and difficult issues", for example, greening the city or the concept of the development of Central Park.

The Council recommends certain projects to the City Hall. According to Pisarev, the powers of the council do not include planning and execution of tasks.

All proposals "go down" to the profile committee of the administration, headed by Tatiana Sibirkina.

The prices have been raised, but the service has been forgotten: what tourists say about the rest in Gorny Altai

The unprecedented demand for recreation in Gorny Altai due to closed borders turned out to be a test drive for many bases. Some have raised prices for their services, but "collapsed" as a service

"The Council has been working for a long time and its composition has changed more than once. We started working when there was still no embankment, no Nagorny Park, no Malo-Tobolskaya Street, no new stairs. And all this was just being considered at a council meeting, "explained Sergei Pisarev.

According to another member of the council, the head of the Altaytourist travel company Natalya Gordeeva, experts may or may not approve projects submitted by the city authorities. For example, the council decided which street in Barnaul to make pedestrian.

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