Top 13 best products 2020 for tourism and rest in nature

Top smartphones for tourist

Hello, dear friends! <

We bring to your attention the top 13 of the best goods 2020 for tourism and relaxing in nature, see, choose and reserve everyone useful, because summer is not far off! <

Suspended bed/hammock with mosquito net


one of the most useful things this summer, real lifehak for all recreation lovers in nature is super novelty, portable hanging bed/hammock with mosquito net! <

It has light dimensions, you can easily decompose it and hang between the trees to enjoy the singing of birds and the beauty of nature, and then with the same ease you can fold it in a special bag that goes complete .

The bed-hammock is most comfortable to use, it will quickly dry, it is easy to clean, and the mosquito net will give you a complete isolation from all annoying insects.

No more mosquitoes will spoil your country rest! <

Portable Sleeping Bag @

For all travelers and camping lovers, we suggest a look at such a portable bedroom bag that will ideally fit into your extreme hike and will not fail in a critical situation, because it has waterproof functions.

The bag is made of cotton and terryle, has a size of 220 * 75 cm, presented in 3 current colors.

In the overtrunged state, such a bag occupy quite a bit of space, it can be easily transferred in a hiking bag or backpack, and if necessary, use on purpose. Suitable for reusable use, comfortable and easy!

Waterproof inflatable mattress

Cloudy superlong inflatable sleeping mattress, which is ideal for use in a sleeping bag or tent. It is not afraid of weather conditions, because it is made of the water permeable material, very soft and pleasant to the touch. This mattress has a super light weight of only 420 grams, the maximum load is 200 kg. Lycra in the composition reduces surface slip and noise, and also gives it durability and level of use.

Search and selection of the tour - Active or passive vacation

Stay in touch everywhere and always, and also have a smartphone at hand that can come to the rescue in many situations (see the road, translate a phrase into the desired language, call a taxi, take a photo or shoot a video, etc.). ) has become so natural that few people have doubts or questions.

However, only experienced tourists and travelers can tell how important a quality gadget with excellent characteristics is. After all, not every device is able to "withstand" intense, even extreme operating conditions. Let's take a closer look - what should be a tourist's smartphone?

Selection criteria

If you are planning to go on vacation to a fashionable hotel and spend almost all your time by the pool or on the beach, then you don't have to "bother" about choosing a smartphone and go with your "native" phone. Although we note that the risk of falling into water or splashing on the phone, falling from a height is not canceled.

If you are a supporter of outdoor activities (hiking, mountain climbing, water recreation, beach activities, safaris and excursions), then in natural conditions such phone parameters as "feature", reaction speed, processor power or the stylish body is far from being of paramount importance. Much more important are the other characteristics of the smartphone.


It is desirable that the gadget has a sealed case. This will give a guarantee of its performance, even if you get caught in the rain (for example, a tropical rainstorm in an exotic country), drop your phone into the sea, swimming pool or fall into a river while rafting, wading.


The smartphone must have a large battery to ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time. It is also worth considering the fact that the switched on mobile Internet or a number of other options, extremely extreme operating conditions, for example, severe cold, lead to an increase in the load on the device's battery.

Impact and high strength

Not a single gadget is insured against falling and hitting, regardless of where it is used (it can even happen at home), but such moments happen more often during hiking and travel. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the strength parameters. This is true not only for the smartphone body, but also for the screen.

The question naturally arises - are there smartphones that simultaneously satisfy all of the above parameters? Yes, and buyers still have the right to choose!

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