The safest countries in Latin America for tourists

The safest countries in Latin America for tourists

Latin America attracts many tourists with its mysterious history and unusual culture. There are many natural and architectural attractions here. But, despite all the pros, there are also disadvantages of vacationing in South America, namely safety. In many countries, crime is rampant and it is simply not safe for tourists to be on the streets. Today I will tell you about the safest countries in Latin America, where tourists can rest in peace, but at the same time, you should not lose your vigilance.

By the way, the dangers here can be different from crime on the street to natural disasters. The fact is that beautiful nature is insidious. In some countries, hurricanes, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions often occur. But we will not touch on the natural factor in the article, and let's talk about which countries have the least pickpockets and criminals.


The safest country in South America is Uruguay. Here tourists can feel comfortable during their vacation. The beaches here are clean and quite suitable for recreation, despite the fact that the tourist infrastructure is not very developed.

Residents of neighboring countries, and, of course, the Uruguayans themselves most often rest in Uruguayan resorts. The Atlantic coast is clean and almost all beaches are free. You can also borrow umbrellas and sunbeds for free. You can have a snack during your rest in any of the cafes, of which there are many not only in the city, but also in the coastal zone.

Not many tourists come here from Russia, as they are not well informed. But if you want to take a break in South America, consider Uruguay. You can relax here not only on the beach, but also walking around the city, seeing the sights.

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The country has preserved an interesting architecture from the time of colonization. In the capital, you should visit and see the Estevez Palace, which is simply mesmerizing with its beauty. Also here you can see the nearby Palacio Salvo, the cathedral. An unusual architectural monument is the village house, designed by the famous architect Gaudí.

You can get acquainted with the local culture thanks to the carnivals that are held here with enviable regularity.

Contrasting and prosperous state in South America. You will see an incredible combination of breathtaking nature with modern buildings around. Chile's economy is highly developed, so criminal activities are rare here.

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The country has both ancient buildings and modern buildings and skyscrapers. They closely border on amazing nature. You can enjoy the majestic mountains, see volcanoes, geysers, deserts.

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The United States of America is one of the largest and most economically developed countries on the planet. The republic occupies a leading position in all areas of tourism. US resorts attract foreign visitors with snow-capped rocky mountains, Hawaiian beaches, bustling Las Vegas and the tranquil Grand Canyon.

General understanding of the country and its resorts

Discovered at the end of the 15th century, America in the modern world is an amazing and immense country, which differs from other states by its policy inside and outside its borders. Despite the fact that the States were founded only in the 18th century, many events took place on the territory of the republic during this time. Now tourists come here every year to admire large cities, majestic mountains and picturesque lakes, relax in quality resorts and wander through national parks.

Due to its huge area, American weather is shaped by various climatic features. Most regions are in a temperate climate zone, the southern regions are subtropical and tropical, and Alaska is subarctic and polar. All states are characterized by sharp temperature changes and devastating tornadoes, so it is advisable to check the weather forecast before traveling.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

Several times a week, there are direct flights from the capitals of the post-Soviet republics to New York, Los Angeles and Washington. The average flight time to the east coast is about 10 hours, while the journey to Los Angeles from the Russian capital will take almost 13 hours. Also from Moscow, Kiev and Minsk to Chicago, Boston, Miami and Dallas, there are both direct flights and flights with transfers in Istanbul, Warsaw, Zurich and Vienna, in a number of other cities.

USA Beach & Ski Resorts

California is ranked as one of only two beach resort destinations in the United States. The area is rich in nightclubs, discos and bars; American and foreign youth have a great time here every year. Los Angeles and the surrounding cities are famous for their gorgeous beaches, such as Malibu, Zuma and Sunset Beach, where the cleanest sand, clear waters and a huge selection of entertainment. San Diego is famous for the picturesque Coronado Beach.

Unlike California, Florida is popular with family lovers. The local Siesta beach is famous for its fine white sand, Bill Bugs - for the mangrove jungle, Jensen - for sea turtles. The center of Florida is Miami with South Beach. Away from the continent, you must visit the Hawaiian Archipelago. Papakolea Beach is considered to be the hallmark of Hawaii.

Americans love winter sports. Thanks to the local climate, well-developed infrastructure, variety of tracks and affordable prices, ski resorts in the United States are extremely popular. The Winter Olympics have been held four times. The center of extreme ski tourism is the state of Colorado, the hallmark of which is the Aspen resort. This amazing center has stunning landscapes, luxury hotels and villas of Hollywood celebrities.

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Not surprisingly, the United States remains the most popular destination for travelers from around the world. But still it is interesting to know from which countries they come and where they are going.

Over the years, most visitors to the United States, both for business and tourism, have come from Europe, but the number of tourists from Asia, especially from China, is growing rapidly (see sidebar).

In total, more than 75 million foreigners visit the United States every year, half of them from Mexico and Canada. As for the other half, the UK is in the lead with 12 percent.

According to the American Tourism Association, the United States is the most popular destination for tourism spending, with the United States accounting for about 17 percent of the global travel business in 2016.

According to a report from the US Department of Commerce, the number of visitors from China will grow the most by 2021, followed by tourists from India, Argentina, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

Introducing the top five American cities most popular with foreign tourists.

New York

In terms of linguistic diversity, New York is number one on the planet: 800 languages ​​are spoken here. The city is also ethnically diverse, as 37 percent of all its inhabitants - and there are 8.5 million of them - were born abroad. The most popular attractions are the Empire State Building (pictured), Times Square, Broadway theaters, the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Foreign visitors come to Miami for the same reasons as Americans - to admire the magnificent beaches and enjoy the warm weather, especially in winter. South Beach is known for its Art Deco architecture, Cuban cuisine and nightlife. Tourists enjoy golf, tennis, sport fishing and day trips to the Everglades, an hour's drive from Miami. The port of Miami, in southern Florida, hosts the most cruise ships in the world.

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The largest American travel company that allows you to book hotel rooms, book flights and various sightseeing tours, and rent a car. All this can be done directly on the site. There is no Russian version yet.

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A travel site of over 7 million people in 246 countries. Provides the opportunity to spend the night with someone from the local free of charge, having previously written off and agreed on the network. A member's profile contains reviews from previous travelers who have stayed with them. There is no Russian version.

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The concept of "rest" for residents of Russia and US citizens has completely different meanings. The former are eagerly awaiting a 28-day (or even more) vacation in order to "glittering heels, escape from home." Russians with modest incomes tend to stay away from the noise of the city, for example, in the bosom of nature as savages or to eat off and sleep in the village with relatives. People with an average income dream of "frying to a golden crust" on the Black Sea coast, and those who "can afford everything" come to the best resorts in the world according to the All Inclusive system or explore the globe. With the natives of the states, things are very different. How and where do Americans go to rest? What do they prefer - the vastness of their home country or abroad? How do they behave in other countries? This and the best resorts in America is described below on the bursin blog. u.

Peculiarities of American Vacation

Americans are inherently workaholics and couch potatoes; they travel far less often than people in other countries. This is due to many factors:

  • America is diverse in terms of landscapes, climates and attractions. There is entertainment for all tastes: hot beaches, clear seas and fine sand for those who like to soak up the sun, Arctic freshness, blue ice and ski resorts for "walruses", generous lakes for the catch for avid fishermen, national parks for wild lovers. nature and much more.
  • Americans work a lot, going on vacation for only 7-10 days a year (you don't travel much).
  • They prefer not to spend their finances, but to save them "for old age", and they are still distrustful of foreign lands, believing that it is unsafe there.

Young people in America relax in their own way: visiting only gyms in their free time on weekdays, pubs during discount hours or visiting close friends, and on weekends arranging friendly gatherings with board games during the day and chatting in clubs at night. During the vacation week, as a rule, young people go to surf and snorkel in the nearest water bodies or gather in groups of interests in certain places of the country. For bikers, for example, the meeting point in March is Dayton and in June, Dakota. Older US residents prefer to lie down at home, gaining strength for the next working six months. American families like to drive around in a rented mobile home, because traveling around the country is much more profitable for the budget and more convenient than flying.

What the statistics say

To move freely in the states, residents just need to have a license or any social card with them. A citizen's passport is required to be issued only if a foreign trip is planned. More than a third of US residents do not have such a passport; part of the remaining two-thirds received it after 60 years, that is, only after retirement. Some who received this document never used it.

About 55% of residents have never traveled outside the country and only 10% of them believe that there are interesting places abroad. The rest are sure that America has everything you need for a good rest. Almost half of them claim that they will never go abroad, even if financially they can afford absolutely everything. Here are some interesting statistics.

In fact, Americans know a lot about rest (otherwise, how do they manage to recuperate in just a week of vacation?), they just do not like to travel, especially to go far from home. But if they decide to leave their native lands, they will "come off in full." Their passport opens visa-free access to 186 countries, and many state natives have no idea what a visa is.

Hooray, let's go on vacation

How do Americans travel? They carefully plan the trip, calculate the budget and time so as to get the maximum emotions and pay as little as possible for it. Or, after retirement, they leave home for a month or two to spend their savings. Some travel exclusively in their country, others go to see the world.

According to the popular US travel site TripAdvisor, the following 10 resorts and holiday destinations have been particularly sought after by US residents in recent years:

  • Las Vegas - in pursuit of entertainment (where else can you find so much fun, thrills and better service).

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