The best in Karelia

The best in Karelia

The main goal of this trip is to spend time in an interesting company. To do this, we came up with the idea of ​​gathering a group of people of about the same age, who always have something to discuss with each other, who are not afraid to try, experiment, are determined to communicate and make friends on a hike. This simple rafting on the Keret River with access to the White Sea has already proven itself and allows you to experiment with the passage, so we are recruiting a group of participants who are open to new people and we will be glad if you come to realize your desires. Oh, by the way, if you plan to bring some kind of game, musical instruments or props with you, inform the hike coordinator.

The rafting is built on the principle of "Adventure with a capital letter". Having got to know each other, we will determine what we would like the most and set off on a journey for exactly this. We will communicate a lot, have fun, and, above all, have a great time. We have a chance to walk with you through those places where the usual route does not lie. On our nine-day journey (see description by day), there will be enough time to plunge into the breath of the forest, hear yourself, live a little the life of a Pomor, taste the camp smoke and everyday life, try something for the first time, there will certainly be an opportunity for all this. Maybe we will visit a ship that sank in the middle of the sea, maybe we will launch a cinema right in the forest (we will not share all the secrets at once), maybe we will write letters to bottles and bury treasures on uninhabited islands. Who knows what this meeting will have in store for us? We will try to make the hike more than just a hike. Let it be remembered by the whole group, do not miss the opportunity to stay in someone's memory!

How will we fill the days? Having mastered rowing, we will not stop at dynamic rowing and enjoying the beauty of the northern forests. Sailing past firs, pines, green meadows, water lilies and rare villages, we will play word games, organize competitions between catamarans, catch a moment for an invigorating swim in the river or jump from a bungee. During the hike, we can arrange parties, dances, theme nights with dressing up or songs with a guitar. On the day we will walk a lot, learn to walk on a tightrope, play with balance, twist poi, launch flash mobs and come up with different activities, heat a real hiking bath with brooms. This is where the young soul tired of rowing will roam! Late at night, gathering among the northern forest by the fire, breathing in the freshness of the foliage and the salty sea air, we will spend the white northern nights of June with hot aromatic tea from the forest collection. We will challenge each other, play funny and serious games, fool around and make choices that are tantamount to an act, sing songs, be frank and just communicate, listen and tell stories.

A hike is an excellent occasion to learn a lot, gain not only impressions and warmth of human communication, but also experience, invaluable experience. Our instructors will teach you the technique of water tourism (TWT) during the entire rafting part. You will learn how to row properly, how to operate a catamaran, learn how to pass rapids competently, learn a lot of interesting things about water, the White Sea, northern nature, and people who love the North so much. We will certainly show you the “life hacks” of camping life, master classes on cooking over a fire, chopping wood, felling trees, arranging a camping bath. We will teach everything that we know and can do! We warn you that you will not have a chance not to try something from this far from complete list.

In general, a hike is a thing. If a person has chosen a water trip, it means that he is ready to get wet. To get wet a lot, dry again, paddle, freeze, take off your wetsuit when you feel like it, warm up and dry yourself by the fire or tea from a thermos when you can seize the moment. If the trip is water, it means that the person is familiar with the notes of sound masochism of curiosity, growing out of deep love for oneself and for the world. In fact, a water trip really means that a person is ready for a lot, that a simple “walk” or “sledding” is not too serious for him. And at least not one that will allow you to be proud of your new experience.

The entire route along Kereti passes through the water surface, along the way there are rapids of different power, which are entertaining, fun and pleasant to pass. In addition, walking along the river means a lot to see, because the speed of the river adds up to your speed of movement, beauty rushes past, and you do not need to drag a backpack on your back, choose a comfortable path and load your legs with unpredictable rough terrain. The absence of a backpack behind your back is really a plus in a water trip, as there is a lot of air for enjoyment, and the eyes are constantly watching the water, which, by the way, has a proven psychotherapeutic effect!

We raft on branded and proven catamarans - two-ball rafting facilities that are designed to travel along rivers, lakes and seas, with a good balance between comfort, reliability and mobility. A kata crew of 4 to 6 people and each member of the crew is very important for the accurate movement of the vessel. Thanks to reliability, rowing training is comfortable and the boat allows you to quickly learn the basic principles of control, and with the well-coordinated work of the rowing team, it acquires great opportunities, which are a pleasure to comprehend!

Half of the trip we move along the Keret River. where you can paddle to your heart's content, experiment with paddles and maneuvers. The second half we go by the sea, where you can relax, as our sea navigation takes place under the motors. During the trip, we will visit various sites on the banks of the Keret River, go to the Keret village itself, where wonderful wooden houses remain, visit the inhabited and uninhabited islands of the White Sea. We will see the real White Sea, with its sunsets and sunrises, jellyfish, starfish, all kinds of fish, wild rosemary, blueberries, chaga - which is not there!

Camping conditions. Accommodation in tents for 3-4 people (provided by the Club, but you can take your own tents), we get up on the wild shores in the most beautiful and convenient places. Full hot meals three times a day, with the smell of the sea and fire. Cooking in groups of on duty under the guidance of instructors from a varied and balanced layout. We make two hiking hot baths: one on the lake, the second on the White Sea.

Daily program


What is ecotourism and why we are interested in its development

Take a tour of the best spots in Central and South Karelia. Husky dog ​​kennel, Valaam, Ruskeala canyon, a visit to the Marcial Waters resort and even rafting on the Shuya River await you on this week-long tour of Karelia.

Search for tickets for all airlines directly in the Big Country together with Aviasales!

Tour program

Excursion to the kennel, acquaintance with the dogs.

Trekking with dogs and a picnic in the forest along the way.

Acquaintance with horses and horseback riding.

Dinner at the Polar Explorer House with dishes of the Karelian national cuisine and specialty drinks.

On the way - the sight of the highest waterfall in the Northern Ladoga area "Yukankoski"

Excursion along the Ruskeala marble canyon.

Excursion around the village of Sortavala.

Transfer from Sortavala to Valaam.

Eco-tourism, also known as ecotourism or green tourism, is a form of sustainable travel that supports the local environment instead of increasing pressure and overusing natural resources.

Rafting on the rivers of Karelia from "Rest + Sport"

The amazing republic is not famous for skyscrapers or a beach resort, but travelers from all over the world come here all year round. The wealth of Karelia is manifested in the number of more than 27 thousand rivers, 61 thousand lakes, several reservoirs. Thanks to such resources, rafting in Karelia is considered one of the most popular activities for tourists, a dense forest along the banks of water bodies makes vacation entourage, brings you closer to nature even more. What to expect from one large natural monument and what types of water tourism in Karelia will interest tourists?


The famous "Blue Road" of the republic creates ideal conditions for rafting in Karelia, a tourist route by water connects 4 states with the help of one reservoir, which includes Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Shuya River was previously used for timber rafting, later its proximity to large cities and convenient points for rafting made the reservoir a favorite place for tourists. What rapids are found during rafting on the Shuya River in Karelia and what are they famous for?

  • Tolly (small and large). The powerful big Tol flows into Lake Onega, it is considered especially difficult in May, the rough water creates extreme conditions for rafting down the rivers of Karelia, and an unforgettable experience remains.
  • Roller coaster. Another name - Valoine, here travelers can feel the sharp ups and downs, feel the tension while rowing.
  • Island. The point is also called Saarikoski or Dog's Rapid, it is considered the second in the category of difficulty during kayaking in Karelia, popular among brave swimmers.

Rafting on the Solovetsky Islands is considered an easy route; brave adventurers are attracted by the extreme conditions of the Uksunjoki River. It is good to work in a team on the waters of the Pistayoki River, and the journey along Tumche is marked with a difficulty of 7 out of 10. Amazing reservoirs amaze with their grandeur, they offer rafting on the rivers of Karelia, tours for which are selected individually, taking into account the wishes and physical fitness of tourists.

How to Prepare

For such trips you do not need to be a professional athlete, the low level of difficulty of some routes will ensure a comfortable trip. But on the difficult water areas of Karelia, rafting may seem extreme, you need to be prepared for difficult conditions, to train endurance. An instructor's escort makes the sport safe, but tourists must follow the established rules, follow the instructions during the rafting. During the trip, it is advisable to wear a protective helmet; it is not recommended to take valuables and electronics with you on kayaks.

After such a holiday, tourists get a supply of positive emotions for the whole season: rafting in Karelia on catamarans is considered a fun holiday, lovers of freshly caught fish will appreciate rafting and fishing in Karelia. The cost of such tours is affordable, while their benefits are invaluable for human health. The managers of the company Rest + Sport will be happy to select a program that suits you in terms of the price and complexity of the route, we are ready to give detailed advice. The wealth of nature and the services of our company make rafting in Karelia an unforgettable vacation.

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