TOP-10 best tour operators in Russia; 2021 ranking

TOP-10 best tour operators in Russia; 2021 ranking

The Rating Information Communications Center and the Otdykh v Rossii magazine conducted the fourth annual survey on the development of domestic and inbound tourism, the tourist attractiveness of Russian regions, their tourism potential and popularity among domestic and foreign tourists.

2018 was a turning point for the Russian tourism industry. The bright, successful and unique World Cup, which took place this summer, once again made Russians feel proud of their country and provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to foreign guests the primordial Russian hospitality, modern, comfortable and benevolent Russia. The rave reviews of foreign guests became the main marketing achievement of the organizing committee. The best advertising in the country is hard to imagine. The income figures are also impressive. In Moscow alone, fans spent almost 100 billion rubles. It is no coincidence that the head of FIFA Gianni Infantino called this championship the best in history.

But now, a big sporting event has passed, but what next? The industry has been waiting for changes for a long time, and they have come.

On September 14, Vladimir Putin, by his decree, transferred the Federal Agency for Tourism to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Until that moment, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was responsible for the development of the tourism industry. In early November, 34-year-old Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergei Galkin, who before joining the department, worked as an analyst at VTB-Capital, became the curator of the industry. Also, a working group was created under the ministry to develop a strategy for the development of domestic and inbound tourism until 2035. It is planned to double the export of tourism services by 2024 (up to $ 15.5 billion), including by facilitating the visa regime for foreign tourists.

One of the first proposals of Sergei Galkin was the postponement of the introduction of administrative responsibility for the operation of hotels without a certificate of classification, which he announced on December 13 at a meeting of the Expert Council on Tourism under the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy. Thus, for hotels with more than 50 rooms, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is proposed to set a deadline for passing the mandatory classification until July 1, 2020. This is certainly good news for the hospitality industry. The regional authorities took this idea coolly, citing the example of the 2018 World Cup, when almost all collective accommodation facilities in the host cities were classified in a short time. It is also necessary to resolve the issue of the quality of hotel evaluation and the responsibility of "appraisers", which has been repeatedly stated by experts. According to Sergei Galkin, it is necessary to seriously refine the regulation on the classification of hotels and not create additional difficulties for small and medium-sized businesses, including when introducing mandatory professional standards for personnel.

It is noteworthy that tourism, as before, continues to be supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, whose area of ​​responsibility also includes culture and sports. It was under her that the current head of Rostourism, Oleg Safonov, was appointed. On December 17, at a meeting of the Coordinating Council for the Development of Children's Tourism, she instructed Sergey Galkin to form the final composition of the new Tourism Council under the Government of the Russian Federation within 6 working days.

In 2018, the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)" is being completed, for the implementation of which Rosturizm is responsible. Its implementation was repeatedly criticized in the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. For example, in September, the auditor of the Accounts Chamber Mikhail Men, during his speech at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, said that out of 30 tourist clusters, only 22 have been commissioned. Out of 108 tourist infrastructure facilities planned to be created at the expense of private investors, 52 facilities have not been created ”. According to the results of the audit, the budget reporting of Rostourism for 2017 was found to be unreliable.

In May, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved a new concept of the federal target program for 2019-2025 with a projected amount of funding from the federal budget in the amount of about 70 billion rubles. At the same time, for each ruble of budgetary funds, it is necessary to attract at least 2.2 rubles of off-budget investments. As indicated in the concept, the end result of the program will be an increase in the total tourist flow in Russia to the level of 93 million people (an increase of 28%), which will make it possible to achieve the planned increase in the contribution of tourism to the gross domestic product of the Russian Federation by more than 70% by the end of 2025. ... But it is not yet clear who and how will implement such an ambitious task. Experts agree that further administrative, organizational and personnel changes await the industry.

By analogy with the federal government, in the regions where tourism belonged to the social sphere, its transfer from culture to economic blocs began. In some regions, for example, in Moscow and the Moscow region, separate committees for tourism have appeared. The change of heads in some regions also led to changes in the work of their tourism departments.

Despite the fact that, in general, the dynamics are positive, among the most common problems hindering the tourism industry from developing rapidly, representatives of the regional business still name the lack of a development strategy, clear and long-term planning, expensive train and plane tickets , lack of quality inexpensive hotels, lack of information and communication between government and business.

We have studied and compared dozens of online travel agencies (tour operators) in Russia in order to select the best and make a rating of the TOP-10 travel agencies for 2021. On these sites you can book flights, hotels, tours, car rentals and excursions. The top ten includes portals where you can buy tickets to the Dominican Republic, Abkhazia, Austria, Belgium and Vietnam.

We have estimated the number of offers on all sites. Does the tour operator's website have FAQs, live chat, phone and email support. We rated each aggregator for usability and navigation. Members who allowed flexible date searches and price notifications.

One of the main reasons for looking for travel agencies on the internet is to find cheap tour packages. In the ranking, you will see ten websites with low cost flights, tours, hotel stays and excursions. All options can be sorted by price, hotel star rating, duration and meal plan.

Mouzenidis Travel

Mouzenidis Travel ranks tenth in the list of popular tour operators in Russia and has a lot in common with other competitors (AnexTour and Pegas Touristik). Instead of booking flights, hotels and excursions separately, you can bundle this into a finished tour. The desire to save money is often accompanied by unnecessary headaches and wasted time.

Use the Mouzenidis Travel service for tourists, which allows you to save on the cost of your trip. Thanks to the "Promotions and Discounts" section, you save an impressive amount, which can be happily spent on cocktails at the resort bar by the sea.

Like most travel sites, Mouzenidis Travel offers an app for Android mobile phones. In it, you can track the status of your reservation, clarify questions of interest, print tickets and see available excursions in any country.


In recent years, Biblio-Globus has become one of the popular travel sites providing access to various services, including booking tours, airline tickets, sea cruises, hotels and train tickets. A separate category of the tour operator is health insurance for tourists.

Biblio-Globus is great for people who are ready to wait for the best offer on the site. To do this, subscribe to the newsletter and track price changes for priority areas. The tour operator recommends choosing: Russia (Sochi, Crimea), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal or Abkhazia.

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