Top 8 Tourism Trends in 2018

Top 8 Tourism Trends in 2018

What new items are waiting for us this year? Now we will find out .. Booking experts. om analyzed 128 million user reviews, surveyed 19,000 travelers from 26 countries of the world and predicted the main travel trends in 2018

At the turn of new technologies

In 2018, new technologies will take the "effect of presence" to the next level, making it even easier to choose travel destinations and accommodation. Artificial intelligence and digital technologies are affecting how users prepare for their journey, as well as how it will be.

Almost a third (29%) of tourists admit that it is convenient for them when the computer plans the upcoming trip for them, based on the travel history, and for half it does not matter whether they communicate with a real person or a computer - the main thing is that he answers their questions.

From dream to reality

45% of travelers have a list of must-see places in their lifetime, and 82% plan to cross at least one item from it in 2018. In the new year, the desire to make unforgettable discoveries will only grow - on the scales with material values ​​and new impressions, the preponderance is in favor of the latter. Travelers will take every opportunity to travel next year.

47% of respondents plan to see one of the wonders of the world. 35% want to try the delicacies of local cuisine, 34% - to go to the paradise island. Also in 2018, travelers plan to attend a unique cultural event, learn something new, take a long trip by car or train, and visit a remote corner of the earth.

Retro trend is back

In addition to new discoveries, in 2018 travelers will return to their favorite places of childhood. A third of tourists think about visiting the places where they vacationed when they were little.

The popularity of such areas is due to the associated nostalgia and a sense of happiness. Family holidays evoke the warmest feelings that surpass even memories of first love or pets. Millennials turned out to be more sentimental on this issue - 44% of respondents aged 18 to 34 would like to return to their favorite places of childhood. Their friends and acquaintances know for sure about such trips from social networks: 60% of those surveyed are going to post travel posts every day.

Influence of popular culture

Travel inspiration is literally in the air. Your travel destination can be based on interests and preferences - from culture and entertainment to cuisine and history. In 2018, TV programs, films, sporting events and especially social media will increasingly influence choice.

39% of travelers will get travel ideas from blogs or videos on YouTube, and what they see on TV, in a movie or a music video will affect 36%. 22% of tourists will go to a large-scale sporting event - 43% of them are thinking of spending the summer at the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Top 8 Tourism Trends in 2018

The ATOR Analytical Service studied the main indicators of the dynamics of the tourism market in 2016–2018 and made a preliminary forecast for 2019 for domestic, inbound and outbound tourism in Russia. The organized tourism market will enter a phase of active reformatting.


As of December 2018, there are 4,377 companies in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators, of which more than 530 are outbound tourism operators, more than 2.5 thousand are domestic ones. Due to the reduction in effective demand, which is likely to continue in 2019, the market will continue to concentrate, expressed in the natural withdrawal from the market of players who do not have significant reserves in case of “bad times” or miscalculations in planning.

The role of large players in the tour operator market will increase, they benefit in the degree of business diversification, breadth of product portfolio, technologies and reserves.

Small and medium-sized companies operating in mass travel directions (Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, UAE, Thailand, etc.) will find themselves in the most vulnerable position. At the same time, the role of large players in the tour operator market will increase: this will be facilitated by the diversification of their business, a wide product portfolio, technological solutions and the presence of their own financial reserves.

The trend of digitalization of the tour operator business in 2019 will begin to take distinct forms. Thus, technological solutions will play an increasingly important role in the sustainability of tour operators. The most promising are dynamic packaging systems in real time, new booking services for the b2b sphere, as well as online services for direct sales of tour packages and individual services to tourists on the Internet, including with the ability to independently design a tour.

Tour operator business will begin to go beyond the classical format (formation of tour packages) and develop new niches, which will also require modern digital tools: management systems for their own hotels, automation tools for host companies, Big Data-based management solutions pricing and forecasting demand, etc.

According to conservative estimates, the reduction in the number of legal entities working in the tourism sector will be at least 20%.

The processes of mergers and acquisitions of companies in the travel agent environment will accelerate. According to conservative estimates, the reduction in the number of legal entities working in the tourism sector will be at least 20%. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these processes will be invisible to consumers, since the main reason for the ongoing processes is a serious toughening of competition, respectively, further business enlargement. At the same time, there are no signs of a systemic crisis in organized tourism on the market in 2019.

“We shouldn't expect any tragedies on the market. The market concentration processes that have been going on since 2014 will continue to have the character of calm “natural selection” in a highly competitive environment, as a result of which the most stable and strong companies will remain on the market. Ultimately, the consumer of the tourist product will win, since in a highly concentrated market competition continues mainly with tools for improving quality and creating new technological products. According to our estimates, large and stable market participants included in ATOR will benefit from the market transformation. For the consumer, membership in ATOR should become one of the criteria for choosing a reliable tour operator, ”summarizes Maya Lomidze, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators.

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