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Alternative travel and alternative tourism - what is it? What is behind the trend that is developing as a kind of "anti-tourism" or "other" tourism? The driving force behind the concept is to find an alternative to mass tourism and create new forms of travel with meaning.

In this article, I talk about this new trend and offer 20 inspiring ideas for those seeking transformational travel.

Alternative tourism - a new look at recreation?

Alternative tourism, travel with meaning. And what, a regular vacation does not make sense, will you be indignant? Of course, an all-inclusive trip to some warm country also makes sense - to relax, recharge the batteries, recuperate, stay by the sea, sunbathe, and just take a break from cooking and cleaning.

I myself love such a vacation at least once a year, and especially appreciated such a vacation when I had a child.

The difference between mass package tourism and alternative tourism is that one allows you to disconnect and does not require any effort from you (except for sleeping, eating, sunbathing, swimming, dancing and possibly visiting some kind of excursion), while the other forces you to turn on, both physically and mentally - to immerse yourself in a new country, learn a new skill or language, or do something useful for others.

Another difference between alternative tourism and mass tourism is the impact on the environment and local communities.

Mass tourism and Overtourism have negative consequences associated with illegal trade, prostitution, drug trafficking, environmental pollution and degradation of popular unique natural and historical places (remember Phi Phi Island or Pattaya in Thailand, Venice, Amsterdam, Machu Pichu, or garbage island in the Maldives).

Alternative tourism offers opportunities for tourism other than mass tourism and typical mass leisure travel.

Although it does not have a clear definition, it is clear in which direction it is developing.

This is conscious and responsible consumption while traveling, preserving the nature of the visited place, supporting local communities and respecting their rights and customs, learning and developing travel skills, slowly immersing yourself in the culture of the country, and contributing to the solution overtourism problems (i.e. alternative tourism introduces travelers to non-standard attractions instead of popular mass ones).

Here are some inspiring ideas for those looking to embark on a life-changing journey

l Volunteer and contribute to a better world

ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL AND TOURISM: 20 IDEAS HOW TO TRAVEL WITH SENSE Alternative travel and alternative tourism - what is it? What is behind the trend that develops like,

The most interesting vacation spots are chosen depending on preferences. For some, a calm beach vacation is important, for others cultural and educational routes are preferable.

Hikers and hikers will prefer the respective tourism destinations. If desired, all possible types of recreation can be combined and spend a vacation in those countries of the world that are most suitable for travel.

World's Top Travel Destinations

The most interesting countries in the world for travel offer unusual and beautiful places for recreation, which can be presented in the form of TOP in popularity rating.


The country is located in North Africa and is washed from different sides by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The best period for a beach holiday is from July to September. The air warms up during this period to + 31/+ 33 degrees, the water temperature is + 24, + 25 degrees. On the Mediterranean side, the air and water are always warmer, as the ocean warms up more slowly.

Most popular resorts:

  • Tengera ;
  • Agadir;
  • Casablanca;
  • Essaouira.

Visa-free entry to the kingdom for Russian citizens. The minimum period of validity of the passport at the time of the trip must be at least 6 months. In addition to the beaches, Morocco offers ski resorts, sightseeing tours and safaris.

Main attractions:

  • Djemaa el-Fna Square. The attraction is located in Marrakech. In the evening, performances are held here, dances are arranged, and retail outlets work.
  • Habus Quarter. The quarter is located near the center of Casablanca. Here you can visit souvenir shops and an oriental market.
  • City of Chefchaouen (Blue City). All buildings in this city are blue.
  • Blue rocks. An installed landmark created by an artist from Belgium. About 20 years ago, he painted the rocks in the desert.
  • Bahia Palace. The palace was intended for the wife of the vizier Bu Ahmed Siddi Moussa. The exquisite halls of the palace and the maze-shaped promenade in the garden arouse the interest of vacationers.

The largest number of hotels with developed infrastructure is located in Agadir. The cost of the tour for two with a departure from Moscow is from 170 thousand rubles. (accommodation in a 5 * hotel, tour duration: 7 nights). The cost of tours without meals and in 4 * hotels is from 80 thousand rubles.

Safari in Africa

Bicycles and cars, yachts and catamarans, skis and horses - what can professionals and amateurs of sports tourism use to conquer this land! But there are also yoga and fitness tours, and fans traveling to sports festivals and events around the world are also part of this type of recreation. The industry is already a significant contributor to global GDP and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the experience economy. However, in Russia, where sports tourism already has an established history and traditions, where the most incredible beauty and complexity routes await their conquerors, this area is still far from realizing its full potential. But here, too, the popularity of the sports style of recreation, especially against the background of falling incomes, is obviously growing. After all, in order to go on the most ordinary trip, you often do not need almost anything - took a backpack and a tent and went.

The global sports tourism market is estimated at $ 800 billion. According to forecasts of the British analytical agency Technavio, its turnover will grow by 41% by 2021 and amount to $ 4.31 trillion. It engages from 12 to 15 million people annually, and in the short term, the growth will be 6% each year. This is a consequence of three reasons: an increase in the level of well-being of the population; increased preference for sports tourism as a way to get out of the comfort zone; the growing contribution of the industry to GDP growth and employment. This is confirmed by the growth of the wellness tourism market. If in 2015 the sector was estimated at $ 563 billion, then in 2017 it was already at $ 639 billion.

As in every industry, it has its own leading countries. In sports tourism, these are the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. In some countries, sports tourism revenues have exceeded the threshold of 25% of total tourism receipts. And in Australia they set a record - 55%, says Konstantin Pozdnyakov, associate professor of the Management Department of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Developing countries are also making significant investments in the industry, which also increases the growth of the world market. And sports festivals began to successfully compete with music festivals, adds Inga Kouru-Nedashkovskaya, an expert of the committee for the development of sports and fitness services of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses "Support of Russia", General Director of Health Fitness Travel. For example, the Dubai Fitness Challenge, a fitness festival in Dubai, which featured 250 different sports entertainment, was attended by about a million people last year.

At the same time, sports tourism can be of different types. For example, eventful, when tourists come to various events - from amateur small competitions and festivals to world championships and the Olympics. “If we went to see cross-country skiing, it means that we also participate in sports tourism,” explains Galina Dekhtyar, professor of the Department of Management and Service at the Institute of Industrial Management, RANEPA. So, the football World Cup 1994 in the USA, for example, attracted 50 million tourists, who spent $ 100 billion during their stay in the country.

And then many go to feel nostalgic for the Olympic cities, World Cup capitals, places of sports glory. And this is another type of sports tourism; famous sports museums, colleges and schools are also becoming the center of attention. Well, in fact, an active type of tourism is an amateur and professional sport, whether it be regatta, fishing, tennis, mountaineering, horse trekking or a motor rally. Fitness and wellness tourism has become a separate type: fitness tours, individual health tours, Nordic walking, yoga, surfing, golf tourism.

There are also world leaders among tour operator companies specializing in sports tourism. Here again the British are riding high. Specifically, BAC Sport provides sports travel and tours for major sporting events around the world. These are individual and group packages for Formula-1, Grand Prix, international football, major golf, rugby and tennis tournaments. And ITC Sports Travel has become a leading provider of exclusive international sports tours and individual travel.

In general, says Konstantin Pozdnyakov, sports tourism can achieve three goals: to expand the traditional tourist season; attract a new stream of visitors; create or improve the image of a particular tourist regional destination. “Sports tourism is one of the most affordable forms of recreation for the population,” says the expert. "It targets all socio-demographic groups, regardless of age and gender."

Sports tourism appeared in Russia at the end of the 19th century. Then, says Konstantin Pozdnyakov, the first tourist organizations appeared. These are the "Alpine Club" in Tbilisi (1877), "Enterprise for public travel to all countries of the world" in St. Petersburg (1885), "Crimean Mountain Club" in Odessa (1890) with branches in Yalta and Sevastopol (later it was renamed " Crimean-Caucasian Mountain Club "), the society of cyclists" Russian Turing Club "in St. Petersburg (1895) with branches in Moscow, Kiev and Riga. In 1901, this club was reborn into the Russian Society of Tourists and became the largest tourist association in the country at that time. By 1914, it had about five thousand participants.

In the 1920s and 1930s, mountaineering and mountain tourism were actively supported by the state in the Soviet Union in the system of the Society for Proletarian Tourism and Excursions. And in 1949 the All-Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sports included tourism in the Unified All-Union Sports Classification. Since then, amateur tourists began to be assigned sports categories and titles, schools for tourism instructors and schools for managers of difficult hikes have appeared. As a result, in the mid-50s, sports tourism became the highest manifestation of amateur tourism and truly massive. In the 70s, all-Union, republican and regional competitions for the best tourist trip began, and in the 80s they turned into championships. In total, at the end of the USSR, there were 950 regional and city tourist clubs and sections, which covered up to 10 million people with competitions and sports trips. Over 200 thousand tourists-sportsmen took part in sports trips annually.

Backpacking trips and amateur song clubs flourished in Soviet times, says Galina Dekhtyar. “It was believed that this was a vacation for a kind of elite, the intelligentsia,” she notes. - These were the very "physicists and lyricists". The rest homes of scientists very often were tent camps ”. It was not for nothing that Galich, Vizbor, Vysotsky sang this time. And therefore, this type of recreation is still popular in the scientific community. But times have changed, the country has changed, generations have changed, a new target audience has formed, new trends have emerged. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, sports tourism, which had lost state support, was greatly shaken. The industry survived on the enthusiasm of individual people, who both then and now work mainly for the idea, says the founder and head of the MyWay tourist club Yula Zavod.

The industry began to rise from the end of the 2000s. “Few people know that sports tourism is a nationwide sport in Russia,” says Olga Filipenkova, director for strategic development of the Gorki Gorod resort, a member of the expert council at the State Duma's tourism committee.

Let's list the 15 best countries for recreation and make a kind of rating "Tourist and Guide". This list includes those vacation destinations that cause the most delight among our compatriots, and also fit the widest possible number of requirements and wishes.

We each have our own preferences for how best to spend our vacation. Some want to lie on the beach all day and swim in the sea, others need an interesting entertainment program so as not to get bored. Still others prefer excursions and close acquaintance with the culture of the area to which they arrived. In the proposed list, we list the areas that satisfy most of these requests.


One of the most attractive countries for our tourists. During the year, several million guests from different parts of the world are received here. Everyone wants to enjoy unusual exoticism at an affordable price.

Thailand has taken the lead among other similar resorts thanks to the following factors:

  • Low cost of living, food and entertainment - this is the most budget option among those existing today.
  • Visa-free visits by our compatriots, if the duration of the vacation does not exceed 30 days.
  • Even in winter, a beach holiday is available here due to a different climate and region.
  • Exoticism is literally at every step - tropical nature, interesting traditions, fruits and vegetables unknown to us, unusual food.
  • The abundance of islands, wild beaches, cozy coves will appeal to those who prefer secluded relaxation.
  • Wellness treatments, massages, natural cosmetics will satisfy the needs of tired travelers.
  • Abundance of entertainment and active recreation.
  • A rich excursion program of ancient temples and cities.
  • Luxurious hotels and good service, friendly staff and residents.

All this attracts many tourists to Thailand every year. Some come back here more than once or even open a visa to stay in the country for much longer.


Known all over the world for its vibrant festivals and football. But, in addition to incendiary dances, this direction will delight lovers of active sports and entertainment.

A beach holiday on the Atlantic coast can be changed to a wide variety of programs:

  • visit the jungle;
  • go fishing in the Amazon;
  • get to know the wild world of nature;
  • go surfing;
  • hunt jaguars;
  • learn to dance samba;
  • take a walk in Rio de Janeiro;
  • slide down on a plastic board sand dune and plunge right into the waves of the ocean.

Business travel as a tourism industry is widespread in the modern world. Today, the idea of ​​traveling to the other end of the world to get acquainted with the latest achievements of science, learn from colleagues in the industry, or sign a contract does not at all seem like a surplus of bourgeois life. Despite the development of Internet technologies, practical experience cannot be replaced by anything: to get behind the wheel of a brand new car at the Tokyo Motor Show, to take part in the Congress of Plastic Surgeons in Rio, or to appreciate the delights of an on-site incentive with colleagues - these are just a few of the business travel options. And the business tourism market has managed to develop its most popular destinations. We will tell you about them.


Europe is undoubtedly the longest running and consistently popular business travel destination. Here are the headquarters of the world's leading concerns in any field - from the automotive industry to the production of toys, from oil production to cosmetology, here you can store and increase capital in reliable banks, sign on paper and implement scientific and technological progress. About eight thousand exhibitions in Europe alone take place every year, and there is no such industry of production and consumption, which would not be devoted to at least one thematic exhibition.

Germany has long and firmly held the leading position in exhibition tourism - about 1,700 exhibitions are held here annually: in Frankfurt am Main alone there are up to ten of them monthly, and the number of exhibitors at each is from a thousand to three thousand!

Visiting international exhibitions is not the lot of professionals alone. For example, Berlin hosts such interesting events for everyone as a numismatic exhibition, an exhibition of vegetarian food, an exhibition of clothing manufacturers of large sizes and many others, which are gladly visited by tourists who are far from business.

But let's not forget that business tourism is not only about visiting exhibitions and thematic events. As you know, world capital is spinning here, so businessmen regularly travel to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries for financial affairs.

Asian Tigers

The developing economies of the East - South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan (remember, the last two are special administrative regions of China) - not without reason were called Asian tigers: since the beginning of the 60s, they have been able to break out into the advanced countries of Asia and successfully compete with the developed economic systems of the world. Here are just some of the industries in which the "Asian tigers" are easily plugged into the belt of the countries of Europe and the United States: electronic devices and displays for them, shipbuilding, sportswear, footwear and equipment (Taiwan), oil refining, computerization and robotization (Singapore), nuclear energy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding (South Korea).

Far East

Japan and China are two more regulars in business travel directories. Both of these countries need no introduction: one of the first in terms of the level of the world's economies in the first case and developing by leaps and bounds in the second. People go to Japan primarily to exhibitions: the auto industry, computer technology and medicine are among the most popular. China is a destination for almost any business interest - from the production of electrical components and equipment for the heavy industry to furniture, toys, textiles and fashion. The main contingent of businessmen in these two countries are residents of the Russian Far East. Thanks to various visa benefits, convenient and inexpensive flights, as well as fast transportation of goods from China and Japan, it is immensely easier and more profitable for businessmen from these regions to do business with our closest foreign neighbors.

The United States is one of the priority business travel destinations for domestic businessmen. Despite the not always easy obtaining of a visa, a long and costly flight, and the general attendant high cost (accommodation, transportation of goods, etc.), Russian businessmen have long and firmly established ties with America. The reasons for this are obvious: the American economy is a canonical example for the whole world to follow, the dollar is a strong currency, and the variety of production makes it possible to successfully do business with the United States in almost any area. Business trips to the United States - primarily to exhibitions of industrial equipment, computer technology, medicine and many other industries. A large percentage of such trips are also devoted to employee training: advanced training in a number of specialties (aviation, construction, IT) in the United States is the key to a successful career.

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