Tinder for travelers: how to use the dating app when traveling

Actively Searched: A Guide to Dating Apps

This site has over 200 articles written by a boy, but does he know our female tricks? ? Therefore, in this article, I (Katya, nice to meet you) will give you 10 travel hacks how girls travel and possibly save you girls from unnecessary stress on the trip.

Take minimum stuff

Girls travel in different ways. At the age of 12, leaving for 3 weeks at sea, I was dragging a suitcase weighing under 20 kg. After 10 years, my trip abroad was marked by a light suitcase and an empty backpack, but I did not carry even half of the things that I took with me. I began to reduce the number of things in 2016, when we had a base in Lisbon on our trip, and from there, leaving a good half of our things, we flew around Europe with small backpacks. Then there was Italy with a 8.5 kg backpack. Bratislava and Budapest with a 4.5 kg backpack. And the crown of my anti-materialism was Kamchatka: 1.5 months with a 5.7 kg backpack.

You really don't need so many things. The most important thing is that things must have time to dry after washing, do not get wet while wearing (shoes and outerwear), and be comfortable. A colleague at work began to object to me, they say, she needs to bring dresses and heels with her for photo shoots. If you have a question like this, then allocate a budget for this and shape your look on the spot, focusing on local brands, flea markets or second-hand stores. Let it be a certain challenge for you and a kind of another little travel adventure.

My top garments for any trip:

  • cosmetics (decorative + care cream + shampoo + balm + hygiene product)
  • cotton pads + ear sticks + hygiene products
  • first aid kit
  • charging gadgets
  • notepad + pen

And remember that the most important thing, which you definitely can't do without on any trip:

  • passport
  • money (and then for someone it will not be a problem to do without them)

Arrange a cosmetic bag in shoes

To save space + keep your cosmetics safe, place them in shoes, for example. Typically, the shoe is rigid enough to protect the packaging from damage and unnecessary pressure. This is how I did it when I went to Kamchatka:

So that the entire set from the perfume shop does not fall out, you can additionally put socks on top, filling the void in the shoes.

Drink plenty of water in flight

Girls travel; 10 life hacks of women's tourism

Today the whole world lives on the Internet. Here we communicate, work, shop, exchange letters and information, and, of course, get to know each other. According to statistics, the number of online dating, which eventually develop into marriages, is growing every year. The popularity of applications, sites, dating platforms in the world is growing every day. And today we have selected the best dating apps and will tell you about them.


A mobile application built on dating through common interests. The trick is that you can view the hobbies and places that a person visits most often. This way, you immediately meet those people who share your hobbies.

The application is free, no "add-ons" for money or trial tariffs. Easy registration, you can go through social networks.

Of the minuses - available only for a mobile phone.


Feminist dating app with over 22 million users today. Why was it christened that way? The founder (Whitney Wolf Heard) decided to make a marketing ploy amid the growing feminism in the United States and create a dating site where women will take the first step to start a conversation with men. She explained it simply: “Ladies should not wait for the first step from the opposite sex. In a pair, all are equal. "

The idea worked and the app is very popular in the US today. There are filters, security check, the ability to communicate by video. There are additional bonuses, but for the money.

Of the minuses - very strict registration conditions. Until you verify your profile and yourself, you will have little room for maneuver.


Probably one of the most popular dating sites and apps in the world. Available on both PC and mobile. Very easy registration form. Acquaintance begins from the moment you have matched a couple. The program itself invites you to find people in the maximum radius from you and select those that are hooked.

In this article I (Katya, nice to meet you) will give you 10 travel hacks how girls travel and save you from unnecessary stress on the trip.

Looking for a soul mate or just want to find people with common interests to spend the weekend together? One of the most popular ways in modern reality is online dating!

Some statistics: in 2019, Tinder, for example, overtook Netflix and topped the rating of non-gaming applications, the total number of users of dating services worldwide exceeds 320 million people, according to a 2017 study, online dating have become more popular than traditional methods - through friends or at work, and there are more than 8,000,000 platforms where you can find a mate. And their number is only growing.

We understand the most popular on the domestic market!


What is this? One of the most popular social networking sites for dating.

How does it work? It's simple: after registering, specifying basic information (including interests for which you can easily find like-minded people) and search settings (who and for what purposes you are looking for), you can immediately proceed to the choice of questionnaires. The principle of "swipe" works: you swipe to the right, those you like, to the left.

Benefits? There is a geolocation search ("People nearby"), video and audio calls and (for this function, a separate bow) a photo detector of intimate content built into the application so that no random diks are in your film!

Free? Yes, but there is also a paid version of Badoo Premium (from 329 rubles per week), which makes it possible to see those who “like” you, turn on the invisibility mode and cancel random “swipes”.


What is this? One of the most popular not only in Russia, but all over the world application for dating and a "veteran" of this market.

How does it work? After filling out the profile (here there is less necessary information about you than in the same Badoo) and turning on geolocation, you can safely start "swiping" to the left, if not yours, and to the right, if you like someone. When a pair is formed, a notification will appear, and you can take the first step and write yourself, or you can wait for a message from the interlocutor.

Benefits? Tinder uses a two-way opt-out feature, which means users you don't rate can't just send you a message. No unnecessary "Hello, how are you?" in chat.

Free? Yes, but there is also a paid version of Tinder Gold (from 549 r. per month), which makes it possible to search for couples all over the world regardless of your location and see those who "liked" you, restrict access to some data about yourself and your visibility, and turn off ads.

We help to make this most important dream come true.

We help you find your soul mate during our tours of exchange and interpenetration of the cultures of Italy and Russia and thanks to our unique author's program based on the latest discoveries in the field of human psychology and physiology.

Love erases all boundaries, destroys cultural and national differences. Therefore, women from Russia, Ukraine and men from Italy participate in our program.

This is only the first stage of the program's development. In the future, men and women from all countries of our planet will participate in it: America, England, Germany, Spain, France….

Whoever has ever contacted a marriage agency or had communication on dating sites knows about the existence of dangers, let's name just a few, the main ones

- the presence of a huge number of marriage swindlers and even entire agencies siphoning money, mostly from men,

- even by paying a decent contribution (1000 -5000 euros) to a completely legal marriage agency and spending significant amounts and time on top of that, a man is not insured against a negative result,

- the position of a woman participating in such structures, to put it mildly "not free". The one who pays calls the tune, and often a trip paid by a man, a hotel and other “joys of life” in reality turn into the need to “calculate” even in the absence of desire on the part of a woman.

The list can be continued. But having got acquainted with our program "Romantic Tour" you have already appreciated its advantages and uniqueness, saw its possibilities. Our new dating club gives you unique opportunities. We draw your attention to some of them


The tour has multiple aspects: health-improving, cultural, relaxation. And even if it does not happen to find your soul mate (we do not have the authority of God), the program participant receives travel services in a much larger volume than a classic travel company offers to its clients. Our formula always has 2 components:


Thanks to the uniqueness of our project, everyone participating in it can experience the most delightful feeling on Earth LOVE

Let's say you are on a trip alone or are relaxing with your parents, and they go to bed at 21:00. You are bored and urgently want to find a company. You can, of course, go to the nearest bar and try your luck there, but why not take advantage of the technological privileges of the 21st century?

Download Tinder (if not already) or any other dating app. Here you can “meet” the locals, who will show you cool non-tourist places. In the meantime, the application is swinging, we will tell you how to make sure that you are understood correctly.

What the statistics say

Different countries use different applications: in Western Europe, Tinder remains the most popular; in Eastern Europe, people use Badoo more, and in German-speaking countries, Lovoo. However, Tinder is still in the lead.

Of course, we advise you not to limit yourself to any statistics and download also Ok Cupid, Match and Happn.

In 2016, the American app Wayup surveyed 200 students: 53% said they use Tinder to find friends, not romantic get-togethers. Who but American college students can show you the beauty of local inexpensive cafes, cheap bars and the most secret parties?

Be pragmatic: you book hotels, cars and restaurants in advance, so why not “book” future friends?

Another survey of more than 1,000 Americans of all ages shows that about 10% of men and 12% of women use a platonic social contact app. Another study found that "travel" is one of the most popular interests among Tinder users in the United States.

Prepare in advance

If you know where you're going in a few weeks, be pragmatic. After all, you book hotels, cars and restaurants in advance, so why not “book” future friends?

Many applications have paid functionality. For example, for the same Tinder, using additional options, you can set the location where you are going to look for friends.

So, if you know you're going to Rome in March, thanks to Tinder Plus, you can specify this location in advance and start texting friends.

For example, using Tinder, you can set the location where you are going to look for friends.

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