Top 5 places in the Urals for outdoor activities in summer

Hiking in the Urals

FIX TO YOURSELF ON THE WALL, so as not to miss!

Schedule of LDPE and SPORTS HIKING

From February 20 to February 25, a ski trip will take place in the TAGANAI park. If you really want to take part, But you do not know how to stand on skis at all.

Let us tell you, in a big secret, that we will need skis Show in full. Only on the SECOND day

All other days, there will be hiking trails and the ability to comfortably move along the roads of the national park!

Such a hike is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sports hikes, and if you get bored, get out of the tent and spend the night in the warm house of the park

So make up your mind! We promise to organize an unforgettable trip with a lot of positive emotions!

Outside the window is the middle of FEBRUARY - it's time for active booking of summer HIKES! There is NO NEED to postpone this procedure until the summer, because there will be no places left for hiking ..

We have updated the site, IT BECAME much more informative! Go and book interesting tours. plan your vacation now! And we will organize it!

This weekend we are going to the North To the Buddhist monastery "Shedrub Ling" If someone has not been to Mount Kachkanar yet, now is the time!

Program: 06:00 - departure from Yekaterinburg, railway station; 12:00 - arrival at the village. Kosya, 280 km; 14:30 - approximate arrival at the Temple, lunch; 15:00 - excursion to the top of the mountain; 15:30 - we start back; 17:00 - departure to Yekaterinburg; 22:00 - arrival home.

Under strong pressure from some personalities Almost on the promised date, we lay out the rules of the game The playing field and the rules of the game are presented below in the photos If you are a beginner, to get the playing field and the first sticker you need to go camping in our ranks.


“Ural-father” - this is how the stronghold of the state is respectfully called. At all times, he was a magic box filled to the brim with gold and gems - amethysts, rubies, emeralds. In fact, the support is not jewelry, but the powerful Ural ridge. It is on him that everything rests - factories, factories, and cities.

From the point of view of geology, the Ural Mountains are a geosyncline - a giant fold stretching from north to south for 2 thousand kilometers. Three hundred million years ago, real hell reigned here. Superhuman strength crumpled and tore rocks as if they were made of plasticine. The bacchanalia lasted over 150 million years. It was during this period that about fifty types of minerals were formed in the depths.

Then came a long period of quiet life. The Urals were aging and decaying. Now the rocky mountains can be seen only in the north and in the Chelyabinsk region. The width of the ridge ranges from 40 to 150 kilometers. The highest peak - Mount Narodnaya - is located in the Subpolar Urals. Its height reaches 1895 meters. By mountain standards - quite a bit. But the territory is still picturesque and rich in minerals.

The Ural Range is also unique in that it is the border between the two continents - Europe and Asia. This was scientifically substantiated by the geographer Vasily Tatishchev. He proved that the mountain range is a natural climatic and botanical border, as well as a place where different cultures and ethnic groups meet. Unlike the administrative borders, the Ural border is open to everyone. You do not need a visa to cross it.

There are many tourist routes in the Urals. Reserves and national parks are real treasures. There are rivers for rafting and lakes for swimming. There are caves and unusual natural formations. Ancient cities beckon with museums. The expositions are rich in minerals and ornamental stones. And there are also places of power and places of mystery. In terms of tourism, the Ural is inexhaustible!

South Ural Reserve

Ecological trail in the reserve

One of the largest reserves is located in the central part of the South Urals. It is located on the territory of two constituent entities of the Russian Federation - Bashkiria and the Chelyabinsk region. Almost 90% of the reserved lands are in Bashkortostan. The total area is 253 thousand square meters. kilometers. It appeared on the geographical map of the USSR in 1978.

The Yuryuzan, Katav, Nura, Inzer and others rivers flow through the reserve. Mount Yamantau (1640 meters) rises here - the highest peak in the Southern Urals. Of the high mountains, it is also worth noting Bolshoi Shelom, 1427 meters high. The Mashak, Zigalga and Kumardak ridges stand out for their power. Of course, the height of the Urals is significantly inferior to the Caucasus or the Alps, but it has its own identity.

The beginning of summer in the Urals was hot. Now that the heat wave has passed, it's time for outdoor activities. Global City has selected five locations in the Urals where you can actively spend your weekend. Here is a complete instruction for use: where is it, how to get there, what to do. Details in our review.

The Middle Urals are rich in picturesque places that are great for outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, rafting and rock climbing. For those who like to spend time in nature, we actively present a selection of places near Yekaterinburg, where you can pull for the weekend.


The distance from the center of Yekaterinburg to Taganay Park will be 263 km.

Taganay National Park is open to tourists during the coronavirus pandemic. Taganay is kilometers of taiga, mountain ranges and stone rivers, "alpine" meadows and mountain tundra. Going on a hike to Taganay is a unique opportunity to see the landscapes of the mountainous Urals at a time.

There is no need to prepare for a vacation in Taganay Park in advance. Everyone can choose a route for every taste. If you have only one day left, then you can go on a one-day hike to the Black Rock, from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the ridges of Big Taganay. But if you decide on a multi-day trip, then you can see the peaks of Jurma, Itsila, and the Valley of Fairy Tales.

To the National Park “Central Estate. Taganay ”can be reached by car. There is no need to take a tour, the route can be walked on your own, because all the trails are marked and have signs. On the territory of the park, you can camp with a tent in a special area.

Stone Bear

The distance from the center of Yekaterinburg to the mountain will be 140 km.

Approximately 20 km north of Nizhniy Tagil is the "Bear-stone" - a mountain that breaks off with a massive rock towards the Tagil River. It was in this area that the first remains of an ancient man of the Paleolithic era were discovered. The name "Bear-stone" comes from the ancient forest people of Mansi. These places have long been sacred to them, like the bear, which was considered a sacred animal. This is how the name “Stone Bear” was formed from the “Holy stone and the Holy Bear”.

Picturesque views of the river, taiga and mountain ranges open from the top of the "Bear-Kamen". And the hundred-meter-high mountain itself looks like a sleeping bear from afar.

You can get to the place either by car or by bus. The best way to visit the "Bear-stone" is to come at night, take your ropes with you to climb the mountain, explore the surroundings and get the most out of it.

It's a shame, but true: even native Sverdlovsk residents often know only a few iconic sights of their native land. "What is there to watch?" - they are perplexed. Meanwhile, the tourist potential of the Middle Urals is considerable ...

Wealth is not enough

“Our family has always lived in the Urals,” says Anastasia Prokhomnitskaya, our reader from Rezh. - When I was a child, my grandfather repeatedly took me on trips to the most remote corners of the region: we saw both the northern mountains and the southern steppes. Therefore, it is always surprising for me to hear from people that the Middle Urals, except for their severity, cannot boast of anything. I know for sure that every weekend you can get acquainted with new sights - and there is no end to them ... "

And yet, despite the wealth described above, we cannot develop tourism at an accelerated pace. The problems that travelers face are bad roads and a lack of good roadside cafes and hotels. The opening hours of many museums are also inconvenient, as they are often closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

According to Mikhail Maltsev, Executive Director of the Ural Tourism Association, the reason for the poorly developed tourist infrastructure lies in the fact that there have been no specialists in this area for a long time. Plus, the expansion of the industry was left on the shoulders of private investors. “The state of tourism is extremely weak today. This happened because there was a lack of a relevant ministry and specialists who would deal with these issues. And if we compare, for example, with Tatarstan or the regions of the Golden Ring, there are no such bright branded objects, and even if there are such, then it is necessary to work on their promotion and popularization, "- said Maltsev.

Thanks to the enthusiasts

In the meantime, if you dig a little deeper, you can find something interesting in every municipality. Take Turinsk: only at first glance it is unremarkable. Firstly, there is a wonderful house-museum of the Decembrists. The second "interesting" is the Turin wooden painted souvenir.

“Several centuries ago, when it was navigable, timber rafting was organized on the Tura River, and local residents made wonderful things out of chips, painting them by hand,” says Dmitry Levanov, head of the Our Ural project. - Now this process is in an abandoned state. Traditions are kept only by individual enthusiasts and artisans ”.

For the third year in a row, the Turin Okolitsa festival has been held in Turinsk. The holiday is bright and original. But - the efforts of the authorities are clearly not enough for tourists from other cities in the region to go there. “The scope is not the same,” says Dmitry. - Today the festival resembles mass festivities. All danced together, took a rest - and that's it. To attract tourists, the authorities, entrepreneurs and public figures need to develop an interesting program, making joint efforts. "

Another important point is the development of interesting and, most importantly, viable projects. Otherwise, no money will save you. “Verkhoturye is a striking example of this. A huge amount of money was invested in advertising the city, but in fact nothing has changed there. If we consider Verkhoturye as a tourist center, as the authorities are trying to position it, this is a mediocre place. I went there in 2007 and 2016, and I had a persistent déjà vu - absolutely nothing has changed! No infrastructure for a full and interesting rest has appeared there. If you are not a pilgrim, but an ordinary tourist, then you come there and in two hours you want to leave, ”says Dmitry Levanov.

We missed a chip

Hikes in the Urals stand out for their diversity. And not for nothing - the Ural Mountains are spread over a vast territory and include various natural landscapes.

There are a lot of unusual, bizarre and unique places in the Urals that are perfect for intense hiking in the Urals. Some of them are popular holiday destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, which is why weekend hikes are popular. And there are corners that are not open to everyone. Getting to them is not so easy - you need a close-knit team and the appropriate experience from the organizer.

Hiking in the Urals

All our hikes in the Urals start from Yekaterinburg, Ivdel, Chelyabinsk, Ufa and Perm (depending on the route). We always do the most convenient logistics so that it is easy for participants to reach and join the hike.

YT has been surfing them far and wide since 2012 and is ready to show the most unusual and fantastic places in the Urals. The wild forest of taiga corners and endless red tundra, ancient mountains and sacred places await you. We make hikes in all regions of the Urals:

History of the Ural Mountains

Did you know that the Old Ural is the most ancient mountain system in the world? It stretches from the cold shores of the Kara Sea to the yellow steppes of Kazakhstan. And here Europe and Asia converged. The age of the mountains is estimated by geologists at 350-200 million years. And according to the estimates of the same geologists, our mountains were once higher than the Himalayas. However, time takes its toll - the mountains are gradually collapsing. It took millennia. Wind, rain, frost and the sun created amazing shapes - our mountains are rich in unusual rock formations and stone outliers. While hiking in the Urals, you can even find ancient fossils.

Legends of the Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are a kaleidoscope of fairy tales and legends of different peoples. And it was not in vain, because in these places they found real jewelry: gold, gems, crystal, emeralds, jasper, ruby ​​and many other precious stones and metals, and where should they come from, if this is not someone's treasure or a destroyed crystal castle. By the way, some of our trips in the Urals are very much immersed in the special atmosphere of local legends and everyday life.

And how many secrets and mysteries are kept in the Ural Mountains: here are preserved sites of ancient people, rock paintings, ancient settlements and stone castles, places of worship of indigenous peoples. And even ancient coral reefs (Sterlitamak shikhans). Did you know that several hundred million years ago there was an ocean in the place of the Ural mountains? Therefore, here you can truly touch the secrets of antiquity.

The nature of the Urals

The nature of the Urals is unique and diverse. Here every path is covered with mystery. And the further you move into the forest, the more you immerse yourself in this fairy tale. On your way, you will also meet sonorous streams, which will offer you to drink with their thin voice of invigorating living water, seething mountain rivers and transparent waterfalls, mysterious caves and grottoes, a fabulous forest filled with fragrant fir trees, gnarled cedars, and gloomy firs. And if you want to take a break in the shade of trees, you will feel like you are drowning in soft moss as if in an old grandmother's featherbed, and you will forever fall in love with the beautiful fabulous Ural.

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