The Pskov region will soon open for tourists: what tours to buy

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Almost all travel agencies are now forced to look for options for additional income. Many have already reoriented themselves to domestic tourism, including excursion tourism. Travel agents paid close attention to Pskov after the webinar held at the ATOR Academy site.


The pandemic triggered a "reset" of the tourist business. It became clear that even after the restoration of international tourism, it would be shortsighted to rely solely on it. Now more and more tour operators are strengthening their positions in the domestic market, and not just formally, but fundamentally, with serious volumes. Representatives of the tourist retail also follow the trends.

According to travel agents, there is now such a picture: tourists who are forced to pay attention to domestic tourism do not want a classic holiday on the Black Sea. They increasingly want to see different Russia, to visit some interesting places that they had not paid attention to before. At the same time, for many it is important that you can get to these places quickly.


Travel agents are seriously interested in the Pskov region. The webinar on tourism in the region, which took place at the ATOR site on June 18, was sold out - 129 active participants. Recall that excursion tours to Pskov can, according to the latest information, be planned from July 1 or a little later.

The main questions that were received in the webinar chat by its host - Svetlana Kuznetsova, deputy director of the Continent company, and Yulia Konovalova, manager of the reception department, related to the tourism opportunities of the Pskov region and recreation programs.

Svetlana Kuznetsova, starting the webinar, immediately broke the stereotypes about the Pskov region as a region that attracts exclusively with monuments of history and architecture.

Of course, Pskov remains a real guide to the history of Ancient Russia, there are many excursions here. Take a visit to the Pskov Kremlin, the 74-meter white-stone Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Pogankin Chambers, the Mirozh Monastery, founded in the XII century.

But the Pskov region is also active recreation, health-improving, eco-recreation and, of course, gastronomic.

Pskov has something to offer any category of tourists. At the same time, it will not be difficult to get to the region. There is a direct flight connection with Moscow, from June 26, direct flights will begin with Kaliningrad and in the near future - from Sochi.

The Pskov region will soon open for tourists: what tours to buy

Unbelievable, but true. The tourist potential of the Pskov region is remembered on the days of big holidays, whether it be the All-Russian Pushkin Festival or the 1150th anniversary of Stary Izborsk, celebrated with great fanfare this year. Another reason to loudly declare their desire to develop tourism appears from the regional authorities when they manage to grab a piece of the "pie" from the federal budget.

Geopolitics is not a panacea

They have been talking about the unique geopolitical position of the Pskov region for a long time. And they speak regularly. This geographical feature of the region began to be widely promoted when Vladislav Tumanov, head of the Pskov region administration (1992-1996).

And in fact, after the collapse of the USSR, the Pskov region became the only subject of Russia that has a border with three states at once - brotherly Belarus and two Baltic countries - Estonia and Latvia, which in 2004 became members of the European Union.

The Pskov region also has Russian neighbors - the Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver and Smolensk regions. True, the inhabitants of these regions chose the Pskov land primarily as a summer cottage.

And the Baltic neighbors, having "sipped" the charms of the European Union, go to the Pskov region for cheap gasoline and food, sweeping away the counters of border shops (in Soviet times, this phenomenon would have been considered nonsense).

The Pskovites go to the Baltics for the weekend, hoping to have a cheap and cheerful vacation, to feel like a European, if the mentality does not accidentally come out.

A land with an amazing history

The unique geographical location is not the only feature of the Pskov region. There is something to show and a story to tell, here the foundations of Russian statehood were laid, and on Vecheva Square in Pskov - the beginning of Russian democracy.

Pskov ethnographers never tire of declaring that we can be proud of the fact that Princess Olga, the wife of the Grand Duke of Kievan Rus Igor, grew up on the Pskov land. The first mention of Pskov in the chronicle (903) is associated with her name, she is considered the founder of the Trinity Cathedral in Pskov. The baptist of Rus Vladimir spent his childhood here. Under the Pskov fortresses, the best armies of Europe were repeatedly defeated, and Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, who had just ravaged Novgorod, was shamed and brought to his senses by the local holy fool.

At the station in Pskov, Nicholas II abdicated and completed the history of the Russian Empire, the legendary Red Army was born near Pskov in battles with the Kaiser's units.

Holy places are also worth a lot: "God-given" caves in the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery, where the relics of monks and soldiers, famous statesmen and representatives of glorious families rest, the Eleazar Monastery, where Elder Philotheus lived - the creator of the famous concept "Moscow - the Third Rome".

First-hand news

Weekends in the Pskov region: what to do from August to August


August 17/from 10:00 to 18:00/Pskov, Children's Park

On August 17, the traditional Honey Festival will take place in Pskov for the ninth time.

In addition to the traditional honey fair, where Pskov beekeepers will present their products, guests of the festival will enjoy a giant honey cake, the proceeds of which will go to charity. Entertainment venues will work, contests will be held, and artists will perform.

The detailed program of the festival will be published later.

Those wishing to participate in the honey holiday should contact by phone +7 (8112) 702-242 or write to the administrators of the "Honey Festival" group on the VKontakte social network.

The Pskov honey festival is well known outside the region. In 2013, the festival became a laureate of the II degree of the Russian Event Awards in the category "Gastronomic tourism" and the winner of the All-Russian competition for event tourism "Russian open Event Expo" in the category "Ecological tourism".

The festival is held by the Pskov Information Agency (Media Holding of the Pskov Region) with the support of the State Committee of the Pskov Region for Culture. The purpose of the event is to support local producers of beekeeping products and promote the Pskov Honey brand.

August 17/on a green meadow in the village of Iskra, Dnovsky District

On August 17, the second intermunicipal culinary festival "Self-assembled tablecloth", the main event of which will be a culinary exhibition-competition.

Amateurs of tasty cooking, owners of personal subsidiary and peasant farms, as well as catering enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, representatives of social entrepreneurship will be able to take part in it. Since the festival will take place on the eve of the Apple Savior, the contestants are first of all invited to cook apple dishes. Photos and step by step recipes are welcome.

Weekends in the Pskov region: what to do from March to March


March 17/13.0/Children's Park

According to the Department of Culture of the Administration of the city of Pskov, on March 17 at 13:00 in the Children's Park there will be a cultural event dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation. The leading creative teams of Pskov will perform on the stage in the park, and a variety of entertainments await the residents of Pskov.

Let us remind you that the reunification of Crimea with Russia took place 5 years ago, and now the day of Crimea's joining the Russian Federation is celebrated throughout Russia with rallies, concerts, flash mobs, mass celebrations and other festive events. The main events take place in Crimea and Sevastopol.


March 16/21.0/"Tyr" club (Gogol street, 25-A. Entrance from Sverdlov street)

Captain Smollett is one of the best folk - punk bands in the northwest, consisting of four brave guys who carve such an energy in their performances that even the most sophisticated listener and viewer will not be left out! During their only 5 years of existence, the guys recorded one full-fledged album and many singles, gave about a hundred concerts at various venues in the country and neighboring countries. Regular participants in major rock festivals in the country.

Performed with famous folk punk icons such as TheRumjacks (Australia), Paddy and the Rat’s (Hungary).


March 15/11.0/Pskov Academic Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin

Weekends in the Pskov region: where to go from to August


August 24/19:00/terrace of the Pokrovsky hotel (Kuznetskaya st., 2)

Price: 1000 - 20000 rubles.

Over the centuries, true art does not lose its value, just as the music of Johann Strauss, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and Gustav Mahler has not lost its appeal, charm and charm. Viennese composers have gone down in music history as major reformers. Their work is not only unique in itself, it is also valuable for the fact that it determined the further development of music, which became the pearl of the classics.

The creativity of I. Strauss, "King of the Vienna Waltz", is characterized by lightness and fabulous beauty, V. Mozart - lyric and dramatic mood, F. Schubert - the broadest emotional palette, and G. Mahler is distinguished by sincerity and compassion.

The music of Vienna has absorbed all the richness of images and embodied them in perfect form. You can make sure of this at the concert "The Gold of Vienna", which will take place on the terrace of the Pokrovsky Hotel overlooking the Pokrovskaya Tower.

Great Philharmonic Concert Hall

Cashier: Mon-Fri: 11.0-20. 0 Sat-Sun: 11: 00-18. 0

“Music heals the soul and makes the world brighter. And the song conveys the music in simple and understandable words. ”Such a motto was chosen for her new program by the surprisingly bright, charismatic, and at the same time refined and feminine Irina Emirova. Being on the Olympus of the St. Petersburg stage, the singer does not stop in her creative search and development. Tours, filming on TV, recording new compositions - all this is certainly accompanied by the presentation of songs already loved by Russians and a "breakthrough of the new" in Russian cities.

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