Top 11 places for outdoor activities in Moscow

Traveling is easy

If you dream of an active vacation this summer, the best way to have a good weekend is to go to the Moscow region for an extreme vacation or use the available locations within the city. If you like extreme sports, then in Moscow you will find many suitable entertainment for yourself, for example, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, ATV trips and much more. All this will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions!

You don't have to go abroad or on a long trip to experience such sensations, we will tell you about many impressive locations within Moscow and the Moscow region.

When planning an extreme vacation, remember that there is nothing more stupid than senseless risk, so when you are looking for some unusual and at the same time suitable entertainment for you, you should really evaluate your psychological and physical readiness.


Perhaps your ATV ride is associated with the desert in Egypt or with a safari. However, you will get no less exciting experience in the dense forests near Moscow.

To organize such a trip, you can contact the Tyutchev club. Experienced instructors will offer you not only qualified assistance and training, but also the most interesting routes.

Rafting, flying and paintball

Did you miss rafting on the rivers of Spain or Turkey? Imagine, in Russia, in particular near Moscow, you can find many attractive rafting spots. Looking for corporate holiday ideas? Then go to paintball, this activity will become exciting not only for fans of impressions and thrills, but also for those who love hot fights. Looking for romantic date ideas? Then go horseback riding. Perhaps this type of recreation will not seem extreme to you, but experienced jockeys will show you a lot of tricks of these strong animals, you can hardly believe what they are capable of. Fly at night? You should not postpone this activity on the shelf of incredible dreams. Book a glider, moto-glider or hang-glider flight.

Sports entertainment parks such as Drakino, Protva sanatorium or Volen sports park offer many opportunities for a comfortable flight.

Horse Riding

If you are interested in horse riding, we suggest you visit the equestrian club "Labrys".

It is located at the address: Moscow region, Istra district, Karasino village.

Extreme vacation in Moscow and Moscow region 2020

Going out into the countryside for a weekend is always a great idea and a great way to spend time with your family surrounded by the beauty of the Moscow region.

But not everyone is ready to go even on a short hike on their own - there is no experience and necessary skills, tents and kayaks. Then a great option is to go with an organized group and an experienced instructor, where the route is thought out and passed many times, and all the equipment and even food is provided by the tourist club.

Such trips are offered by many clubs, you can choose options for every taste and budget (even free), guided by your physical fitness and personal preferences. Most travel clubs rent out camping equipment, and they can also accommodate other trifles in the planning of the route, such as camping lunches and pre-prepared first-aid kits.

Adventure Club Tour Club

The Adventure Club is a long-term trekking experience and several dozen instructors - experienced travelers from St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Who said you need to spend the weekend in front of the TV? Book weekend tours and get a lot of impressions from picturesque places and communication with cheerful, pleasant people. You can go on hikes with your family, friends or alone - in the hope of meeting a close-minded person. During the walk, you will take unforgettable photos that you will proudly show to your friends and colleagues.

For tourism lovers, the ideal option is to go on a weekend hike in the picturesque places of Russia with an experienced instructor. Interesting routes, a rich program, evening rest and a delicious dinner await you.

The club offers more than 50 weekend routes in the Moscow region. You can choose the conditions that are right for you, taking into account your physical fitness and personal habits. There are options for cycling routes, kayaking, and of course hiking.

Main routes of weekend tours:

  • One-day rafting on the Moskva River - MosKaBai
  • Shiroka Oka - rafting with a walking bath on the shore.
  • Multitour on the Kirzhach River - For children and their parents
  • Hiking - Zaokskie Dali
  • Multitour - Seligerskaya Tale
  • Hiking - Around Pleshcheeva Lake - A Trail of Contrasts
  • Hike with training - First aid in the conditions of autonomy
  • One-day hiking trip - English club in Muranovo

Tour Club "Kulik"

The Moscow region in the tours is not accidentally chosen as the main direction. This huge region of our country is rich in an incredible number of natural, historical and architectural monuments. It will contain several climatic zones, flora and fauna are incredibly diverse. Meshchera, Volga, Prioksky steppes, endless fields of the Vladimir region, the richest cultural and historical heritage of Suzdal, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov ... This list can never be finished. And all this is literally one step away from Moscow. In two days off, you can see, feel, remember so much that this baggage will be enough for almost a whole life.

In general, weekend hikes are not unique. It was invented back in Soviet times, at the dawn of the formation of sports tourism. People had neither the opportunity, nor the time, nor the money for long-distance travel, and the Moscow Tourism Club (and this is a world-famous and highly respected organization), came up with such a way to help our tourists. In the old days, LDPE groups numbered up to a thousand people, can you imagine that today? Weekend hikes are really a great opportunity to actively take a break from the city noise and everyday routine, and at the same time stretch your muscles, wander through the forests and fields, ride a bicycle with the wind, enjoy the river landscapes, sit by the fire under the stars. In addition, this is a great opportunity to travel with families, with children.

If you dream of an active vacation this summer, the best way to have a good weekend is to go to the Moscow region for an extreme vacation or

A backpack, comfortable shoes and some money are the minimum required to go hiking. This type of tourism is very common in the region: about 300 interesting routes have been developed, and the cost of services remains acceptable. In particular, kayaking and inflatable rafts are very popular. Our correspondent figured out how tourist clubs compete for clients and what services they offer.


Hike: 2–2.5 thousand rubles. per person (two days)

Gremyachiy Klyuch and Kamkinskaya Quarry are not the wonders of distant lands, but the sights of the Moscow Region popular among backpackers. The choice of interesting trails in the region is great, and the companies that organize such a vacation fight for the client as best they can.

- Taking into account the great competition, this year we have reduced prices for standard programs by 10%, - says the director of the "Transition Club" Lyubov Zhuravleva.

There are more than 100 such organizations in the region. The prices are very reasonable: for 2 thousand rubles. you can go on a hike for two days, this amount includes tent rental, meals and an instructor's escort.

- Accommodation in the cheapest sanatorium will cost 5-6 thousand rubles. per day per person, - says an employee of the tourist club "Kulik" Vasily Ivanov. - Not everyone can afford to spend this amount over the weekend.

It is the low cost, according to experts, that made hiking in the region so popular. Of course, the rest in question does not belong to the “luxury” segment: not everyone likes living in a tent, and in order to walk 20 km, you need physical training. However, the organizers are expanding the list of their services.

- For example, you can take a personal chef on a hike - it will cost an average of 150 thousand rubles, - says Lyubov Zhuravleva. - For a large group of 20 people, the service will cost about 7.5 thousand rubles. per person.

Clubs are creative with routes. For example, you can go on a one-day excursion to the battle sites near Dmitrov that took place in the winter of 1941, or follow in the footsteps of Ivan Susanin. One of the most popular tours is the “walk” along the border of the Moscow and Vladimir regions. There are also suggestions for extreme lovers - survival in the forest. The organizers promise: under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will learn how to navigate an unfamiliar area, get and purify water, make a fire without matches and behave correctly when meeting wild animals.

- Family trips are also in great demand, and the northeast, east and northwest of the Moscow region are especially popular here, - says Vasily Ivanov. - By the way, we have two instructors with pedagogical education.


The Moscow region is a very large and rich in sights region. It was not easy to plan a trip there before, and Governor Andrei Vorobyov drew attention to this in an address to residents back in 2013. Since then, the situation has changed, and tourists from Russia and abroad have gone on vacation to the region. On the eve of the Governor's new appeal, "360" tells how tourism in the Moscow region was made interesting and convenient.

Russia has always been famous for the abundance of territories, and, accordingly, the cultural monuments presented on them. The Moscow region is one of the richest regions in this sense. On the eve of Andrey Vorobyov's new appeal, "360" recalls what has already been done to develop tourism in the Moscow region.

In 2019, the Moscow region entered the top three regions in Russia for tourism. When compiling the rating, the level of development of the hotel business and infrastructure, the importance of the tourism industry for the regional economy, income from tourism and popularity among tourists, including foreign ones, were taken into account.

Open Moscow Region

The Moscow region should become the most advanced platform for tourism, Governor Andrei Vorobyov said in his 2013 address to residents. He noted that the region has many museums, ski slopes, various estates and historical sites, but tourists do not know about them.

At the end of 2018, the “Winter in the Moscow Region” project was launched in the region. Those wishing to get out for the weekend or New Year's holidays were offered ready-made routes to interesting places in the Moscow region.

Lovers of antiquity, for example, were offered to go to Zaraysk. The city has preserved the ancient Kremlin and the water tower. It is the most ancient city in the region.

In Zaraysk, you can look at the walls of the ancient Kremlin.

For those who are close to art, the museums "New Jerusalem" and the historical and art museum of Serpukhov opened their doors. There you can see rare works by Shishkin, Surikov, Polenov and other masters. "Winter in the Moscow Region" is a fun carnival, sleigh rides, skating rinks - entertainment for every taste.

A wide Shrovetide is best celebrated in a large company.

The project became so successful that a few months later they launched a new one called "Summer in the Moscow Region". Here they also offered ready-made routes. Riding in balloons and traveling through caves, merchant estates and animal farms - everyone could find something to their liking.

In the old merchant estates, you can arrange a photo session in the historical style.

Guidebook at hand

Having fun is not only fun, but also beneficial for the body. It is for this that an active vacation in Moscow is suitable. There are a lot of places for entertainment, fun sports and games in various directions, you just need to choose what you like: paintball, diving, quests, skydiving, horseback riding, etc.

I present my own selection of the best ways of active recreation in Moscow, which I and my friends liked.

Paintball field in Lefortovo

Paintball is an active sports game, in which two teams usually participate, playing against each other on a specially prepared ground, shooting balls of paint at each other. There are many paintball clubs in Moscow, but what I like most about MFP Lefortovo is that the play area is one of the largest indoor areas in the capital.

Address: Moscow, Tanky proezd, bld. 7.

Metro: st. "Ilyich Square".

Phone: +7 (495) 517-26-87.

Players are not afraid of snow, rain or wind. The site is heated, the temperature in winter is about + 12-14 C. It has good natural and artificial lighting, the height from floor to ceiling is 8 meters, along the perimeter of the window is the same height. You can play both during the day and in the evening and at night

Fort Boyard Quest

Fort Boyard is a quest for children and adults based on the world TV show. From 60 to 150 minutes of adventure with challenges in realistic scenery, mazes and secret places. Fort Boyard 2. - this is a difficult test, heroes familiar from childhood and an alluring spirit of adventure. In the new version of the game, tasks have become more difficult, and mechanisms and puzzles are more cunning.

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