The Republic of Dagestan

We are going to Dagestan: 12 tips for tourists

Dagestan is the southernmost, colorful and multinational region of Russia. The saying that Dagestan has everything is perfect for him. Indeed, everything is here - the gentle Caspian Sea, endless sandy beaches, mild climate, majestic mountains and monuments of ancient architecture, authentic mountain villages and invariable Caucasian hospitality.

The most popular cities of the republic are the capital Makhachkala, which has been actively developing tourism in recent years, and the magnificent Derbent, one of the oldest cities on Earth. But the main thing, why is it worth coming to Dagestan, is, of course, nature.

The name of the republic in translation from the Turkic sounds like "Country of mountains", but Dagestan is known not only for its majestic rocks. Here incredible waterfalls make noise, endless valleys amaze with shades of emerald, gorges and canyons make you hold your breath.

The most beautiful canyon, it is also a tourist attraction number 1 in the republic - the famous Sulak canyon. It is one of the three deepest canyons in the world, second only to the South American giants.

However, the third place does not detract from its beauty at all - in recent years it has been the most popular tourist route in the republic.

People come here to take a selfie against the backdrop of a dizzying view, enjoy incredible landscapes, and sometimes even meet the dawn.

In Dagestan, there are many such incredible places with the prefix "very-very". Dune Sarykum, the mystery of nature and the largest "sandbox" of Eurasia. Saltinsky underground waterfall, Karadakh gorge, ghost aul Gamsutl, mountain Gunib, Samur forest, the only subtropical liana forest in Russia. Sacred Shalbuzdag, historical Derbent, the village of Kubachi craftsmen.

But they begin their acquaintance with the republic, as a rule, from Makhachkala. The capital of Dagestan is a modern, active, dynamically developing city. It supports all communication routes - the city has an airport, railway and bus stations. The tourist infrastructure is represented by a variety of hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

In the evening you can walk along the embankment, and in the afternoon - relax on the city beaches of Makhachkala or its satellite city, Kaspiysk. There are historical sights in Makhachkala, and beautiful places, and walking routes. However, for a genuine immersion in history, you need to go to Derbent.

Medieval baths, madrasahs, majestic stone gates, cobbled streets create a special atmosphere.

Don't miss the Friday Mosque, one of the oldest in the world and the oldest in the country.

And of course take a walk through the magnificent Derbent fortress, its uniqueness is confirmed by the World Organization of UNESCO.

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Dagestan is the majestic peaks of the Greater Caucasus, turbulent mountain rivers, picturesque auls. At the same time, Dagestan is an amazing ethnic and cultural diversity. Here, in a very small area, about 35 separate ethnolinguistic groups are collected; and what languages ​​(including Persian) you will hear in Dagestan! The tourist infrastructure in the republic is relatively poorly developed, and, of course, this is not the direction that can be advised for lovers of hotel comfort. Dagestan is a land for adventure lovers: incredible natural beauty, impressive historical and cultural monuments, as well as hospitality and hospitality of local residents await them here.

Take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the virgin nature.

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How to get there

You will almost certainly get to Dagestan through Makhachkala: by direct flight from Moscow or by train from Rostov-on-Don through Mineralnye Vody.

A bit of history

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- What kind of burqa should I take to Dagestan? Necessarily black or lighter? A tourist once asked me.

Until now, many people judge the Caucasus by books a century and a half ago and newspaper horror stories. They are afraid of mythical threats - and they step on a real rake. I hope my advice will help you avoid getting too familiar with this garden tool.

Say hello to the locals and yourself

To the greeting "As-salamu alaikum!" (Peace be upon you) be sure to answer "Wa-aleikum al-salam!" (peace to you too). But if you are not a Muslim, you should not be the first to use this greeting. Better to say your usual "Hello!" or "Good afternoon!" It is customary to shake the hand with boys as with adults.

Do not give up charity

Don't be afraid to enter mosques. The main thing is to take off your shoes at the entrance, ask permission before taking a photo, behave quietly and respectfully. Women should cover their heads and wear appropriate clothing, which is sometimes given at the entrance.

Don't be surprised if a stranger suddenly shoves money into your hand or pocket. Sadaka - voluntary alms - is usually given here not only to the poor, but also to neighbors, casual passers-by, and travelers. Sadaka is diverse, religious people can give you anything at a meeting: from a piece of cake or a bag of sweets to knitted socks-jurabok. It is extremely impolite to refuse. It is better to continue the chain of goodness by making a gift to another stranger.

Don't kiss in public

Here, as elsewhere in the Caucasus, it is dangerous to use foul language, especially in front of women, and offend interlocutors. However, this should also be avoided in other parts of Russia and the world. Do not take pictures of people without their consent. Any public physical contact between a man and a woman (except for the elderly) is considered by many to be reprehensible, so couples should not hug or kiss in public.

Seek and you will find

About 3 years ago, I saw a friend's photographs of amazingly beautiful nature.

- Where is it? I asked. It was difficult even to imagine what kind of country it was.

- This is Dagestan! She replied.

This is where the understanding came to me that Dagestan will be the main travel dream for the near future.

As a result, a year ago I made my dream come true. And in my opinion, this is one of the best travel destinations in Russia.

Rice terraces of Indonesia, picturesque landscapes of Iceland, desert dunes of Morocco, gorges of the American canyons, cows in the fields of the Swiss Alps, Hoover Dam in Nevada, ancient and mysterious Machu Picchu - all in one place, in Russia! There is no need to go on a trip around the world to see natural beauty, and even more so, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money.

Dagestan, like any place on the planet, has its pros and cons.

+ Beautiful and varied nature: dunes, mountains, canyons, waterfalls and the sea;

+ Unique culture and hospitality of local people;

+ There are few tourists, although every year there are more and more of them. But this still does not interfere with enjoying nature alone.

- Infrastructure in the tourism sector is not developed;

The Republic of Dagestan is one of the regions of Russia located on the shores of the warm Caspian Sea. Sandy beaches stretching for more than 200 km, picturesque mountain ranges with caves and waterfalls, ancient cities and picturesque auls, a kind of local cuisine and traditional Caucasian hospitality - these are the factors that form the basis for the development of resorts in Dagestan.

The unstable situation related to the provision of security, the proximity to Chechnya, was a negative factor that for a long time held back tourism in the region.

Currently, the situation in the republic is quite stable, which makes it possible to predict an increase in visits by travelers to resort towns on the coast, because the season in the Caspian lasts from June to September and even in October the water temperature near the coast is + 17-18 ° C ...

Dagestan - natural beauty and national flavor

What you need to know

Dagestan has land borders with Azerbaijan, Georgia, by sea it borders with Kazakhstan. The republic is home to 12 peoples and many nationalities that speak different languages ​​(42 languages).

The most numerous ethnic groups are Avars, Dargins, Lezgins and Laks (among which there are also separate groups). Russian is the official language of communication of the multinational republic.

The majority of the population is Muslim, so national traditions should be respected. Women are advised not to appear in public in provocative outfits (superminis and plunging necklines). Smoking and drinking alcohol in public or on the street is also indecent behavior, especially for the female population, and can draw negative attention.

The main directions of recreation: climatic resorts, mountain tourism, visiting historical sites.

Weather in Dagestan

The climate in Dagestan varies from region to region. Main climatic zones: flat mountainous and foothill. The Caspian coast has a subtropical climate, but with little rainfall.

The weather in autumn in the coastal areas is quite warm (+ 25 °), especially in September, the water temperature is + 23 °, in mountainous areas it is colder (+ 22 °). October and November are already cooler (17 ° and 11 °). Little precipitation (1-2 days per month).

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