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I want to give a list of five cool author's blogs about travel in Russian. A couple of them inspired me to go to places where I would not even think about going.

My choice is based on the fact that the authors share their impressions of specific trips and provide the necessary information for independent travel. These are not professional journalists or photographers, but exclusively people who enjoy blogging, traveling, storytelling and helping independent travelers.

Blog of the wandering naturalist Ivan Leshukov

This blog is mainly about Indonesia. Ivan, it seems to me, knows everything or almost everything about this country that will be of interest to an independent traveler. He is a biologist by education and in his blog he pays special attention to nature.

After reading his stories, I went to the trek to the Marapi volcano in Sumatra. In general, Ivan has a project of 100 peaks in Indonesia, in which he gradually conquers the volcanoes of this country, and can tell a lot about them.

Diary of the traveler Mikhail and Elena

If you are traveling with children, this blog should be read first. Its hosts are a married couple who have been traveling with three children for many years. Well, children travel with them from birth and even earlier.

I don't have children yet and I can only imagine how difficult it is to travel with them, and the guys tell by their example that everything is not so difficult. Plus, it's a cool blog with interesting content that any independent traveler might find useful.

Mila Demenkova's blog

For me, this blog is a tutorial that I regularly read and learn how to best develop a travel blog. Its author is a charming girl from Belarus Mila Demenkova. On the blog, she provides a ton of useful information for travelers and answers all comments and questions.

She describes in detail the countries she has visited, gives prices and talks about places worth seeing. If you are going to visit Georgia, then by all means take a look at this resource, Mila wrote an excellent author's guide to this Caucasian country.

Blog of Oleg Lazhechnikov

Greetings to everyone who came to my blog! Today I propose to distract from the sights that we have talked about recently and speculate about things more mundane, but which excite almost all travel bloggers, authors of travel blogs: making money on a travel blog. How to make money on a travel blog, what are the ways to monetize your blog?

Travel Blog Affiliate Programs: Pros and Cons

If you enter a query like “make money on a travel blog” into a search engine, you will be presented with a very impressive list of articles on this topic. But everywhere there will be practically the same "gentleman's set", where the main ways of making money on a blog will be called contextual advertising and affiliate programs (if we are talking specifically about making money ON a blog). Moreover, the authors of such posts will argue that affiliate programs are very profitable, much more profitable than contextual advertising. And, of course, put your referral links.

But let's face it: the majority of average travel bloggers, even with a traffic of several thousand people, will not earn anything on affiliate programs or, at best, several hundred rubles a month (maybe you are lucky, then several thousand). Why is this happening? Are those who write about their earnings on the blog, post finstrips, they are not telling the truth?

Most likely, most of them are telling the truth. But not all. Because no one will reveal their secrets, which really bring income.

What travel blog affiliate programs are there?

So, what are the affiliate programs for travel bloggers? First of all, the well-known travel partner network Travelpayouts, which includes the search engine for air tickets Aviasales, the search engine for hotels Hotellook, as well as a number of partner programs for obtaining visas, selling insurance, renting cars, ordering excursions, tours, transfers, etc.

In addition, flight search engines Skyscanner, Buruki, hotels search engines HotelsCombined (RoomGuru), Booking, Agoda and others have partner programs. , Doubletrade and others. In general, this list is known to all bloggers.

Now let's take the average travel blog. A person writes about the places he visited, what he saw, what he tried, what he bought. It is logical to assume that a visitor who comes to a blog from a search engine, having read a post about an exotic country (or not very exotic), will buy an air ticket on your website, book a hotel, etc. But here's the paradox: the target audience has come, there are transitions, there are searches, but there is no or very little sales. Why?

Cookies and Affiliate Markers?

It seems to me that cookies are largely to blame here, which are usually stored by affiliate programs for 30 days (rarely more, sometimes less). It seems that they should work: a person came to the search engine of air tickets/hotels/insurance, etc. using your affiliate link, looked for something, then closed the browser window, after a while went directly to the search engine, the system remembers it and you get your hard earned agency interest. But in reality, for some reason, there is no such rosy picture. Why?

The reader, before getting to your blog, most likely has been looking for information for a long time, wandering around various sites. Perhaps he followed affiliate links from there. And those affiliate markers, and not yours at all, were saved in the system. Earlier, when there weren't many travel blogs, search widgets and affiliate links in articles made sense. And now these nice widgets (in fact, I really like them) are available for almost everyone.

Maybe you can make some money on Skyscanner and HotelsCombined affiliates, which pay for clicks. But I heard from travel bloggers a lot of disappointed comments that they were banned at HotelsCombined for allegedly inappropriate clicks.

I present to you a large collection of travel and tourism wordpress templates. According to statistics, today more than 70% of people search for travel information, buy tickets and book hotels on the Internet. If just 5-10 years ago everyone turned to travel agencies, now everything has changed. And if you do not yet have a high-quality website of the company, with a description of services, an understandable interface, etc., then you are losing a lot of clients and this selection of Wordpress templates tourism and travel, I hope, will help you.

All templates from this list have premium quality, many features, responsive layout and beautiful design. You can make your own unique website for your business and direction.

Here you will find topics in various directions, these are:

  • travel-blogs
  • travel magazines
  • agency websites
  • landing pages for selling your services
  • hotel booking
  • attractions, etc.

Let's start choosing a theme just for you!)

All templates are from the popular ThemeForest online store. Other selections can be found at the link.

+ wordpress templates for travel and tourism, travel agencies, travel blog and more

Below are three templates from Russian WPshop developers. Pay special attention to them because they are very easy to customize for your site.


An excellent template that is suitable for both a blog and a multi-page site with landing pages. My blog is based on this template. And if you want to learn how to create websites using this template, then you can study the video course "Perfect WordPress Site" or see a separate review of the Reboot template.


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