The best places for active pastime in Turkey

TOP 5 Great Things to Do in Egypt: Things to Do on Vacation in 2020

Active holidays in Turkey is one of the most popular tourism destinations in this country. It can be perfectly combined with sightseeing and beach visits. Turkey offers many types of outdoor activities. For such a trip, you should choose certain resorts and hotels.

Activities in Turkey

Active holidays in Turkey are quite diverse. Depending on personal preference, you can conquer almost any element.

Ski holidays

Unlike Europe, skiing in Turkey is much cheaper. Here you can find slopes for various skill levels, but for the most part, this kind of vacation is aimed at amateurs.


This is one of the most popular types of active tourism. Turkey has the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts for diving. The water here is quite transparent, and the absence of corals is compensated by other marine life and flora, the ruins of ancient cities, sunken ships and even military planes.

The price of a dive often includes a boat trip and lunch. Equipment can be rented or purchased.

An international level certificate is required for diving. You can get it after training at the diving center.

Rafting, Yachting and Fishing

Rafting is called rafting on mountain rivers. In Turkey, such a sport is quite developed, and for a long time - back in 1993, the World Rafting Championship was held here. You can raft by canoe, raft, inflatable boat.

Yacht trips are available in almost all Turkish resorts. Yachting allows you to explore a lot of sights, swim in the open sea or go fishing. You can rent a yacht of any class or order a whole yacht tour - it can last as long as several hours or days.

Fishing in Turkey is a special entertainment. It should be dealt with not from the shore, but in the open sea. You can get into it not only on a yacht, but also on a motor boat. For the best catch from land, you should retire a few kilometers. The caught fish can be cooked on the spot - on your own or with the help of a specialist.

The best places for active pastime in Turkey

Everyone on our planet is looking forward to summer. Many people leave for other cities and countries to spend an unforgettable vacation, but most people stay in their hometown. The most optimal solution in the warm season is to go with the whole family for new sensations in nature.

If you have not yet explored all the neighborhoods around your city, then a family hike is a great solution. Take everything you need for a long journey - a tent, food, matches, protective equipment and much more that you think is necessary. Explore new territories, feel like real travelers. A hike is a process where you can try your strength and knowledge of how to act in any non-standard situation.

Time spent in the fresh air flies by. If you include exciting activities in the recreation program, then leisure will become more diverse, in contrast to a picnic and swimming in the river. Nature is a wonderful friend for the human body, it allows the skin to breathe, the brain - to rest and relax, the soul - to be filled with new emotions. Fresh air heals the body and relieves stress. But in order to get all this, you need to learn how to rest properly, the only way you can relax and not gain extra calories.

The main rule is no gadgets

Laptops, phones, tablets are best left at home. You can take one phone to keep in touch with relatives or friends. If you have children, then gadgets will only interfere with the organization of outdoor activities. And adults can remember some unfinished work and immerse themselves in work. Therefore, leave all gadgets at home, and take with you only a good mood and everything you need. And if you stay in nature long enough, then at the same time you can boast that you have lived a week without a phone or Internet

Summer fishing as a way to combine business with pleasure

Men love to sit in silence with a fishing rod and think about something eternal. Take some fishing rods with you and try fishing with the whole family. If the fishing turns out to be a success, then you can cook tasty and healthy fish soup over the fire. We are sure that you and your children will definitely enjoy this activity.

A mushroom and berry hike or a simple walk in the woods

Children develop better through direct contact with nature. Organize a walk in the woods, just don't forget about the means of protection against dangerous insects. The forest is an amazing and mysterious place where you can tell your child about amazing plants, trees, and its inhabitants. You can tell the basics of how to navigate the forest, learn the name of mushrooms and berries. Many people go to the forest to breathe the cleanest and healthiest air, especially when it comes to coniferous vegetation. Listening to nature, the chirping of birds, getting involved in forest life and feeling the thrill in your soul is a real benefit for the body and a boost of energy for a further fruitful week. And to add adventure to the walk, you can, for example, climb a tall tree and admire the view. Just be careful!

Outdoor creativity

Those who like to create masterpieces in nature should take canvas, brushes, paints or oil with them. Choose a place where you have never been, usually such territories turn out to be the most beautiful and magical. Transfer your emotions and all the beauty of nature to the canvas. Also, this activity is perfect for the whole family. Children will be able to develop from a creative side, learn to see all the most beautiful in nature - a dew drop hanging from a thin petal, a bumblebee circling over a fragrant flower, and much more.

There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in Turkey. These are various sports, resorts and hotels focused on them. Equipment can be purchased or rented.

Egypt is one of the traditional holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. Our compatriots are attracted by affordable prices and excellent service. All types of tourism are represented in Egypt. Travelers can opt for a cultural holiday with a visit to the pyramids, as well as extreme entertainment.

Active holidays in Egypt - kiting

The tourism business is the main source of income for Egypt. This contributes to the development and expansion of the list of affordable entertainment, safety and quality control of which is one of the priority areas of activity of the relevant departments. Among the most popular types of outdoor activities is the water kite, which is actively developing on the coast. The specificity of the Egyptian climate allows tourists to ride a kite all year round. In the calendar winter, the air temperature here does not drop below 20 ° C. The wind required for the kite is 60% of the time.

Schools and stations providing this service are licensed. They have the appropriate certificates confirming the qualifications of the instructors, and are also subject to periodic checks on the health of the equipment. This allows anyone to choose a station, where they will provide the necessary equipment and conduct detailed instructions. Where in Egypt they ride kites, the staff of each hotel will tell you. It should be noted that this type of tourism is highly developed in Hurghada for several reasons:

  • low prices for all types of services and the popularity of the region among the vast majority of foreign travelers;
  • the presence of a large number of calm lagoons, which are great for the first training flights. The rest of the locations, including Dahab, are occupied by lovers of previously emerging active types of recreation, primarily windsurfing;
  • an abundance of schools and instructors - not only beginners go to Egypt, for whom kite is something exotic , but also the pros who wished to improve their skills and increase the rank.

The dominant reason for the demand for a water kite is the most affordable price. This allows you to get an unforgettable experience and hone the skill of kite riding, which has become popular all over the world. The number of such schools and stations in Egypt is 2 times higher than the number of similar establishments for windsurfing fans. Having made the decision to relax in Hurghada or to do active tourism in Egypt, you are guaranteed to provide yourself with an unforgettable vacation and excellent service at one of the most affordable prices in the world.

Diving in Egypt - prices and tips

Egypt attracts travelers not only with the Great Pyramids with a thousand-year history, but also with an amazing underwater world - the Red Sea hides unique coral reefs and exotic habitats in the water column. The coastline stretches for 1,000 km, so a whole world opens up here for divers. I will share some tips for those who want to go diving in Egypt:

  • the dive is available to absolutely everyone - even children over 10 years old are taken, of course, under the supervision of adults;
  • find a Russian-speaking instructor and do a good job of blowing your ears - this is very important , otherwise you run the risk of getting complications;
  • do not strive to get a diver certificate (for this you will have to complete at least 8 dives), the presence of a crust, of course, is cool, but not at all necessary if you do not plan to dive all the time;
  • if the budget is limited, I recommend studying in Hurghada, since in Sharm el-Sheikh prices are 30% higher, this does not affect the quality in any way.

One dive costs an average of 40-50 euros, although it is more profitable to buy a whole day, the package will include boat rental, instructor services and several dives. Night diving is usually cheaper - about 35 euros in Hurghada and at least 40 euros in Sharm El Sheikh.

Top Travel Business Ideas

The tourism business is one of the industries that remain in demand and popular these days. Moreover, the tourism sector is constantly developing, new ideas and projects appear, while tourism is a very promising area of ​​activity.

As in all areas where income rises rapidly after opening a business, there is high competition here and you cannot do without advertising your services.

Of course, a company that strives to achieve success in the tourism business must not only attract customers with advertising, profitable offers and seasonal discounts, but also create an offer on the market that will be both unique and in demand.

1. Travel equipment trade

Active tourism is gaining popularity both abroad and here. There are many people who prefer to spend their holidays not in hotels and on the beaches, but on hikes and mountain trails. Of course, in order to effectively organize the trade in tourist inventory, you yourself need to know the needs of the client - in this case, tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts.

A tourist shop needs a good location, a high-quality and, preferably, inexpensive assortment (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sports equipment, special dishes, etc.).

You can also arrange rental of camping equipment, sell camping equipment online, or even organize a second-hand tourist. All this will significantly reduce the cost of the product, which means it will increase the popularity of your business.

2. Caravanning

A relatively new type of tourism for Russia - caravanning - a comfortable type of travel, for which you do not need to buy vouchers to a sanatorium or a private boarding house, wait in line at the terminal at the airport and pay for an expensive room in an overseas hotel.

All you need is a mobile home in the form of a specially equipped van. There are a lot of advantages in this way of travel - you do not need to carry a heavy backpack behind your back, huddle in a tent and pay for accommodation in motels, but at the same time you have complete freedom of action.

We are working to be able to relax, enjoy life, get new experiences. Almost each of us dreams of traveling as much as possible, discovering new countries, filling our lives with vivid emotions. Therefore, business ideas in the field of tourism are always at the peak of their popularity. Let's take a look at 15 of the best ones.


Business at the farm has recently been in high demand among tourists. People are tired of all inclusive hotels and exhausting flights. More and more often I want to enjoy the beauty of my homeland, besides, in our country there really is something to see. Beautiful nature, fresh air and amazing original village houses, where you can plunge into rural life.

To open such a business, it is enough to find a suitable place and properly equip it. This must certainly be a place with a beautiful landscape, preferably not far from a reservoir and a forest. You don't have to look for a modern cottage. It is enough to buy an ordinary country house for a cheaper price and remake it to fit your needs.

The following services of the agriturismo are offered to tourists:

  • hiking in the forest for mushrooms, berries;
  • hunting;
  • fishing;
  • sightseeing;
  • bath ;
  • cycling;
  • boating;
  • horseback riding;
  • participation in national rituals.

In addition, you can arrange meals at the homestead. At the same time, the menu should include purely rural dishes from products grown in their own backyard. These are pancakes with cottage cheese, pancakes, milk, potatoes with lard and scrambled eggs, cold and more.

Despite the desire of guests to isolate themselves from the bustle of megalopolises, all the amenities in the house should be present in full. Few of the townspeople agree to run to the toilet on the street and take a summer shower. Therefore, comfort is important in this case.

Owners of agro-estates, as a rule, earn enough for the rest of the year during the summer and New Year's holidays. Therefore, you should definitely think about such an idea.

Personal Tours

Package tours have become less popular lately. They are gradually being replaced by individual tours. This is a rather complicated process, but it manages to satisfy the wishes of each specific client. Someone is interested in gastronomic tours, some entertaining, someone is an adherent of educational trips. The task of the travel agency is to choose the best city and route to visit, taking into account the budget.

Cornfield maze

This type of tourism is very popular in Europe and America. And now he came to our country. So far, this niche in Russia is almost free, so there is an opportunity to take strong positions in this direction. Fortunately, we have enough corn fields. This is an interesting seasonal type of entertainment that both children and adults enjoy visiting. In addition, interest arises from foreign tourists.

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